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  1. Congratulations, Philippines!

    Nakakaiyak ang ginawa ni Catriona. Super proud here in Seattle. Grabe! I am still jumping off my feet!

    As soon as Venezuela gave her answer, I knew it right there and then that Cat would win Miss Universe. Her answer was the most accurate because she gave her personal thoughts about her lesson in life mentioning her experience in Tondo and that she would spread her advocacy during her journey as Miss Universe.

    Well done, Catriona.

  2. WE WERE ALL EXPECTING CATRIONA TO WIN.. BUT iba pa rin ang feeling pag andyan na. di ka pa rin makapaniwala. good things come to those who really persevere and do things with their hearts.

    Congratulations, Catriona. You were destined to the Universe kahit nasa World ka pa.

    • I think the anointed front runners this year are The Philippines, South Africa & Puerto Rico.
      Puerto Rico’s nerves cost her a slot in the Top 5, plus, she has only one look, the smile.
      South Africa ran out of steam, starting with her clumsy walk in the evening gown competition. On the top 3 Q & A, low batt na si ate.
      The Philippines had a slight danger in the top 5 Q & A, she had a short answer to the legalization of marijuana. Good thing is, Vietnam & Puerto Rico gave generic, pageant patty answers to their questions, pushing Cat tot he Top 3.
      And the Top 3 Q & A? Cat demolished the competition completely. She blow those two out of the water.
      And the Mikimoto crown looked great on her!!!!!

  3. Namatay na siguro si fatty, pabyan and their minions. Hay salamat. May universal peace na!

    • Wala ka na magagawa that is destiny. Luto man because of Filipino judges or hindi that is called fate! Stars aligned pati pagtrip ni SA and Nepal written in the stars!

  4. Congratulations Cat!

    I’m still overwhelmed….
    It’s just the beginning of your incredible journey and we’ll all be behind you every step of the way!

    We love you Catriona Magnayon Gray,
    Miss Universe 2018!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lecheng yang Miss International na yan.. We could have had two of the major crowns this year with Queen Cat and Queen Ahtisa… hmmmmp!!!

    Sooooooo happy and well deserved Catriona.

    What a slap in the face to Master Chef Hulya when Catriona mentioned Tondo Manila in her final answer… It’s almost as if she used her BWAP to show Miss World what they missed in her…

    Clap clap clap clap from the US! I hope to catch Cat in NYC!!!!

  6. Boring. Oh well, conratulations to Catriona. May she enjoy the last breaths of pageantry as it has become archaic in our times and has now become monotonous that even pageant fans themselves are getting tired of. Even here in the Philippines, hindi na din masyadong nanunuod ng pageants.

    • Grabe ka naman. kahit ako mas fan ng sagot ni Venezuela and SA but let us be proud of our country PH

      • Obviously your facility with the English language that u can not comprehend simple English. Repeater ka yata sa English 101. POOR U!

    • Mapait pa rin. Kasing asim ng kulubot na mukha ang comment. Poor gurl. Bitterness reigns in her fatty heart

    • Hija yang archaic na word na yan kinuha mo sa tanong k Ms. Venezuela. KAWAWA KA NAMAN!

      • Hija this is not the first time that pageants were called archaic as it is a pretty common description of pageants nowadays.

    • It has become a national pastime na. Dati mga gays lang me paki dyan. Now pati mga straights nag po-post na ng Miss U sa FB and twitter. Pati younger millennials. Ngayon pa ba sya malala-ocean deep eh pwede na sumali mga transwomen. Mas lalo na aabangan yan.

  7. Kaya pala di nanalo sa cooking show because shell win THE MOST PRESTIGOUS TITLE of them all.

  8. Nahadlangan na naman po ng PH ang almost back to back win! Yay! Mas okay sana si Venezula runner up para palitan sila sa Miss International. Pero whatever, Congratulations Cat!!

  9. Pansin nyo ba? Sa top 5 si Cat lang naiiba ang color ng gown tapos nasa gitna pa!

    Lucky charm nya yung ear cuff!

    • Si Pia ang may kagagawan. Imagine if hindi siya nag usog ng I wanna show the world, the universe rather.

      So watch out whatever comes out of this woman’s mouth!

    • Kahit pa yun Orange ang sinuot she would glow. The fire red gown and the aura was just perfection. If its yours, it is really yours.

  10. Nahadlangan na naman po ng PH ang almost back to back win! Yay! Mas okay sana si Venezula runner up para palitan sila sa Miss International. Pero whatever, Congratulations Cat!!

    • Nagpalit na ng ID. Proud to be filipino na yun. Nagcecelebrate din yun ngayon Lol 😀

  11. Dapat pala naka 3 corona tayo ngayong dekada kung nasungkit ni janine nug 2011 ang title

    • The strongest decade showing:
      2 MU
      1 1st R-Up
      4 Top 5/6
      2 Top 10

      Imagine si MJ and Rachel na ang “low” performer ng dekada. Thats a very high standard. At kung pumasok sa Q&A ito dalawa ewan ko nalang 😀

  12. My eternal thanks to friends who gave me the link so I can watch from the west! My goodness, what a suspenseful show.. and a win well earned by Catriona and her team! Grabe!

    Mabuhay! So proud to be Pinoy!

  13. Merry Christmas Philippines! It was the most deserving win in recent memory as she was so unstoppable in every stage of the competition. Indeed she was so “in the moment” and so breezy in her responses that in one fleeting moment, all constellations aligned for her. I know it’s poetic and bittersweet at the same time because what the WORLD had denied, the UNIVERSE has welcomed with a bang! I’m so overwhelmed that analyzing the whole pageant is moot and academic! She has proven to the world that she indeed is Queen.


    • Please. Enough. Its their prerogative and taste. Respect that. Panalo na nga eh. Be grateful sabi ni Cat!

      • @Casper Yup, same observation here. This is still a show and they need to cultivate a storyline.

    • Sinabi ng sinabihan sila to hush hush para di mahalata. Forgive them for they know what they do.

    • They were sticking to the tagline that it’s not expected. Miss Universe is veering away from frontrunners or favorites. It will help them attract other markets.

  15. Finally, the crowning moment that we wanted but were deprived of in 2015! Congratulations Cat and to her team!

  16. She delivered her best in the most crucial moment of the pageant! She was the sure winner after the final 3 interview – and also the most beautiful. A big slap on the face of Julia! Mess World is nothing now! Sino na nga ba ang nanalo sa cooking show na yon?

  17. I knew she had “it” in the bag already ! Redemption, Yes ! Miss World’s loss is MU’s gain ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. To the detractors…Now I would say…Never mind…I won’t lift a finger. Tulog na muna ako. It is all well. Congrats Catriona, you represented us the new league of Filipinos…

  19. MEOWWWW 😸😼 To all bashers. Congratulations Miss Universe 2018 is Catriona Gray of the Philippines 😃😀😄😆😉😊😁😍😙😚😗🤗☺

    • What a beautiful reminder when you said ” she took us along in her Miss U journey. Lovely. Indeed she did. She worked for all of us to make our country proud. Perfect!

    • Its a repeat of 2014 na kung saan ang labanan na lang ay ang 2nd place to 4th place.

      Congrats Cat!!!!

  20. Miss Universe 2018 – Catriona Gray, Philippines!!!!!!
    1st Runner Up – Tamaryn Green, South Africa ( I thought she’s going to be 2nd Runner Up, I find her answer lacking conviction. She ran out of gas, and I think her evening gown malfunction broke down her confidence. Poor girl. )
    2nd Runner Up – Sthefany Gutierrez,Venezuela ( I really thought she’s gonna be 1st Runner Up )

    • Puerto Rico’s lack of pageant experience did her in during the final elimination round I think. She looked so stressed out toward the end.

    • Yes the gown malfunction impacted her confidence thereafter but even so I thought the EG round was Catriona and Canada. Well, probably the women judges found the Michael Cinco gown too much and impractical (became like a wedding train).

    • Same here. Tapos nung tinawag na 2nd runner up si vene, naisip ko lalong panalo na tayo. Better na nga ang sagot ni Cat, tapos parang malabo pa ang back to back. Haha

  21. So, bashers, eat your nasty, evil bitter words against Cat.

    Cat has proven she’s the one!

    Congratulations Cat and the Philippines 🎊🎉🎂🎂🎉🎊

  22. the whole 100M Filipino people are sooo proud of u Catriona… maraming salamat!!!

  23. I’m absolutely crying. Congratulations to our very own Catriona, MISS UNIVERSE!!!

      • I went through AN ENTIRE BAG OF COOKIES and I’m almost done with the ice cream. Good I have tomorrow off. There’s no way I can sleep after all this. I LOVE IT! MABUHAY PHILIPPINES! MABUHAY CATRIONA!!!!

      • Same here! I’ll be spending my days off scouring the net and IG for reactions, blogs and videos along with a ton of food!

  24. HOLY SHIT!!! Congrats to our 4th Miss Universe! Catriona’s been avenged! Eat dirt Julia Morley! YASSS!

  25. Omg. Its really her destiny! Congratulations Catriona! Congratulations Philippines!

    • Joke lang. Di na kayo mabiro. Yeheeey! Yung 3 o 4 na basher kumakain ng suka ngayong pananghalian.

  26. Catriona’s answer to the final question about the life altering lessons she learned while working to uplift the lives of children in the slums is far better than the other 2 finalists. It would be a crime not to give her the crown! Seriously!

  27. 2nd runner up – South Africa 1st runner up venezuel, MISS UNIVERSE – PHILIPPINES!!!!!

    • Cat. Is so beautiful and articulate
      But Venezuela has an amazing personality . U would fall in love with her

  28. OMG! They asked CAT my question… I mentioned it many times on this blog and many other forums..

    She was never asked and never answered it on any recorded interview in the past.

  29. Cat the most beautiful in the Top 5. She is on fire.

    No one gave an impactful answer. Everyone playing safe. Its really up to destiny now. All the best, Cat & Philippines!

    • We’ll see Fabbie. Madali ang question sa kanya… I think Cat’s answer was on point. There’s really nothing else to expand about it that will make everyone go wow.

  30. May nag-comment sa LIVE ng Misso. Sabi, “hindi po ako gay. GF ko po ang nanood. Gamit niya laptop ko”.

  31. Canada Curaçao South Africa ……
    OMG they didn’t even mention Philippines
    Is that a sign of what to come ?
    OMG !!!

  32. South Africa’s shoe heel caught in her gown hemline will definitely cost her. ☹️

    Cat’s gown presentation is the unique one of the lot! The gown truly made her stand out by leaps and bounds! And her signature ear cuff finally made its presence felt! Bravo! 👏👏👏

    I just have to say that Canada truly saved the best for last with the same Michael Cinco gown appearing with that resplendent showstopper of a train this time around. 😮😮😮

  33. Congrats Michael Cinco!

    In a strong group, SA in danger in that round and it did not she was 1st to come out.

    Cat is Top 3 in EG. She is fighting. Im nervous who would be Top 5!!! OMG!!!

  34. The hosts were told not o comment so much about philippines, baka mahalata na favored sya.

    • Sounds to me they already have a winner even before Q and A! Stars aligned and hard work paid off! Congrats to PH!

  35. I was about to comment, why was Cat not in chi’s ad.. then the evening gown teaser came up. aww. #kittycat #wearthecrown #labanpinas

  36. I’m worried for Cat! I hope she will make it to top 5! Canada and South Africa are just oozing with confidence. I hope Cat will do well or rather excel in gown. Or maybe the commentators just doesn’t like her!

  37. Extremely competitive 10. Cat is not safe at all in Swimsuit. That cape is not working for her. More prayers! 🙂

  38. MGa commentators never na mention si Philippines halatang ayaw nila kay Cat. Sana mali ako pero why puerto rico was called last and had longer exposure on swimsuit.

  39. Gosh, palaban lahat sa swimsuit!!! Walang patapon. Kahit si Costa Rica…Good luck Cat!!!

    • 4m I am really nervous for Cat
      SA and Canada mymymy
      And all of them are articulate
      I don’t even know if Cat will make top 5

      • Fabbie we need to trust that the stars are aligned for her.. Agree most of them are conversationalist. I hope the stars are really aligned in her favor. I think PR, SA, PH. Nepal and Vietnam will be in the tough five.

        Canada is super gorgeous. Puerto Rico too. They are all unleashing the energy missing from prelims…

  40. OMG it’s very competetive
    Vietnam and Thailand are the only ones are not facially beautiful

  41. Europe shut out of the top 10? Yep!
    No USA or Australia in the top 10.
    Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador did not even make the top 20!

    Lesson? Ladies, there are cameras and video cams everywhere! 😉

  42. Awww, my heart goes to Angela Ponce. She is right, she don’t need to win Miss Universe, being there is a big achievement enough. And I’m sure she will do a great work in this world, educating people about tolerance to trangender person like her, in able to spread equality and combat ignorance about gender issues.

  43. SA Costa Rica Philippines PR and Canada
    I love Curaçao And Nepal Too
    Wynwyn should join BP .. if she’s still ok next yr

  44. Catriona slaaaaayyyed the opening statement segment as expected with so much conviction, sensibility, confidence, sensitivity, grace and poise! 👏👏👏

    • She’s never cringe-worthy! The only candidate that I listened to and looked at.

      USA is so irritating, from the first interview to here.

      • And you should know what being irrationally and irritatingly biased is all about because you’re serving it in spades – right, Fabian Reyes or whoever you really are?

  45. Of the top 20, only 3 spanish speaking reps…
    PR, CR and VEN…

    Wow…this surely is not Donald Trump’s MU pageant anymore!

  46. the strongest ladies who got in are mostly from Asia and the pacific / africa region.
    South Africa


    SURPRISES – wala ang “kalaban ni catriona” na si Colombia!

    I thought Indonesia will not make it.

    MEXICO wla din!

    ECUADOR laglag din. OMG ang daming el tocuyo awardees.

    • SPAIN! Akala pa naman natin lahat ipapasok siya kasi para pag-usapan. but i think Cat is doing that work. CHAROT.

      feeling ko pnagbigyan lang si Spain na makasali. lol

  48. Last year, sabi ng ilan, “at least Peters ang nanalo” (referring to our Rachel).

    DLNP is “the woman who has overcome many fears,… whom you could ask nothing more from”.

  49. Thank you. Great year and classy MU.
    Hopefully all works out with Tim Tebow.

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