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  1. I AGREE…
    For Miss Universe, these girls are the total package w/ stories to tell and even international titles to boot:

    Leren Mae Bautista 5’9
    Sharifa Akeel 5’8

    And maybe even:

    Michelle Marquez Dee 5’9- American Passport

    For Miss International…

    For Supranational we might need to send a girl with ancient Indian ancestry simillar to Mutya Datul or Teresita Lacsamana Marquez…

    Like Patricia Magtanong 5’9 who just graduated from Law…

    But aside from beauty, height & personality..
    We also need girls w/ great comskills and powerful passports:

    Both Filipino parents:
    Angie Balatbat 6’0 -Canadian passport
    Nicole Guerrero 5’9 -American Passport

    Maureen Wroblewitz 5’7- German Passport
    Nikita McElroy 5’8- American Passport

    I am now more nervous for them because Catriona has really set the bar so high. I wonder who has well prepaired advocacies who could exceed Megan, Pia, Kylie, and Catriona.. 2019 would again be another bloodbath for Binibining Pilipinas.

    • Mutya Datul has stated many times that she 100% full blooded Filipino and there is no mix blood in her ancestry.

  2. #Sharifa Areef Mohammad Omar Akeel (Current Miss Asia and Pacific) can follow Catriona’s foot steps of Cat. Ang ganda ng back story nya, parang Miss Vietnam ang kwento. And the girl can speak! I guess after her reign as Miss Asia, lots of time to prepare. And she’s beautiful.

    Anong camp ni Sharifa???

    • Kahit anong camp, basta hindi Ahas and Queen. Alam naman natin hindi ibibigay ni madam ang MUP sa camp na ito ever after what bittergaffud did in 2016.

    • I also consider Ms Akeel as a possible MUP 2019. Her confidence to join pageant despite her Muslim lineage which opposes women wearing bikini would certainly be noticed by MUO. I think when she will win, will be the first MU to have a Muslim background.

      • But i suggest tapusin nya muna reign nya as Miss Asia and the Pacific International. Syempre integrity, and doing the duty is important parang si Cat lang. Remember, Cory Quirino is willing to release her and cut her contract if she wish to join the 2017 MU. She did the right thing. Sharifa you have all the time, to prepare for your game plan. like cat hindi lang talaga body intellect labanan .it is about sino ang may pinakamagandang story to tell, may puso talaga….Go Sharifa. Please lang choose your core team well. Work with people you believe in.

  3. Among all the countries tayo na lang di ba ang longest time na pumapasok sa semifinals since 2010 kaya pang 9 years na natin this year sakto pa rin kay Cat na siya ang oang 9 years dahil sa kasabihang ang pusa daw ay may siyam na buhay. Hehehe. Anyway sana we can keep this record for the longest time.

  4. Cat will be a tough act to follow indeed. Let’s just enjoy and let her shine instead of speculating her successor.

  5. How about the Pinay who just won the Asia-Pacific 2018 ? She can be top 5 for MU 2019.
    Some say also Leren Mae Bautista who has an international title. Both these ladies have the experience and the height and the personality.

    We must also prepare for 2020 to keep the momentum going. We need to always place at least in the top 10. Katarina Dimaranan maybe but she may be too old. Maureen Montagne but she kind of looks like ‘plain Jane’ ? Ruffa Nava has the height and the face but perhaps not the personality. Anjame needs a lot of polishing, maybe for ushering in 2021 a new decade to conquer !

    (I have also mentioned the names WynWyn Marquez and Liza Soberano as long shots)

    HOSTING: I hope Boracay hosts MU2019 or 2020. If MW 2019 is going to be in PInas, we must send a supreme candidate. I was thinking of Eva Patalinjug. It was an injustice in GrandInt 2018 for her not to even place in semifinals.

    Next month, it is gonna be Karen Galman, Pinas hosting Intercon 2018. I have a feeling it’s hers !!!

    • Eva?
      Oh no .
      Physically and otherwise .
      Nice girl , but no . Plus she won’t qualify as she is alsready a Binibini Queen.

      • I am betting Eva for MWP(World) 2019 … she is well spoken and I think she will do well in MWorld

      • Yup not the Patalinjug girl……..she has the communication skills (but not the it factor)……Whatever happened to Sharmaine Elima???? She has the exotic Filipina beauty……………….I don’t mind having Maureen Montage for MU Philippines 2019 🙂

    • Nikita McElroy 5’8
      Angie Balatbat 6’0
      Nicole Guerrero 5’9
      Maureen Wroblewitz 5’7
      Kathleen Joy Paton 5’8

    • Nice suggestion there,@ jaredwrightlover. Sharifa Mohammad Omar Akeel from Sultan Kudarat won Miss Asia Pacific International earlier this year. I guess she has to finish her reign first before she joins BB Pilipinas in the future. Sharifa is of Muslim religion , where strutting in swimsuit and showing a lot of skin is considered taboo. That could be her back story. I think she will bring spice and a unique contrast to our roster of past Miss Universe Philippines.

    • Eva needs to improve a lot if she’s to get a shot at Ms U. And, please, there wasn’t any injustice with her non-placement in MGI. I followed the competition and she was meh.

  6. Ahtisa could be Miss World 2020

    wala pa puwde na MUniverse material level like Pia and Catriona
    si Ahtisa sana kaso di na puwede

  7. Ang dami ng ganap lately. Maggie Wilson, the beauty queen who “voiced her opinion” criticizing Catriona’s undeserving Best in Swimsuit award, had a deep reflection lately in Havana, Cuba (sesyel!) and rekindled her soul by congratulating Cat and replying nicely to her bashers who gave thought-provoking comments relating to Cat’s successful bid in Miss Universe. She said she already regretted about that post. I hope she means it. At least through Cat’s winning, love and positivity conquer all, err, some.

    On Jonas Gaffud’s FB, a lot of his friends have congratulated him, partly attributing Cat’s success to the queen maker. On a separate post, however, Jonas gave credit to where credit is due, and that is to Team Catriona. So, please stop smearing Jonas’ camp by throwing shades at them. I mean these guys had also gone to Thailand and supported Catriona. They were seen on TV carrying our Philippine flag. I think these training camps are happy that the MU crown is now back to us. Now the questions is — will Cat’s team institutionalize the team and pursue training and fielding ladies for any of our national pageants?

    Cat cannot please everybody. After giving a winning answer during the last Q & A round, some have critiqued that she “romanticized poverty.” I am sure these people were born unhappy. They do not have a perspective such as Cat’s, who looks positively even on the saddest reality of life. Cat has lived a beautiful life, and yet she thought her life could be meaningful only if she spreads her kindness to the underprivileged children. She truly is a queen.

    That’s all.

    • Tama ka Miss Winter. We shouldn’t take it personal whatever really happened with Jonas and Cat’s team. We’re all flying the same banner so in the end what matters is that we won the crown. Happy times na lang, no need to dwell on useless negativity.

      • I’m quite sad that some still had the audacity to criticize her final q&a answer.
        Some people refuse to look at the glass half-full. So sad!

      • Yeah. I read that already. Cat’s “lava walk” gave supermodels’ goosebumps.

    • The damage has been done. We can forgive but we cannot forget. Maggie and bea are typical mean girls na nagbacktrack lang kasi napahiya sila. If catriona lost, do you think babawiin nila sinabi nila about cat? Baka dagdagan pa nila na ” sabi ko sa inyo eh”.

      • They have already suffered the consequence. Na-bash sila ng bongga. At ang pinakamasakit pa ‘dun, ipinahiya sila ni Cat by winning the MU crown fair and square, at pinag-usapan pa ng bongga ang lava walk and gown n’ya. Isn’t the sweetest victory, or vengeance if you may call it, for Cat?

    • Ana W, again nice comment and message, thank you. And yes positivity conquers all!❤️

  8. Vietnam; An emerging pageant power in the region (along with Thailand and Indonesia).

    Puerto Rico; A perennial pageant power hungry for a “6th” MU crown!

    South Africa; A pageant powerhouse as of late with an MW title and an MU title in the last four years. Their stunning morena rep was truly a definite threat for a rare b2b Universe crown.

    Venezuela; well it’s Venezuela and perhaps an MU crown would be an appropriate parting gift.

    So…when Cat was crowned, she bested 4 incredible sash factor reps which made her victory oh so satisfying. Relief was an understatement.

    Im still doing my happy dance.

      • @justsaying…

        More like bienvendidos to Anak Isler and Anak Quinones as National Directors… in fairness, Sthefany and Kiara made MUO’s welcome easy. Although I always knew Venezuela would stun and Kiara would fizzle out. Lakas talaga ang game ni Empanada plus matalino talaga siya and she has had almost year to perfect it. La Hermana Del What’s Her Name from 2016 on the other hand had only two months (Kiara’s prep is also the subject of strong criticisms by our Boricua sisters who are longing for their old glory days like we were not just long ago… circle of life talaga).

        True to their powerhouse form though, VE and PR this year are hearing IMG’s agenda and listening. They are embracing diversity and choosing women with accomplishments and backgrounds of substance that appeals to 1st world standards of “empowered” women.

        That’s where Ecuador, Mexico, and Colombia all failed big time this year. All of their queens were prototypes from a decade if not longer ago. Pretty faces, pretty hair, pretty clothes and nothing else to offer. Kaya regional rivalry na lang sila for El Tocuyo.

      • Great insight Justgrc.
        I think all the Latina reps were also affected by the “regional” divide in choosing the top 20 in addition to the age of “social media.” Only 3 hispanics made the top 20 cut.

        I am very curious of how Venezuela will fare in the next five years and how much the MVO will benefit from or be marginalized from Sousa’s departure.

        That said, let us keep celebrating! 👍👌👍

    • Let Valenzuela slows down for a while, after all they have 7 crowns??? Their recent delegate is only 19 years old and she looks like a formidable threat to Catriona and to the rest. Luckily, Catriona has an edge over Valenzuela with her experience and strong advocacy program. Nevertheless, Philippines should always send a strong intelligent candidate that has the wit of Pia, the look of Maxine, and determination of Catriona.

  9. My gosh veks why is everyone thinking about 2019. You know when your candidate wins MU, all you do is celebrate and think about the the future at a later date.

    Don’t be too greedy about winning. You need to enjoy the success. There’s plenty of time to debate about next year.

    • I agree. We have to enjoy and totally embrace the glory. Cat is just starting her real journey for the Universe.

      However, I do understand our co-commenters worries and excitements on how to replicate South Africa’s and Colombia’s nearly back-to-back victory. Malay natin may ma-contribute sila. Hihi!

      • Colombia has had a really good streak of crowning girls with HUGE personalities while being drop dead gorgeous. This year’s rep was neither, which just goes to show you that even powerhouses flop too.

        South Africa has managed to find two future doctors in less than five years to hold their major title. Now that’s impressive. Plus their MU and MW winners (Rolene and Demi) seem to be really easy to work with, hindi sila divas.

      • I just think it’s very unhealthy to discuss such things. I feel it’s very disrespectful and talking about the prospects while our winner hasn’t even started her reign yet a little “gigil”… It takes the fun out of the winning moment and the winning year if you’re already thinking about the future. There’s a perfect time for that. Like halfway or 3/4 through her reign is when we start discussing the possible future Binibinis that are MU worthy.

  10. kapag ginamit mo ang mga bata at
    kahirapan sa speech. sure win talaga

    tried and tested na ang script na yan

  11. Nasa coronation din diba si SMA, pero bakit parang walang pic or video na kasama siya ni Cat specially nung nanalo na sit ?

    • They hugged each other tightly on the MU stage during the meet-and-greet/photo ops right after Cat’s coronation.

  12. OMG ang mga vaklush talaga!

    Cat has not even arrived in her Manhattan apartment or stood on top of her motorcade on EDSA hasta la Novotel SMART Coliseum yet.

    Enjoy lang tayo ng journey niya muna.

    Mag exercise tayo para mawala ang adrenaline rush of our FOURTH MISS UNIVERSE CROWN! Download ninyo ang Miss Independent and I Like Me Better When I’m With You and Finesse to your playlists para mag #LavaWalk rin kayo.

    Back to back agad, really???

    Cat is a once in a blue moon (not blue crown) beauty queen. You saw how she nailed this year’s crown from the moment she posted her red “POWER DRESSING” IG post the day she entered her application for BbP 2018. She’s completed her competition circle with her Mayon red Lava Gown post from yesterday.

    One year na yan, but ONE YEAR TO GO PA! One step at a time talaga lang

    (Oh, and just because — no one is going to come into Cat’s league as BbP 2019 and she shouldn’t. Our next MUP cannot be a Copy Cat. Hard fail na yan if ever anyone were to be Muning 2.0.

    For me, mag file na talaga si APRIEL SMITH. Hope she has been working on a bio of more than just pasarela trainings…

    OMG Black Pinay for the diversity factor FTW!)

    • Justgrc, Apriel?
      I disagree. She does not have a personality . She’s not articulate enough . And it looks like she had something done on her face .
      We may not want a Cat clone . But she has to be facially beautiful very feminine and articulate . Dapat talaga sosyal like our reps from 2015 2016 2017 and 2018 .

      • The two thumbs up are for Justgrc’s post.
        Sorry Fabian. However, your analysis regarding Apriel does have merit.

      • I dont’ think that APRIEL smith girl will be a good delegate to represent the PINAS on a MU stage…Yes, she’s pretty and half black/pinay, but she’s not on that calibre….maybe some minor pageant but not MU, after Catriona’s crowing, it will be difficult to duplicate this achievement. They need to send someone with Ariella Arida’s vibe, with VenuS Raj’s “major~major” personality and with Supsup’s brain and at least Catriona’s height/communication skills. That “it” girl is somewhere out there waiting to be discovered 🙂

      • @fabian

        If you had left Maxine out maybe I might have given you the benefit of the doubt. Never got her and never will.

        Talk about zero personality. PMAP and beauty queen family who cares. Not IMG. Mga Pinay vaklush lang ang impressed diyan.

        Fair enough on Apriel’s personality – she does strike me as a pageant clone. That’s going to be how the Philippines evolves at MU – we have to find women with accomplishments.

        The Colombian judge herself pointed out this year’s Top 3 were a lawyer, doctor, and Master’s in music. That is what IMG is telling them to reward…

      • justgrc,
        I didn’t like Maxine at first
        But she won me over with her humility at Hindi sya pikon
        And she turned out to be really pretty especially on prelim night . It girl sya, sosyal ang dating
        It would have been nice if she could speak , Tagalog Or English

        We need someone with great personality and public speaking skillls …. in addition to being beautiful . Honestly ,, it helps if the girl has been raised abroad experienced showbiz or went to an exclusive school. They know how to project on cam.

      • We don’t want a copy-Cat. Let’s just enjoy this Cat.
        People, this is the Philippines 4th MU crown covering a span of almost 50 years.

        Savor the victory!

  13. I think frame by frame, there is similarity in Ms. Canada and Ahtisa’s swimsuit walk.

  14. I guess the success of any camp begins with having the potential girl under its mentorship..and i define a potential girl as possessing good body proportion, facially attractive, mala dyosa, engaging personality, smart and articulate..to me its 90/10. Meaning training and all contributes only 10% of the success of any girl..kahit araw arawin pa training kung hindi kagandahan, wla talaga.

  15. You guys are already talking about the next MUP2019. Enjoy Cat’s win for the moment, that does not always happen. Don’t be too jaded, because this is not about counting crowns.

    Aiming for a Back to Back is rather a reach. We can hope for high placements, but B2B is really really impossible unless may isang next level dyosa na lumabas na perfect package like Cat.

    Enjoy the victory please. Let’s save that talk when BBP2019 is near.

  16. I am so happy with her winning the crown. As i have commented on a previous post, my hope for Catriona to have the same fate as Michelle McClean, who like Catriona was a finalist in Miss World and later on became Miss Universe, was realized. And just to add both were crowned in Bangkok Thailand.

  17. If Transgender na Pinay ang papadala next year ng Felepens
    panalo na agad sa rampa and sa QandA

    malaki chance na back to back
    front to front
    side to side

  18. While we Pinoy pageant fans celebrate the victory of Cat as of this moment, several things dawned in my mind :

    1. Will Team Cat progress as a new beauty camp? Or will it end along with Catriona’s victory ? If ever they push thru as the newest pageant camp in town, I will support any girl they field for Binibining Pilipinas 2019.

    2. The probability of Miss Universe 2019 taking place in The Philippines is very high, like what happened when Pia won in 2015. I hope they chose Boracay as a possible venue, but highly unlikely.

    3. Too early to point this out, but the only girl who I see fit as a respectable follow up to Catriona will be Maureen Montagne. Same pageant experience & a veteran like Cat. The girl who will be the successor to Cat should be different and in sharp contrast to Cat in terms of beauty & personality, in the same way Tamaryn Green is different from Demi Leigh like apples & oranges.I feel it is time that a black girl with a universal beauty represent The Philippines. Or, a true blue kayumanggi or morena girl. Or even a girl with Chinese roots. No mestisa girl muna next year.

    4. However, knowing Stella Marquez Araneta, she will send the best girl next year to Miss International, like what she did to Kylie Versoza in 2016.

    5. With the non – inclusion of Ecuador’s Virginia Limongi in the recently concluded MU2018 Top 20, Is A & Q losing their touch? Or is it the girl who has a problem? Ecuadorians in social media are accusing A & Q of sabotaging their girl’s chances in the prelims. I pointed this out because I love the drama of all of this hahahaha.

    • Maki-epal na ko na sagutin tanong mo based on news feed on social media,

      1. Harley Tan is a talent scout just like Jonas Gaffud. Scouting girls and sign them for a modelling contract in exchange of certain commission is his job. And what better way to increase the marketability of your ward but to solidify their branding.

      2. Maybe. As I’ve posted here before, one of the key organizer of Senorita Panama is giving sign that he wants to bring the pageant to his country.

      3. I have nothing against Maureen Montagne joining Binibini but will she be allowed to do that after she became Miss Arizona in the Miss USA pageant? Being dual citizen has its perks but I don’t know the limitations of that perk. Catriona set the bar so high that I feel there’s no girl who can supersede what she did! Though I still like Samantha Bernardo and Angelica Alita (who was side by side with Cat all throughout her journey including the trip to Vietnam and Thailand).

      4. What SMA should be doing is to “match” instead of “rank” the girl according to their pageant assignment.

      5. The pageant is evolving and National Directors / Pageant Coach should be able to complement the changing demand of the pageant. This year, there wasn’t that much bearing on the “advocacy” of the candidate compared to last year. And if you will observe the Top 5, these are the girls who has a superb personality during the pre-pageant activity the way Miss International is choosing their winner that it is of no wonder that both pageant has the same country on their Top 3.

      • Thanks for the input, @ClaiRe Ibbe Tson. Nice point you got there. With # 3 though, the idea is to pick a girl who is a sharp contrast to Catriona, not someone like her. Come on, it would be stupid to send a doppleganger, Catriona clone. Unless the Philippines don’t send a representative to Miss Universe next year, which is highly unlikely, might as well go pick someone who will give whoever the front runner next year a scare and fear in their eyes when they see the Philippines sash. Ariadna Gutierrez and Tamaryn Green are strong runners up and a sharp contrast to both Miss Universe winners Paulina Vega and Demi Leigh Peters. And we must admit, Cat was not safe in this year’s edition, with the ultra competitive Misses Vietnam, Puerto Rico and Canada posing a threat to her journey to the crown.

    • Virginia did very well during the preliminaries and everything is on point just like Bunga last year who was also trained by A&Q. I don’t think A&Q is “losing touch”, they just need to re-calibrate their methodology. What works before 2 years will not work this year and most probably on the succeeding years otherwise the crown will just be between Venezuela and Philippines year after year.

      Virginia’s failure was largely because of her side comment during her IG live and so was Mexico and Colombia. One might argue, “then why is it USA and Australia made it?” The thing with this two, is they know how to counteract their actions. People are just asking for apology and they did! But as you can see, they didn’t advance further!

      • I don’t think it’s about her video. There are just too many women more empowered. Recall 60% is for interview. Miss USA worked with IMG for months now so they already know who she is and Australia’s really stunning.

    • #4 Maxine was the best for Universe. Kylie’s beauty is really for MI. Ahtisa can be both MU and MI.

    • 5. Ayoko talagang sabihin to pero baka medyo bobita lang talaga siya. Sa UP CLOSE video niya nga ang babaw niya nang pakinggan.

      I think among all foreign girls trained by A&Q stand out pa rin talaga si Kezia Warouw. That said, Indonesian girls trained by KF seem to be doing pretty good.

    • @dandy

      I am loving how this blog has come back to life. Thank goodness Cat’s reign has infused some much needed healthy discussion back here. Hopefully we can sustain this revival this year with content and contestants that are worthy of another year with our girl in the Manhattan apartment.

      Regarding your questions – my thoughts:

      1 – Probably not. They are all accomplished in their own fields. Plus, Cat’s potential and hunger were beyond evident. They knew the investment of their time, resources, and reputations would likely be worth the risk.

      2 – I wouldn’t mind this and talks are probably underway, whether they are fruitful or not. My gut however tells me that it is still too soon. Like Cat, I think Phils should take some time off to reassess what it wants out of hosting, especially highlighting the history and richness of the Philippines like Cat. Hindi lang beaches, MU obsession, or sponsor bragging rights (notice how Thailand’s team didn’t even get camera time during the telecast, but their sights and history were all over the show?).

      3 – I like Maureen a lot, but she is not what IMG is looking for as an “empowered” woman. Model lang. Plus medyo nilamon siya at Miss USA 2015 in terms of personality and presence. Besides isn’t she still under contract with MWP? Pretty sure she will not be able to crossover for BbP 2019. All behind her for Miss International though.

      For me, Cat’s runner up should be someone with MAJOR MAJOR personality. A Vietnam type who you just can’t help but fall in love with even if she is not your typical beauty queen, or heaven forbid, a fan from our competitors in Asia or Latin America. We shouldn’t send another “professional” contestant for the back-to-back kill, dapat mix it up rin. Besides, again, no one can pull a MUning 2.0 – that is setting up a girl to fail from the start.

      4 – I wouldn’t mind this either – a la 2015/2016 dejavu. MU then MI crowns (the latter handed over from Venezuela…). This is where our strongest mestiza should be sent for obvious reasons.

      5 – A&Q is A&Q. However, they are probably going through growing pains as IMG transforms MU and they develop their business. In all honesty, medyo distracted ako with all the Empire PH local chuchu – I don’t personally care for it but I don’t blame Jonas for broadening his business base. At the end of the day, he needs to pay the bills and he has already given almost two decades of his life for the Philippines.

      A&Q’s challenge will be to find and foster empowered women, hindi lang pasarela and social media darlings or showbiz and daughters of formers who want to play beauty queen (we’ve had way too many of the last group recently and save for WynWyn they have all failed to deliver once the starstruck factor fades). If A&Q they can create a Megan and Pia (and yes, even a Cat to some degree) out of our Dark Ages, they can do anything.

      Veronica Limonada only has herself to blame. I follow Latin pageant social media too and yes the Ecuadorians are MAD LOL. Parang Pinoy-level insecure and irritating rin sila. Overdefensiveness a lo maximo. However, V was all over the place in terms of what her “tatak” was and the only thing she was consistent on was the spoiled rich girl who loved to play dress up persona. Even then, her taste was awful. Real Housewives of Guayaquil-level (including Bumgarner’s gowns which were all Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… that may have been sabotage on this part though ).

      Anway, these thoughts are for tomorrow. Today is only Day 3 of Cat’s reign!

      MUning season and Christmas MUna tayo.

      • Thanks for the valuable point of view you brought to the table, @justgrc. Right now, we should celebrate. But the buzz will be loud again next year when the application day for the candidates for Binibining Pilipinas 2019 ( the best pageant in Asia ) approaches and we speculate the girls who could possibly show up, and surprise us.

      • @justgrc: the only thing with those ecuadorians is that they can only see limonada’s physical beauty. she may be a nice person and great to be with for those who really know her, pero MU is a job inday. you cannot just go there and look bored when you are there for your 2 week interview.

  19. First of all let me congratulate Catriona for bringing home the crown and not disappointing her avid followers.

    My stand on the Miss Universe finals:
    No doubt, Catriona was one if not the best during that night, however everyone here knows that I’m not a fan of hers but I have to give credit to her for an oustanding performance.

    Personally, Catriona was perfect until the top 5 Q&A when nervousness and uncertainty was written all over her face. She seemed taken aback by the controversial issue. Amongst the top 5, she has the weakest answer. If i were to choose my top 3 based on top 5 Q&A alone, it would be Venezuela, Puerto Rico and my bet Vietnam but when Catriona was called as one of the top 3, I knew from there that she will go all the way and give the Philippines its 4th Miss Universe crown.

    She was indeed destined to be Miss Universe as signs and premonitions of her winning are abound.

    Vietnam remains as my sentimental favorite in this year’s batch.
    That’s all. Bye!

    • You don’t need to reply dear after all it was not directed to you solely.
      Sorry this is a public forum where everyone can express what they feel.

      • I will reply as much as i feel i want to… after all This is a public forum where everyone can express what they feel. Pimplehead!!!

    • Isubo mo ang samurai para di ka na makapag sabog ng bitterness sa mundong animal ka!!!!

      • Walang maglilinis ng cruise ship. As you know this guy has travelled to many cities around the world via the cruise ship hes cleaning. Palengkera din yan, machong mpbakla daw sya.

    • Huwaaat?? Nervousness and uncertainty all over her face? Pag sure ba? Kay mag biko ta ug Pink!

  20. This is a bit late but HUGE congratulations to Catriona for bagging the coveted Miss U crown. Just when you thought she maxed out during the prelims with her slow mo twirl and alternate sensual smize and megawatt smile, she upped the ante several notches higher in the finals, especially in the evening gown portion and the final Q and A. Cat, you were in a league all your own, and you left the others scrambling to pick up the crumbs so to speak.

    Mak Tumang, a hearty congrats too. You delivered big time with that breath taking lava gown that created great curves for cat and an intense vision of red and reddish colors that kept you glued to Catriona all the time, especially since she was the only one in bold color against pale silver from the rest. It was really powerful to say the least, and it gave all the necessary sexiness, edginess and impact when combined with the lava walk. My beef on the prelims gown is that it made Catriona a bit plump because of the open, round/elongated designs which looked like holes from afar. And it also was not figure hugging, plus the overall look was kind of rough, not sleek. Parang may layers of pop rice scattered in the gown. Nick Verreos also didnt like it very much although it managed to land 18th in his top 20 gowns. Note that he rated Vietnam’s and Indonesia’s gowns 1 and 2 in his list. I posted here before that they had more flair than Cat’s prelims gown. But this is just to clarify why I didn’t like that gown in case you happen to read this. But the finals gown. WOW! It carried Catriona right to the top! That was a successful blend of symbolism and flair, drama and fashion, sexy and class. In short, IMPACT. I’m writing this because it is not all the time that we achieve impact when we want to be symbolic, or authentic to our roots. Just saying.

    Random thoughts…..

    I was never really a fan of Ecuador. Very long eye brows made her look cartoonish at times.
    India as I said was a bit too pageant patty with her exaggerated moves. Combined with a stony face she lacked appeal.
    Canada’s gown was also a winner, along with her face and figure. But she lacked the drive and the energy.
    I said Philippines, South Africa and Venezuela were the tops. They were. Hard to put Venezuela down. She was really performing with effortless power and smooth moves. To think she is only 19. She can be polarizing though because her look is also borderline cartoonish, but still endearing. She she was not over the top, just almost.
    Vietnam was smooth, but she also looked raw, and lacked power when side by side with the front runners. Her face is not her strength, although she is beautiful. She would make a very good model, both ramp and print.
    Puerto Rico just faded away. Even her gown and her Q and A did.
    Mexico is beautiful, but she is too roundish for comfort. Big round eyes, big round face and big round figure. Her prelims gown made her even look rounder.
    Curacao was exquisite. Reminds you of Janine Togonon, with less power and more graceful moves.

    So we close a chapter in the long but eventful wait for Catriona’s inevitable win. Let’s close this now with only one big word…


    • @Roi: I told my best friend who is a cousin of a certain front runner (Latina) na naging El Tocuyo Awardee (Colombia / Ecuador / Mexico) that the moment his cousin joined their national pageant, she was going to lose. I also told him that if she really wants to win the MU title, maybe next year. Anyway, the cousin joined and won the said national pageant.

      Few months later, nagplano na kami na pumunta sa Thailand to watch MU. Our schedule in uni did not give us free time to watch, so ‘di kami natuloy. He kept asking me if dapat ba talaga siyang pumunta. I told him na if you just want to support, definitely you must go but without expectations. Pero sabi niya ayaw niya daw talagang makitang matalo or hindi pumasok kahit sa semi-finals. Sabi ko, with that mindset, do not go anymore because Catriona is destined to win.

      I was right. He is still baffled at how bold I was to proclaim that everyone who plans to join MU 2018 is going to lose when Cat was crowned. For someone who is really skeptical about these kinds of things, I just said, “destiny & serendipity.”

      Thinking about it now makes me cringe at myself, pero damn, nagkatotoo nga ang sinasabi ng marami. “The crown is hers to lose”.

  21. wala na banyaga ulit na mala Pia and Catriona
    maybe after 40 years half Alien na ang uso

  22. The headlines in Manila today, whether broadsheet or tabloid, were RED. Not grey. Gray.

    Mga bucluh, kung makahagulgol, tila ay sila ang nagwagi. Filipens, indeed. 🙂

  23. Ok lang na hindi muna manalo Philippines next year basta nasa semifinals pa rin anyway mukhang suntok sa buwan ang humanap ng katulad ni Catriona considering na ilang buwan na lang at Binibining Pilipinas na uli. E cherish at namnamin muna ang pagkapanalo ni Cat for few years, she deserves to have our attention sa magiging career niya. Ok lang naman ang mangarap ng back to back pero so far kuntento na naman ang karamihan.

    • These El Tocuyo 2018 girls’ rude behavior had early laid their Miss Universe plight to rest. Inner self defines beauty in any aspect.

    • By the end of the day, hindi UNITED NATIONS ang ina-address ni Cat. Booty Peygent po as said by our Angkol.

  24. sino naman ang pang back to back ng Felepens


    aasa na naman sa mga banyaga

    • Bat di ikaw ang gawing panlaban…
      Sigurado panalo ang gandang Pinoy sayo…
      Inom ka lagi ng turmeric, para manilaw ka…

    • Si Fatty Vettita isalang natin pang back-to-back. Tingnan natin hanggang saan abutin. Ganda ka?

    • Yung pinupush ninyong si Maria Andrea Abesamis! Kahit overage na next year e push nyo pa rin!!! Sige na push na!

    • Ikaw…sumali rin…
      Malakas ang Laban mo..
      Pumuputok ang kagandahan..
      Pwedeng kang turmeric beauty…

  25. Lava gown


    hometown mo ay Cairns dun na lumaki at nag aral.

    I am sure nakalagay sa birth certificate ni Catriona na Australian
    ang birth place ay Cairns, Queensland, Australia

    ang Albay at Mayon ay lugar ng INA niya!! bakasyunan mo lang yun

    maka angkin jusmayo!!

    know your facts

    • Tama na ang kuda bakla move on na, habang ang halos ang lahat ay nagdidiwang ikaw naman panay pagka poot at galit pa rin ang namumutawi sa itim mong budhi!

      • Nanggagalaiti sa inggit ang inggitera..😂😂😂
        Hindi maka move on..
        What a waste of an animal…

    • Galit ka lang kasi talunan ang Maria Andrea Abesamis mo. She would have never stood a chance against South Africa and Venezuela. Comm skills pa lang even if she can speak English.


  26. Trolling is a form of admiration chanelled through negativity in order to praise someone without losing one’s ego in the process. Either the troll is afraid that others might know he’s obsessed over someone/thing, or he is in denial for liking this someone/thing. The more people they annoy, the more assurance they get for themselves.

    I suggest ignoring these trolls. No reply or likes, whatsoever. Let them be. They’ll die eventually. They’re boring now. Predictable. Redundant. And most of the time, fake.

  27. Wynwyn for MUP if she has not aged out . Alternative : an it girl like but she needs a lot of training at Q&A
    Wynonah Buot – MIP or MGI . Great speaker .

  28. Shades of Diaz, Moran winning after a span of few years. Hope it doesn’t take another 42 years waiting after this.

    Her final look is reminiscent of Miss Universe 2009, Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela.

    • Ako naman naalala ko pinaghalong Irene Esser and Stefania Fernandez siya kahapon! 🙂

  29. I think almost all pageant fans agree naman of Catriona winning the title. meron lang latin pages na ayaw.. kasi hindi nakapasok sa top 20.. *cough* co lom bia *cough* CHAROT.

    daming inaaccuse kesyo binili daw ni madam ang korona. HAHAHAH AS IF.. hindi naman nila alam na walang budget ang BPCI! Hello… hahahaha kaloka.

    But anyway, i am sooooo excited for her MU journey sana more travels more events and all.

    Can’t wait for her fadil shots. ❤

    • I cannot help but laugh. I wasted an hour going through many pages (yes, may time! kaunti lang naman), and the worst bitterellas I found so far are surprisingly the Ecuadorians, not the Indonesians (ingay lang naman ang meron sila) or the Colombians (to be fair, gets ko naman!).

      So many of them just insist that Virginia is the real winner and they got robbed. Dahil maganda at curvy y buena cuerpo panalo na agad? Robbed where? If so, there were 19 women “robbed” before her. Well, the troll in me just had to say that if she could not really make it to Miss World, how can she make it to Miss Universe with “La Pobreza de la hotel” and not really apologize, but just “explain” her “idioms” ?

      I’m also glad she did not make it to the semis, much more to the top 10. Why? Her gown was a puke fest of pink as if it was bought off the rack. Nothing wrong with “off the rack”, but her prelims gown is a thousand times better. That was divine! For a Bumgarner gown, that pink one was among the ¡Qué horror! for the super bowl of pageants. I wonder what her team was thinking about when they conceptualized that gown. Day event? To make matters worse, hindi ba malas sa kanya ang kulay na yon? Pink din ang suot niya nung natalo siya sa MW.

      Anyway, this is just me ranting that Michelle Huet (Miss International Ecuador) should have went to MU instead. Mukhang may mas laban si girl sa utak and charm department. She made it to Top 8, so all is well.

      • i am following a certain pageant account and all i am seeing is love from Indonesia, Venezuela, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.

        Ecuador’s aura was dry. idk pero parang natuyot ang beauty niya.,, again, hindi lang naman swimsuit and gown ang labanan, may panel interviews din.

        that pink with silver (or gold?) belt? isn’t also a bumgarner creation? was it really for the finals or just the photoshoot? I actually thought she will be wearing an Almodal gown. di ba nga, dami niyang photoshoot with Leo Almodal? LOL

      • @MrManila: It seemed like yun na ang finals look niya. Nag post siya immediately after nung naligwak na siya. It was kind of telling na baka yun na nga kasi agad-agad, tatlong pics ng pink look ang pinost niya. Nagupload din si Mark ng pic na ‘yon. Unless yung prelims gown niya talaga ang gagamitin niya. Yun lang pink at prelims gown niya ang naka “custom mark bumgarner”.

        Walang post si Almodal. Puro Catriona lang ang nasa account niya ngayon nung nanalo, hehe. Yan tuloy ang daming bashers sa page niya na latino. Sad.

      • Hmm, Magbitang is tall and very “Filipina” but she needs a lot of work on her communication skills. Like a lot. Lemonon might do well in Supranational or if she focuses on her advocacy with the DOTR, might be OK with MUP. Wynonah Buot might do well in MGI (considering we are sending a rep to MGI, after that fiasco with Eva and MGI throwing shade at Miss Earth LOL) and Samantha Bernardo for International, maybe. This is only if we are talking about “recycling” candidates.

  30. Good thing that there is a positive to read in the newspaper about our country. Hoping her victory will give more hope to our country. Is time to move on and look for the best candidate for Bb. Pilipinas 2019 beauty contest. I hope they will send another good representative next year.

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