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    • Nag 1.2M na sya bago pa sya manalo… Natalo nya agad si Demi hindi pa sya naka crown…

  1. The Slow Mo turn of Cat that is the talk of the town, Vogue Town, was done by Ariella Arida in 2013, quite impressive but cannot compare to Cat’s version which really emphasizes the Slow Motion.

  2. Hay nakuh letshugas yung bully boy ng ateneo natabunan tuloy si Catriona. Mukang kupsl naman yung bata sarap tirisin.

  3. Happy Holidays Norman. Happy Holidays to all sane non crabby pageant fans also! You know who you are! LOL!!!!!!

  4. People..
    I’m still in awe of Cat’s victory.
    Looking at the pageant like a sports event, the powers that be threw everything at our MUP, sash factors in particular, in an attempt to rattle her cages.

    First, there was Puerto Rico. Philippines and Puerto Rico were “co-favorites” to win MU18. What loomed in my mind was Puerto Rico is the same sash that stunned Cat at MW18. Deja Vu that didn’t happen.

    Then, superpower Venezuela making the top 20, then 10, then 5, then 3, reminded me of 2013 when G.Isler was under the radar until the MU crown was put on her head. Deja vu snuffed.

    Then, defending MU champ, South Africa! Given their stunning beauty, who was highly educated and articulate South Africa was going to defend the MU title tooth and nail. And she did, but no b2b.

    Cat left no stone unturned. Her resilience in prepping under tremendous expectation and pressure, to her lava walk, slow turn, intricate orange prelim gown to her now iconic red volcanic dress will go down as memorable and endearing to all who supported and followed her journey.

    That said, MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR, everybody!

  5. Well,, I have to agree with Elena, data analytics is very important in promoting brands

    • What abt just common sense and common courtesy ? I think Pia having given great honors to the country deserves that

      • No one is belittling Pia… We are talking about their Instagram based na din sa topic ng blog.. I really have this sense na Fabian Reyes is the alter user of Normannorman… Ayan oh mismong comment mo ang daming nag thumbs down..

  6. Let’s see if she can beat Pia with more than 7M followers. You need to post daily on Instagram to gain followers but posting without liking other photos will make it hard to gain followers.

    • Well pia has 7M but her likers are like below 500K or lower compare to Catriona’s 2M likers… If im the advertiser, I will choose Cat as she is more effective than Pia..

      Pia’s most liked photo is with Catriona.. Now beat that

      • Nakita mong nagreply lang ako sa post ni Edward.. Sinama nya si Pia eh so I have to show some analytics… We call it BIG DATA Analysis.. Kaloka ka

      • @ Elena_Andaya_Nyo and Fabian Reyes : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        No need to fret. Unless the former had a not-so-subtle attempt to discredit Alonzo-Wurtzbach, there should be no reason to interpret “shut down” as belittling. It was the statement, “Now beat that” that did sound off-fish. 🙂

        Good thing these two started this thread! I was thinking about it : IT IS FUTILE TO PIT THE TWO AGAINST EACH OTHER. THEY ARE VERY DIFFERENT INDIVIDUALS AFTER ALL. Without going into specifics, we can agree that they are a good case of “apple-and-pear”. Let’s leave it at that.

        When Dyan Castillejo said “… Esther Swann, siya rin ‘yung kay Pia, dati” at that ambush interview before being waved off, it became inevitable that most will want to compare the reign of the 2015 with how the 2018 will unfold.

        Alonzo-Wurtzbach PROBABLY betrayed a little irritation at that Abunda interview when he asked her thoughts of Gray with, “… dalawa na ang sumunod sa’kin (referring to Mittenaere and Nel-Peters)”. In other words, GUYS, LUBAYAN NIYO NA AKO, PLEASE LANG.

        As for myself, I will be interested to see if Gray will also pose for a liquor calendar after her term ends. 🙂

        The smaller number of likes simply means Wurtzbach has (finally) (perhaps) “refined” her social media activity. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

        If Internet were available back as early as the 1950’s (as a possible spin-off of World War II -fueled telecommunications research), would such comparisons had been done between 1969 (Diaz) and 1974 (Moran)? 🙂

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