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  1. Underpinned : bangkarote ang MUO. Non-viable kaya binitawan ni Pangulong Trump? Baka baon pa sa utang. How to stay profitable? How to be you, po, Miss Morley? 🙂

    Buti pa si Angkol, ko may anda. And MI keeping it simple and manged by a publicly-listed and profitable business entity – The Paris Group – keeps it untainted for the most part…. (Yakuza?).

  2. Since there will be a new owner of Miss Universe Philippines, Tito Norman, I’m coming out of my pageant retirement and will field my girl again from 2014. I’m excited for Miss Universe-Philippines All Stars!

  3. I don’t know about everyone pero I love the idea na the selection for MUP would be separate. Masyadong generalized at restrictive yung current qualifications ng BBP contestants so as to cater for the other titles at stake.

    If ever this happens, we can have a wide variety of MUP aspirants, and wala nang issue issue na nagpose ng ganito si ganyan then madidisqualify, kasi nga MU standards will be 100% the MUP contest is looking for. I still can’t get over nung 2016 when Kim Ross was disqualified, I hope that this change would bring justice to the likes of girls like her.

    Saka ayaw nyo nun? Mag-aala Trump Era tayo sa pageantry, Singson era nga lang. At hindi na sa super dilim na ARANETA ang venue. Thus, we can expect grander productions, better stage and possibly, hotter set of contestants. 😉

    • stop the Kim Ross issue! Antagal na yan. I dont think Kim Ross levels to our past MUP winners. She will just be a girl that had been disqualified in any reason.

    • Naku may gusto akong sampalin hanggang mangisay ng madisqualify si Kim Chiu eh pang Top 5 pa naman ang peg 🙂
      Kadiri talaga yang mga desinteng magnanakaw at masahol pa sa puta ang pagmamalinis.
      JawsKuh yung BP ko ay umabot na sa 90/60 mmHg dahil sa pangyayaring yan hihihi 🙂 cherette

  4. Halata naman pala na luto ang lahat.

    As much as I love Cat, wrong move na umuwi siya kasama si Richelle (Miss U judge) and Chavit.

    Nakukulayan ang pagkapanalo niya. Nagiging palaisipan talaga na Denise Quinones ang pagkapanalo niya thanks to two Pinay judges.

    Mas masarap pa rin ang Pia Wurtzbach win talaga. Fresh na fresh after forty plus years, tapos walang businessman na nakikisawsaw sa business aspect ng Miss Universe.

    Di pala magaling ang IMG, mas classy ang Trump era ng Miss U. Ngayon networking na lang ang ginagawa para sa pera.

    • The Singzons promised to fly to Manila the next Miss Universe, Filipino or otherwise. Kapwa Pinoy pa talaga sumasawsaw sa issue.

  5. I really don’t care who owns the franchise at this point so long as it keeps crowning competitive Filipina candidates who can win Miss Universe, or at the very least be able to make the first cut and continue our placement streak.

  6. I can’t imagine, for the life of me, beauty pageantry without BBP. If change is indeed coming, let’s give credit where credit is due. I welcome change in a very good way, though 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. BBP is a charitable org and i seriously feel that it should stay that way. and i dont think chavit would be that insane to get the franchise …for what??? the pageant culture in PH has always revolved around the queenship of SMA, the contestant’s parades, the nerve racking screenings, araneta itself as venue, the fans vs other contestants, the war camps, the sponsored activities of BBP winners, the christmas tree lighting, the charitable works, etc etc….that would all change? HOW VERY SAD.

  8. Hay nakow…mga baklang tow…magwait nalang kasi tayow…. kasi ang alam kow….si stella Araneta pa rin ang may-ari ng show!!!! that’s the fact! meri xmas! ho-ho-ho…!

  9. It is ok to change owners because it might be inevitable BUT they should not change the NAME and the format. LCS will be under fire if the successful decade so far ends up like a dud.

    On another topic. Laos won Costume but who won Congeniality and Photogenic ? Does anyone know if they were announced during the coronation ball ?

    • Actually sana palitan ang format..yung top 15 kaagad from 50 candidates paramg miss usa or miss universe. Dragging kasi kapag lahat lahat papakita

  10. Sa halip na nagsasaya ang buong bansa na bumalik ang Miss Universe 2018 sa Pilipinas lahat ay nangangamba dahil may kasama pala siyang hakahaka at agam agam na siyang pinagkakagulohan ngayon. Buhay Pinoy talaga, pagdating sa usapin ng patimpalak lahat naging bihasa na. Sa totoo lang, mayroon bang naitulong sa bansa ang pagdadaos ng Miss Universe, sa awa ng Diyos wala po at ang masaklap matamlay ang turismo sa ating bansa. Saan man panig ng bansa takot bumisita ang turista sa Pilipinas dahil sa mga hindi magandang balita nakakalat sa mga pahayagan. Sino nga ba ang nakikinabang sa pagdadaos ng Miss Universe sa Pilipinas kung hindi ang mga taong ganid sa pera kaya puro kurakot sa kaban ng bayan. Bakit hindi natin ibuhos ang panahon sa mga naghihikaos na mamayan.

  11. Yes I can imagine. The blogger needs only YES or NO and no more further explanation!

    • Lol
      Guess everyone is taken by surprise of the shocking developments.

      We are all likened to a barn full of cackling hens wondering who the heck is going to lay the first egg!

  12. First of all, nothing is announced yet – not the new director, not the location of MU 2019, or even when Cat will do her official homecoming or media tour!

    Shades of Pia’s victory when we couldn’t just enjoy her victory – it got mired in scandal and controversy. Perhaps it is time to take a break again from the blog. Not sure why this had to be brought up now, or why former BbPs (some of whom have already won a major crown or are already married and living in another country) are taking away from Monday’s victory. It seems even the Colombians are enjoying Cat’s victory more than we are — they love her!

    I will just enjoy Cat’s reign for now. It is her Christmas gift to the Philippines.

    • I thought about skeedadling again, but I think we owe it to Norman and to the sane readers here to support the site. Ok lang sa akin ang nega rant kung meron namang punto… I just don’t care sa pa-boss attitude ng iba rito.

      • Haha, fair enough. But Tito Norms and the respectable ones are all adults – they can take care of themselves. The other ones, maybe not adults yet LOL.

        Perhaps I am just suffering from MU fatigue. The last three weeks has been an exhilarating ride. Si MUning talaga!!! Marathon to the sprint finish of the last few days. I am totally puyat from watching the telecast over and over again late at night after my partner goes to bed, because he can only watch the Lava Walk 3 times at any given sitting LOL. Siguro he can even do the Lava Walk by now.

        Besides, I have gift shopping to do before heading out to Vegas for Christmas. Can’t believe 3 years ago today Pia won her crown! Will revisit Planet Hollywood and take a stroll down memory lane…. I might even bump into Janicel Lubina there and ask if she would join a new MUP as some have suggested LOL!!!

        MUrrry Christmas nalang, Madame & Governor & BPCI & LCS & ABC & XYZ….

  13. Reading all the comments and daming sentimental bitches dito like they KNOW everything. Even the blogger, sorry Tito Norms but yes. You are a smart guy and you know nothing is constant in this universe but change. It is called changing of the guard. It has to happen at some point.

    Ang dami ding judgemental about Chavit. Do you really know him? He might have had a bad rap from the press in the past and his association with the Marcoses but you can’t judge him for that. Like just like the rest of us, he worked so hard to get where he is right now and still is.

    Lest you forget, he is instrumental in hosting the Ms U here 2 years ago na matagal nyo ding pinag dasal. Without him interfering at madami pang di nagbayad na sponsor hanggang ngayon puro wishful thinking na lang tayo of the experience. AMININ NYO, MASAYA ang Ms U hosting. Nakakalimutan natin and mga problema kapag nandito ang Ms U. Good vibes lang. But you are quick to criticize the guy for trying to take the helm of Ms Philippines franchise? Don’t be ingrates bitches!!

    Two things lang yan if this is ever true, they can get the franchise and form a new name or keep the old name BPCI which after negotations (with money involve of course) at wala na kayong paki dun. The fun goes on. Don’t be too quick to judge it will not be the same, baka nga mas bongga given new and young minds to work on it. Baka nakakalimutan nyo din more then 40 years natulog and mga kandita natin sa kangkungan under BCPI, it was only 8 years ago that Ms U took notice of how huge it is in this country.

    Let me end this by saying, don’t let emotion run over your judgement. Give it a chance and I guess Chavit together his daughter Richel will listen to any suggestions to make it work and why change the status quo on how we hold the pageant and train our beauty queens when they actually work? Chavit is very patriotic if you listen his interviews always talking about tourism and how it will benefit the country. He knows Ms U can generate tourism revenues to the government and that is what this country need, after all we are the one of the most beautiful countries in the world but often ignored. Enough of the drama.

    • Mabuhay! It’s a real cooking show indeed. MU and Singson goes together. Ewwwwww

    • Ate please use your critical thinking, you should be able to find answer why!!!!! you have to think in bigger picture. syempre may agenda yan, will you just throw money? Connect the dots…. On what’s happening on the country. Very 70s strategy

    • Edward I want to remind u of the corription of Wanda and friends iin the recent miss universe. Open your eyes, discern the connections of chavit to this government

    • I doubt, to good to be true ika nga, my only wish and hope is that it willt not bee used for political purposes. Tuso si Singson, definitely investment yan. Please, don’t give me the line that he is doing it for the country, please lang. Connect all dots. I will not forget the Wanda and friends corruption in the last MU 2016. Dont forget that

    • “He might have had a bad rap from the press in the past and his association with the Marcoses but you can’t judge him for that.”

      What kind of argument is that? Is he supposed to be judged on his good looks? The guy’s a thief, along with most of the wealthy politicians in govt. Imagine how much Pinoy life could’ve been better without these corrupt people. And no, recent “patriotic” action like funding the last pageant (arguably with tainted money) does not erase decades of sucking off the public’s money.

      Listen, change is constant and change can be good, but Singson ain’t the only answer to that. And get off your soapbox — nothing more annoying than a judgemental pipsqueak equating opinion and observation as judgment. Pati blogger dinamay mo pa.

      • Very well said Dan Dan…. Pera pera lang actually nawala yung respect ko sa MU. But it’s reality. I guess Jonas ambition to become ND is just within reach. Ahas and Kweens pernosified

      • Dan Dan The guy is a thief! You eat your own words by making a sweeping generalization of the man. You are the judgemental here moron!! The guy is the only one interested in buying it if it is indeed up for sale by bpci. I don’t think Ms U would just take it away from bpci unless there was a violation or contract has ended. Don’t think like a fool!! Daming bobo dito.

        To you Mystika who said tourism is down is a fool!! Know your facts! During the Ms U here visitor arrivals increased by 5% if that translates to another 500 thousands extra visitors that’s a lot. Imagine the mulitiplier effect this will have in our different economic sectors. After Ms U, our tourism arrival continues to incease and the latest it is up to 17%. It keeps on growing exponentially. Ms U needless to say increased awareness of the country.

        Ex tourism sec Wanda was accussed of using tourism fund to advertise on her brother’s show which is not about hosting Ms U. Again know your facts. She remains free as everything was proven above board.

        Wag aketch, mga vhaklang twooo!!

    • Darling, it’s politics.
      Mas gusto ko makita na mag Back2Back2Back ang MUP sa MU na parang ME lang ang peg Divahhhhh tapos may bugawan hihihihi jawsKuH ang mga gahaman sa Karne na uugod ugod na hihihi…. Puwessss mukhang maraming put*ng latina ang malalahian kapag nagkataon hihihihi.
      JawsKuh yang mga latinang kung umarte ay primera klaseng nilalang pero huwag kahhh kasi Primera klase talaga silang mga Put* . Divahhhh hihihihi. cherette na kung cherette.

  14. To those who argue that SMA’s retirement is the reason, think again. If BPCI can pay for franchise fees of every pageant right now then they will renew the license but appoint a young blood as the President of BPCI while SMA enjoys being on the sidelines.

    Bottom line is BPCI can retain MU license without SMA in the help.

    What I think is happening is that the Singson probably promised something to MUO (maybe higher franchise fee or promise to financially back MU events in Asia) with the condition that they hold the MUP franchise.

    It’s sad since BPCI is a charitable organization and now the MUP franchise will be commercialized.

    • At the end of day, what hurt us most is the fact that it is business, MU will choose money over relationship. That’s the sad truth. I think pageantry will never be the same without BB. Pilipinas. It’s the end, and, the start of an era that is yet to be defined. I think fans will not be happy.

    • SMA will not pay franchise fees and have someone younger manage it. That would be a disaster waiting to happen. They would rather keep it within the family. I doubt Araneta scions are interested in pageants.

      • Among the Aranetas, it is either Margarita Fores or Mar Roxas… I doubt if each of their sons are interested. Korina is a sham wife, I don’t think they would risk to let her drag the family into any potential source of controversy.

  15. If this comes into fruition, does this mean that former BbP winners that aren’t MUPs can now vie for Miss Universe again?

      • Oh wow I already have names on my list:
        Kylie Verzosa, Ahtisa Manalo, Mutya Datul, Janicel Lubina just to name a few. I don’t know how old Kylie and Mutya are but if they’re still eligible then maybe they can try again. Ahtisa and Janicel are both still young so they can prepare longer.

      • The current age limit for Miss Universe is 28 years of age before January 1st in the year they hope to compete in Miss Universe.

      • Definitely Mutya and Ann Colis. I think Janicel is Married. I also like the current MEP Celeste.

    • Nope,
      I personally feel that inasmuch Kylie V. be a worthy MU rep, the MI title is still a big 3 title in the same prestige as MU and MW.

      If Megan Young, were still of age, having won the MW title the thought of her vying for an MU crown would be a huge risk.

      Catriona, a heavy favorite MW rep, did not win MW 2016 thus her venture to eventually win MU 2018 was thoroughly satisfying.

      My opinion…

  16. Stella Araneta is about to turn 82 in a few months and she may have been thinking of retiring and relinquishing Bb Pilipinas for some time now. Miss Universe Philippines is the crown jewel of Bb Pilipinas and Stellla I’m sure may have wanted to hand it over to someone with deep pockets to ensure ample financial resources were there for this most important and prestigious franchise that is very close to the heart of many Filipinos. The LCS Group of Companies fit the bill. I would consider this change a parting gift from Madam Araneta. She’s making sure the franchise is in good hands.

  17. It’s sad to think lang na ngayon nagkukumahog makiagaw ng MUP franchise sina Chavit when Madam, BPCI, the camps (Aces, KF, Harle&Friends, etc), and the legion of fans have put the Philippines into the “Asian powerhouse” status. I mean, nasan sila when Teresa Licaros, Gionna Cabrera, Bianca Manalo and others needed them? Gosh this is Jollibee taking over Mang Inasal all over again! chz

    Anyway, napulot ko lang sa Misso

    • Chereng di pala navview yung pic pag pinost dito. Anyway summary:

      1. Ang counter offer daw ni Madam ay 5x ng bayad nina Chavit. As of now wala pa daw final decision ang MUO

      2. If SMA retains the franchise, she will retire and pass leadership to Korina (Roxas-Araneta connections) along with Boy Abunda and Vicky Belo.
      *with Boy Abunda medyo believable pa pero Vicky Belo’s participation medyo hard to believe for me

      3. If Chavit wins, Jonas will be assigned as ND daw. Jonas knew about this January pa lang so he told Cat not to associate herself with him daw
      *of course we know Cat wanted to be in control of her team kaya sya nag independent. pero remember before she said “independent working with Aces&Queens”. Tapos lumabas yung coffee shop pic nila ni Jonas together. then suddenly completely independent na ang announcement nya

      For those hating on both Jonas and Korina, well choose your poison mga acheng

      PS. I hate to be “that” chismoso person. But at this point super nasasad talaga ako for madam and super sentimental ko towards BPCI holding MUP kaya kahit anong post saying na may laban pa si Madam papatusin ko

      PPS. Ngayon ko lang din naisip, hindi ba conflict of interest if Chavit is consistently helping with the Hosting of MU tapos sila din may hawak ng MUP franchise? I mean, look at the “crown-buying” issues by some negatrons questioning Cat’s win. Imagine nyo na lang magpapatuloy pa yang accusations na yan for the rest of our future reps if Chavit’s group will be involved in both MUP and MU

      • He needs to only choose one. Either the MU or the MUP. Not both. Otherwise, “crown-buying” is indirectly true. That is the sad reality & Catriona’s win will no longer be remembered because of her hard work, but because of politics.

      • @ath so far though, he seems to be choosing MU over MUP, evident with his involvement in securing the host country since 2016 and even the one next year. Sana ganun na lang, sana yun na lang lagi gawin nya, wag na sya mang agaw sa BBP

  18. I think it’s a sign that Madame needs to retire, she’s 80 years old. As for the minor titles, Mutya no Pilipinas should acquire them. It is a good training ground for Filipinas going to a bigger pageant.

  19. I think that if ever The Singsons acquire the franchise to MUP, there will be a tremendous conflict of interest to future Philippine reps in general to the Miss Universe pageant. If a Filipina queen perform well in a future MU edition, it will be tainted by the fact that she placed because of The Singsons’ close connection to the MUO, not because of her own merits as a hard working, strong candidate. I don’t wanna believe such is the case right now. I’m sure SMA is fighting tooth and nail for the MUP franchise to stay in the hands of BPCI which is vital to her brand.

    The good side of this is, it is time for these minor pageants to take their exodus and go elsewhere since they are not doing anything of use that will improve the brand of BPCI, like Supra, Intercon, Globe and that cheap ass pageant where bitchy queens flourish under the tutelage of its owner missing a chromosome of class and common sense in his gene pool. The Philippine pageant scene will be okay without them.

    • Madam Araneta turns 82 in a few months. She probably wants to retire. As far as LCS Singson group having close ties with the MUO, that came about because LCS was heavily involved in hosting Miss Universe in Manila back in 2016. LCS is now assisting the MUO host the pageant in South Korea next year. There’s no “taint” involved in such business ventures, and like it or not Miss Universe IS a business and this will always involve the participation of various national directors and other business entities to successfully meet its objectives.

      • Thanks for the feedback, @Melanie. Yes, SMA does indeed, wants to retire. Word around the grapevine is, there are individuals who will take over once Madam Stella steps down. There are 3 of them, 1 is a wife of a former politician, 1 is a showbiz personality and the last one is in the medical field. I don’t know how accurate this information is, but perhaps it is because of SMA’s connection to the network which BB Pilipinas is being telecast every year.

    • The Singsons are working with MU since 2016 (Maxine), 2017 (Rachel) and 2018 (Catriona) + 2019 which is in South Korea. I don’t see any problem with that and I have this high hopes it won’t be like Miss Earth.

    • Sorry but Miss USA and Miss Universe, both under IMG, no conflict there -fair is fair!

    • you know what para walang gulo LCS/SMA, Si Gayfud n lang Kaya maging owner, What do you think gays,

    • What a distorted analysis about conflict of interest. Then every year we have to doubt the inclusion of Ms USA because Ms U is owned by the Americans? Esep esep din teh wag maging bobo.

  20. BbP has winners of two MU’s and two MI’s crowns since 2010. The Philippines, in the last nine years, is thee pageant superpower.

    Had the MUO attempted to severe ties with Madam Stella in “2009” would there have been this much concern?

    Just saying…

  21. This is surprising but not unexpected. I wish that whoever is taking over continues to uphold the beauty of Filipino women, our nation’s core values, and the causes dear to our hearts. I hope that they won’t lose focus on what this pageant is all about…not money, but our country’s relevance to the world. I, thank you. Mabuhay, Philippines!

  22. Just keep the MU and MI and Supra together as part of Bb……the less minor crownS can have their own main franchise (Intercontinental, GLOBE, Grand Intercon)………….???? Ms Philippine earth has it’s own franchise (but they only send one winner to the main event).

  23. naku naku shoeses ko po ano etong nagaganap…may lutuan ba na naganap kaya nanalo ang mataba…isaa sya sa mga matatabaa next to Ms Belize. At ang gown na sinasamba ng mga veks, di kagandahan ever parang andumi dumi.

  24. My fear is this will lead to pageant fatigue. I can imagine having 5-7 separate pageants to follow. Granted MU is the one that matters most , having separate pageant will dilute resources, attention and enthusiasm.

    • Hindi naman siguro magkapageant fatigue. It will open many doors/opportunities to deserving and competitive Filipina women. And there will be more chances for them to win. Sa ibang bansa kasi hiwa-hiwalay mga pageants nila. Nageexcel din naman candidates nila. I am sure there are so many girls out there who are pageant followers and have the hunger for the international crowns like MU, MI, MS, MGI, Mintercon, MGlobe and a lot more. But once they separate the pageants individually, dapat they will follow the pattern of the pageant abroad for example sa MU na MU talaga pattern so that macondition na mga candidates sa ano mangyayari sa kanila pagsabak nila sa MU competition abroad.

  25. Off topic but news of charges against a blogger criticizing the gown of Miss Universe – Thailand!

    Goodness, social media is really running the show these days.

    • Well, it wasn’t a surprise since the implementation of lèse-majesté is serious in Thailand. Although the princess is not directly protected by it as she is not an heir(ess) apparent or the monarch, there is an “indirect insult” to what she has designed / made. To make it even worse, citizens can file a complain themselves if they see it fit.

  26. I work a lot in the slums of Forbes Park and Ayala Alabang and the life there is poor and very sad. And I’ve always taught to myself to look for the beauty of it and look in the beauty of the faces of the children and to be grateful. And I will bring this aspect as a Miss Universe to see situations with a silver lining and to assess where I could give something, where I could provide something as a spokesperson. And this I think if I can teach people to be grateful, we can have an amazing world where negativity could not grow and foster and children will have smile on their faces.

  27. My opinion, Whether Bpci remains the franchise owner or a new group will own the franchise of miss universe, it wont matter. Miss universe will remain to be the most prestigous of them all. Hindi controversy ang issue na me gustong bumili o bilhin ang franchise ng miss u. Ganyan talaga ang business. For all we know, baka gusto na ding magretire ni sma. At mabuti din na lcs ang makabili, dahil madaming pera si chavit to support the activities of miss u. Alam din nya na magkakaroon ng return of investment ang pagkabili nya. It just so happened na catriona won ( she deserved to win with her oerformance anyway) habang me plan ang lcs to buy the franchise so walang issue issue dyan, naintindihan mo jereming baklitang hunky gay?

    • I guess sa katulad mong mababaw yan lang talaga nakikita mo pera pera n Lang, but for those who grew up with an institution like Binibini we saw how this cultural institution touched us, kaya nakakalungkot. At yan ang issue namin.

    • Ang issue ko naman Hindi man lang pinalipas ni Chavit ang pasko. Grabe lantaran naman. Kaya pala judge…

    • “…Miss Universe will remain to be the most prestigious of them all.”


      However, with no disrespect to the BbP International title, it benefited being affiliated with the MUP title.

    • PaulRivera,……Hahahahaha! bat nilagyan mo pa ng “hunky gay”? why is he sexually attractive?
      Bukod sa wala na syang sense at feelingero pa, bat meron pang “hungky: sa dulo?

  28. My take for the sake of Philippine tradition, let both MU and MI stay with Bb. The minor pageants release them. They are the ones creating the noise. Let the brand and presentation stay with Bb. The franchise can be owned by SMA or Singson or can be a form of partnership. Singson to concentrate on MU and Mde. on MI.

    • Good point.
      There was a point in the past when only three titles were won; BbP’s Universe, World and International…
      Sometimes, less is more.

  29. My take for the sake of Philippine tradition, let all MU and MI stay with Bb. The minor pageants realease them. They are the ones creating the noise. Let the brand and presentation stay with Bb. The franchise cwn be owned by SMA or Singson.

  30. RIP BB. You have been killed by reality that money matters, business over cultural contribution. You will be missed. Is it good for pageant fans pinoy, nakakasawa din….Not a good long term plan

    • True feeling ko the children are being used. Ano b yan. I hate it when politics come into play…. Am worried and scared, but to answer ur question Tito Norm. Mawawalan n ng sigla ang Philippines pageantry kung buwan buwan may pageant. Do you think sponsor will support them all? Do you think Bench will sponsor all those individual pageant? Ewan ko. Bad as a whole. I agree with the opinion nung iba…parang cooking show nga nangyari nakakahiya actually

  31. SMA is ending with a bang… bittersweet..
    She may keep the MI franchise upto next year… Making it the top prize for Binibining Pilipinas which increases the chance for us to bag next year’s Miss International crown. And after that, she may also give up the franchise and finaly retire… As for the new organization… I’m sure their biggest challenge is how to efficiently and effectively filter the girls… while teaching them life lessons during the competition. I notice that she has a soft-spot for innocent mestiza girls from remote provinces maybe because they remind her of herself. I know for a fact that SMA devised several hidden tests during the screening process and through-out the whole competition… and through that she sees who is charming, who is smart, and best of all who is kind. Based on her experiences, she knows who is the TRUE BEAUTY. Stella Marquez Araneta would definitely be missed. 😦

  32. Well, perhaps the BbP org. change their scope and focus on MI and MGI as the two major titles to be won.
    This is definitely a big game changer.
    Sad sad sad…

  33. ay sauce kahit naman sino mag franchise ng MUP eh aligaga kaya manuod
    maski miss q and a nga sinuportahan nyo.

    jusko pagpahingahin nyo n ang matanda
    MU is a business – wala naman kayo pambili

    MGlobe and MGI will remain sa BPCI
    MWorld and MSupra will be under Arnold
    MUP under LCS
    Minternational and Mintercontinental under new group

    dami dami pageants buwan buwan may ganap mga kontesera.

    ang saya!!!

    • And do u think all sponsors will support all pageants monthly? Do u think its good business in the long run?

  34. Nakakalungkot natabunan ng saya and Filipino pride ng isang makasariling plano. Eh di sa Inyo na nakakadiri kayo. Umupo ka pang judge Singsong, part b ng deal nyo yun kunin kang judge? At Kaya pala super bati in arrival si Gaffud. I don’t know kung ako lang nakapansin but I noticed how an uneasy 🐱 is. Nakakahiya talaga if totoo. #Realcookingshow nga. Nawat is correct.

    • Noticed that too. At least nasa NY na sya soon, malalayo kahit papano sa gamay nila.

  35. Well, without the MUP title in BbP is like Destinys Child without Beyonce.

    Life moves on..



    • excuse me hindi ang mga singson ang sponsor sa gown ni cat. Nagfranchise lng backer agad ni cat?. Cat has its own team at tinutulongan sya nito hindi gaya ng malisyosong pag iisip mo. Duh? get a life

    • Bobo mo. Wag kang magkalat nang kabobohan at negativity. Do us all a favor, DO NOT REPRODUCE.

      • You’re almost there! A part of the costs ng mga gowns ay from Mak.. the rest ay sponsors from different BPCI and Cat’s team & their connections. #5for3

  37. Wow! Miss Universe choose to do business with a politician who has a very shady background. Money matters.

  38. Parang natatabunan ng ibang topic but still about MU pagnakapanalo ni Cat. First about this MU franchise , and next is mas laman pa ng news sa US yung tribute ng MU for Miss Spain. ='(

    • Fabie, the way I see it. In the long run, people may forget who the Miss Universe 2018 is, but people will remember this as part of the pageant’s history.

    • MABUHAY, REAl COOKING SHOW. NAWAT is correct. I don’t blame Catriona but I blame the MU organization for giving favor to Singson’s Daughter. Personally, very bad move for MU. It only show that they value business over relationship. Sympathy goes to Binibini.

      MU you lost my respect. Now pageant pageant fans around the world would know the dark scheming conspiracy plan of the Chavit, Gaffud and Front Row peeps. Cooking show indeed. Ewwwwww

  39. I clearly remember when rumors about Jonas trying to take the MUP franchise away from Madam. Everyone “in the know”/”privy to the inside information” back then were saying that MUO chose to value their long-standing and tested relationship with SMA. But now, MUO anyare? This is what pains me the most. Bakit suddenly parang mas nagmamater na sa MUO ang business over their proven relationship with Madam. Sure you can argue SMA might be on the verge of retiring, but im sure she still wants her baby (the MUP franchise) of more than 50 years to stay within the family. Madam is not a perfect national director, but she has dedicated more than half of her life to MUP, and it’s going to be so painful to watch her let go of it.

    Pero hindi pa rin ako sumusuko. Remember SMA with her hubby and Paula Shugart met days before MU18 coronation night. I just hope ipinaglaban ni Madam and made a counter-offer. Actually mas okay din kung ang totoong nangyayari is yung version na shares ng MUO ang binili ni Chavit, not the MUO franchise

    • Sorry but its too late. The negotiation has been finalized even before the MU2018 finals. Chavit has actually announced that next edition will be in South Korea with a cringeworthy picture of him with Catriona and his daughter Michelle in the background. This and all other signs of the greatest cooking show ever shown on television can not be ignored. The Singsons and even Paula Shugart does not know the word “discreet”. This is too vulgar IMO

      • Humirit na naman tong baklitang hunky gay na to. Maghugas ka na ng plato at kubyertos then mop the floor.

      • @Jeremi, how am i supposed to believe you? Eh kanina lang confident ka pa ispluk na dito sa Pinas gaganapin MU19. Tapos nung nag announce ng South Korea change song ka din??

    • Definitely Nawat knows this beforehand
      Now I understand why he made that post.
      My heart goes out to Miss Vietnam whom I think was the most deserving that night but became a victim of the greatest cooking show in the universe.

    • True. Oh di ba we are bashing nawat nagbooomerang sa atin? We kept saying unfair na may national director n umupong judge, but yun pala ganun din mangyayari. We can still say n kahit ibang judge umuupo si cat pa rin but still I find it unethical. Nakakahiya. I should say sorry to Nawat then.

    • @Fabie : You know, I like to poke jokes about MGI like many others, but I think may pinaghuhugutan yan si Angkol. I think he knows things and finds chismis from the grapevine.

    • Whatever the ekek, Catriona won because of her performance. This is another case of shade throwing for the benefit of his pageant. Such a cheap act. That reflects to his pageant. Sinong gusto bumili ng pageant nya kung ganyang tao ang kakaharapin palagi.

  40. Baka gusto na rin ni Madam na magpahinga sa pagsagawa ng patimpalak na ito. Could that be the possible angle to this? I want to steer it positive as much as possible.

  41. Let’s just continue our grand celebration for the greatest cooking show on earth in the universe rather that was Miss Universe 2018. Go Singsons! Sana 5 years nyong bilhin ang crown for all the Filipino gays. Mabuhay!!!

    • Cooking show? Cat aced every single segment including the top 3 and 5 questions . She deeerved the crown . She had been the top contender from m the moment she won MUP .

    • Nakababahala ang pagkahumaling mo sa conspiracy theory na yan. Sabi nila may sayad ang nagpapaniwala sa mga ganyan. 😂

      • I think it’s the other way around.
        Those who are in denial of a naked truth and who ignore the obvious signs are mentally ill lol

      • Talagang loose ang turnilyo nyan. Wag mo na sabihin ang katotohanan. Reality bites. Truth hurts. Kaawaan mo na lang. Kasi black sheep sa pamilya yan. Kaya kahit dito patapon pa rin ang ugali. Malamang nagsa shabu yan. Hahahahaha!!!!

    • Me nalalaman ka pang Cooking. Maghugas ka na ng pinagkainan ng guests than mop the floor , ok hunky gay?

  42. Why am I not surprised? I’ve seen a lot of posts about the call of application for a potential franchise owner of Miss International.

    Everyone seems to be following the very good game of Julia. She has the last laugh in this situation, no doubt the pioneer. She is truly a trailblazer. Either you give her your best girl or she has a dedicated pageant. Sounds too demanding, but it makes sense. Maybe every pageant org thinks na dapat ibigay sa kanila ang “best” girl, hindi ang salin-salin na girls.

    Sad to say, everyone else is salin-salin because the “best girl” goes to the most prestigious pageant. May nagsasabi ba na “Ay, sana maging Miss Grand ako!”, “I’m aiming for the Miss Intercon crown!” I doubt it. Ang iba na tanggap na ang kapalaran nila ay “ok lang basta may korona.” Pero going through the pageant journey, hindi ba MU ang aim?

  43. Naloka ako sa nag suggest na may something na cooking kaya nanalo si pusa. Nung na announce top 5 hindi natawid ni pr at viet yung sagot. Top 3 talaga kasama si pusa. Angat sagot nun sampalok top 5 q and a Di nya masagot tanung ng top 3 maayos ika ika pa maglakad. And Angat sa ganda si pusa sa 3 babae. I’m watching Latinos reaction sa YouTube. Alam na nila na panalo si pusa after top 3 q and a. Manood kayo uli ha bago kaya mag conclude na may luto saka 7 judges kahit favorite sya nung isa may 6 pa. Yun mananalo dapat gusto sya ng apat sa 7 para manalo.

    • Cat may or may not have been the best in swimsuit & evening gown, but it was more than enough to propel her to the most important part of the competition. When she had the mic, the crown was hers.

      What many Latinos do not understand is what Miss Universe is looking for already. They are looking for an ambassadress. Sabi pa nga ng MU website, “A confident woman has the power to make real change, starting in her local community with the potential to reach a global audience.” Paano ba naman mananalo ang manok nila kung ang alam niya lang so far sa buhay ay modelling internationally lang? Or may charity lang kasi biglang nanalo sa national pageant.

      Many Latinos still see the potential winners as glamazons, girls with boobs and ass and with beautiful big hair. This is where I think most countries in Latin America fail to see…and I think Osmel saw this shift and was able to adapt to it QUICK.

      Keysi Sayago and Sthefany Gutierrez are not the stereotype Miss Venezuela. They are darker and have very endearing & relatable personalities. They landed in the Top 5 and Top 3 respectively, and there is no shadow of doubt of why they made it. They did not sport big hair, they sported the on-trend long, sleek and shiny. More importantly, they talked about their “education”. They do not seem as shallow as someone who talks about her modelling job in the MU Up Close video (LemonV).

  44. If all these things are true and very soon it will be officially announced, PHILIPPINES as the pageant fanatic country, this will bring change in how we look up pageantry as a serious business. This is not only about the glitz and glamour of giving one’s nation honor and worldwide recognition but how can the pageant organization earn more because after all this is a money making industry.

    I, for one, still have the festive mode for the victory of the Philippines in the just concluded Miss Universe 2018 right there in Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani of Bangkok, Thailand. I just arrived this morning here in Cebu City just a few hours from the newly crowned Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray’s arrival in Manila on board the private jet of former Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson.

    If Miss Universe Philippines franchise will be removed from BPCI after more than 5 decades, lets all welcome change and embraced it. 50 years under Binibining Pilipinas is already a milestone. We can give a new look and a new perspective on MUP under a new management. We don’t have to be fearful, but instead look at it in a different perspective. This could bring new policies, fresh ideas, more creative approach and better representation under a new team of people who can give more time, attention, money and exposure to many aspiring candidates. Same with other pageants under BPCI and MWP, many aspiring Pinays can now shop and join different pageants handled by new different managements. The more pageant organizations, the more chances of winning, the more girls will be given more exposures, trainings and opportunities.

  45. I don’t know, I am half hearted with idea that MUP is going to Chavit. If it’s going to Cory Q or Charo Santos or ABS I am all set. Pero mapunta it Kay Chavit and friends I am scared, parang masisira yung image what it had established. I dunno but I think it’s also good bye for me. Intuitively i don’t feel good about it. If the rumor is true. Good bye na rin ang interest ko…

  46. It will never be the same without Miss Universe Philippines at Bb Pilipinas . That is really sad news. 😦 Sometimes we hate madam SMA but we must thank her for her dedication and hard work for the Philippine pageantry.

  47. US – Donald Trump : MU (before entering US elections)
    PH – Chavit Singson : MUP (if these rumors will happen)
    Therefore, following the footsteps of Trump as businessman.

  48. It could be that SMA is considering retirement… If these rumors are true, I hope the new franchise owner keep the name “Binibining Pilipinas” as legacy of and tribute to SMA’s huge contribution to Philippine pageantry.

  49. Personally, if the rumor is true, C’ommon, We know who Chavit is, We know his background, the question is WHY? Such Org like MU deal wi th such. Well at the end of the day it is business. So there, personally, ako nga dati, i watched Miss World nung na kay Binibini, pero simula ng mawala I never watch na. Feeling ko the interest of the Filipino will wane and go down that’s my foresight. Also, sponsors will go not sponsor each of the idenpendent beauty. it will only support that has the mileage, i don’t think its good overall. Oh well, choice ng MU org, they choose money over years of proven relatiionship. I don’t think ill be interested again…I guess it will also end my habits of checking blogs . It is a good bye for me too.

  50. If this happens then let’s expect future controversies. Pageant culture in the PH will crumble little by little untill no one is no longer interested.

  51. Well, though scary, sometimes change is good. Good luck to all of us… and I hope all this drama does not affect Catriona or take away from her reign.

  52. I still believe SMA will fight for the MI franchise. But then, she will be retiring in a few years, so the question is her willingness.

  53. Totoo po ba talaga? Dati Ipinagdadasal ko n sana iba na lang mag handle ng MUP, sana mag retire n si madame but I realized na madam is such an institution that she touched so many people and she was able to listen to fans. Personally, madam Stella pa rin

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