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  1. Ayan nakita na nga sa airport ng PAL si Catriona.. Ayaw pa maniwala ng mga tao dito at kelangan may thumbsdown ako? Nagulat talaga ako ng makita sya sa Manhattan cubao pero sympre nakakahiya mag selfie so picture lang sa malayo..

  2. if LCS will hold the freanchise of MU it only means that ALL the past winners of bbp in the recent years that wasn’t able to get the MU title can join and get a shot again to be MUP

  3. Just let the MUP franchise to BBP. they know better. There’s just toooooo much conflict of interest if it will be awarded to LCS. I still want to call them Binibinis. LOL kasi like for example, Miss Earth with Carousel prod. no matter how deserving a Miss Philippines is, magkaka controversy pa din because of the owner/franchise.

    The only constant thing is change. yep, tama naman. But hopefully change for the better and bolder. not just change of production value, the name, the logo, the sponsors.. the activities and all. but we have to look at it overall.

    If they want ‘change’, they can sponsor naman BPCI e. pwede sila mag sosyo, or mag sponsor ng MUP candidate.

    but anyway, i hope LCS decline the offer of MUO to have the MUP franchise. hayaan na lang sana siya mag sponsor ng mga MU host countries/edition. I think that’s a better legacy – help the most prestigious pageant who is struggling for a host country. lol


  5. Norman, how to share photos in comment? I just have photos of Catriona Gray who is still in Manila, nakita ko sya sa Manhattan condo sa cubao… So wala pa pala sya sa New York. No wonder wala syang ma post na pix sa NY..

    • See ayan nakita na nga sa airport ng PAL si Catriona.. Ayaw pa maniwala ng mga tao dito at kelangan may thumbsdown ako? Nagulat talaga ako ng makita sya sa Manhattan cubao pero sympre nakakahiya mag selfie so picture lang sa malayo..

  6. Jeremihunkygaybaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyal, dont be hard on yourself. Habang me buhay, me pagasa. Just work hard. Scrub the floor super clean, wash ’em dishes and massage the captain and youll be rewarded. Promise.

  7. 2019 na!!!





  8. Bakit sobrang panget ko talaga? Sobrang LYING ASSHOLE pa?






    KAYA NIYO YAN?!?!?!?!?!?


  11. 2019 na, AMPANGET-PANGET KO PA RIN!!!!!

    Nasaan naman ang hustisya?!?!?!?!?!? 😦

  12. Happy New Year Tito Norms! Yet again exciting times for Philippine pageantry. Change is good and I hope the change will benefit the Philippines not just a certain group of people.

  13. Happy New Year sir Norman and to all Normanians (mga commenters) !!!

    Happy New Year sa ating mga reyna!

  14. Enough is enough for MU, BPCI, Catriona, Chavit Singson, etc. Nakakaumay na po ito! Let’s just welcome year 2019 with love, peace, happiness and good health!

  15. This reminds me of the time when Femina Miss India had the franchise for MU, they were producing standout representative. Winning and placing in pageants left and right. They were on a roll. Then they lose the franchise and since then it all went downhill for India.

    BBCP is now in the same situation.

    • I remember that.
      India always got in eventhough their reps looked very plain .
      I’d always say ‘WTF? ‘

  16. “Nothing Compares 2 U” was O’Connor’s ode to her mum : “… all the flowers that you planted, momma, in the backyard, all died when you went away…” (cancer, I think).

  17. sana may iba pang pagpipilian bukod kay chavit. Chavit is enough to be a sponsor. Limited lang don dapat. I am thinking Dra Belo or Boy abunda or kris Aquino (hopefully she is 100% well already. I am also thinking and placing gutierrez family at the last of my list.

    • Unfortunately, beauty pageants are really fading …. and therefore not profitable .
      I’m not sure anyone will take it … except Singson who has a lot of money to spare

    • Ben Chan would be on my list of potential Miss Universe Philippines investors, if ever. I know he’s a pageant fiend as well & has attended Miss Universe finals quite often. I think he has also supported the new Miss World Philippines organizers, so there’s a history of pageant involvement there. I just don’t know if he’s inclined to take his involvement further than that, but we know he can put on an epic show as he has with the Bench underwear shows.

      Anyway, this is all moot as according to rumors on other sites, Miss Universe Philippines will be a joint venture of LCS, Frontrow & ABS-CBN. Richelle Singson-Michael is the new National Director with Jonas as her manager. Let’s see if this will prove true.

      HNY everyone!

      • There are some other things to happen but one thing for sure is that MU2018 was the greatest cooking show in the universe.

      • And I, Jeremi the Real Baklang Panget, am definitely the BIGGEST LYING ASSHOLE of all time!

        That is all, Bye!

        2019 na, hindi pa rin ako nagbabago… ganyan talaga pag bitter kasi ubod ng pangit!

      • Fake Jeremi can’t you see that what I have been posting here about the Singsons etc. are slowly being revealed. So yeah whether you like it or not, everything that I’ve said are true simply because, it’s an insider’s info.

        Remember I was the first one here to post about the Singson’s. Why do you think the Singson girl was one of the judges? Common sense dahlinnn. Don’t be blinded by stupidity and fanaticsm.

      • Bakit sobrang panget ko talaga? Sobrang LYING ASSHOLE pa?


        UBOD NG PANGEEET!!!!


        KAYA NIYO YAN?

      • Wala nang tatalo pa sa KAPANGITAN KO…


      • 2019 na!!!





      • So someone is accusing Porntip Bui Simon, Monique L’Huillier, Janaye Ingram, Michelle McClean, Imani Oubou, Lili Gil Valletta, not to mention Tal Goldhamer of Ernst & Young of conspiring to fix the results because they are all the minions of the Singsons.


        Yes, NONE of these women, all accomplished in their respective fields, have credibility or integrity. Not as much as Jeremi anyway. Jeremi is the Santo Papa of beauty pageant observers—infallible.

      • If you watch behind-the-scenes footage, all the members of the selection committee stood up to cheer—a standing ovation if you will—when Catriona was crowned. If they were being coerced or manipulated or bribed to vote for Catriona, I mean, I guess they all deserve Oscars for participating in this scam so convincingly.

        In this scenario then, Jeremi is the Gretchen Barretto of Miss Universe 2018, exposing the entire show as a scam.

        I hope Jeremi will testify in the Senate hearings. Such courage. We don’t deserve him.


  18. Alright! For me! MUP and MI should remain in bpci. What i want to happen is Dropping the MGI. Imagine pag nanalo PH don iba ang magiging work. Gagawa nv video with nawatt at magpaparinig sa ibang pageant. Ma iinfluwensahan ng d maganda ang winner natin don at kung ano ano pa. And second i want Miss Globe, Miss Supra, intercon and MGI to take over to LCS. The top 2 pageants are advocacy driven pageants and bpci is an advocacy and charity institution so those 2 should remain in bpci. The other are for business purpose and singsons LCS is a business institution so those 4 titles fits them. But seems baligtad ang mangyayari. But hopefully the top 2 will remain in bpci. And the other will give to LCS.
    I know LCS can do better staging and they can produce calibre representatives. Kung totoong IMG want to give the franchise to LCS. If mag succeed yan for sure we have another placement since nangyari ang gusto nila mapunta sa lcs ang mup. But if failed to give the franchise to lcs then chances to be in semis is 50 – 50 again yan ay kung 100% gusto talag ng img na mapunta sa lcs ang MUP and you know naman mu is also a business.
    Pero ako pabor ako both as long as mabait pa din ang IMG sa atin mabigay man sa lcs o hinde. If nasa lcs talaga all star yan sa ist edition nila. Makakasali ang past queens and muish stage ang ma se set up nila. Pero una sa lahat talaga i want them to drop MGI next year at wag sana kunin ni chavit or alv.

    • Agree. Or BBP universe and international then 4 runners up. I-appoint n lng to whoever would best fit their corresponding international pageants…pero tanggalin na tlg MGI, Dios mio!!!

  19. I will never hide the truth that Chavit is a cunning businessman, and afraid of his intentions. Do you think the parents of girls from Buena de familia will allow their daughters to join Chavit’s search for MUP. I will definitely say NO. Why… Google his reputation.

  20. Can someone fill me in regarding the animosity against Chavit? What I know is that he has a previous viral picture with Brazilian girls with him in his private plane and then there is the issue of the Juetenggate scandal that led to the ousting of Joseph Estrada. So, aside from this, meron pa bang iba?

    On the good side, he is a very good entrepreneur earning 120 million pesos per month or approximately 4 million per day from his group of companies!

    If ever, he will takeover the MUP franchise, just like his other business venture, he will not be hands on the operational side but rather relegate it to someone else who knows the business the way Arnold Vergafria relegate the job to Bessie Besana at MWP! And if ever that happens it will be Boy Abunda and Korina Sanchez who will be handling the franchise, right? Or for a win-win solution, buy the franchise but keep SMA to operate the business just like what Tony Tan of Jollibee did when he purchased Mang Inasal from Edgar Injap!

    Some are “pre-emptively overthinking” na baka ibahay yung mga babae or ipadala sa bahay ng mga sponsor just like what CJ Hiro has exposed! But this is the information age, look how Lorraine Schuck take affirmative action at Miss Earth! And if Boy Abunda or Korina Sanchez will handle, the operational side of the franchise, baka sampal ang abutin ni Chavit pag ginawa niya yon!

    • Claire , all she has to do is say no to her harassers . Most of the time they will leave her alone . In the event that they don’t , she can always call someone. In this day and age , the rich and powerful are no longer invincible .
      The problem with some pageant queens is the lack of strong foundation . They do anything for money and name brands . And when the money is gone , where do they go ?
      Re- ownership , I think change is fine . If the queens will get better treatment from Singson , why not ? Pls do not worry about him being a sex maniac . He is almost a hundred yrs old . He can’t do much damage !
      About his corruption ? Just look in the mirror . Everyone deserves some stone thrown at him one way or anymore . Nobody’s an angel anymore .

  21. To quote you Norman: “I won’t take sides…”

    But indeed you have taken sides, on several threads back where you’ve expressed concern and fear about the LCS “takeover” to use your words, or in that TV interview where you stated girls won’t be as “protected” under this new management. You’ve expressed your preference for BPCI, and disdain for LCS, in so many different ways in the past couple of weeks since rumors began to circulate about the impending franchise change of ownership.

    And now, on this thread, you now say “I won’t take sides”, geez, LOL. Good luck with that buddy.

    • Norman said “I won’t take sides NOW” which means he did last time but as of the writing of the article, he does not take sides anymore unlike before i.e. his TV interview. “I won’t take sides now” means a new statement which supercedes his previous statement.

    • i won’t take sides “NOW” ang sabi…hindi nya sinabing he didn’t take sides BEFORE…comprehension teh

      • Thanks for posting this! Just to translate loosely from the convo about Cat and Tamaryn.

        Osmel Sousa was asked by the male host if he is satisfied with the results, specifically, with Philippines winning: He’s answer was: “Yes, because she is a great competitor. She is a great model. Osmel added that this is very similar to Michelle McLean who did not win MW but won MU afterwards as well.

        The male host asked what Miss Philippines has over Miss South Africa, because South Africa was equally beautiful. Osmel’s response: You don’t just need to be only beautiful, you need to be able to speak well too. He describes Catriona as being direct to the point when she answers questions, while Tamaryn beats around the bush. He also adds, that he doesn’t want to see South Africa have a back to back win too, and chuckles afterwards.

        The rest of the interview was about his last crowned queen as head of Miss Venezuela, and her performance. He was also asked about why Miss Mexico failed to enter the top 20. It’s hard to understand a lot of it, because Osmel speaks so fast, and his accent is a bit hard to understand for me too.

      • ^ I forgot to add that he said Cat competed in MW 3 years ago, and had the time to adequately prepare for MU, then he proceeded to compared Cat’s win to Michelle McLean’s win.

    • Sure Fabie, they will treat them much better as long as they will give in to sexual advancement, politics and lies

      • Jeremi, if these girls have strong foundation , they will not succumb to these DOMs.
        I have some experience with several national beauty queens from Us and Canada through my ex . Those who went to school are doing well . Those who tried Hollywood and failed .. or those who married rich guys when they were young and pretty .are now Miserable …. doing drugs having a lot of psych issues etc.

        What happened to Bea? She’s in kidney failure getting dialysis ? Im hoping she leaves the glitz and glamour partying with the Singsons for good … and marries someone decent . Back in the day her accomplishments in pageantry were tantamount to snatching someone rich and famous .. but that was then .

        And then u have Miss U 1974 .. and Miss U 1995 … and several Missaes USA’s who went to porn and drugs

      • Bakit kasi hindi na lang pag-investan ni Chavit ang Mess Whoreld Felepens at Mess Whoreld kung may gusto siyang i-KFC na mga babae? Mas mabilis ang under the table na paglalako doon.

      • Hi jeremi. If you, become a transgender after your operation in thailand, became o bbp universe winner and eventually went on to compete at miss universe 2020, if chavit made sexual advances at you,p so that youll be the eventual winner what will you do?

  22. As I’ve mentioned in my previous comments, the deal has been sealed even before the MU finals in Bangkok but I heard through the grapevines that there was a breach of contract when Chavit announced that the next edition will be in South Korea and even used his private plane for Catriona together with one of the judges who happens to be her daughter too. With this alone, I l’m afraid that MUP and its search will become classless, bakya and politicized.

    Could the rumor of breach be possibly the reason of this social media black out?

    The search for Chavit’s flavor of the year is on…. come on now.

    • Media black out ?
      Hello , it’s Xmas season . Everything is pretaped . Regular programming won’t be due until 1/7/ 2019. On that very day , Cat will have an appearance on K&R.

    • dami mong alam teh…puro ka hanash..hindi mo lang tanggapin na Cat won because because she deserved it…may pagrapevine grapevine kp na may breach samantalang ung VP ng IMG na si Mclean kasama sa plane because may contract na yung frontrow sa MUO na whoever wins MU will go directly to Phils after the finlas night for an event…dami nyong intriga…

  23. For me still BPCI for MUP. An institution that we started to love national beauty pageants!
    They just need improvement and reorganize their system and presentation.

  24. aim to be the emerging and solid powerhouse
    2019 beyond

    aim for 2nd and 3rd MW
    5th MU
    and another MI

    these 3 are the real and only genuine alpha pageants
    time tested

    the others are so so.

      • Agree . I wish they would change their format .
        However , pageants are boring in general .
        From 2000-2009, I never watched MU past the first cut . Once Philippines was out , I was done.
        Now that Philippines is doing better , I get to watch it longer .

  25. Yikes! Nothing Compares to U???
    Yeah, I wasn’t born when the song came out.
    Kinda corny to be honest.
    Trump sold Miss Universe to IMG and it wasn’t the end of the world.
    Change is good.
    Happy Holidays y’all.

  26. I salute you Tito Norm for standing up to an issue. I really thought ur a paid and self centered blogger, but I sense your sincerity and concerns. Sorry for bashing you most of the times.

  27. Okay beauty queen makers, you have proven in recent times you can get a Wurtzbach and a Gray win the Miss U title. Now the next challenge is to get a Quiambao or a Tugonon get not just a first runner-up finish but the title of Miss U. Looove to see that happen.

    • Quiambao & Tugonon have Filipinized Chinese origins… You want an Asian look or Asian last name?

    • I don’t get the obsession with sending so-called “pure-blooded” Filipino reps either.

      I mean, what constitutes one anyways?

      My father’s one eighth Spanish, my mother’s 1/4 Chinese. My dad speaks Filipino and some Spanish. My mom only speaks Ilocano and Filipino (because her dad’s full-blooded Chinese father was disowned by his family and he resented it so much he changed his last name from a Chinese one to a Spanish last name and never taught his kids to speak his parents’ tongue).

      I have an older brother who is brown-skinned and looks very Filipino. My older (middle child) sister looks Hispanic with dark brown hair and light brown eyes. I look Chinese, and a lot of times Chinese-Americans and Chinese immigrants here in the US would start a conversation in the mall or stores with me thinking I am Chinese too (rarely I pass for Vietnamese as well).

      Having grown up in the Ilocos region, my sister and brother speak Filipino, English, and Ilocano. I was born and grew up in Manila, and never learned Ilocano. I speak Filipino, English, and can get by with some Spanish (having learned it the hard way – at Instituto Cervantes – before coming to the US 15 years ago. I have Spanish blood in me, but no one will ever mistake me for one.

      The US has sent Caucasians, Mixed Hawaiian-Asian-European (Brooke Mahealani Lee), African-Americans (Deshauna Barber, Kenya Moore, Rachel Smith, Krystle Stewart), Mixed Black and White (Chelsi Smith), and Hispanic (Susie Castillo) reps to Miss Universe. Brazil, DR, South African, Namibia, and even Japan has sent mixed race and minority ethnicities to the pageant too.

      The light-skinned Latinas you see competing in Miss U? Do you even realize that they do not represent the general population in Latin American countries.? Most of Latin Americans are actually brown skinned non Caucasian-appearing folk, some of which can actually pass for what you regard as brown (or “real”) Filipinos. Of all the Latin American countries, only Argentina has the majority of their population that fit the look of someone considered White Hispanic. Even my Mexican friends say that their Miss U Mexico reps do not actually represent the phenotypic traits of their general populace.

      Let’s just be proud of all our Filipino Queens. That goes for ANYBODY that is willing to represent us in the international stage, cause if they are proud to call themselves FILIPINOS, why shouldn’t we be proud of them too?

      • Thank you for writing down, and expressing well, things I have been arguing about here and on other forums. My family has a mixed lineage as well. My maternal grandmother is Spanish with red hair, green eyes and freckles. My paternal great grandfather is from India. I recently did a DNA test and have DNA from every continent – which led me to a great, great grandmother who is black. I have a a fair complexion, with blonde/brown hair and green eyes (I look identical to my Spanish cousins but I was born and grew up in The Philippines). I have Filipino cousins who look like they’re straight out of India. I have a brother with olive colored skin, another brother with jet black hair, fair skinned, light brown eyes, one sister who looks Chinese and the other sister who looks like a Lalaine Bennett clone. What we all have in common is that we were all born and raised in The Philippines AND ARE PROUD FILIPINOS AND CORRECT ANYONE WHO THINKS/SAYS OTHERWISE.

        Some of these arm chair judges who scream for a pure Filipina representative are the same ones who “worship” the Venezuelan beauty queens. If they made a little effort to research, they’d discover that their favorites use a Spanish surname that is their mother’s maiden name and that their real surname is very European. If they want a “pure Filipina” to represent us, then I suggest they go deep into the jungles and find an individual who’s lineage has been “untouched” by foreign blood. Following along those lines, USA should only send a woman from any of the multiple reservations found there. The Latin American countries should only send someone who is a direct decendent of Aztec, Mayan, Inca blood. I guess if we get right down to it, we all should send someone of African decent because that’s pretty much where we all started.

        Foolish, foolish arguments bordering on bigotry – screaming for a pure blooded person. Most countries are a melting pot of ethnicity and they, for the most part, accept that. Remember the last guy who insisted on a pure blooded person(s)? He started a world war. That’s an extreme example but you get the gist of it.

        Be proud that The Philippines is a melting pot. Show respect to the Filipina willing to take on the responsibilities of wearing the Philippines sash and all the headaches and heartaches that can come with it. She’s willing to stand on a world stage and proudly represent our diversity, our pride, our compassion. Regardless of her surname, her complexion, SHE IS A PROUD FILIPINA.

        Just my two centavos…

      • @Philip and Anthony

        On thd flip side, I am a brown skinned Filipino with no knowledge of any other ethnic mixture. However, over the years, I have had many Hispanics begin to speak to me in Spanish perhaps because I look like an indigenous Latino from Mexico or Central America which number in the tens of millions – if not the majority in some Mexican states or Central American nation!
        I would recommend a Filipino to visit any border town in Mexico – Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez or Mexicali. You’ll see what I’m talking about first hand.
        Many Mexican-Americans actually identify with “brown” as a political platform against racism in the States.

      • Well said. I’m against with “half-half” representatives but after reading your explaination, I realised only few countries actually sending thier reps who are actually native.

      • Thank you for your sharing Philip! I really enjoy reading your posts. Though Im admittedly biased and admire brown skinned Filipina beauties, I totally agree with your thought that those pageant fans who clamour for “pure filipino” reps are themselves teeter-tottering on being racists and bigots themselves.

        Miss “America” 2000 was Angela Perez Baraquio a “brown” Filipino-American (Ilocana) beauty who represented Hawaii.
        This would have been unheard of in 1960!

      • very on point…as long as an individual identifies himself as Filipino who we are to deny her/him that right?

    • Don’t you worry, my Darling! The same group who groomed Cat is now grooming Alaiza Malinao as next in line, although, I must admit that Alaiza still look as a split between Central Asian and Arab! And it is because of that look that her modelling career in the U.S. is flying high! She was even in Bangkok when the coronation happens!

      • Alaiza seems very down to earth
        She’s a runner up material, MU
        They always want someone with a more universal appeal like white or Latin beauties or mixed

  28. I am not opposed to change, just with the thought of MUP being handled by LCS. Cat’s advocacy is to help those in need, and now there’s a purported new franchiser who has taken massively and shamelessly from those in need.

    I’m as progressive as it comes and I know that change of ownership is inevitable. But to hand over MUP to a corrupt thief is an acid splash in the face of our Binibini. The one to gain the most from this arrangement are the Singsons, not our primary queen.

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