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  1. I don’t understand the animosity towards this gown. The finals gown and Philippines won. This gown was not use at all. Water under the bridge. Move on na tayo sa gown na ito. Perfect masyado ang mga galit sa gown na ito. Kayo na mag Mak Tumang at gumastos ng isang milyon (cost of all the gowns) sa materyales pa lang. Ano ba naiambag niyo kundi mag comment dito kagaya ko? 😂

  2. I’m not so crazy about this gown, that strap dangling on her arms is so outdated (remember the comment on Ms Costa Rica’s evening gown? This dress somehow is similar to that) The colors don’t match either. She can wear this in some Ms U functions but not in competition. Just my honest opinion, so stfu bitches!!

    • Fren, nabanggit na ni Mac Tumang, ang gown na yan ay hindi pang evening gown contest..
      iyan dapat ang isusuot nya sa Thai Night kaya lang mga thai designs ang pinasuot sa mga kandidata kaya hindi nya yan nagamit. Yung orange talaga ang pang prelims at yung red ang pang finals.

  3. Ung design na gold kamukha ng Colossal film ni Anne hathaway.. At ng Mantis villain sa Powerranger

  4. i wish that our dear MU Catriona @ 24 after her reign would finish her bachelor’s degree, masters or doctorate in whatever field she wants to pursue (business, arts, education etc).

    she holds now 2 certificates (outdoor recreation and music theory) and might need more units to get that degree.

    pageantry is just the start of something greater for her.

    Happy new Year

    • I didn’t know she hasn’t finished her studies yet. It makes her communication and critical thinking skills that much more impressive. A degree doesn’t necessarily guarantee success, but the process of earning it can enhance one’s life.

    • To think she won over a medical student and a law student, two courses where the prerequisite is a high performance on prescribed bachelor degrees. Obviously, her focused and meticulous preparation for the MU contest, that eventually won for her and her country the coveted title, is something that can merit a Ph.D. honoris causa from any university.

    • @PiaCatMargieGlo: If ever bet niya talaga mag-aral ulit, good for her. Pero if she feels na she does not want to pursue anything in the academia anymore, keri lang din naman.

      Ang importante talaga is may mabuti siyang foundation regarding sa finances & investments niya. She has to milk the most out of her Miss Universe title dahil hindi naman forever na sa kanya ang spotlight.

  5. Merry Christmas Fabian 🙂
    Yung LV bag ni Auntie Norman nasaan na at mag48 yrs na dimo pa nabibigay.
    Kahit yung Pekeng LV bag lang from HK hihihi 🙂

    • Bong 700 ,
      What makes u think Norman has not received his LV from me ? It’s not something I have to broadcast to the world Tse hihihi

  6. Hmmm im just wondering sino kaya ang mga mag aatempt na sumali sa binibijing Pilipinas ? Mukang wala na yata . Kung meron man just a stepping stone. Sana yung magaling sa communication skills. Wag lang yung epal na graduate kuno ng isang school sa US lok

  7. Sa mga nagrereklamo sa EG ni Mak Tumang, pakireview na lang po mga gown na ginawa ni Barazza sa mga reps natin the past years. Di hamak na magaling mga Filipino designers.

  8. The four gowns are lovely but the lava gown strikes me most hihihi 🙂
    So cherette the drama of these laboratory gown ladies and tinggilmen hihihi 🙂

    • Yes I don’t understand why people are still complaining
      Didn’t they say it cost Tumang P 1M to make that lava gown ?
      The least that we can do is thank Tumang and Bragais for making everything possible .

      Well, At least I don’t hear anymore complaints abt Bragais shoes .

  9. This gown is A LOT better than the over-the-top Mayon one. I understand why Catrioba and her team made their final decision though, they like things loud, messy, and excessive.

    • Sobra ka namang maka over-the-top
      Very simple nga yung red gown
      Walang burloloy
      If the red gown was over the top , what would not be ?

      • The colors used. The colors were too eye-catching and prominent that it does not give any space to appreciate the one wearing it during that time-frame. And don’t get me started on the ear cuff, she should have at least took of her earrings if she was really bent on wearing that gasgas thing because it’s either one or the other, not both it just added to the already many things going on in her entire styling. Aside from that over-the-top gown she also over-accessorized, which sums up her entire preparation: over over over over.

      • Tama na yang pagmamarunong pwede ba? Panalo na nga e, nakoronahan na diba? May magagawa pa ba kayo? kalokah!

      • @nope


        I mean how DARE Catriona win when her presentation was OTT and, in your words, “loud, messy & excessive?”

        The NERVE of the 7 women on the selection committee to pick Catriona!

        Seriously, the women on the selection panel were NOT CREDIBLE AT ALL. I don’t care if they run multi-million dollar businesses (like, Monique L’Huillier) or are successful in their respective industries or in their own right.

        Just the fact that they don’t agree with Jeremi / @nope means their choice is questionable.

        And as for Catriona’s preparation being “over over over over”–I mean, who does she THINK she is?

        How DARE she have a clear vision of what she wanted to accomplish? And then to summon the willpower, discipline, and work-ethic to succeed?

        How DARE she personally pick the best talent she knew to form her team & to help her in her quest & vision?

        How DARE she have the unrelenting focus on her goal to win the crown & make the country proud?

        How DARE she have a winning attitude and not give up after Miss World?


        I can’t even! I seriously cannot!!!

        Also, how DARE any of us disagree with Jeremi / @nope. They are the Santo Papas of commentary on this board–INFALLIBLE. Only their opinions are valid. Period.

        If you disagree, then you are obviously, unquestionably, cheaters. That’s how it works.

      • Lol some people in here need to CHILL. I was criticizing her styling, not her win (although if you all really want me to say something about it then here it goes, Catriona’s answer on the top 3 question was bad, it’s an answer you’d expect from someone who grew up not having an inkling of what poverty is, how it feels, and what it does to not just the children but adults as well. There’s NOTHING beautiful about poverty. What’s “beautiful” is children getting equal opportunities because they aren’t poor. It just so happened that the other 2 did not do good as well that Catriona won. There, are you all satisfied?).

        Just say that Catriona should not get criticized for anything at all and be done with it. It’s embarassing to be fanturds, I know, but for what it’s worth, it’s better to just come out like that CatrionaFan than make millions of excuses writing a 5000 word essay lol.

      • Nope , that’s not what Cat said .
        U took one sentence out of her speech and pounded her for it .

    • @nope: Speaking of gasgas, she used so many elements from her BBP stint and she still managed to beat everyone else. It’s either she was miles and miles away from her nearest competition or others just really lack imagination.

      Some may think her overall styling is over the top, but it helped bring her to the top. Meanwhile, not even a Michael Cinco number can propel a super sexy Marta to Top 5.

  10. Jeremibaklangpangethunkygaypalengkerangsosyal, i promise youll win miss universe philippones if u wear taht gown. Pa sexchange ka muna.

  11. Let’s just enjoy that Cat won. Stop the negativity. I just wonder had Cat not gotten the nod as Miss Universe, what hysteria would this ungrateful fans create? The lava gown was just perfection on her. Even Miss Costa Rica was caught on camera looking at Cat’s gown from behind and possibly admiring it. Whoever thinks otherwise is blind. This gold and blue number clearly did not suit its purpose but it is still amazing for a gown.


    • Need I mention her name? Si Jeremi lang naman ang brenda dito. Inayawan na ng lahat ng psychiatrist sa buong mundo. Wala na raw talaga pag asa. Kaawaan na lang natin at patapon na talaga sa buhay. Oh BTW iba iba names nya pero obvious naman ang monotony ng comments nya. MAY SAYAD TALAGA EH!

  13. The gown looks good on her. Hinde sya ung gown na lalamunin sya ng gown nya. Lutang pa din ang ganda ni cat. They are not stupid to wear that gown in finals or even in prelim. They know what their doing. Pang events lang tlaga yan and not for competition. As other people said here binabagay naman sa nag susuot yan. Sa personality. Kung papano mag carry ng gown. So i think had she wore this gown in any mu events she will still looks miss Universe beautiful and stunning. Kahit pinang prelim nya pa yan pasok pa din.

  14. Godd riddance! That gown looks cheap, ininspired and confused.
    Though I’m not really a fan of the lava gown, it is way so much better than this travesty

  15. You have to understand that all the gowns that Mak made were custom for one specific person’s body shape, how she walked, how she projected and how she was styled. Kung ibang taong nagsuot, it really wouldn’t have worked. And that’s why it worked because from conceptualisation to the actual wearing of the garment, everything was detailed and cohesive.

  16. I like this gown 😊 Nabasa ko sa IG na ito daw dapat susuotin ni Catriona sa Thai night pero hindi natuloy kasi nga ginawan sila ng gown ng mga Thai designers!

    • Yes this is the supposed gown for Thai Gala because they were not informed that there will be Thai designers.

  17. Despite the work, technology, and dedication that went into the Lava dress, honestly am not a fan. The shimmery slinky column Barazza made for (Ariadna) Guttierez is STILL, for me, THE BEST MU gown ever. It was uber-sophisticated. Jessica Rabbit just does not come to (my) mind as classy. It was theatrical, very Star Wars. But yeah, after all it was a TV show and entertainment value is everything.

    • Catriona wore the red gown beautifully and with such elegance and class that Jessica rabbit didnt come to mind at all during the entire time. Thank you, next.


  18. Wise decision by Cat not to wear this gown during prelim and finals. Color combination and design are not so pleasant to the eyes. Not for beauty pageant…only good for Abs-cbn ball!!!

  19. Her style reminds me of KF girls – Clenci and Janicel . I wonder if there is logic behind this

  20. Hindi pa naman huli ang lahat! Puede pa’to pag um-attend siya ng Puteri Indonesia which is one of the regular itinerary of most Miss Universe winner! Speaking of which, few months back, it was revealed that Pia will seat as one of the judges for the said pageant. Oh, diba! Bongga! Dalawang Miss Universe from the Philippines will grace the occassion!

  21. laki ng puson parang buntis 1st trimester
    okay na yung tarpulina printed turned lava gown na pinatungan ng sequence from divisoria para kuminang pag tinamaan ng ilaw

  22. kahit anu pang gown isuot nya naluto na ng LCS simula pa lang

    sabi nga ni Anne Curtis – I can buy you, this place and even the crown

  23. it is nice looks refreshing to the eyes but not for competition. its a nice gown for a very formal event where you meet dignitaries celebs etc still a good creation by mark tumang. it looks fab upclose but from afar the colors really try to outdo each other.

  24. Mak Tumang is such a limited designer… same silhouette , same techniques. No versatility in design

    • silhouette – yes maybe.. but it depends kasi sa client e. That’s the perfect silhouette for Cat’s body. so puro ganyan yung dinesign niya.

    • @Venus Rah

      I suggest that you check his past works with other clients/models to enlighten yourself of how versatile Mak Tumang really is. 🙂

  25. Maganda naman, mas maganda kung solid color. Gold only or blue only. Parang di bagay ang color combination. Pero tinging ko babagay to ko jeremyhunkygaybaklangpangetpalengkequeensosyal kung gagamitin nya to as d first tansgender sa binibining pilipinas.

  26. All I can say is this: Cat and her team made the right choice in picking the red lava gown for the finals.

  27. The Fiery Red Magma Gown was so iconic!!….the blending of red,orange and subtle deep brown color to create/simulate flowing Lava was fabulous!!— this Pear of the Orient gown pales in comparison,..the 2 colored gown cuts the silhouette of Cat in 2…it may look good perhaps on dinner or formal functions but NOT suited for the MU pageant finals!!.. good her team didn’t chose this “Pearl of the Orient”gown for the finals.

  28. I’m glad she opted for the red one
    I’m tired of those grey-gold-dirty white colors

  29. Nice, but I’m glad she opted for the red one. That red “mayon volcano” inspired gown will remain etched to the history of beauty pageant (amazing work of art, magnificently presented by Catriona…).

  30. pangit ng mga beads mukhang garapata

    BGC is

    North Korea is MU19

  31. Turning it down is a good judgment call. The gown isn’t that striking from afar. However, it could be a good alternative if an unfortunate incident would happen to the lava gown. Good thing, none.

    Mak Tumang’s Lava gown is already iconic. It even surpassed Pia’s blue dress. I cannot move on with that red dress. I am sure the dressmakers will have a hard time immitating it.

    That’s all.

    • Ana W I’m looking forward to barangay pageants knocking off that lava dress. I’m scouring youtube right now!

      • DanDan, I am pretty sure maraming magsusulputang copycats. However, since yung lava per se needs to be printed first, so it would look more real, mahihirapan talaga ang mga manggagaya to get a closer copy of the iconic gown. Unlike ‘yung blue dress ni Pia, madaling gayahin. Nauna ng nagsipaggayahan ang mga beauconera sa Thailand!

    • yes it did surpassed Pia’s iconic blue gown.. however, both are still unique and iconic.. so for me pantay lang. Cat’s Lava gown is so unique because of the inspiration, the color and all. while Pia’s blue gown is different in terms of silhouette the cut.. the pattern at the back.. the color.. and yun ung simula na pinoy designers ang nag damit.. so.. same same lang.

    • During the Finals night of Miss Puerto Rico 2018 pageant, there is a yellow replica of Pia’s blue gown there. Yes, madali siyang gayahin. However, if you will google search, earlier than 2015 there is a red version of that gown made by Venezuelan designer Gionni Straccia.

      • Yes pero more in silhouette and fabric lang. what is unique about Pia’s gown is the back portion of the gown. so still.. different. 🙂

  32. It’s admirable and delicious up close, but it won’t project well onstage. Mukha syang bunso ni wonder woman and aquaman.. good call on wearing the magma gown.

    • I think it is the opposite; I think it will be a telegenic gown, especially with non-close up shots … or shots as the delegate walks across the ramp

      • I dunno, it reads more like cosplay than evening gown. The bodice screams Themyscira.

  33. I love and not so love this gown..

    I love it because the color is so refreshing – i love the bodice the details, the gold pearls. how it gives her a curvier waist, how it gives me an aura of a fighter or a warrior.

    not so love – i am not sure with the sheer or almost see thru skirt.. had it been a gold.. or a deep red.. or.. hmm basta parang di ko masyadong feel ung fabric na ginamit. masyadong see thru what more sa stage na puro ilaw, or maybe di lang talaga ako fan ng ganon. lol

    maybe a customized shoes is also a good choice.. like same color with the skirt. or basta hindi lang nude color. na parang may gladiator something..

    but anyway. okay lang din naman na hindi niya to nasuot. maybe she can wear this when she travel abroad or sa homecoming events..

    The next MUP-designer tandem has a very very very big shoes to fill. though i don’t expect them to level up or higitan yung ginawa ng team ni Cat.. kasi sobrang intense ang details e.. sana lang the next sets of queens can also give us the same passion and dedication in terms of the preparation.

  34. just a minor correction:
    the proper phrase in spanish should either be
    la perla de oriente
    or perla oriental

    anyways, i love the ibong adarna gown the best
    i wish the mayon volcano dress was more flowy and light
    so that it moves along with her and have a more lava flowing effect
    (it still good though, the colors combination is definitely unique)

  35. This should be reserved for the winner of the MUP 2019. This is beautiful creation ! Will it look good on WynWyn or Alaiza ?

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