150 comments on “The Petition against LCS so that BPCI will retain the Miss Universe franchise

  1. This is from reliable source… I’m currently in London and yun nga Jonas Gaffud will be the newly appointed head of the MUP Franchise.. Appointed by LCS..

    Mukhang hindi pa alam ni Madam Araneta… Sa bagay, hindi nga nya alam nung na alter ang gown ni MJ Lastimosa nung time nya..

  2. So do you think that a former Bb. Winner not necessary MS UNIVERSE PHIL title be able to qualify for a MS UNIVERSE PHIL title if it is held by another franchise? Ex. Can former Bb. Pilipinas INTERCONTINENTAL Katarina Rodriguez qualify for MU Phil title if no longer held by BPCI?

  3. Kung saan saan na napupunta mga hanash nyo mga veks😂 walang paawat, pagalingan ang peg😂 wait nyo na lang ang sasabihin ng mga boss😂😂

  4. Sa tingin ko nagsimula eto ng humina na ang hatak ng boxing sa mga pinoy at sa beauty pageants na focused at napansin na ito ni Gov. as a business opportunity. Ok naman kung iba may ari ng franchise kaso pag si chavit baka maging sugal (behind the scenes pustahahan sino mananalo na candidate) ang MUP.

  5. Hopefully we haven’t heard from Cat because of the holidays. What’s worrisome is that usually after the MU crowning, the winner does the morning rounds of the morning shows in the U.S. I haven’t seen Cat in any of the morning shows, however, I’ve been extremely busy and may have missed it completely. Hopefully, Cat posts something somewhere soon just to let us all know all is well and her MU mission/reign is well on it’s way to being the best reign and awareness campaign ever. 😊

  6. Jeremihunkygaybaklangpangetpalengkerangsosyal Maglampaso ka na ng cabin floor, now na.

    • Hi Paul,
      I know why you are so mad at me.
      You were the one who stole my profile pic and created a profile at wordpress in the name of Jeremi too and used it to bully me before but you can not used that account anymore since it’s blocked. Think of psychopath lol

  7. Angela Ponce , 2018 Miss Spain made history this year but in 2013 , if Miss Spain had won instead of Gabriela , Spain would have made history even back then for being the first ever lesbian Miss Universe (not popularly know perhaps but Miss Spain 2013 is a self-confessed lesbian)

    *Ariella should have been second runner up instead of Ecuador ! still makes me angry

  8. naalala ko lang

    ang gown ni Charlene ang pinaka pangit
    nagtipid yata yung pina santacruzan pinang evening gow na rin

    anyway I hope whoever takes over MUP
    will take good care of the reigning queen

  9. The Sound of Blaring Silence
    Where is Chavit? No words from him after the announcement that the next edition will be held in South Korea without the MUOs permission
    No words from BPCi
    To top it all, no updates of Catriona on social media and no words from MUO
    Could it be because of the holidays or something more serious and legal?
    Hmmmm interesting!

    • After doing my usual rounds cleaning inidoros and dumping trash as the High Class SEAGAY JANITRESS of a cruise ship, I realized, that maybe the answer to the questions I posted above is:


      ❤ AYLABET!!! ❤

    • Jeremi, it’s Xmas season
      Everybody is busy with their family
      Wait until After NEw Yr
      You’ll hear More from Cat
      Re-Singson, I think the MUO should be lucky to have someone supporting them financially .

  10. stop pushing for

    they already had their time

    look for new breeds of beauty queens

    only alpha pageants matter

  11. For announcing that Miss Universe 2019 is going to be held in South Korea and that Miss North Korea will participate, Paula Shugart must be fuming mad at Chavit-SIngson for ruining the surprise and thus, any ongoing deal with LCS now is dead in the water !!! Can you hear the silence ? the silent anger ?

    • Your imagination is wild. Historically speaking, Ms U always announces the next venue after the coronation night. But this is becoming their problem as probable host nations or venue in the US would not make a decision till it’s late. They want it held outside the US but last option if nothing works is Las Vegas.

      • Yes that is true but MUO has the right to announce it not LCS, the are just a partner in Asia.

      • yes they can announce the next venue but specifically , the participation of Miss North Korea is a political international issue , very sensitive to US policies in that part of the world …

  12. It’s almost 2019…”It’s a new day, it’s a new life and I’m feeling good (M. Bubble’).” Why don’t we all just get along? Just “be grateful, so negativity will not grow and foster (Queen Cat)”. STOP CYBER BULLYING!!! Peace, love and hope to all Filipinos around the world, “the universe rather (Queen P)”…

  13. To those who want a dose of information about LCS’ business empire, here’s an article from Esquire:


    How has he become this wealthy given these low-key, never-heard-of and not-so-much-of-an-income-generating companies? Does this have something to do with ill-gotten wealth from his enduring years in politics (partida tatakbo pa raw Mayor daw ang Lolo mo this 2019 sa Narvacan, Ilocos Sur)? At nawindang ako sa bangko niya sa Puerto Rico. Diyos na mahabagin!

  14. Kung iisipin niyo the pros outweigh the one big con that is Chavit himself. Sama mo na rin si Jonas na baka gawing MWP na handpicked from his camp ang predetermined winner. Mga tipo ni Aya Abesamis, graduate from UP pero chaka naman ang face, typical “konyo” and pang runner up material lagi ang winner sa eyes ni Jonas and his team. Sinuwerte lang talaga sila kay Pia, pero yung taste level ni mamang Jonas is very pang 1990s, janice de belen peg. 😂 sorry pero year after year yun ang laging niluluto ni mama j, kasawa na. Ako, not totally against sa idea ng LCS franchise, dami pros yan like better production, world class yan for sure, kaso baka mga kabit ni chavit and chakang bet ni jonas ang lagi winner. Yun lang naman siguro. If malapit na mamatay si Chavit and sana magkaroon ng eureka moment and mahimasmasan si mama j sa delusion and magsnap siya sa napakalaking ego niya, GO! GO! GO! i will support them. Sad ako for madam pero ano ba magagawa naten if yung decision nasa the powers that be yan. Wait and see tapos accept na lang siguro.

      • CatrionaFan, exactly .
        So why don’t u look in the mirror and see if u have the right to judge someone else’s integrity ?

      • Still clapper material, so point is taken. Her BbP stint was pure overrated thanks to bading starblind factor. Have no idea why anyone thought she was a threat for MUP. Can’t believe even Tito Norman touted her as a threat to Cat. Bwahahahaha.

        Enough of daughters wanting to play dress up at BbP. Maybe that is the route they will go with MUP under LCS.

        Money and power still go a long way in influencing pageant politics. If that happens, and our palakasan culture wins AGAIN, then the Philippines only has itself to blame for its problems AGAIN. Clap clap clap.

    • 4M just to correct you po Aya Abesamis is not a graduate from University of The philippines, i contest that is not how from UP graduate speak

      Most of the students who graduated from UP speaks well not memorized nor scripted. .

    • Hi 4M, just to correct Aya Abesamis is not graduate from the University of the Philippines, while students who graduated from UP speaks very well, not memorized nor scripted.

    • Fake 4M. Your points don’t make sense. There are so many factors why Philippines had a drought for a long time and luck was one of the factors. Nina Ricci for example should have been a semifinalist at that time.

      I’d rather hae BPCI handling the MUP franchise at least I know that the organizations purpose is to provide to charity. LCS may offer a more commercialized pageant but Im sure that their intentions would be to make money.

  15. Business is business.
    There is something wrong with you if you experienced anxiety attacks over the business transactions of people who are not even directly a part of your personal life ✌️

    • Bobitang bakla is bobitang bakla.

      There is something wrong with you if you think BBP, MU, and beauty pageant in general are merely “business” sa mga beki, gays, pageant fanatics ng Philippines. Hindi mo alam time, money, effort, binubuhos ng mga people like Tito Norman and pageant fans, supporters na decades na followers and beauty pageant na huge part ng life nila. Ano pa reason ng discussion, argument, admiration sa queens, tears, joy, laughter, excitement, lahat na ng “feels” ng mga bakla and pageant fans, critics, supporters if “business, business” lang pala. I am not completely against if true yung rumors sa lcs and jonas gaffud acquiring the franchise, pero I respect and understand yung hinaing and concerns nila. Chavit is not a good person. Totoo yan. Siguro if some insititution na may track record, o good reputation, wala kang makikitang angal, pero from BPCI to kurakot na political dynasty, kahit sino naman siguro mag-aalala, hindi lang sa franchise pero sa mga future binibini din.

  16. Who knows if LCS group wants MUP franchise only . I think its too small to bid. Im seeing a different scenario here .

    LCS group will acquire MU tying with IMG . Singson has bought banks in Latin Americas way back. Isn t it nice if he is the next Trump so the glory days of MU staging comes back !

    For those “ utak talangkang pinoy “who taints the winning of Catriona – you are really unfair . Gray won upon stepping in Thailand . Although i ve hated the construction and overly done and no score bearing Nat cos , let s just be supportive . To the negatrons with multiple name “Furnitures” FOCUS!!!!

    As for people who questions the integrity of lolo Chavit – go on . But remember , he has toppled the players of Imperial Manila before. He can do that again !

    For now , ill just wait and see things unfold.

    Ps : FOCUS – Fuck of Cause ur STUPID

    • Good. Sino ba ang may ayaw na mayaman ang may hawak ng franchise. Ibig sabihin nyan, alaga ang mga representatives natin sa Miss Universe. May budget sa preparation, may budget sa mga susuotin. At higit sa lahat malakas ang laban. Kung totoo na partly owner na si Chavit ng MU/IMG Asia at hinde lang MUP franchise, di ba dapat matuwa tayo? Sooner or later, baka magaya na tayo sa USA na laging kasama sa semis. Mas malakas na laban ngayon may konek na tayo. Change is inevitable. We should embrace it. Kung talagang pursigido ang BPCI, di bid uli sila next renewal ng franchise. Yun lang yun. Enough of sentimentality.

  17. Chismis lang!

    Mariam Habach going to Miss Supranational 2019? Upgrade or downgrade or another El Tucoyo?

    Angela Ponce suing Miss Universe Organization for 10 million USD? Fake news?

    • @ClaiRe: If she’s going to Supra, I guess she will become like a Catriona Gray there. She will be a clear frontrunner and maybe unstoppable too! Model-modelan & rampahan? She might get the crown! 🙂

    • This better be true ‘cuz Mariam HaBE-YOTCH has to redeem herself yow. We know she’s robbed in the 2016 edition so better keep goin’ gal. I feel like she ranked 14 or 15 and I couldn’t find truth on all rumors that she got attitude problems, bish. I hope this probable win of hers should she compete lessen the infation rate of her motherland VenezWAYluh and most importantly her hometown El ToCUUUUyo charot

  18. What a mess this is. I signed for the petition because I still have hope for BPCI. Maybe an overhaul in existing strategies & new blood might be needed. Maybe an incubation period might help too, but who knows?

    Negosyo pa rin talaga ang MUO and money talks, barks and hisses. Business waits for no one.

    Ika nga, “when poverty knocks on the door, love flies out of the window”.

    • Yes it’s business. But if you are an expert in the field you will look for long term business partner with credibility and integrity. Not a short lived one who has no good track record and might bring scam and bad reputation to your organization.

  19. I am not certain if this petition matters to IMG. While Filipinos are the best Miss Universe fans in the world, let us all be aware that IMG prefers revenues than anything else. And no matter which entity will MUP franchise be licensed, IMG is certain that Filipinos will still love Miss Universe.

    Probability is high that LCS will get the franchise–that is if Chavit himself is really working to get it–for obvious reason that Chavit had spent millions for the staging of Miss Universe 2016 here. He also helped MUO negogiate with Thai entities in staging Miss Universe in Bangkok. If you were IMG, you would vest your interest to someone who patronizes your business. Afterall, this is business.

    Notwithstanding my premise above, I am with you all in praying that the franchise be retained with BPCI. That’s all I can do for now–PRAY. I hope that IMG considers BPCI as a long standing organization which held MUP franchise beautifully for 54 years long. Though BPCI created brouhahas in the past, it understandably tried to protect its image and hold on to its conservative approach in empowering women. There never was any single issue commodifying women us prey to sexual predators. There never was prostitution we heard from the four corners of BPCI.

    I’ll go with other’s sentiments here that MUP brand might be tarnished if Chavit will finally have it. I don’t want to elaborate, but everyone knows how money works. I can see a backlash in the end.

    I’d like to believe that we, Miss Universe fans, will still see silver linings at the end of it all. Other countries are keeping their eyes on us. After all we are now deemed the pageant powerhouse not only in Asia, but in the whole world.

    As regards SMA’s retirement, I think there is no buzz that she will step down soon. And if she does, BPCI will still live stronger as a non-stock, non-profit entity run by its Board of Trustees. They can appoint a president or pick a chair as SMA’s replacement to run the organization. I suggest Margie Florendo to be its President. I believe this woman is par excellence.

    That’s all.

    • So long to read Ana, just got bored. You already said what everybody ekse did. Like I said this is all baloney. Tapos na! Done! Finito!! Announcement na lang susmaryosep!! Don’t be like Norman craying over spilt milk!!

      • At least you were bored. I achieved my purpose to you, honey. So, when are you going to leave from here, so you won’t read other’s opinions?

        That’s all.

  20. No need for this petition as money have already spoken even before the coronation night. I stand firm on this. Let’s just wait for the official announcement when things get settled down. Announcement has been delayed to conceal what really transpired before and during MU2018 coronation night.

    • I thought u said the revelation had transpired already … with Cat coming home to the Philppines with Singson and the daughter judge,

      • That’s why, with all these issues, I thought that Cat’s coming home with the Singson’s on their own private plane is ill-advised. Whatever spin they may come up with like the Singson’s have done the junket last year with Demi’s win, it does not look good this year with Cat’s win for two reasons: (1) it can be construed as an endorsement of sorts of the new franchise owner, and (2) one of the judges, an executive of this franchise bidder, is on the same plane. Talk about delicadeza, a time-honored Filipino virtue. Cat is too deserving of the win for her to be embroiled into this controversy.

    • Jeremi dear basang basa ka na. Tumigil ka na at bigyan ng konting awa ang sarili mo. Sa lahat ng mga sinabi mo before walang tumama. Ano ang chances na tama ka na ngayon? Try to love yourself.

      • Oh dahlinnn Nasaan, who are you to judge me? Hahahahah
        You are such a funny faggot who resorts to personal insults when your bloated who is contradicted. Travel the world honey and get a view of the real “out there” wherein differences weaved this free universe. Get out of that dirt nation where are currently in

    • I agree with you Venus. I really don’t care who owns the franchise at this point so long as MUP thrives and continues the Philippines’ streak in Miss Universe.

      Besides, Mrs Araneta is a late joiner in regards to allowing Filipino designers in. Hell, she insisted on Barrazza for more than a decade during the dark ages, and suddenly she’s being given credit for 2 Miss Universe wins? Hell, no, LOL!

      • Mi Querido, there is an underlying reason why SMA banned Filipino designers before. Backed in the 90’s, there are two groups of Filipino designers, the Professional Designers Association of the Philippines (FDAP) and the Fashion Designers Group (FDG). Both are still existing today.

        SMA pleaded the designers not to ruin her show by not pulling out their designs in one of the pageant night. Fashion designers backed on those days are not as diverse or not as independent as it is today and they are powerful! When the unexpected happened, SMA swore she will no longer ask for the service of Filipino designer with the exception of one of his faithful follower, Pitoy Moreno. Thanks to Pia Wurtzbach who were able to convince SMA to once again wear a Filipino created gown and the rest is history!

    • My gosh. My issue is with LCS integrity. Grabe. Honor before money and victory my dear.

  21. Because Philippines won, I think BPCI will still hold the franchise of Miss Universe. Winning countries don’t have to pay the Miss Universe franchise fee for the next year. LCS will take over 2020.

      • No, she can’t. Only MUO can. Also, BPCI’s Facebook account is posting controversies of Chavit Singson which is totally not related to pageant and indicates the rumors are true.

  22. Hoi Chavit Baldivino, mag-focus ka na lang sa singing career mo. Wag ka na makisawsaw sa mundo ng beauty pageants. Vaklang twwwooooo

  23. i would like to create a petition to all bekis to nominate Tito Norman as our CEO and buy this MUP franchise.

    if we could put all our finances and efforts together we will make the new MUP brand a reality.

    and we will have smiles on the children’s faces.

  24. Okay lang naman ang change, kung sa tamang tao napupunta ang franchise, kaso alam naman ng lahat na manyakis and corrupt si chavit. Katakot for the girls baka bigyan nga niya ng official residence during sa reign ng mga girls, kaso baka babuyin niya and gawin everyday buffet sa apartment. I don’t trust chavit. He has a lot to gain kaya willing siya gumastos sa franchise. That’s a fact! Yun lamang po.

    • That’s a very serious allegation .
      I hope u can back it up, Laila.
      How old is Singson , 85? What damage can he possibly cause ?
      It all depends on the girls .
      Glitz and glamour are blinding these girls so they fall victim to abuses of the rich and powerful.
      If they have strong foundation , nobody can do anything that they don’t approve of .
      Lara, for example , Rebuffed the likes of Willie Reviame . It didn’t matter if she had to ride a jeepney to school and work.
      These girls have to find a career To live on … not rest on their crowns hoping that some rich and honorable guy will soon sweep them off their feet .

    • The mere unsolicited touch and caress is already a form of harassment. It doesn’t need someone to be young to do that. Even an 85 years old guy can do that. You might want to Google all the news related to the owner of LCS.

  25. 1000 signatures lang, eh ang daming bading sa pinas plus sa ibang panig ng mundo kahit 1M eh kaya yan. Kaya lang napaka-estupido ng campaign, asking for signatures…hahahaha! Ikaw Mr. Tinio, will you SIGN? For me, I don’t care whoever seals the deal with MUO…it’s their business anyway!

  26. Nasaan si Catriona? Last update sa IG, both miss universe and catriona gray account was 4 days ago pa.

  27. LCS connetions’ all over Asia will be the game changer hence
    MUO will give it to LCS, end of the day, it is business.

    BPCI can start charity to start at home by giving their queens decent crown and full support financially etc.

    sino ba gumagastos sa mga delegada? mga camps nila
    example si Pia – a and q
    Catriona – team niya
    pera nila galing sa sariling bulsa
    tapos pag nanalo maka angkin ng glorya ang BPCI

    get real!

    under LCS, our queen will be taken cared of. plus LCS will sure have their own

    with the many franchise titles of BPCI they can survive.

    • It makes sense
      I also wonder where the candidates- especially the queens- are staying while in the city

      • i mean if you are MUSA or MUniverse you stay 1 year in an apartment to fulfill your obligations whereas, in the Philippines, you are on your own.

        do your own training, finance (through friends) your gowns
        make your own team etc.

        anyway it is the same thing with Olympians
        an example is that 1st Winter Olympian , his family financed everything but
        he represented the Philippines

        I hope LCS will be able to provide world class support to the MUP

      • @oneandonly

        BbP girls pay their own way yes – I remember formers talking about getting to appearances by jeepney. Ngeck!

        Same thing here in the USA (some states give girls more support than others, but not even pageant powerhouse Texas foots a girl’s living expenses). They are expected to pay their own lodging and transportation to appearances too – even if their state is the size of a country.

        People think pageant women are spoiled divas, but in reality the majority are resourceful hustlers – a skill that will take them far in life. Successful pageant contestants usually end up winners in life for this reason (usually).

        Why do you think our BbP’s competition wardrobes are so blah – who do you think is paying for all that? Not SMA or BPCI… Whatever their designer friends can spare.

        Cat was smart. No way could she keep up with the designer labels that some of the girls arrive with (oftentimes through just as dubious sources as the Singsons – ask the Venezuelans or Russians). So, her approach was to come up with the Filipino designs angle. Cheap, but at least with a consistent, and unique theme.

        Even Magaly Febles could not keep up with the franchise fees in Puerto Rico, that’s why she lost the franchise within years after crowning her second Miss Universe from the island within 5 years.

        Madame seems fine with letting MUP go out of BPCI’s hands. Are the petition signers going to fund on her behalf???

      • Justgrc,
        Is that too much to come up with 14 sets of designer clothes ?
        R u saying that Cat was some presumptuous being ? That she used ‘false nationalism’ to cover up her poverty ? …… that had she had the money to buy Versace or Dior , she would have worn them instead of Pinoy designers?
        Pls explain , justgrc

      • @Fabian

        Why don’t you ask the former MUPs if it is too much to come up with 14 designer outfits. Pwedeng mag DM sa kanila on IG.

        However, you may want to look at their many pictures from their respective MU stints for an indication of what their answer may be first. Even Cat recycled several outfits…. Some of these dots just need to be connected, it’s pageantry darling – not rocket science.

        Speaking of presumptions, not sure where you came up with Cat’s poverty. I’m just saying her Filipino fashions angle was a smart way of staying out of the designer label game while still standing out.

        She’s a genius and its no wonder jumped at the opportunity to have her be their voice and face for their brand.

      • Justgrc, pls review what u said. U really made it sound like Cat used nationalism as an excuse for her lack of ability to buy designer clothes

      • @Fabian

        Please read closely yourself. Nowhere did I mention Cat’s poverty as you suggest.

        Limited resources as with any MUP, yes, but not poverty. Not that anything is wrong with poverty.

        Yung iba pa-Louis Louis V pa silasCat? Cat, “artisan” pineapple clutch na puedeng galling sa Divisoria – genius!

      • Justgrc , ‘the word ‘ poverty ‘ was just my overall interpretation of how u described Cat’s quest at MU , it’s my right .
        My big question is … why r u throwing shade at Cat for expressing her nationalism during the pageant ? What makes u think it was just a ploy on her part because she did not have the means to buy Dior ? She has lots of friends – Tumang Bragais etc who could have loaned her these luxury items . Couldnt you just say Cat did what she did because she really wanted to show the world what Pinas was made of ?

      • @Fabian

        I could, but that’s not my opinion. Tumang and Bragais already contributed more than most designers have done for any of our international reps. Not just gowns, but time and mentorship.

        Demavivas has good potential, but he is up and coming. I regard him on the same level as Besana. Neither can command top dollar designs as neither has them… yet.

        The reality is these ladies need to be prepared to change outfits at least 4-6 times a day. No way, could a MUP be pasavogue in the traditional sense at that rate. Cat’s strategy was smart.

    • So in otHer words , u think Ca t’s nationalism during the pageant was just pretend?


      • No darling, I think it was a smart alternative to playing the label game.

        Her whole nationalism concept expanded to more than just clothes. Cat displayed aspects of Philippine history and culture on multiple levels, even when talking about her 1,000,000 PHP worth of gowns.

        Sadly enough your question reminds me of my thought that Cat’s insights would probably be lost on many Filipinos who don’t or won’t appreciate the deeper nuances of her message.

        But ask them about the last Eat Bulaga or ASAP episode and they could tell you all about it for hours…

  28. Just found out that the Singsons are your typical corrupt filipino politicians, so DEFINITELY NO TO LCS. They probably thought that owning the MUP franchise would help make their future political endeavors be successful but did not realize that BPCI is a NGO that pours their heart and soul to their charities and the advocacies that the queens make. Kung pati ba naman mga charities kukurakutin nila aba mga hayop na sila.

    • @Nope

      I love BPCI and SMA.. but the way you mention the Singsons… as if Mar Araneta Roxas is clean as a whistle!?!… FYI, it’s either him or Margarita Fores who would inherit BPCI once their auntie SMA retires. Between Chavit Singson’s gambling issues and Mar Roxas’ Yolanda fund scam…. I’d choose Chavit. I really wish one of the beauty camps has the budget and connections to take over if ever but obviously they are no match.

      • Mar Roxas doesn’t have a say on the pageant. Wala silang pakialaman na nagaganap. SMA handles the BPCI, kung meron mang mga pulitikong nakakapasok, hanggang judges lang sa finals night and that’s it.

      • Anyway, I’d rather one of their biggest sponsors like Jag or Cream Silk to take over but definitely not politicians.

      • There’s no Yolanda scum. Yung mga galing ibang bansa na tulong ay pledges Yun at Hindi din Yun Pera lang Kasi pwede syang in kinds. Some of the pledged donation ay pinapadaan din minsan sa NGOs. At Yung napunta sa gobyerno ay nare-align na for Marawi rehabilitation.

        If I’ll choose between the two, ill go for roxas. Atleast lesser evil sya.

  29. LOL. MU is all about 💲💲💲.

    Trump wants cattle call, T&A show, Mama Paula says OK. She needs to afford living in NYC.

    IMG wants substance, SJW, Mama Paula says OK. She needs to afford living in NYC.

    Telemundo wants Latina domination hasta la back to back para Venezuela y algo for Porto Riko and Muxico, Mama Paula says OK. She needs to afford living in NYC.

    IMG says expand markets to Europe and Africa and Asia ala Continental picks and Latina shutout, Mama Paula says OK. She needs to afford living in NYC.

    MUP will go to the highest bidder. Mama Paula says OK. She needs to afford living in NYC.

    Some people will never learn. Abangan na lang ang journey ni Cat. Ending BPCI’s MUP history on a HIGH note. (Unlike Tita Osmel…)

  30. Bakit natatakot silang mawala ang MUP sa BPCI 😆
    Mawawala na vah ang limpaklimpak na pera galing sa panggagamit ng mga causes kuno hihihi😋
    Kung ayaw na sa inyo ng MUO dahil businesswise ay mas advantageous if LCS ang hahawak divahhh😄
    Lahat naman ay may hangganan kaya move on na BPCI to the next level🤗
    I can see vacklah2vacklah kapag c Lolo chavit ang hahawak 😙

  31. I am radiating towards change of management but not towards the hands that will accept it.

    Really, I don’t find signing the petition attractive. We, as pageant fans, have witnessed a lot of glaring blunders.

    Can Ms. Cory Quirino buy the MUP instead? But that is a different story. Or can she?

    • And let Cory Q be the face of MUP ?
      Like what she did when she was handling MWP ?
      Do you remember the ads where she posed and smiled like she was the beauty queen there ?
      Oh no !
      I still want MUP to be part of the BP with or without SMA.

  32. I am Pro New MUP Franchise!

    Pag nagkataon, bakbakan ang mangyayari next year para sa mga Non-MUP titleholders

    Wyn Wyn Marquez
    Katarina Rodriguez
    Nicole Cordoves
    Kylie Verzosa
    Laura Lehmann

    Lahat sila mga 26 years old and last hurrah na nila pagnagkataon.

    • Kylie ? Surely doubt it . She’s already MI.
      I’m hoping They can style Nicole better . Still facially weak.
      As for Wynwyn , I’m sad that she’s leaning towards Supra .. and her position on transgender MU candidates will work against her MUP campaign .
      Kata? Maybe if she’s guided properly on styling and Q&A
      Laura Lehmann? I still hope she gives it another try . She is the only one who can equal Cat’s eloquence . She just needs more energy and aggression .. and more workout . Styling will have to improve too .

      • Hello Fabian, you should see Nicole in person. it’s the styling or she had something done. She is at par w ara arida beauty. Far fr 2016.

      • Her brother is super cute
        So I assume it’s just the styling
        If she can be transformed into a pleasant beauty like Ara , I would like for to be our MUP
        She and LAura are the only ones who can equal Cat’s eloquence.

    • Kylie and Nicole have better things going on in their lives.

      WynWyn, pa Barrio Fiesta Sudamericana lang yung 5’2 and struggling actress of actor parents peg niya.

      Katja, well baka hindi ibasa ang rules. Tapos mag social media meltdown ala Roses and Ecuador and Mexico.

      Laura Lehmann, zzzzzz. Maputi and ma-English fluency lang, but as scripted as they can be.

      Let them all move on with their lives, like SMA.

      • Justgrc, that’s a mean way of des cribing Wyn2. Who do you t hunk has a better career . Wyn2 or Megan?

      • @fabian,

        WynWyn is another overrated daughter of actors that vaklushes overhype for no good reason other than to taste a slice of the celebrity pie.

        No way would she cut it as MUP. Clap clap clap BbP lang.

        Maybe you will suggest Mariel de Leon too, with her “platform” of expanding the arts through OperaBelles and accepting her body. Clap clap clap rin.

        Anyway, I don’t know why Megan’s career is being discussed because Megan was not included on that list above. Since we are talking about formers who might have a chance a MUP. Megan is facially far more superior and has a background story that IMG might be more interested in than Wyn’s “I’m a model/singer/dancer back in my country celebrity … and that’s it” chuchu. Megan is abandoned halfie who raised her and her siblings… winner story yan.

      • Hindi ko na sinama si Megan dahil overage na sya.. Tsaka 1st Miss World sya at hindi minor pageant.

        Sinama ko si Kylie dahil ang tagal nya maka move on at nde nya talaga mapatawad si Maxine na naging MUP sya..

      • Justgrc, Wyn2 won RHA. Would u still call it hyping ?
        I included Megan because u mentioned Wyn2 as some trying hard actress . But look at Megan who won a top crown?

    • No to Katarina Rodriguez my goooooddddd. Di pa ba nadadala sa MW stint nya kalokang mga baklang two. Besides Miss Universe HATES Miss World clappers. Just look at the recent MU pageant, lahat ng MW clappers also clapped hard in MU, even a strong candidate like Ecuador. Lastly, the girl has an attitude and it’s undeniable ugh.

      • In retrospect, Ecuador is not really a strong candidate. She did not make it even to the semis at MW. (At least Olivia Jordan did) Sadly, even overall styling did not improve much from her MW stint… akala ko nga totoong competition siya ni Cat dahil A&Q trained.

        Given her experience at MW & MU, maybe she can join Nuestra Belleza Latina or even ME. She may have a strong chance there. It is a feat if she manages to bag the Miss Earth Ecuador crown baka siya na ang may pinakamaraming national titles among the Big 4 tapos hindi pa “appointed” yan, pinaglaban niya pa.

    • None of them, Wyn Wyn might be because of her queenly winner aura in spite if her height, but it’s Ann Colis, Mutya Datul and Kris Janson sans veneers ang runner-up agad ang lowest na pwedeng placement sa MU. add Ahtisa too not Kylie (Kylie’s face is not MU)

  33. My bets , Laura Lehmann and Wynwyn , can still run for MUP regardless of who owns the franchise .
    But I still want BPCI to keep the tradition . SMA is 82 but she still seems capable and willing to stay active.

      • Her Speaking skills are not overrated .
        Physically , she will need to improve . She has to work out and show more aggression and hunger

      • English fluency lang si Laura, but besides that and being maputi overrated talaga.

        Boring personality, boring looks. One dimensional. Every word that comes out of her mouth is from the A&@ Interview Master Class script that all their hopefuls memorize.


    • Wynwyn is ok but However she is too short only 5’5″ tall in height. No question about her intelligence and eloquence.

      • Sana ba kung 5’5″ talaga, some people who have seen her in person say she’s 5’4″ talaga at mga kasing tangkad lang nila if not mas matangkad pa.

  34. Personally change is a double edged sword.

    The worst case scenario is if the potential new franchise owners turn the MUP pageant into what eventually evolved with the Miss Venezuela Org. where allegations of prostituting its young women eventually led to the resignation of O.Sousa.

    However, one cannot go into a dark forest and shoot the first thing that moves without knowing what it is!

    I agree with DanDan in that BbP is a national treasure and the out of common courtesy the new franchise owners owe the Filipino people a blue-print of what their plans and intentions are to be.

  35. Hello, grabe ang kurakot din ng BPCI… Ang laki po ng nawaldas nila sa presidential candidacy ni Mar Roxas….

    Tsaka ang laki laki ng kinikita nila pag coronation night pero hindi man lang mabigyan ng tirahan pansamantala ang mga winners.. Sana man lang. Mag rent sila ng 3 BR condo para sa mga winners… Magkano lang naman yun compare sa earnings from tickets sa finals…

    Sana wag maging gahaman… Kawawa din mga winners na walang car at walang bahay na malapit sa Cubao.. Mga gahaman kayong taga BPCI..

  36. I’m absolutely torn.

    On one hand, BPCI is an institution & there’s something to be said for maintaining tradition.

    Madame Stella de Marquez was no doubt a major factor in the international crowns which brought pride to the country in the late 60s and 70s. But it was also under her leadership that the country experienced a drought in the 80s, 90s and aughts.

    For me, the recent resurgence of Philippine pageantry can be credited to the camps, particularly A&Q, and not necessarily BPCI itself. In fact it was only under Cory Quirino’s leadership, not BPCI, that the country finally won the elusive World title (an example of how change can be a positive).

    Of course we must still credit SMA for allowing the camps a greater say in how our delegates were prepared and packaged for competition abroad in recent years. This certainly made a difference in giving our candidates a competitive edge that helped them win crowns at the alpha pageants and not just remain in the background as clappers.

    I almost wish there could be a compromise position in which Universe would remain under BPCI, but BPCI could have a new national director & team who can re-energise local pageantry. Wouldn’t it be amazing, for example, if BPCI had a competition open to all Pinoy designers, whether based locally or abroad, for the national costume to be worn by our delegate to Universe?

    Even with a new national director, I would want SMA to maintain some sort of honorary advisory position in the new BPCI (sort of like Lee Kwan Yew acting as an advisor to the Singapore government even after he retired). This is just to give SMA due respect and acknowledge her important role in the history of Philippine pageantry. But the day-to-day operations would be the responsibility of the new national director & his/her team.

    As for the Singsons acquiring the Universe franchise for the Philippines … oh Lord, couldn’t it be someone else? I’m uncomfortable with this on so many levels. I mean just thinking about the oculars of him being around beautiful young women–argh. Then there’s the source of their wealth, which we know to be dubious. But then, aren’t all great fortunes obtained through shady means? I mean think of Mark Zuckerberg & how he generates his wealth by allowing Facebook to violate privacy, destroy democracies, undermine the concept of facts and truth, give neo-Nazis a platform to promote their agendas of hate & racism, etc.

    Like I said, I’m torn.

    • Singson’s involvement is also what’s giving me pause. His corrupt history and DOM vibes will definitely stain MUP. It sounds like he wants the franchise for bragging rights, to be the man with big money around beautiful women. I mean what can go wrong?

      I’d have a more open view if the franchise goes to one of the beauty camps. Like one or the other, at least you’re sure they’re truly passionate about MUP.

    • Excellent historical analysis DosCentavos! After a virtual drought in the mid 80’s to 200o, renaissance of Philippine pageantry is thankfully attributed to the involvement of beauty camps -primarily A&Q and KF- as well as Madam Stella’s leadership.

  37. In my honest opinion I am scared if it’s true that LCS will have the franchise of Miss Universe Philippines because of the reputation of the owner of LCS. He has been in the news for maltreating women aside from the fact that his name was once involve in gambling and other illegal activities.

  38. Miss Philippines Universe, as an entity, is a national treasure. Any group expressing interest in representing and doing work on her behalf owes Pinoys a declaration of plans with the franchise. The ability to meet the fee alone shouldn’t be good enough. I’d like to hear LCS’s case for wanting to manage MUP.

  39. I’ll say NO to this petition. It’s time to try a new flavor. Let’s embrace change. There’s nothing wrong with it. I am optimistic that the future of Philippine pageantry will be brighter and… bigger.. We need new team who will bring new and creative ideas to the table… That’s all!

    • I am all for new groups taking over the pageant but NOT the Singsons. Cory Quirino pwede or mga former queens or major brands basta no to politicians.

  40. Sorry sir Norman but I will not sign the petition. Change is inevitable and change is good no matter what. Mea culpa.

    • Change is not automatically good. Pro and con to everything, but one thing is certain with Singson money, he grew it by sucking off the people’s treasury. A public servant who accrued tens of millions of dollars? What math would back that up.

  41. Is this true? Why need to share 150 pesos just for appealing to MUO do they need this amount to approve the petition?

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