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  1. So what’s the latest news on this “takeover” of Bb Pilipinas Norman kept talking about in this interview? I mean did it happen?

  2. Oh my goodness! These new developments are spreading like wildfire in Southern California? “I hope Catriona’s house is not located in that area, she might get burned.”

    Let’s set aside fanaticsm even for once and do critical thinking. Everything is very apparent that a person with sound mind can not ignore. Connect the dots that are right there in our very own eyes.

    FYI. An insider confirmed me that LCS has given the MU franchise. It’s not just a rumor. It was negotiated even before the finals pf MU2018.

    • @Jeremi: If what you say is true, then that would explain the absence of Mrs. Araneta and any Bb Pilipinas officials during Catriona’s courtesy call with President Duterte. Very interesting.

      • I guess it’s true because that source who is a closed friend of mind has even posted a congratulatory message to the Singsons in his facebook page for being the new MU franchise holder.

        FYI. That friend of mind is considered an insider since he owns a company that usually sponsors beauty pageants. His company was actually one of the major sponsors of the just concludes Miss Earth.

    • Baklang panget, di mo na yata nagagampanan ang paglalampaso ng sahig ng barko dahil wala kang inatupag kundi magpost ng magpost, baka mapatalsik ka at di mo na marating ang ibatibang cities around the world baklang panget ka. Hunky gay ka pa naman.

  3. No offense to Norman, but I’m not sure why there’s a presumption that this is some sort of a hostile “takeover” by LCS. The news I’m hearing is that BPCI’s franchise for Miss Universe Philippines is up for renewal, and that IMG is simply exercising its prerogative to offer the franchise up for bids, and it may have offered LCS a chance to bid. Whether or not the franchise ends up with LCS, we still don’t know. But in the event that LCS does acquire the Miss Universe Philippines franchise and sets up a stand alone pageant for MUP, why do some people automatically presume that this would somehow be a bad thing, or would leave the girls vulnerable, etc? Can someone please enlighten me?

    • Just like I said in previous post, Norman is so sentimental about BPCI, it’s like “you’ve been around for so long it’s not easy to let you go please stay kind of feeling” You gotta embrace change Norman and be rational. What is wrong with having a new franchise when the previous and current one’s contract has expired?? It’s the franchisor’s prerogative now to renew or find a new franchisee. We can understand the anxiousness when entering an uncharted territory but don’t foster negativity. That’s what Catriona has just preached. Let’s give this a chance to work and let’s unite to make it work.

      • Nice, Edward!
        Norman’s passion and love for the BPCI and 5he candidates is pure. No doubt.
        However, resisting change in this particular case increases the focus of “a takeover” oppose to celebrating Catriona’s reign and perhaps a smooth transition to MUP’s new chapter.
        Nobody knows what the future may bring but change was inevitable and we only “hope” for continued success for MUP.

  4. These girls can join again in the new Miss Universe Philippines!

    Mutya Datul
    Yvette Santiago
    Janicel Lubina
    Michelle Gumabao
    Ahtisa Manalo

    • with this type of MU? nope. I think only ahtisa can pass. sige na nga Michelle na rin. but.. beauty wise – former.

      • Don’t worry Mr. Manila
        The Philippines will have the MU crown successively in 10 years since Madam Stella is no longer involved. It’s the Singsons now.


      • Have we forgotten the sins of the Estradas, the Singsons, the Marcoses, the Arroyos, etc.? Oh Pinoys.

    • do you honestly think na may chance maging miss u si mutya? she may ace the swimsuit & gown round, but for sure ligwak sa q&a! same kay janicel (i thought married na siya?) si ahtisa lang ang malaki ang chance.

    • Where you from Miss Tissa??? From your list only Ahtisa Manalo can give them a run for their money. But there will be a lot of ifs and buts if she’s qualified after her previous beauty title.

  5. Thank you Tito Norman for sharing the video, same sentiments. If change is indeed coming, I hope it is for the good, like what you said sana sana the girls will be protected and will not be used for any political and personal gains…(hugs)

    Huwag ka muna mag semi retire, please, the more we need you and I hope that you are there to protect the girls too…love love tito

    • Pero sana hindi. I wouldn’t mind, bumili na lang ng share si singson sa IMG but not Binibini, let us leave this insittuion alone. That’s my fervent wish lang. Or Singson be a business of IMG, okay lang yun, pero kung pakialaman pa the Binibini, huwag na lang po. Pakiusap…..same feeling it is like your life, your house being sold or being pawn. Same feelings.

      • Im afraid knowing the Singsons. They are more of politicians than businessmen but anyway, if politics is involved, your business flourishes.
        This will be the crumble of Philippine pageantry. Palakasan will prevail again.

      • My fear. At least politics during the time of Stella is not that strong. Nah. Not proud of wins due to politics. Wag naman sana mangyari soon na mangyari. Huhuhu.

  6. Well, if it is indeed a changing of a guard we only hope for the better.

    Likened to raising a child into adulthood, as difficult as it may seem, there is a time to let go.

  7. So, does this mean yung previous queens( international, Supranational, Intercon, globe) pwede nang sumali sa new Miss Universe-Philippines? OMG. All-Stars na ito!!!!!!! Tito Norman, sinong girls ang gusto mo makita sa new pageant if ever?

    • I am one of those who hopes that the franchise of MUP goes to someone else, but I have witnessed how Madame and Bb. work very hard to protect their queens and how Madame listened to fans,e and change through the years. We appreciate the change.

      And for that, we give the love back to Madame.I think majority of the fans still behind your back. We wish you well, and respect you.

    • That would be something! BbP title holders from Supra, Intercon., Grand Intl and Globe from the last 2 or 3 years.

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