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  1. This is sad. Was following Tamaryn and certain Filipino comments on how Catriona won because of Singson. Tamaryn already unfollowed… And now with photos in a jet with her, this is embarrassing how we bash Stephanie years ago. To people now we look like we lost from a cooking show, and now won from a cooking show.

  2. Having the weakest Q&A among the top and still making it to the top 3
    Michelle Singson as a judge
    Then in just over 72 hours, this news came out that MU franchise has been bought by the Singsons
    MU 2019 will be held in the Philippines
    Hmmm something is fishy
    I am not impressed

    • Weakest in the Q&A? Then I wont be surprised if you see black as white or you can’t tell sunset from sunrise.

      Catriona’s win was very clear, fair and square. If you don’t agree, sa MUO ka makipag-usap.

    • Sobra ka naman! Weakest Q and A among the top 5? That’s not true. Her answer may not be the strongest but at least better than Vietnam and PR! You know it is not just the answer that counts, it is how you answer the question!
      Wag na umapela pa dahil nag iisa ka lang dito na hindi satisfied kay Cat. Loser ka!

    • Hay naku Jeremi, ang standard mo ay pang Miss Grand International. Huwag mo nang ipagpilitang mag-judge-judge sa Miss Universe 😛

    • Ikaw ang amoy isda. Malansa kang baklitang hunky gay ka. Mag walis at magmop ka na ng floor. Lakad?

  3. If this is true, I am sad for SMA…she is an institution already and BbP will never be the same without the Universe title. Is she retiring already?
    On the other hand, it will be good for the mup pageant. They can select the girls who are really MUP worth.
    Previous bbp winners who are still eligible (28 years old and below) can join again like Mutya Datul, Janicel Lubina, Yvette Santiago etc.

    • Huwag ka na kasing sumawsaw sa usapang pang-Miss Universe. Doon ka sa Miss Grand International at tulungan mo na lang magluto si Nawat 😛

  4. How i wish di na muna umeksena ang mga singson ngayon.
    Cat deserves the crown pero ang mga bashers, baka isipin talaga na binili ng PH ang crown. Bakit di makahintay after a few months sa kung anumang announcement yan. Si Cat lang yata ang derecho uwi ng bansa after makaronahan. Nakakaloka.

    • Ang maniniwala lang na binili ang crown yong ingit at nega until today… Obvious naman Catriona performance in all segments mile away sa kaniyang katungali… Yong halatang luto ang winner ei yong hindi mo alam kung saan nanggaling.

  5. hmm…. mejo may sumpang hatid si catriona sa mga local pageant na sinasalihan niya ha ( where she won). SHe was the last winner of Miss World Philippines before Quirino let go.. and now BB pilipinas. But it just goes to show how powerful her presence is.

    Ang pinaka ma aapektuhan nito if ever will be Bb Pilipinas International. Whether we admit ir or not magaganda at top caliber ang sinesend natin sa contest n ito kasi these ladies are hoping for Miss Universe, but of course Miss International is not a bad consolation. SAna itapon na ang MGI bastos naman sina nawat sa Pilipinas

    • Beh, ang chica lumalabas eh hindi MUP and binili nila Singson kundi ang buong Miss Universe Organization. Pag nagkataon, humanda tayo sa “cooking show” tag ng mga shupit! If you will recall kasama ang mga Singson nung may negotiation na nangyayari sa Macau!

      • Magkapartner sila ng MUO. Sosyo kumbaga. Pero LCS na hahawak ng MUP. Wala na sa binibini.

  6. (saw a post here) Even if Cat might have given an ‘incongruent answer’ , Vietnam and Puerto Rico gave more unimpressive answers than Cat… so Cat pulled through in the end and won it all in the top 3 !!!

    • Wag mo na patulan ang jeremi na yan. Kasi patay na yan na bumalik lang sa ibang katauhan. Saksakan ang insecurities nya sa buhay. Kasi biktima ng abuse. Kawawa talaga.

    • Kaya pala mapapansin body language nila siera lu (ewan if tma spelling) parang di masya.. alam n yata luto ang nangyari…

  7. I just saw a photo on Instagram of an LCS private jet with the Miss Universe logo on it. I think this may already be a done deal.

  8. oooh that means no more parades at the araneta and extensive publicity for it….sad sad sad. i love SMA for being passionate about our ladies. this is really sad if its true.

  9. I think you heard the news already that Bea Rose Santiago has a kidney failure and will be needing a transplant in Canada and she is on dialysis now. Bashing her at this critical moment doesn’t have a place, right?

  10. If indeed MUP becomes the sole title then the importance of a first runner-up will vault into the second most important status in the pageant.
    Like at Miss USA pageant, should she become Miss Universe, the first runner-up becomes Miss USA…prize money, crown, title duties and all.
    As of now, the first runner-up at the BbP contest is basically 7th place.

  11. Jeremi… WTF are you talking about?? I got a good laugh when you say that Catriona choked on the top 5 Q&A because you’re the only one who believes that insanity

    • Insane nga sya kasi. May sayad. Ang brains nya me latak na. Approaching 2nd childhood na kasi. Wag mo na patulan. Kawawa na nga eh. Patapon na yan sa lipunan

    • Kulang sa pansin. Feelingera kasi.

      Basher ni Cat. Nagbait baitan, di natiis, balik sa pagiging basher.


    Sounds good to me. With the inclusion of transgender Filipino women joining.

    New branding, new ownership, new policies and please new network broadcaster.

    Time to say thank you to SMA tulad ng BBP Institusyon na rin sya kahit lagi sya nababash evry year. Char!

    World peace 🙂

  13. The point cguro is IMG wants a standalone pageant. So for some of you here that’s asking to let it remain as Bb. Pilipinas, I don’t think that’s going to happen unless SMA drop all the other franchises.

    Gusto cguro ng IMG na Miss Universe Philippines talaga. I don’t know, pero baka si Madam gusto na rin mag-retire.

    Ang concern ko lang naman dyan is ang Miss International franchise. Kasi, eto yung masasabi ko na we have sent quality delegates because of girls joing BBP for the MU crown. Kung wala na, question jan if may mga quality girls pa ba na sasali sa standalone na Miss International pageant?

    • And cgurado ako na if mag stand alone ang MUP, marami pa ring manonood jan, di kagaya ng Mess World. MU yan eh. So sure ball na yan. Ang issue talaga is yung MI, and to an extent Supra.

  14. Eh kasi naman ang daming inampon na pageant ni SMA na nakikisawsaw sa popularity ng MU! Ganyan din ang chica sa Vene, mukhang yung mananalo sa “El Concurso” ni Lola Osmel ang susunod na magiging rep sa MU. Inaawitan ng Lola ang franchise kaya yung recent titleholder destined kay Tandang Hulya! Mukhang iniisa-isa ng IMG i-separate yung pageant nila starting with the Powerhouses!

    OK lang na mapunta sa LCS yung franchise pero sana pati branding na “Binibining Pilipinas” bilhin na rin nila kasi institusyon na yan eh!

  15. the big announcement? could be PH hosting the MU2019. sana. i still want the MUP franchise to BBP. they know better.

    and besides, dba nga dati si Jonas.. gusto din kuhanin ang franchise. haha

    • Trulalu nabasa ko yan, search nyo sa google hindi inidentify pero they are describing Gaffud

    • Okay, so I read on facebook.. DIUMANO.. ang announcement is BPCI will turnover na the MUP franchise to them.

  16. may video na dating commercial ad ni Cat na skin whitening lotion yata… naghuramintado ang mga baluga sa Insta. lols

    • ang dami talagang fake woke! haha. e model si cat at mapalad siya sa mga gigs niya. yung ibang nga dyan kahit pichu pichu na modelling gig tinatanggap para lang may maitawid.

  17. This is sad. BPCI is synonymous to Miss Universe and to take out MU franchise from it is simply sacrilegious and things will never be the same. MUO has now become pure business and money making organization.

  18. Now the rumors that I heard through the grapevine is starting to come out and these were a big factor in Catriona’s win. No wonder why Richel Singson- Michael was one of the judges. As I’ve said in my earlier post, it was a shock for me to see Catriona in the top 3 despite of that weak and nervous answer to the top 5 Q&A because obviously, she choked. It was indeed a premeditated victory just like Pia’s when Jonas Gaffud was attempting to get the franchise of Miss Universe.

    You can hate me if you want but MUO is all politics and business nowadays under IMG. It was better during the Trump era IMO

    • Jeremi… WTF are you talking about?? I got a good laugh when you say that Catriona choked on the top 5 Q&A because you’re the only one who believes that insanity

      • Why don’t you just rewind her answer.
        She said that she is ok with marijuana if its for medicinal purposes then suddenly brought up cigarettes and alcohol saying its good if taken in moderation. Since alcohol and cigarettes have medicinal purposes.
        Only fools will admire that incongruent answer.

      • Wow ang galing naman ng analysis ni hunky gay, pwedeng sya sumali sa miss gay universe, im sure shell answer all the questions congruently and shell win miss gay universe.

    • Even if Cat might have given an ‘incongruent answer’ , Vietnam and Puerto Rico gave more unimpressive answers than Cat… so Cat pulled through


    • Better during Trump Era? LOL
      Kamusta ang mga naharass na beauty queens during that era like Oxana?

  19. Binibining Pilipinas and The Miss Universe Philippines franchise are pageant brands steeped in rich tradition and history within the annals of the Philippine pageant scene. Markado at nakatatak na sa isip at puso ng mga Pilipino na halos kambal na ang dalawang yan. One without the other just doesn’t make sense. Knowing Pinoys, we call tooth paste ” Colgate “, refer the process of photocopying as “pa Xerox ” and every girl dreams of becoming ” Miss Universe”. Branding is everything in the Philippines.

    If ever the Singsons acquire the Miss Universe Philippines franchise from the BPCI, I hope they would have a collaborative work together , instead of completely cutting away Madam Stella Marquez Araneta from the whole process. Working together, I think Richelle Singson could bring in new investors, strengthen the brand, provide financing and the money for the girl’s ward robe ,evening gown, allowances, travel expenses and boost the business side of things while Stella Marquez will provide the wisdom gathered from years of experience, insider information, the training process of the girls,or become an adviser or consultant as to which girls are more suitable to serve as reps to Miss Universe.

    But if the MUP franchise falls into different hands this time, I hope they change the set of rules that will dictate the eligibility of any girl who dreams of becoming Miss Universe Philippines, especially the gray area of having done some provocative or semi nude pictures done in print ads by certain girls in the past. Second, the height requirement. Third, the educational attainment, service to the community, support towards charitable or social cause or in case of those in show business, career achievements or business established.

    Change is good, evolution is part of a growth of any organization. I believe though, that keeping traditions and giving it a bit of a twist, putting a different spin on certain existing concepts or spice things up with certain changes in the mechanics can we have the best of both worlds.

  20. I’ve always liked the idea of an independent Miss Universe Philippines franchise especially now that the Miss Universe brand has evolved. The new MUP franchise can focus on selecting candidates who fit that specific brand instead of trying to figure out who might be a good fit for Miss International, Supra, Grand, etc., and no mix-ups with age limits. This also opens up the possibility of former winners who got stuck with minor titles being able to compete again under the new franchise. Miss Universe’s age limit is now 28 so there are a lot of possibilities out there.

    BPCI could continue with Bb Pilipinas International as its highest title, or it could reclaim the Miss World Philippines franchise it had held before and make it their top plum.

  21. Times are changing.

    The beauty camps resulted from the fans’ analyses of the beauty pageants. The investigations are primarily due to the frustration of fans on how Binibining Pilipinas (BbP) is training its candidates which is formerly, preparing to the last minute in Colombia or with Osmel. This strategy made our reps 2nd rate from the very beginning.

    The sprouting of an excellent training camp, Aces and Queens (A&Q) championed every aspect of the pageant from well-toned bodies to rigorous interview training. Needless to say, the class that Jonas is able to develop is still unrivaled.

    BbP started to win in the new era when A&Q began to train the candidates. Please take note that from this training, BbP has already started to open up to local practice which has become very good at it and there are other less training camps. Furthermore, Pia’s case broke the Colombian gowns supply. Remember, that she had an issue on what gown to wear during the prelims. However, with a Filipino design provided from America, Pia stood out and confident and refreshed in a red gown in the competition. She used another Filipino gown which has become iconic, the blue Andrada gown.

    Aces and Queens thought that their formula is the only one that can transform to become a top beauty queen. Although, their EARLIER passionate training is still undeniably the best. However, with Catriona’s winning which is away from their hands and a team with the MOST comprehensive presentation, A&Qs winning formula came into question. Ay, pwede din pala! (Oh, it can also be another way). The new camp, if ever it will group into a new one will become the new standard of a training camp with the best potential and championing the Filipino culture. Again, take note these are all Filipinos collaborating for the Filipino reps and winning at the international scene. This endeavor is such a big feat!

    Filipinos are grateful for BbP for maintaining the integrity of the titles it houses. However, the skills of the new generation have overtaken what BbP is capable of unless it changes its management. One idea is to let A&Q or Cat’s/Caloy’s/Mac’s/et al. (CCME) training camp, handle technicalities of BbP and management can stay with Stella.

    However, if BbP feels that it needs to release the bird from the cage for its full potential, for whatever reason, then we can welcome new management who is young by the person of Singson. This new organization matches well with CCME with the special advisory of A&Q. Pero wag kayong mag-aaway! 🙂 (But, don’t quarrel).

    Life goes on, at the end of the year, i.e., December (unless it changes its date) we are looking into an exciting competition with a well-honed rep. We will again join the world, the universe rather in the celebrating the Philippines’ majestic culture and grandeur of Philippine history in the best pageant in EVERY ASPECT which is the Miss Universe!

  22. I think an overhaul of the management would be great, but still let it be “Binibining Pilipinas.”

    Split the 2, I guess. BPCI presents Miss Universe Philippines at around February-March.

    Then July-August for MI and others -less prep time lang since yung isa cooking show naman, yung isa naman magpadala tayo ng manika na may good personality, yung isa model-modelan and may voting lang para makapasok ang merlie sa SPA at yung isa naman di ako sure kung anong pinaglalaban nila.

  23. Big game changer.
    If MUP secedes from BPCI it would certainly change the dynamics of the BbP pageant.
    The Universe franchise/MUP was the diamond flagship of the BbP crowns.

    I wonder how many pageant fans would watch BbP if the Miss International crown be the top prize. Interesting to say the least.

    All the best…

    • The Miss International Crown is still one of the most coveted crowns among the top 4 Alpha pageants. The Philippines is the only Asian country that consistently excels in this pageant because if you look at the winners list, most of them are Latinas or from Europe. Wala pang African winner ang Miss International. Our country is very lucky to have already obtained 6 crowns in MI and madalang tayo maunplaced dito. Even their pageant show is quite boring for me, very prestigious pa rin ang dating ng Miss International. So I believe marami pa rin ang sasali if MI nalang ang top plum.

  24. Ay shocks! If this is true I feel sad. Binibining Pilipinas is part of Philippine History na. Queens have curved their names in our society and for decades we have witnessed the beautiful transitions every year. Cant imagine watching binibining pilipinas without the Bb Pilipinas-Universe title! Sana din wag mangyari yung s India, nag iba ng franchise napabayaan, nag iba uli in 3 to 5 years lng ata, worse d n nkabangon since until now…I am hooing for the best though, sna hindi dahil sumasakay lang sa hype then pag nawala na ang vigor wala n din pkialam…BPCI has been there frm its worst and best moments. ☹

  25. If this is true. I hope yung way nila is same din sa way nila sma ngayon. Sobrang bait ni sma nakinig sya sa mga fans. Pinayagan at kinonsider nila ang ideas nila pia and cat. Hinde lang sya ang nsususnod. Sana hinde strict ang new owners if ever. Pero may good advantage yan. The past eligible titlist can join mup since iba na ang owners. Pero nakakakaba pa din. I remember i said sana kunin na ni chavit ang mup in a reasons of to be air the pageant sametime sa solar channel nila at hinde late as abs cbn does na 10pm na ipapalabas. Pero worried since idk if may alam sya sa pageant. Pero his daughter was a judged in miss universe. So i think don pa lang may ideas n sya on how to pick the next MUP if ever nasa kanila na ang franchise. Sma i old but i think she can still manage this. Pwede naman ibigay sa anak nya na babae. But if ever kay singson talga sana may mga beauty pageants experts na maisasama sa management nila.

  26. If this is true. I hope yung way nila is same din sa way nila sma ngayon. Sobrang bait ni sma nakinig sya sa mga fans. Pinayagan at kinonsider nila ang ideas nila pia and cat. Hinde lang sya ang nsususnod. Sana hinde strict ang new owners if ever. Pero may good advantage yan. The past eligible titlist can join mup since iba na ang owners. Pero nakakakaba pa din. I remember i said sana kunin na ni chavit ang mup in a reasons of to be air the pageant sametime sa solar channel nila at hinde late as abs cbn does na 10pm na ipapalabas. Pero worried since idk if may alam sya sa pageant. Pero his daughter was a judged in miss universe. So i think don pa lang may ideas n sya on how to pick the next MUP if ever nasa kanila na ang franchise. Sma i old but i think she can still manage this. Pwede naman ibigay sa anak nya na babae. But if ever kay singson talga sana may mga beauty pageants experts na maisasama sa management nila.

  27. Well, this is really inevitable since SMA is old enough and ready to retire. Its more than 50 years naman so every good things must come to an end. BPCI can stop now and distribute all the minor franchises to the rightful takers.

    Singson is good on business side. I am sure if ever she is the successor, she can/will hire “Team Catriona” to run MUP.

  28. i hope it stays just that, a rumor.
    i just don’t see another franchise
    handling MUP

    i can understand, getting a franchise
    if MUP wasn’t doing well, but it’s been
    doing excellent and fielding great candidates
    consistently…and they had made changes that
    benefitted the candidates.

    i ‘m afraid a change in franchise might even affect
    the streak of placements MUP had had recently.

    anyway, let them fight for the other titles
    and let BBPCI keep MUP and MIP

  29. Smells like DEVIL WEARS PRADA movie…

    And the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT… SMA is still the franchise holder pero may kanya-kanya ng hahawak per pageant. And NALAMAN nila thru SocMed n malambot pa rin pla puso ng mga PINOY.

  30. Change isn’t necessarily bad, but it’ll still sting sentiments. Marami kasing memories, good and bad, that SMA gave the pageant scene.

    It can be an exciting new phase if rumors prove true. A younger owner may be open to new ideas and novel ways of recruiting candidates. Pinays abound globally and can augment our local talents. Basta make sure candidates have “it”, both in looks and intelligence.

    Cat’s the template moving forward, an eloquent and life-educated woman with a clear vision of who she is and aspires to be. We can’t duplicate that, but please immerse new girls in philosophy, world history, and then throw them in a room full of dictionaries and thesauri for a few months.

  31. CHANGE IS COMING TALAGA! Aka nga ni Cat let us not dwell with negativity but accept the change with positive mind for better opportunity and growth. No one knows the outcome will be favorable to us. Parang si Cat lang yan she took the risk na sumali uli and she knows the tremendous consequence kung matalo siya but at the end of the day she conquered the universe.

  32. May chika na kumakalat na may counter-offer daw si Madam kay Paula na 5x ang laki and sina Korina Sanchez, Vicki Belo at Boy Abunda na daw ang hahawak ng BPCI next year. Pero kung hindi daw tanggapin ni Paula ang counter-offer, Mess Whoreld na lang ulit ang kukunin ng BPCI.

  33. OMG! If this could happen,the Binibining Pilipinas pageant will lack luster given that the Binibining Pilipinas Universe is the most awaited title every year.

  34. Are they ‘copy-cat’-ing Osmel Sousa who will no longer be running Miss Venezuela Universe ….???

  35. Oh No ! Can they postpone it until this current decade is over…. 2021 is a good target year
    We must keep the momentum going for 2019 and 2020 at least !!!

  36. Ang ayaw ko lang talaga sa idea ng stand alone MUP pageant is ang potential niya na mag breed ng pageant delusionals. It will breed a lot of Pia Wurtzbach hopefuls, sad to say. They might fall to the trap of making pageants their life until their ages max out for BPCI, MUP and MWP without bagging anything.

  37. Should this happen, the likes of Mcgarry, Guidotti, Santiago, and De Leon could join again. I am all for it.

  38. In fairness, SMA has been running the pageant for almost 50 years hindi ba? I think it was only a matter of time.

    I remember after Doral we were all leaving and upset at her after the MJ gown fiasco tapos nadapa pa siya! As upset as I was, I thought “she’s old enough to be my grandmother.” Naawa rin naman ako. The times I’ve met her, she is always pleasant enough with fans (albeit keeping a safe distance pa rin).

    The reality is change is in the air. IMG is trying to adapt MU into something more “acceptable” to its 1st world home base.
    It is a business after all.

    If rumors are true, thank you na lang to SMA for her decades of service to the Philippines. If I am correct, all of our FOUR Miss Universe winners have been under her wings, not to mention all the other titles. I can’t imagine it was an easy job.

    Whoever takes it over will have a huge responsibility on her/his shoulders. But, maybe this change is just what the Philippines needs to maintain its prominence on the pageant scene.

  39. ang dami daming kuhaning franchise gusto pa si MUP.. MGI nalang kunin nio kay BPCI!!!! CHAROT

      • At least Morley displays tact and diplomacy. Plus she visits the Phils and undertakes charitable causes.

        Nawat is a catty queen. Philippines should boycott MGI. He will never crown a Pinay as it is obvious he is seething with resentment towards us. No value comes out of his little pageant.

      • @justgrc: Yes, and she never said what Nawat said to us.

        Anyway, I have this theory that he is not happy that Catriona won Miss Universe. Ewan lang. Hahaha.

  40. Side note: Pag nangyari yan, baka si Angkol mag demand din ng separate booty peygent for Miss Passed Away, Passed Out pala. Sorry!

  41. I am open-minded enough to accept that. Things change. But let us be sure they are for the better. In my humble opinion, BPCI has been very excellent in producing beauty queens for Miss International. That is the forte of BPCI, imagine we already have 6 Miss International crowns (1964,1970,1979, 2005, 2013 and 2016). But for Miss Universe 4 pa lang and super layo ng gap years (1969, 1973, 2015 and 2018) Just recently nabubuhay ang streak natin sa MU starting 2010…. but for Miss International, madalang tayo unplaced… so MI should be kept in BPCI and let other pageants be controlled by other groups as long as they are managed by the rightful hands… yung may expertise sa beauty pageants…let us the call the attention of past beauty queens that excelled internationally… they can contribute more so we can continue our hot streak in Miss Universe and improve our placements in Miss Intercontinental, Miss Grand International, Miss Supranational and Miss Globe.

  42. A back to back is possible if it happens because some of the deserving past queen who competed internationally can now join again! Sila Janson at santiago pwede pa ba?

  43. The good side to this is that girls who are wasted on minor pageants could still pursue Miss Universe. The bad side to this is that some girls will literally turn this into a full time career and keep joining pageants over and over again. 😂

  44. BTW, i clearly remember na kaya natin dinecline ang hosting ng MU 2018 ay dahil sa maraming factors and the DOT secretary said “Maybe kung manalo uli tayo, pwede pa..” so does it mean na possible uli tayo mag host anytime soon? kasi yun yung sabi. hmmmm

  45. SO… kaya pala siya judge? hindi lang pala “partnership” to host the MU again here sa PH.. but she wants to get the franchise.

    hmmm if you’ll ask me, parang ayoko. noon, oo. but we’re on the right track na e. 2 MU winners in 3 years? iba din di ba? noon, oo kasi gowns, natcos.. pero to be honest, alam na ng BPCI yung kalakaran e. so okay na ako.

    Siguro for me, okay lang sakin if Jonas Gaffud will get the franchise – let’s be honest.. he’s a queen maker regardless of the rumors or accusations against him.. BUT for Singson? hmm ipapaubaya ba natin sa ‘newbie’ or sa hindi naman kabisado ang pageant world na national director?

    again, let’s not fix what is not broken. baka mag ala MWPh lang yan, simula ng naalis kay cory quirino, wala na. nganga na.

    • @MrManila: If Jonas gets it, can he still operate Aces & Queens? Won’t there be a “conflict of interest” right there?

      Agreed with Singson. Maybe with business aspect, she can be of true value. Speaking of national directors, super na touch ako sa reaction ni Cory Quirino sa pagkapanalo ni Cat. Makikita talaga natin na may pinaghuhugutan siya.

      • It will be under LCS and the LCS Group of companies is planning to get Cat’s team and some of the Philippines’ best coaches… and willing sponsors.Yes, Miss Philippines Organization it is.

  46. Interesting. Maybe Richelle can just be elected as the next BBP Charities President or something.

    SMA will have to start the transition process as she isn’t getting any younger.

    BPCI is a charitable institution and it would be a shame if it loses the Miss Universe franchise. If the rumors are indeed true, I hope they elect former beauty queens to lead the organization while Richelle calls the shots in the business aspects of the franchise.

  47. Naalala ko lang ang daming bakla before na gustong gusto na mapalitan na si Stella Marquez as franchise owner dahil sa issue ng gown na si barazza lang ang pwedeng gumawa kaya galit ang pinoy sa kanya before.

  48. The other questions are in case magkatotoo magtutuloy pa rin ba ang BBP to exist kung Miss International na lang ang pinaka mataas na kokoronahan nila? O baka naman mag retire na rin si Madam Stella then yung mga pageants will be done separately na lang.

  49. Bbp will never be the same without MU. However I think MUO wants a stand alone pageant. Come to think of of grouping MUO with a cheap lower tier pageant like intercom really cheapens the brand

    • Teh mas cheap naman yung #missgrandinternational seeing the their post in IG is not good and ideal to think that their tagline is “STOP the WAR”. cheap talga yun, cheap national director like NAWAT should vanish

  50. Sana wag naman…. nakaugat na rin si Stella dyan eh…. tapos part na rin ng history ng pilipinas na BPCI talaga ang nagpoproduce ng ating mga reyna… at least si Stella, may alam sya about pageantry…si Singson, wala…. baka for business lang ang kanya…baka ang ending, magkaroon tuloy tayo ng drought sa Miss U.

  51. That is not impossible to happen considering the Singson group’s business connection with the MUO. That is very loud and clear. Was that why the Araneta couple got to see Ms. Paula Shugart in Thailand?

    Whatever the outcome may be, I hope that if LCS becomes the new franchisee of MUP, the excitement continues for all the MUP fans. Though, admittedly, it is saddening to know that Madame SMA will relinquish the right to crown our perennial representative to Miss Universe. I have already learned to love SMA’s endearing personality.

    If change of the MUP franchise holding pushes through, then Catriona would be deemed the Transition Queen in Distress both for MWP and MUP.

    I’ll wait for any development on this.

    That’s all!

  52. Does it mean that the likes of Mutya Datul, Katarina Rodriguez can join again next year? hahahaha

    • Enough of Katarina. She was a mess in that mess world. She is smart and witty alright but her styling and her walk… Sorry. Let her pursue other things where she will flourish

    • Katarina is done. They say third time’s a charm, but Catriona also trained for more than a year for her return to BBP. That said, Katja did not improve from her Binibini stint up to Miss World. Move on tayo from her.

  53. kaya pala sya judge? Personally, I would like to keep it with binibini, it is already an instituition kasi. and i really salute madam for listening to fans and giving the best to our girls. Infairness to madam stella

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