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  1. There was question bakit daw hindi suot ni Catriona yung sash na Miss Universe nung nakasakay sya Plane ni Chavit ? Norman by the way I saw ur interview sa isang TV you mentioned kung bakit hindi binabangit ng dalawang brouhaha yung Philippines Mukang out of the world yung assessment mo. Sa mga susunod na sasali sana wag nang lakasan ang loob kung pangit at gumaganda Lang kung May makeup wag nang sumali. Kung mahiya kayo sa public speaking at hindi makatawid yung English nyo eh wag nang sumali. Lastly kung eklabo nyo Lang na Kesyo from Stanford kayo oh ek ek nyo wag narin sumali lol.

    • I’m not sure u r qualified to say that .
      U got your job in the US ,right?
      If your employers could be forgiving with your English skills or lack thereof , why not u or these international organizati ons?
      Stanford n ga l ang , Mali pa spelling e.
      Tse hihihi

      • Fabian hindi ako nagfafacial Lang at nagtitiris ng pimples.😂 hindi Ko kilangan gamitin yung English Ko sa pag oopera sa ulo. Tse 😂

  2. repost:
    Three things come to mind when I think of beauty pageants: International, World, Universe. These 3 work together to make the brand of the beauty pageant relevant to the global community and to our time.

  3. If I could choose just one brand, it would be MI. Timeless formality nowadays considered boring. 🙂

    (Angkol, come what may, please stick with the Aranetas. You need their brand to enhance yours)

  4. Jeremibakangpangethunkygaypalengkequeensosya, di oa pwede transgender sa miss world. Sa miss universe ka muna sumali. Paopera ka na muna sa thailand.

    • Oh the profile picture thief who was blocked at wordpress is at it again showing the whole world the universe rather how psychotic he is tsk tsk tsk

      • Your illusioning na naman jeremyhunkygaybaklangpangetpalengkequeen. Sabi ng hindi ako yun eh. It’s true that im psychotic. O ayan ha inamin ko na. Now back to work. Wash the dishes, mop the floor, and massage the captain, ok?

    • Grabe ka naman Paul!

      Lagi mo na lang akong inaaway, eh alam mo namang ubod ako ng pangit… panot pa!

      Inagaw mo ang profile pic ko na naka-cap ako, dun lang ako byuti kasi natakpan ang panot kong ulo, at malayuan ang shot, kay di kita ANG UBOD NG PANGKIT KONG PAGMUMUKHA!

      Nasaan naman ang hustisya?

      • Hoy jeremi baklang pangit. Good to know na panot ka. Di bale , hunky gay ka naman e. At nakatravel ka na sa ibat ibang panig ng mundo. Youre so sosyal. Sya, sya, pakintabin ang sahig ng bukwagan. Ng barko.

    • Haiyuuuuu!!! PaulRivera and Jeremi, sige magpanggap ka pa, eh iisa lang nman kayong dalawa, kunwari ka pa PaulRivera na sumasagot kay jeremi eh halata nman na ikaw din sya…. hahahhaha lokohin mo sarili mo!!!!

  5. The common thread that links them is the fact that they come from Third World countries. Not surprising at all! Third World countries are the big country markets for pageantry business. I wonder if a scholarly or empirical study exists on the correlation between economic development and demand for pageantry. That would be interesting.

    • I was always told by my grandmother that when she was younger, many of the pretty girls she knew joined pageants because prize money was used to feed family or meet potential husbands.

      • Historicaly… The singkil dance performace for example is actually a kind of pageant… It is more of an entertainment and cultural bearing but it is also a performace to showcase the grace, beauty and talents of the royal and noble daughters to potential suitors. It has always been embeded in our culture that is why when the Spaniards arrived we easily adopted the Santacruzan and Sarsuela which are also forms of pageants… and during the American era thus began the Manila Carnival Queen which is a combo of all those except it is a literal competition.

  6. Miss Universe is the most coveted title, not miss world. sino ba ang may pinakamaraming live tv broadcast? kahit na yung mga walang rep sa miss miss u may tv broadcast pa rin sa kani-kanilang countries. it proves na mas maraming viewers, mas maraming fans & followers, mas maraming interested sa miss u! talo pa nga ng miss earth ang miss world kung live tv broadcast ang pag-uusapan. miss world is getting boring & boring every year, aantokin ka lang manuod kaya better read/see the results in the news na lang. ganito ang tamang order—

    1 Miss Universe

    2 Miss World
    3 Miss Earth

    4 Miss International
    then nothing follows, PERIOD.

  7. Just asking. Its been more than a week na di man lang mahagilap ang anino ni cat. guesting from GOOD MORNING AMERICA, GOOD DAY NEW YORK. FOX 5. What happen. Unlike Pia before, pati pag jogging ni Pia ay masaksihan ng bayan. Pati ang kusina ni pia. Left and right na TV guesting ni Pia. Nasaan na si CATRIONAAAAAAAAAAAAAA????????????

    • bakla, hindi ba pwdng magpahinga muna? baka mabilaukan ka pag nagsunod sunod ang show nya…

      • Baklang walang balakang, alam ko araw araw ka ring nagbukas ng laptop mo para maghagilap ng mga whereabouts ni queen cat. HIndi ako nagreklamo bakla. Dahil. Si demi last year ay ora orada ang mga show after winning.

    • Pia won Dec 21 2015 and started her media week in the US around 1st week of January 2016. I think it’s the standard protocol that if MU is held late December then the winner will start her media week on the first week of January the following year. It’s just that maybe Cat chose to stay away from social media since she has been all over the internet even before landing in Bangkok. maybe she just wants to rest and spend the holidays with her family

  8. IMO the order is as folllows:

    This is based on world’s view of prestige, importance and relevance.
    Miss World remains to be the most regarded beauty pageants in the world that is why even those lesser known countries/territories send representative to this pageant. These countries dont usually send candidates to other pageants.

    Every year Miss World has about 120 candidates as opposed to 90+ candidates of other pageants.

    Mostly in Europe and Africa, the main winner goes to Miss World and the first runner up goes to Miss Universe.

    • Yes this is really the fact. And i agree with this statement. This is also the reason why Ms World has the most number of participants and a year older than Ms Universe

    • “Miss World – they charge around a measly US$ 10k for every national pageant but there is a catch, each pageant franchise are said to require to have a national pageant where its main winner goes to MW.
      Miss Universe – one of the highest fees in the pageant circuit as the pageant is the most competitive among the 4. Newbie countries are supposedly charged around US$ 10k while bigger and more competitive countries like Venezuela and Thailand are rumored to go beyond 100k.”
      Miss World is nothing compared to Miss Universe in income and social media mileage.

    • simple lang yan jeremi. Napakataas ang standard ng miss universe. Kelangan talaga ng de kaliber ang ipadala. Magastos ang Miss universe. Kumbaga mga ELITE. Kelangan napaka bongga ng gown di tulad sa miss world kahit mumurahing gown ay pwede na. Kelangan fierce ang candidates. kelangan gym fit ang katawan. di tulad ng sa miss world na kahit may mga baby fats ay pwede na ring manalo. Kaya nga yung tinatawag mong LESSER KNOWN COUNTRIES, ay kaya nilng mag send ng candidates kc di nila afford ang miss universe. at mostly lahat ng candidates sa mess world na di pinalad at may potential naman, ay sumali ulit sa miss universe. Pero very rare na mangyari na candidates ng miss universe ay sumali ulit sa miss world.

      • Well that is in your opinion, mine is different.
        Your reasoning is superficial and presumptive while mine is factual

      • Miss Dominican Republic during MW2016 was a MU candidate before bagging 1st RUP at MW

      • Gosh!!! The names above are tantamount to where Catriona was working as she menttioned in the top 3 Q&A. I hope to still see the beauty and the smile in their despite opting for a low life pen names such as Babushka and Nah Tok Hang. I hope and pray that there’s still a silver lining in their desolation.
        Khub Kun Kha!

      • You know what people like you are the ones taking out the classiness of this blog
        People like you should be banned from here. Imbecile, closed-minded moron.

  9. Three things come to mind when I think of beauty pageants: International, World, Universe. These 3 work together to make the brand of the beauty pageant relevant to the global community and to our time.

    • ME. Come on dear. Give credit where credit is due. ME is better than MI. What keeps MI afloat is its old age. Other than that, MEH.

      • You are entitled to your own INFORMED opinion. In this case, your opinion is not well-informed. #SorryNotSorry

      • MI has integrity. Miss Earth has Lorraine who was caught negotiating for Russia’s win. #Fact

      • @ Ryan : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

        Was it, indeed, “negotiation”? From my understanding (of the conversation between Ms. Schuck and the Russian), the latter was offering what the former retorted to as “That’s a lot of money!”.

        I took that to mean that she could give no assurances of a Russian win. Or, am I wrong?

    • these 3 pageants are and will still be the only 3!

      MW, MI, MU

      the rest are so so.

  10. What about the insisting Angkol’s MGI? Per Global Beauties, MGI is a top-tier pageant than Miss Earth. Magwawala si Angkol n’yan, tito Norms.

    Asian beauties are now emerging in beauty pageantries. Lumalaban na sa mga Latinas.

    • Mare, alam mo naman yang si Angkol natin madalas pabibo! Palaging nakikisawsaw dahil alam niya patola mga Pinoy! This year paandar niya is picture in the Kitchen and you know the caption. Last year, about the same time as Miss Universe, he has a gold platter with the same caption and naging aligaga nanaman ang mga Pinoy sa pagpatol!

      Ang mga Pinoy din kasi they can’t make up their mind which one to support! Big4 is Big4! It was not coined out of thin air! It was coined based on certain parameters such as execution of advocacy, appeal and branding! Kaya masakit man eh kahit papaano pasok pa rin pageant ni Tandang Hulya!

      And on a sidenote, may nag-post na picture ni Katarina and Eva “after the local pageant” na kasama yung may-ari ng pageant na sinalihan nila at kung bakit ba naman sa kamalas-malasan sila pa yung naligwak! Tila ba may dalang malas yung pagpapa-picture! Kainis!

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