4 comments on “Astari Vernideani of Indonesia wins Miss Tourism International 2018/2019

  1. Congratulations Juliane for clinching the 4th runner-up title, better than being unplaced. So far, Mutya ng Pilipinas this year has Miss Asia Pacific International and Dream Girl of the Year International, kudos to the organization.

  2. The winner from Indonesia didn’t answer the q and a well. Miss Philippines’ answer is far better and even the best of all the answers in the Top 10. I don’t understand what the judges are looking for. Wala rin yatang swimsuit dito. I watched this live kagabi, the program was boring indeed.

  3. There is a discriminatory issue against this pageant. Miss Panama who has vitiligo allegedly not allowed to participate and sent back home.

  4. KENYA Looks stunning! Hope this will not be the last we see her on the pageant stage. 🙂

    ‘Eto ‘yung minor-minor na laging sinasabayan ang MU. Or closely. Perhaps fortuitous?

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