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  1. BGC Charity Gala for Smile Train. Miss Universe holds a charity gala every year for Smile Train in partnership with BGC Partners and Cantor Fitzgerald. I remember the BGC-Smile Train event in September 2016 in New York which Pia as the reigning Miss Universe attended.

    I wonder who the Philippine partners will be if and when this happens in Manila this year?

  2. So, we will know not until the finish of Miss Intercontinental 2018 next month in Pinas ?

  3. I think BPCI will have its closing this year because during previous year the search for a new set of queens started third week of December and end last week of January of the following year and final selection of official candidates ended second week of February, Training of Official candidates started immediately and culminate on the coronation day which scheduled last week of March or first week of April. But now, no announcement from BPCI had been made including the Press Conference to clarify that they ( BPCI ) still have the rights to own or continue the franchise for MU. This changes indicated that Binibining Pilipinas will shut down very soon,. Its unfortunate that this development had happened and the excitement of staging a prestigious and glamourous pageants will never be the same again.

    • After daw ng Interconnect the dots ang screening ng BPCI. Yun nga lang di pa sure kung ano ang final titles at stake.

    • @ Jigger : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Hopefully, too, the BPCI beneficiaries, such as the program aiding soldiers recovering from conflict injuries at the AFP Medical Center, will be supported still.

  4. Baka napansin niyo, po, nawala na ‘yung troll dati na Indonesian user names lagi ang gamit…

    I wonder now if the service provider – wordpress.com – has prevailed upon Mr. Tinio to retain one troll not only to ensure traffic but also a balance of power (so to speak).

    Jeremi, I know has been here for some time and has presented valid arguments, so I believe with all my corazon that he is not a legit troll. Pero, “Hunky Guy” pala siya… 🙂

    Jeremi dear, ditch the jet ski and show us some cuerpo, por favor.

  5. I think, the MUP franchise is now in the hands of Singsons. BGC refers to a place where the LCS Group headquartered. The crown, flowers and shoes refer to a beauty pageant and not to the camps.

  6. halata naman na magsasanib puwersa na ang mga camps
    crown – A&Q
    flower – KF
    shoes – Bragais

    therefore —— BGC stands for
    Gay (Bakla, Bayot)

  7. Ang head office ng LCS Group of Companies is in Ascott, BGC. #saveBPCI #AranetaAreTheBest

  8. Banyaga Group of Companies

    looking for half half

    tried and tested na makakapagpanalo ng 2 major crowns
    Megan Young – MW
    Pia Wurtzbach – MU
    Catriona Gray – MU

  9. May nagtransform na naman dito. Same pa rin ang tone ang comments nya. Kaya di na pinapansin. Kawawang nilalang!

    • Desperada na kasi sya, di na malaman kung anong issue ang gagawin! Malapit na, malapit na masiraan ng ulo o di kaya magsuicide!

    • Oo papansin na nman, nagpapalit na nman ng pangalan iisa lang ang tune ng mga sinasabi nya, at naiisa lang talaga sya, Jeremi?

    • Babushka , u r new here yourself .
      And yet u r lording this blog like u can’t believe it .

      • Lording in your pimpled face pabyan. Ikaw ang feelingera sa blog na to. Baklang twoohhh. Don’t u ME! Di kita uurungan eh may filariasis ka lang naman!

  10. OMG… I hope this is not the predicted future “leadership” position of Catriona that would prevent her from marrying Clint right after her reign… 😦 Clint go ahead and step up! If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it!!!!

  11. OMG… I hope this is not the predicted future “leadership” position of Catriona that would prevent her from marrying Clint right after her reign… 😦 Clint go ahead and step up! If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it!!!!

  12. sana ang Aim ng BGC

    eh ang felefens
    ay makuha ang MW MI ME MU same year sa 2021

    MW – mag host na sa 2019 tapos best in donate para di halata maluto sa 2021
    MI – aura aura lang sa mga hapon . gamitin ang aura ni Kylie blend in as haponesa muntik na makuha ni Ahtisa
    MU – 3 years ulit ang gap para di halata ang LCS
    ME – madali na ito lutuin kasi Pinas naman

    aim for 2021 to make history

  13. magsasanib puwersa na


    ang gulo nito for sure


    Bakla Gay Charoteras is BGC

    • @ oneandonly : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Thanks for bringing that up – magulo. Hopefully whichever parties are involved, roles are CLEARLY specified and delineated (ON PAPER) at walang samaan ng loob at basagan ng trip later on. The first potential rough spot are differences in aesthetics. which in a worst case scenario could result in factions once the organization becomes BIG enough.

  14. Perhaps it is an acronym of a plea, from our Norman, for a New Years resolution to all. Please;



  15. Baka nag invest si Chavit sa BBC…Binibinibing Pilipinas Charities…… sanib pwersa kay Chavit…

    • This is my hunch as well. Joined force with Binibining Pilipinas Charities plus singson’ group of companies!!!????

      • Oo nga Andrae..kasi yung mga beauty camps…parang anlabo kung magsanib pwersa…syempre..may kanya-kanya rin yan silang ideyolohiya

  16. From BBP to BGC ? Change is indeed coming !
    Here’s wishing for the best to all the parties concerned.
    I can’t imagine, for the life of me, BBP being gone for good. Just wishing BBP’s legacy will be recognized and be still part of BGC, if and when, change is finally implemented. Happy holidays, everyone and may the coming year be filled with more blessings. Love and Cheers to one and all 💙💚💛💜💝💟

  17. Bragais + Aces & Queens + Kagandahan Flores

    Shoes + Crown + Flower

    Hmmm…will they handle Bb. or are they the annointed by LCS?

  18. CROWN = Aces and Queens

    FLOWERS = Kagandahang Flores

    SHOES = Bragais

    I don’t know about the initials, but does B stand for Bragais, and G for Gayfood, este Gaffud?

  19. “Beautiful Gorgeous Corporation”, perhaps?

    Mr. Tinio, how is (Pauline) Amelinkcz? Is her tilt near?

    And what of the preparations for MIntercon (Gallman, last to compete for the “last” BBP batch)?

    Bohol on my mind…. That lovely-intimate tiny patch of white sand concealed by mangroves and palms in Maribojoc. Maybe Cool Brew knows… Haven’t heard from him lately. 🙂

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