13 comments on “The relative dominance of Asia/Pacific in 2018 Male Pageantry

  1. ofcourse because most of the candidates come from Asia Pacific
    the chances of winning

  2. Am working in a hospital and meron kaming electrician na Indiano, and josketch mas guapo pa siya kesa sa nanalong Mister Supranational! Sa totoo lang! Wala kong makitang extra special sa kanya!

    • Eh hindi naman sumali sa ang electrician ninyo. 😂 Respetuhin ang desisyon ng hurado.

    • i followed and watched the competition

      India really stood out

      even when he answered the Q & A

    • Tologooo Claire?! Post mo nga FB profile link ng electrician nyo para malaman natin kung totoo sinasabi mo.. Vhaklang twoooh!? 😀

  3. Indeed, “chinos” put in the numbers this past year, Mr. Tinio. However QUALITY-wise (facially and bodily), Latinos defined it : Clarinda of Curacao, Llorach of Spain, and Duque of USA.

    Advise to the wanna-be’s. Modesty, humility, and prudence!!!

    And posting photos of your armpit and/or groin on social media is a sure-fire way to lose it all.

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