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  1. Oh where o where is our friend, Fabian the doubtful? And some other ones whose names are forgettable now…

    I want to give them a big hug and say “we believe in you! The reason you could not believe that Cat would be Miss Universe 2018 is because you were told as a child that that life does not belong to you and that dream is not yours!”

    I watched with my parents and I kept telling my Mom that Cat had this in the bag. Yet she kept saying no Puerto Rico is strong, Vietnam is strong, oh Canada has an expensive Michael Cinco, South Africa is a doctor, Venezuela wins all the time. She didn’t want her heart broken. Laki rin siya sa hirap ng Pinas. So I understand the “don’t expect anything and you will never be disappointed” mentality.

    However dreams are free. And, even with the most overwhelming dreams, you just take it one step at a time. There is always a silver lining.

    So, to Fabian and all of our doubting brothers and sisters – even our banyaga ones – RAISE YOUR FLAG and say it with us… with 104 million Filipinos… she is CATRIONA MAGNAYON GRAY and she is OUR MISS UNIVERSE 2018!

    (Ok if you say it with moderation too…)

    • Well said, justgrc!

      My problem with Fabian is this: he interjects his own negativity in other people’s comments. Okay naman to have and to give your independent views and opinion. It’s your freedom of speech but unfortunately, pakialamero sya sa iba. Where is he hiding now? He’s probably with Carson and Lu, still heartbroken 😭

  2. So happy to see her won the crown…….SHE TRULY DESERVED IT and she worked hard to get it!!!! Let’s keep the streak next year (at least top 10)…………..or 5th crown 🙂

  3. Just like you, Sir Norman, I have always believed in Cat since her MW 2016 journey and up to this day, I still believe that she is a winner in the truest sense of the word !
    Thank you for your blog and everything that you do to make it worthwhile !
    Cheers for more victories in Philippine pageantry 🙂

  4. Thank you Julia Morley for crowning the worst winner in 2016. Because of that, we have the best Miss Universe in 2018

  5. All of us are high on Catriona’s victory right now, but reality is beginning to set in. Cat is a very tough act to follow. Is there another Filipina strong enough to fill her shoes??? Talking about tremendous pressure. But not now. I don’t think I can sleep tonight. I’m still ecstatic over Cat’s win. Congratulations to anyone who have faith in Cat and supported her in her journey. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

      • I agree, @Adrian. My point is, I just want a candidate who gives her all. Vietnam, Venezuela & South Africa in Miss Universe 2018 are good examples of that, someone who will give other girls a run for their money, kahit na hindi manalo. Rachel Peters, & Maxine Medina are just resting on their laurels in their MU editions. I wanna see a fighter, because if you picked a complacent girl to represent our sash, the battle is over before it began. I hope Maureen Montague will lose in Miss Eco international and joins Binibining Pilipinas, she’s a respectable follow up to Catriona.

      • Totally agree with dandyrandy. Catriona is now the new standard, not just for a Philippine representative but for ANY candidate. Don’t bother showing up if you just worked on your pasarela, or your evening gown or your bathing suit body. Candidates now have to think of their TOTAL PACKAGE and the point of DIFFERENTIATION they can bring to the contest.

        This is why Cat’s victory is oh so sweet! The girl prepared and strategized and worked hard. She deserve this win!

    • I’m excited naman for how the pageant world will evolve after how Cat secured the crown. I mean, the inspired OOTD, the videos, the natcos and that gown! A new era for sure, not merely beauty and ganda ng gown and outfits but having meaning. It would be great din if the Phil extended a helping hand to Malaysia,love them for always being friends without malice with our reps. And more ingenious ideas sa Natcos.

  6. This blog is my go to source for pageant updates. No other blog matches its no non-sense contents. The articles are short, light and sweet.

  7. During the final statement round of top 20 wherein top 10 would be determined, Ms. Australia said that she’s an advocate of cultural diversity…that there is no one single definition of beauty but embracing one’s difference is what truly makes you beautiful. So ironic hahaha! Look what she did along with Misses Usa and Colombia to Misses Vietnam and Cambodia.

  8. I never had any doubt on Catriona after winning MUP…
    I know she will make a history by winning MU.
    Kaya galit na galit ako sa mga trolls dito pag binabash sya… ayaw ko man patulan kaya lang minsan diko mapigil. O e nasaan na ngayon sila? Nakanganga pa rin! Di matanggap ang pagkapanalo ni Cat sa BbP, kaya baka magsuicide na sila ngayon sa pagkapanalo ni Cat sa MU.
    Kaya pag may mabalitaan kayo na nagpatiwakal, alam na!

    • Masaya ako na patay na silang lahat. The world needs people with probity, kindness and compassion. They’re the least this universe needs.

    • oo naman…why not? asan na mga kampon mo? si fabian?fatty vetita? ikaw nlang ang nega dito…or iisang tao lang kayong tatlo ? pathetic…hahaha

  9. The simple fact is that the other candidates just could not cope up with Cat. Look at Colombia, Mexico, even Puerto Rico and sometimes, South Africa. They all looked haggard. They all always tried to surpass Cat but it took so much effort on their part. The simple reason is that Cat is 100% prepared. She should coach a Master Class for future Miss Philippines Universe delegates. Raise your Flag !!!

    • after so many years of following norman blogs, this is th first time urging my self to response..this statement @jaretwrightlover is soooo true…agreee 100%…amazing analysis dude

    • Hahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahha

      • Agree! Cat had amazing stamina to be able to perform on top level each time she was on stage even during the prelims. Most candidates inc PR, SA and Albania tried to save their best for the finals. Too late for Albania, she didn’t make the top 20. Cat made the rest of the candidates look lethargic especially during the prelims.

        The difference between her and the rest of the ladies was Cat was there to compete and enjoy each moment at the same time. The rest put too much pressure on themselves. Philippines, Venezuela and Vietnam were my top 3 after the prelims. They were the most chill and they all looked like they were enjoying what they were doing on stage while slaying on it.

        Kudos to Venezuela and Vietnam for choosing not to have interpreters for their 15 sec speeches unlike PR who is fluent in English but chose to have an interpreter to give her more time to think.

        The judges for sure noticed Cat’s amazing stamina and drive that is needed when you are the current MU with the hectic schedule they have. Having the same set of judges helped Cat a lot since they’ve witnessed her epic prelims performance and know that the Cat is the most consistent contestant who brings her A-game wherever she is and whatever she’s doing.

  10. Sashes and scripts got their prediction right, in the exception of Venezuela.

    Curacao, Akisha Albert
    Venezuela, Sthefany Gutierrez
    2nd Runner up – Puerto Rico, Kiara Liz Ortega
    1st Runner up – South Africa, Tamaryn Green
    Miss Universe 2018 – Philippines, Catriona Gray

    World peace 🙂

    • I actually predicted that Velenzuela, Puerto Rico, Philippines, and South America, to be in top 5………plus Canada as the 5th one, but Vietnam took that spot and Canada ended up being top 6th…….

    • My top 3 after the prelims were Philippines, Venezuela and Vietnam. I think Venezuela should have been top 2 but it was close between her and SA. I wanted Curacao in the top 5 too but she lacked energy.

  11. Wish fulfilled for the blogger : another MU crown for Filipens in his lifetime. Omedatou, Tinio San.

    Galing2x ng blogger. 🙂 Sana as a result, he begins delegating and start putting together his pageant empire. Like he said, semi-retirement na ang peg niya. He just got even busier lately.

    I hope food companies saw the reaction videos. Do they realize just how much money they made today? Chips, crackers, colas, cakes, etc…. (CALORIES, and it’s just the start of the Holidays).

    GORGEOUS bouquet as only the Thais can execute! Look how neatly the sampaguita was strung….

  12. buti na lang hindi torch ang ginamit niya

    kundi now mga bata ang ginamit nya
    basta gamitin ang bata sa speech mananalo talaga
    may pa silverlining pa ang lola mo

  13. im sure sasali si Mariel De Leon next year sa bbp ulit
    para MUP siya then back to back MU

  14. banyaga si Pia
    banyaga Catriona
    asa na lang sa banyaga

    nagkalakas loob mga plus size woman

    salamat kay twinnie Fatty,, congratulations

    • HahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahgahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahgagagahahahaHahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahgahahahahAhahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaha

  15. I understand that there is risk in providing predictions to a strong candidate, such as Catriona Gray. It migt jinx her. However, if most of the experts believed that Catriona was in the running towards becoming the next Miss Universe–which SHE now is–then its no longer a risk. It’s anticipation.

    Now the question is, Will Catriona Gray be here in the Philippines soonest? Per Frontrow’s RS Francisco: immediately after being crowned Miss Universe, the titleholder will travel to the Philippines to grace a Frontrow event. Ganun-ganun na lang ba?

    Catriona deserves a grandest homecoming. Sana mag-giveway muna ang Frontrow. Kelangan bongga ang pagdating ng reyna.

    That’s all.

    • I think the Frontrow stint here in the Philippines will have only pushed through if the winner was from another country other than PH. But since si Cat ang nanalo and her first trip back to the country after winning should be for her homecoming, most probably bibitinin muna tayo ng IMG. They would want to raise the anticipation of Pinoys for Cat’s return even further. Saka para din may enough time sina Madam to prepare for a bonggang homecoming. So I guess she will do Media Week in the US first

      • Unorthy, sana ganun nga. Dapat matindi ang preparation, malampasan pa ang homecoming ni Pia. Okay lang ‘yan na bitinin tayo ng konti. I’ll be back in the Manila by January. Sana sa January ang homecoming. Hihihi!

      • Ana, no doubt that Cat’s homecoming will be extravagant. That’s 100% given. But it being more bongga than Pia’s? im not sure. It’s not because of the girls, but it’s because of the waiting before another crown. With Pia we waited for 42 years with 4 years of consecutive almost-there finishes, so the anticipation of the people was really at its maximum. With Cat we waited just three years, on top of the fact na the “powerhouse status” has gotten to many of us Pinoys’ thinking na. I could be wrong tho, . After all, Cat deserves only the best

  16. Thanks for all your coverage of the 2018 Miss Universe Pageant! See you again next year. Hope it will be held in the Philippines again in 2019. Congratulations to Catriona. Misses South Africa and Venezuela were great competition to our queen but Miss Philippines prevailed.

    • I recall DOT Secretary Berna Puyat made a previous statement to local media that they will only entertain the prospect of hosting MU again when another Miss Philippines wins. Since we just did and considering the global mileage Catriona’s win has paved, then she should be true to her words. We’ll see if it happens.

  17. kakahiya yung basher ni Angela Ponce

    mga Pinoy

    pinakita pa sa video

    kakahiya talag mga slap soils

  18. Regardless of what the future holds for the PH pageantry, ikaw ay isang “institusyon” na! 🙂
    Mabuhay ka, Tito Norman! ❤

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