48 comments on “Binibini Wish-List for 2019: #1 Ilene de Vera

  1. For Intercontinental, Supra and Globe, yes. Not for big 4, MU and MI.

    Ilene needs more training in Q&A.

  2. For close up pics. Its easy for us to say she and her are the one who should send in MU etc etc. i think wishlist nalang muna as norman captioned in this post. By i think some of you already saw her and them thats why you already have eveything to say. Lets just wait and see them whole in latest looks pics. More on videos/motion and hear them talk first before anything else. Lets open and read whats inside the book first.

  3. I appreciate Norman for starting to name would-be candidates for his Bb Pilipinas wish list, but what I’d appreciate even more would be some BASIC INFO about these girls, like age, height, education, and perhaps any interests and advocacies they might have.

  4. Beautiful, tall and talented. I hope BPCI will send natural born woman with towering height of 5′ 5″ to Miss Universe 2019.

    Ms. Ilene Astrid De Vera 22 yo 5′ 9″

    Mutya ng Pilipinas – Asia Pacific International 2017
    Miss Asia Pacific International 2017 — Fourth Runner-up
    Bb. Pilipinas 2019 ?

  5. Wynwyn Marquez for MUP 2019!

    My alternatives :
    Sandra Lemonon
    Kathleen Paton
    Samantha Lo

    No to Apriel for MUP or for anything . I want a natural- looking face .

    • I dont think Sandra or Sirene are fit alternates for MU…. they had their chance but they blew it… Sandra could have Globe… while Sirene could have Supra or MGI.

  6. I agree, I wish we could know more about her and how eligible she is for one of the crowns.

    Here are my bets for 2019 crowns:

    Daisha Jimenez 5’9 is perfect to be sent to Korea as our bet for Miss Universe 2019… or she could be sent to Miss International and win.

    An ideal alternate would be Nicole Guerrero 5’9

    Michelle Marquez Dee 5’9

    Teresita Lacsamana Marquez 5’6

    • @ Closer2Fame : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      I am actually missing the “chinita” aesthetic at BBP. Geraldine Asis in Singapore was DIVINITY 🙂

      Dee can be our next Cninay diyosa. I want somebody the EXACT OPPOSITE to the recent Eurasian trend of (Rachel) Peters, Gray, Poonlertlarp, MU-Australia 2018 (Chinese-Aussie?), and MU-Malaysia 2017 (who was Brazilian-Chinese Malaysian). Dee can be my MUP 2019. We could,, at this point, send anybody as it seems the popular consensus is that precisely because Gray has “set the bar so high” we can expect to not win again anytime soon. But don’t get me wrong! I am NOT implying mediocrity. Because I do not think Dee is being lax. 🙂

  7. I wish Norm would inform us more about these girls . Please tell us how tall they are! What are their advocacy? Are they educated? Just pictures alone and limited info are not enough .

  8. Andrew is right. This is Norman’s wish list.
    However, on Chadwick’s wish list I have to say I like Angie Balatbat!

    We’ll see.

  9. Is she going to be top 4 or top 5 in Asia Pacific/Africa ? More likely she will be wild card. We should aim for the sure bets for top 4 or top 5 in MU…

  10. For minor crown, my wish list:
    Angie Balatbat 6’0
    Nicole Guerrero 5’9
    Daisha Jimenez 5’9
    Kathleen Paton 5’8
    Nikita McElroy 5’8
    Vanessa Walters 5’8
    Maureen Montage 5’7

    • If MUP separates from BBP, my comeback girls wish list:
      Katarina Dimaranan
      Ann Colis
      Emma Tiglao ( still can compete under BBP)
      Mutya Datul
      Celeste Cortesi (same as Emma)

      • @ Chadwick : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        Dimaranan has a body fit for the SI swimsuit issue (is that still done?). But as 1st RU at Supranational this year, Gerhardt Von Lipinski just might ask her to defer any pageant plans to 2020 at the earliest.

      • Katarina Dimaranan , yes!
        No to Ann Colis – comm skills are limited
        Cortesi for MGlobe Supra or Intercon , definitely not for MUP or MIp .

      • Celeste’s beauty would be perfect for Miss World. She might be the one Julia is looking for beauty-wise. A former Miss Earth with an already established advocacy as well.

    • yes, I’m in the look out for Paton…the girl is so promising…hiwalayan nya na muna si derick monasterio..hihihi

  11. Pretty lady!

    I am still experiencing pageant hangover from 2018…😍

    But here’s to a new year, new developments and new candidates for Philippine pageantry!

  12. Maureen Wroblewitz and Klea Pineda for Binibining Pilipinas 2019


    Ako po ba, The REAL JEREMI BAKLANG PANGET, ay nasa wishlist niyo ng mga TAENG dapat sana kuhanin na ni FATHER SATAN sa taong 2019?



    • Real Jeremi here. Tatalbog sa yo lahat yan. Hanggang sa mategi ka at mabawasan ang mga tangahangang tulad mo Hahaha!

    • @ Jeremi : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Really?/ OK, whatever floats your demonic boat. 🙂

      So, what do you think of Ilene?

      (You really should bring your lucid “jet ski dude” mode back soon, lest you be branded a troll and get blocked. Like moi. Hehehehhh… ).

      Show us your “hunky”. 🙂

    • Hi hunkygayjeremibaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyal. Dont lose hope. Life is good. Please clean the inidoro now.

    • You can still join bbp and win as the first transgender miss universe. Dont lose hope hunkygayjeremibaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyal. Paopera kana after cleaning the toilet.

  14. Filipens, do NOT pre-empt Mr. Tinio. He knows who is and is not available for the 2019 season.

    Let’s discuss HIS wishes as they come. Not ours. Daming naglulutangang “Wish List”. 😦

    Unless he asks us explicitly whom WE wish for, let’s not impose our preferences. Else, go to the blog that supports yours.

    Again, this is HIS blog. Not ours.

  15. We need a representative who will at least make it into the top 10.
    Para ramdam pa rin presence ng Pinas sa MU.
    I’ve seen her other photos and watched her interviews.
    She will not make it into the top 10.

  16. @ Lily. Gray has won. Mission accomplished. 2019 na! Move on.

    Catriona is Catriona and she won on her own terms. Let us appraise the current prospects on THEIR own terms. De Vera cannot be a “let-down”, yet. This is only Mr. Tinio’s Wish List for BBP. Not MU ’19.

    And now it has come to this…

    The bar has been set so high that the blogger’s next series of posts will seem silly or inutile.

    Our girl in New York will be EVERYTHING for the next 12 months or so that we should no longer bother about this year’s hopefuls? It is not their fault the Filipina-Australian is so good, you know.

    Pity Batch 2019! Blame the Gray Cat for snuffing out your hopes prematurely, even at Nationals. 😦

    • Normannorman, how to share photos in comment? I just have photos of Catriona Gray who is still in Manila, nakita ko sya sa Manhattan condo sa cubao… So wala pa pala sya sa New York. No wonder wala syang ma post na pix sa NY..

      • Are you serious about Cat still being in the Philippines. Well, ahe better fly to NYC ASAP. Her guesting at Live with Kelly is Jan 7th.

      • You were right Elena! We’d love to see your pics of Cat that you took. She flew from Manila to NYC hours after you posted this comment. Can you create an IG account then you can share your Cat pics on Norman’s IG account. Thanks! Was Cat with her parents when you saw her in Cubao?

  17. Hmmm. Catriona has set the bar so high that someone like Ilene, who is not that facially strong, will be such a “let-down”. Sorry, not sorry.

  18. Another Jennifer Hammond type? Like Buot. Ergo, NOT MIntercon, por favor. Perhaps (The)Globe as Gumabao’s successor. Assuming ALV finally nabs Supranational and only International, Angkol’s, and the two aforementioned titles are retained with BPCI.

    Mr. Tinio, please tell Gray’s handlers to try that bob (hairstyle) on her. Should go well with her swan neck. 🙂

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