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  1. Ms Vietnam is definitely a contender and should have placed in top 3 in my opinion….she’s raw, modern, and bubbly. I would have picked her over Valenzuela, yes she’s gorgeous as well but that’s already expected from Valenzuela and nothing else to offer.

  2. I would suggest that no-one engage in discussion with jeremi & other trolls anymore.

    He’s never liked Catriona, he will never acknowledge her strengths, he will only focus on what he perceives are her weaknesses and magnify them so that Catriona’s hard work, her accomplishments, and even her humanity are completely negated.

    At this point, he’s just trolling.

    If you study the psychology of trolls, you will note that they will lie & distort facts in order to taunt & hurt people. In fact, they have deep streaks of sadism. It gives them pleasure to inflict pain on others.

    The best way to neutralize the power of trolls is to ignore them.

    I would myself prefer the board were moderated, but Sir Norman has quite a high tolerance for trolls. If he chooses to make his blog a haven for trolls, we must live with it.

    So let’s ignore the trolls. They’re just desperate for attention, especially negative attention. It feeds their sadism.

    Let’s kill them by ignoring them.

  3. If there is an award for the “Most Confidently Beautiful” in MU 2018, Miss Vietnam wins it hands down. Coming from a poor family in an ethnic minority in rural Vietnam, her rise to national prominence in the beauty and sophistication department while sustaining her firm hold on her grassroots beginnings, is an inspiring story worth telling to the whole world. She showed not only the demeanor of a confidently beautiful, but also that of a beautifully confident woman. Her pageantry journey is a testament that beauty can be very relevant in today’s world if it can inspire and empower the world, the youth in particular, to rise above life’s ugliness wherever they may be. Knowing her story adds depth to my reflection this Christmas Season that the coming of the Prince of Peace need not be commemorated every December but in every day of our lives as many unheralded confidently beautiful persons rise up everywhere where life’s ugliness abounds.

    • Beautifully articulated. You are one of my favorite commentators on this site. Merry Christmas everyone!

      • Merry Christmas! I went into hibernation for sometime when this blog had become a toxic dustbin of hateful verbiage from mutant trolls. I tiptoed back seeing that the dirt and invectives hurled back and forth across its cyberspace has been minimized. As I greet the blogger and everyone a very Merry Christmas, my wish is for positivity rule our lives for the coming year. This blog site has contributed to the development of Philippine pageantry, and perhaps the world’s. Let us fortify that status by continuously making it a reservoir of civility and goodwill, despite the polarities in opinions. Life is short, as one commenter keeps on reminding us. Let us celebrate only the good, the true and beautiful. Again, Maligayang Pasko from my adoptive foreign country.

    • @ scorg

      a very meaningful message for Christmas from one of the most incisive commentators in this blog..!!
      Yes, everyone, it’s CHRISTMAS!! Have a happy and rewarding one…

  4. I agree.. pahinga muna tayo sa Miss Universe for the next 5 years… target natin next year is Miss Supranational… Let’s send the girl w/ some Indian roots just like Mutya Datul… on top of my list is Teresita Lacsamana Marquez who is still very much eligible next year.

    As for Miss International?
    Shall we aim for another crown?
    Who shall we send?

    Sa Miss World naman…. I dont think we’ll win as long as Megan is on stage unless we send a girl who’s caliber exceeds Megan.

    As for Miss Grand… Please lang po sir Arnold Vegafria… wag na wag nyo po kunin ang title na yan.

    • I’m ok not to have another MU crown in the next 3y. But if Venezuela could get 3 crowns in 7y, why not the Philippines?
      Crown or no crown , I still want competitive girls for MU so I can enjoy the show.
      For Wynwyn , it’s MUP or nothing . I would not have her risk her achievements in pageantry by joining Supra.
      I want LaurA Lehman to un- retire too . If she works out and learns how to be more fierce , she can be a great MUP . She’s prob the only one who can equal if not exceed Cat’s speaking skills … among the current pageant girls .
      Ancheta from Mutya , Sandra L, Sam Lo, Sirene , Sharifa,, etc.

      • Laura is beautiful inside and out but physicaly, she would be the least attractive among all our past 8 delegates… but Between Alyza Malinao who’s has a physical beauty that could excell in international pageants.. I’d pick Laura over her…

        My best bet for next year would be Sharifa Akeel… She may not have the comskills of Megan Young or Catriona Grey but she has the backstory simillar to Chalita Suansane of Thailand or H’hen Nie of Vietnam.

      • Kung sasabak tayo sa giyera, ang aim natin ay always korona…kaya we should always aim for the crown…we should not settle for less. And, if our representatives are worthy of the crown, there is no way we should deny her.

  5. Miss Vietnam delivered an astounding performance in Miss Universe 2018. She is not just equipped with the most important attribute the organization is looking for — exceptional speaking skill. There is not much speaker of her language worldwide so the fan base is really small. Should she belong to a Hispanic community, she might have made it to the 3, the farthest she can go. Cat is a total package. That is her edge to everybody. I won’t mind if our country will not win Miss Universe for the next 5 years. We have performed enough so better give the glory to other countries. Baka batuhin at pagsawa-an na tayo sa stage. We will just wish that in the next coming years, another “likes” of Catriona Gray will emerged in our national pageant stage.

  6. H’henie has eclipsed the popularity of this year’s Miss Universe.
    Love and support from all over the world pageant and non-pageant fans are pouring in

    • Eclipsed the popularity? Not really. Numbers talk.

      Of course, you are right that love and support are pouring in.

    • Panong eclipse? 3m followers sa IG. Tatlong araw na trending sa twitter Pilipinas ang Catriona, Dalawang araw worldwide. Di pa kasali ang fb.

    • Inggitera!!!! Mag post ka kaya sa playboy at itali mo buntot mo para trending ka. Baklang twwooooohhhh!!!!

    • Ano ba nakukuha mo sa pagiging papansin mo? Attention? Naku, you are just feeding your being egocentric! Ibig sabihin, lalo mo lang pinalalala ang iyong pagiging BALIW. Akala mo ba nakakarating, napapansin or nakaka apekto yan kay Cat at sa ilan pang mga Queens namin na iyong binabastos with your irrational and illogical comments. Hindi NHO! Sino ka ba na papansinin nila? Nakakasira ka lang sa magandang usapan ng mga matitinong nag-uusap dito sa blog.haha.

      Also, magpasalamat ka pala sa ilan pang pumapatol sa iyong kabaliwan.hahaha.

      Basta, huwag na huwag mong kakalimutan inumin yong gamot mo araw-araw ha. Baka bigla kang mawala sa blog na to sobra kaming malulungjot sayo, bwisit na pangit at baliw ka.hahaha

    • Oh really baklang panget? According to you. Hunky gay, assuming things. Why dont you just do your work in the cabin. Clean the room, mop the floor
      , and wash the dishes.

      • Sa ship pala nagta trabaho ang jeremi na yan? Malamang kahit workmates nga ayaw syang patulan. Kawawa talaga. Dito lang sya relevant kasi pinapansin natin. Akala ko may lucid interval lang sya pero she manifests consistent behaviour of a schizoid na. Mataas na level na sakit nya sa utak!!!!

  7. One former beauty queen posted a statement like this on pageant coach timeline,

    “It’s funny to see how you are taking credit for **** achievement ***. Haha, at least be true to yourself. Invitation from the org? I think it was something else. First you trash talk my successor and now you are taking credit. Wow!”

    The pageant coach responded,

    “Ungrateful people breed negativity. No one gets any pleasure from giving to an ungrateful person. When you show appreciation, the object of your attention blossoms and fluorishes.”

    The issue stems from the fact that 3 out of the 4 girls who were trained by the camp got a placement in their international pageant and yet when it comes to acknowledging their mentor, they failed big time!

    I think for us, Filipinos, even without monetary compensation, a simple thank you note is more than enough to show appreciation. You don’t have to bring the moon and the stars for an accolade!

    I hope the pageant coach learns his lesson and also for the other training camp to be cautious of the entitled bitches!

    • This makes me wonder what happened to Catriona’s trainors.
      I never read a thank you message from Catriona’s social media accounts.

      • Bakit kasi kailangan mong bukatkatin ang social media ni Catriona kung sa araw araw naman na nakakasalamuha nya ang mga trainers nya, tauspuso ang pasasalamat. Tapos, kailangan ba talaga na I-anunsyo sa lahat ang pagpapasalamat? di ba mas sinsero kapag personal at hindi pinapadaan sa social media?

      • @Jeremi: Where have you been? She posted her acknowledgment on IG. She even listed the one who did her nails.

      • Sino ka ba? Pati pasasalamat ni Cat kailangan pa ipaalam sayo? Gumagawa kana naman ng issue. Wala kang magawa no?

      • Ano ba nakukuha mo sa pagiging papansin mo? Attention? Naku, you are just feeding your being egocentric! Ibig sabihin, lalo mo lang pinalalala ang iyong pagiging BALIW. Akala mo ba nakakarating, napapansin or nakaka apekto yan kay Cat at sa ilan pang mga Queens namin na iyong binabastos with your irrational and illogical comments. Hindi NHO! Sino ka ba na papansinin nila? Nakakasira ka lang sa magandang usapan ng mga matitinong nag-uusap dito sa blog.haha.

        Also, magpasalamat ka pala sa ilan pang pumapatol sa iyong kabaliwan.hahaha.

        Basta, huwag na huwag mong kakalimutan inumin yong gamot mo araw-araw ha. Baka bigla kang mawala sa blog na to sobra kaming malulungkot sayo, bwisit na pangit at baliw ka.hahaha

      • Wow, e di mag research ka baklang panget hunky gay para makita mo hinahanap mo. Hinahanap ka ni kapotan. Linisin mo daw ang kwarto nya. Tapos , iligpit mo na pinagkainan nya. Hunky gay super baklitang panget.

    • Kudos to Vietnam for acknwleging the guy .
      So it’s true that those Indo girls turned their backs on their Pinoy trainers once they won internationally.
      What abt Miriam ? Did she ever say thank you publicly to her Venezuelan trainer/s ? I don’t think so . The general idea was That she placed high because ‘well, I’m Miriam’.

  8. Miss Vietnam was one of my favorites and I was quite happy to see her make it to top 5.

  9. According to Anjo Santos who trained her, he was hired by Miss Universe Vietnam Nacional Director in 2014 and has been training Miss Vietnam reps since then. As we all witness, Vietnam didn’t place at Miss Universe since 2014 then suddenly boom! A Top 5 placement!

    What I’m trying to say here is that, the “foundation of trust” is very valuable if you like to succeed! The Miss Universe Vietnam Organization trusted the mentor’s capability eventhough at first he wasn’t able to deliver the result and yet they still stick to him! As Warren Buffet says “No matter how great the talent or efforts, some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in one month by making nine women pregnant.”

    Other countries would come to the Philippines to train with a pageant coach and hoping that some kind of magic would land them a placement once they set foot in the international scene “instantly”! They will either go to Jonas or Rodgil because they were the pioneers in this industry.

    But one girl is different from the other. It is also not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. A pageant coach also needs to built a rapport with his protege and customize his coaching to a specific girl! And I believe that’s what happen with Miss Vietnam! After years of sending girls to Anjo, he was able to customize a formula that will make a Miss Vietnam rep stand out! And if Henie who was able to penetrate the Top 5 despite a limited English during her training then what more if the “coach-protege” is on a common language!

    Nevertheless, Henie got the last laugh! As one IG meme puts it, “Hey, bitches! Did your English saved you?”

  10. She is for me my Miss Universe 2018.
    I’m sure, God has bigger plans for her and that is to extend help to the needy.
    I can see her in the future as an international ambassador of kindness and a recognized and award winning Philantropist.

    She has the best walk in this batch IMO which is reminiscent of Venus Raj’s. She was literally gliding and floating on stage.
    Her aura is so endearing and you can almost touch her genuiness, sincerity and pure heart but when she walks and projects, you are enthralled.

    I just love her and I think she deserved a higher placement.

    • Oh really, pag napadaan and cruise ship mo dyan sa vietnam, puntahan mo sya at congratulate mo sya personally. In the meantime, scrub mo maigi mga cr ng cabin, ang floor dapat makintab, mga kubyertos malinis, ok baklang panget hunky gay palengkera?

  11. A real feel-good story this Christmas… shades of Venus Raj and Janicel Lubina. it is very rare to find a beauty queen nowadays who despite extreme poverty can still gladly give her cash money award to advocacies for the poor and underprivileged. I know God will bless her with more success in life.

    • I don’t think so . She is not a good speaker… and this is regardless of the language . She lacks feminine qualities at Di sya sosyal.
      I think people are raving about her because she is a novelty in the pageant world . And her humility is endearing .
      It would have been great if she made past top 5..but that was as far as I wanted her to go.

      • Edward , u r the bigger bitch for implying that Cat won because she was MIss Philippines .

      • Some people here would need to be more human. Watch your critical words. Are living in a vacuum?

      • Fabian what an idiot you are. What I meant was if Ms Vietnam no matter what her imperfections are, she can be morphed into a real beauty queen worthy of a crown if she competed and trained in the Philippines. The sash factor of course will play a huge role. Think of you know how to.

      • @baklang panget jereming hunky gay. Why dont u ask me? Ang sosyal kagaya mo, nakarating na sa ibat inang cities around the world. Yan ang sosyal baklang panget? Honugasan mo na ba mga pinagkainan ng guests?

      • Renato , what’s not human abt I said?
        That she is not articulate even in Vietnamese ?
        That she’s not feminine enough and sosyal?
        Have u seen an MU winner that’s not feminine and sosyal ?
        Janine vs Olivia
        Ara vs Gabriela
        Venus vs Ximena
        Vietnam vs Cat
        Unfortunately, MU wants a cheerleader personality who can talk.
        Nothing wrong with being timid reserved and provincial but that’s not what MUO is looking for .
        Hence , girls who grew up abroad or went to an elite school have the advantage . They started their training from the time they were born .

      • Edward , can u please review your entry so u can realize u r the idiotic one .else How else could anyone interpret that ?
        You know H’hen had been trained by a Filipino team already . So what was missing ? The word Philippines on her sash .

  12. Could she be Vietnam’s Venus Raj and usher in a new era in Vietnam’s pageantry? We’ll see. She was wonderful and a joy to watch. It’s obvious that her work is not done. She’s good hearted and lovely inside and out. She’ll go far. Wishing her the best of everything in life!

  13. Whoever trained Vietnam’s pasarela should be at the forefront of our MUP training camp.
    Her strides were amazing … like Venus.
    I’ve always thought Venus had the best walk among our past MUPs.

    • @ Fabian Reyes : Good afternoon/evening/morning.

      The information you seek is provided by the attached video from GMA News. And appropriately, enough, Bicol-based Anjo Santos also worked on Raj’s pasarela.

  14. Wow, she worked as a domestic helper to pursue her studies before she got dkscovered to becone fashion model. I believe she got the highest placement for Miss Vietnam in the history of Miss Universe right? I wish for her to have more success in many decades to come. 🙂

  15. She could not have been denied top 3 placement had she worn the yellow gown. What a woman, she’s fine and fierce. We need to see more like her in the coming years.

    • I agree, I preferred the yellow gown she wore at the preliminary competition. She would have stood out more at the finals with that gown.

  16. You just gotta love Miss Vietnam ! Her MU 2018 journey is nothing short of inspiring ! Humble, down to earth, and unassumingly beautiful inside and out, I would have given her a spot in the top 3 and I would have placed her 2nd to Cat just for the fact that she has a golden heart 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. For me, she is the defining FACE of 2018, the one who captured global attention pre-pageant in a truly unique and BIG way and held that attention to the finish. As were Poonlertlarp, Suansane, and Jordan in their respective years.

    (I will take this opportunity to invite you to behold that mug of Suansane with an orchid in her hair, easily availed of in Search Engines everywhere. That facial bone structure is perfection. 🙂 )

    • I agree on Poonterlap and Jordan . Not Suansane .Wash the make up off her face and let me know what u see .
      Poonterlap had an amazing presence on stage .. though I really tried very hard not to acknowledge it .I wanted SA to win if not Rachel.
      As for Olivia Jordan , she is gorgeous even without make up on . She was the one that got away .. thankfully . Her gestures that night were unqueenly and when she bit her tongue during the final 3, we knew she had just given the crown to Pia.

  18. I wish her all the success in life. With her humility and resilience, she will definitely go far.

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