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  1. The fight for the crown is between Philippines, Puerto Rico, South Africa and Canada. Who can give the best answer will bring home the crown. I’m still rooting for Philippines but I’m not really 100% sure if she will make it. I left some pessimism in me knowing that too much pressure and expectation might get into her nerves and she will end up losing the crown like what happened to Thailand last year. I wish Cat could keep her composure intact and take the competition one step at a time by enjoying the moment and not thinking too much about winning. Good luck Cat! Whatever is the outcome, we are TREMENDOUSLY PROUD OF YOU!

  2. Miss Universe: Philippines
    1st runner up: South Africa
    2nd Runner up: Mexico

    top 5: Puerto Rico
    top 10: Panama

    Top 20: USA
    Great Britain

  3. My Miss Universe 2018
    1. Philippines
    2. Puerto Rico
    3. Canada
    4. South Africa
    5. Thailand

    6. Vietnam
    7. Nigeria
    8. Curacao
    9. Venezuela
    10. Albania

    11. Brazil
    12. Mexico
    13. Japan
    14. India
    15. Ireland
    16. Denmark
    17. Great Britain
    18. Ecuador
    19. Greece
    20. Russia

    21. USA attitude issue
    22. Colombia attitude issue
    23. Australia attitude issue
    24. Indonesia
    25. Peru
    26. China
    27. El Salvador
    28. Nepal
    29. Cambodia
    30. Jamaica
    31. Costa Rica
    32. Kenya
    33. Ghana
    34. Germany
    35. Panama

    • Sorry there so many that i want to include, sadly i forgot to include Malta in my list should be #20 and russia in 26 not china.

    1. Philippines
    2. South Africa
    3. Thailand
    4. Australia
    5. Vietnam

    1. Canada
    2. Puerto Rico
    3. Curacao
    4. Colombia
    5. Venezuela

    1. Iceland
    2. Great Britain
    3. Russia
    4. France
    5. Albania

    1. Panama
    2. Japan
    3. Kenya
    4. India
    5. USA

    TOP 10
    1. Philippines
    2. Puerto Rico
    3. South Africa
    4. Colombia
    5. Curacao
    6. Canada
    7. Kenya
    8. Thailand
    9. India
    10. Iceland

  5. Although it’s a beauty contest by definition, the Miss Universe pageant is a global brand. And in this era of “Me Too” and “Times Up Movement,” it has to align itself with themes that currently resonate with women. The panel of judges alone is an indication that the organization wants to take its brand in this direction to stay relevant.

    I can only surmise that Paula Shugart and her team are looking for the candidate who has the qualities to help them redefine what the “Miss Universe” title stands for. Pia is absolutely right when she said that it’s a spokeperson role. Moreover, whoever is crowned takes the title of “Chief Marketer” whose job is to advocate for confidence, beauty and empowerment.

    All of that being said, there’s only one candidate who is up to the task and to no surprise, it’s our bet: Miss Philippines, Catriona Gray.

    Good luck Cat on Monday. Bring home the crown!!!

  6. According to Paolo Coelho’s, “The Alchemist”, each human being has a Personal Legend – that one thing a person is destined to be. Sadly, many of us don’t pursue it because obligations like mortgages, tuition fees, families etc. get in the way. However, for those who bravely pursue it, it says the sun, the moon and the stars will align in helping one achieve it. Clearly, Catriona Gray has pursued her dream to become a titleholder of one of the worlds most prestigious crowns relentlessly, courageously despite overwhelming odds. That said, Miss Universe 2019 must be really her destiny.

  7. My Top 5
    1) Philippines
    2) Australia
    3) Brazil
    4) Canada
    5) Ecuador

    From here on is all luck. May all the stars in the universe align for Cat tomorrow.

    Also, I won’t be surprised if these powerhouse ladies: USA, Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico and India will get El Tocuyo awards.

    South Africa for me is Top 10. The black beauties of Great Britain, Curacao and Nigeria will also be a shoo-in.

  8. My TOP 20 (In order)
    Puerto Rico
    South Africa
    Great Britain

  9. All I can say is Cat will give us the moon and the stars in the Universe on Sunday night (Monday am PH time).
    Go Cat and clinch the Philippines’ 4th MU crown. The best of luck and God bless. ❤💫💙💚💞💄💎💍👒.
    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas !

  10. Definitely, Catriona has delivered an exceptional performance, not just in the preliminaries, but in her daily appearances. She has incorporated our history & culture into the details of her every appearance. You can see the love for country in all the thought & preparation she put into her Universe journey. She’s a top contender and rightfully so.

    My concern is the all-female judges. Catriona is the alpha candidate right now, leading the competition. I was initially concerned about Cat’s preliminary gown, that it was too overtly sexy & that that might backfire with an all-female panel (design & construction-wise though, kudos to Mak Tumang). However, I remember that Ariana Grande said recently that women can be “sexual and talented, naked and dignified” … it’s their “choice.”

    I hope this female panel of judges approach femininity in the same way. They are somewhat older than Ariana, though, so am not sure if they are attuned to millennial feminism (may I just point out that the last all-female panel of judges at Miss USA 2015 crowned a winner, Olivia Jordan, who wore a full ballgown & not a “sexy” dress).

    At any rate, I hope Cat can show the judges her genuineness, her down-to-earth & humble personality, her sweetness, her thoughtfulness, on competition day. She will definitely nail looking the part–beauty & glamor & fierceness–but in the end, character, thoughtfulness, intelligence & innate elegance will win the crown.

    I know Cat is all these things. I hope luck will be on her side & allow her to show all this tomorrow.

    • Cat’s biggest competition are her nerves…just like what happened in MW 2016. As long as she stays relaxed and focused and hungry for the crown, she will win them all !!! eyes on the prize !!!

    • @ my 2 centavos : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Well put the all-female judging panel.

      I wish to add that I think too much sweetness – or (fake sugar) saccharine – could be annoying to fellow women. Those were serious entrepeneurs and might have little patience for exaggerated or unnecessary emotional gestures which I read (on another pageant site) is characteristic of millenials (hence their heavy use of emojis).

      But the Gray Cat probably toned it down during the Preliminary Interviews. So, there.

      • Good point re: sweetness. I hadn’t considered that in relation to the judges who are all highly accomplished in their fields. I guess I would substitute the word “sincerity” with “sweetness” then.

        I just read Nick Verreos review of Cat’s evening gown in his top 20 preliminary gown list. The high slit made him uncomfortable, which was my initial reaction as well. Will the female judges look past a sexy dress & see the individual? Do they even need to look past the sexy dress? Can they see smart & motivated & goal-oriented & genuine & empathetic & sincere & elegant & hell yeah sexy & why not!?! I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  11. My Fearless Top 10 Final Hotpicks:


    Great Britain
    Puerto Rico

    TOP 5


    But CANADA can be the DARKEST HORSE here (spoiler), I feel the Iris vibe in her.

    • Maybe China? Lately, MUO has been courting China to host the pageant so I wouldn’t be surprised if China penetrated the Top 20.

  12. basta walang country na nag coastline sa pacific ocean sa top 3, sigurado na si Cat, pero pag nakapasok si Canada at USA sa top 3 or Ecuador.. nakakakaba.. si Puerto Rico wala naman sa pacific ocean coastline country eh… at si South Africa din… so iyang tatlo ang nakakakaba kahit ba napaka strong ni Cat.

  13. Miss Ecuador’s complaining (caught on video) calling the hotel “cheap” hints at her arrogance and high maintenance personality. Hopefully the judges got wind of that and give her placement to a more deserving candidate.

    • Can’t anyone be human and still deserve to be in the top 20?
      I don’t think one statement is enough to define one ‘s character … and destroy her one Dream for eternity .

      • Cut the crap – it’s a competition and she showed her cards. She intended to say what she said about the hotel knowing it was being recorded. Even the candidate next to her cringed. No apologies from her either. She just couldn’t help but be her bitchy entitled self, and whose fault is that!?

      • Goodness.
        What was Ecuador’s complaint? Room service? Soiled bed sheets?

        Well, I am curious the number of ladies put on blast. Mexico, USA, Colombia, Australia and Ecuador are all victims of cameras and videos…
        I’m curious of all their moments of weakness will be on the minds and x-files of the all female judges.

      • Her unsolicited complaint in the video was that the hotel was, to use her words, *barato* : CHEAP.

        It seems the 5-star accommodations at the Dusit Thani aren’t good enough for our princess, LOL.

    • Here we go again. Unless this is below the belt these women can still redeem themselves. Ugly things were said about Paulina Vega having attitude problems, Demi too. To be safe they need to turn heir phones off during the contest but I don’t think this will lessen their chances.

    • So among these ladies under fire, we will see who will emerge, show courage and humility and prove us wrong. Colombia’s eyes already shows defeat and got so affected, really sad for this girl, she would have made it and I hope she realizes it is not yet too late to get back on her feet.

  14. Magandang umaga/ tanghali/ hapon/ gabi sa inyong lahat!!!



    El Tocuyo Awardees: USA, INDIA, COLOMBIA, VENEZUELA, BRAZIL (powerhouses pero hindi masyadong malalakas tulad ng dati, sorry di ko sila feel. I may be wrong. Who knows?)


    • Alex 2 I think you’re wrong about Thailand making it just because it’s in Thailand. There is a reason why she defeated that Megan Young look alike and I now understand why. Saw her up close video and she will make it because of her sincerity and intelligence.

      • Thank you for that, I will look her up, di ko kasi siya napapansin.

        P.S. From now on I will use Alex2.

  15. I agree with your post Tito Norms….

    I’m sure it would be between Nigeria and Namibia.. Nigeria for the beauty and height… Namibia for the co skills and being the homegirl of one of the judges… other possible alternate is Angola who may pale in beauty but has excellent comskills.

    Not surprised if Colombia would get the El Tocuyo award since her statement about transgenders is not the most internationaly acceptable and her small controversies during the competition did not help her counter that at all. On top of that, Miss Colombia org already crowned her successor meaning they are already prepping for their bet next year as if they somehow know that their current bet would not make it to the finals.

    Albania is indeed a fan favorite, and it would be quite amusing if she makes the top 20. I would definitely choose this gorgeous free spirited smoker than any of the mean girls.

    Curacao is definitely the dark horse… Let’s not forget that Curacao is on a placement streak and this year’s bet is our Teresita Sen Marquez’ 1st RUp at Reina Hispano-Americana.

    As for the Top 5, I have a feeling there would be 2 Asians this year… Either Thailand or Vietnam would replace Canada or maybe even Ecuador in the Top 5.

  16. The TINY waist is THE IRRESISTIBLE attribute when feminine beauty is concerned. Through space and time, the classic female form has the tightly-constricted midsection. From this photo grid, LemonV got it. If necessary, twist to give that illusion, as Papantoniou did back in 2002. But yes, am not a fan of this Ecuadorian beauty.

    LOOOONG Asian limbs on Kanchanarin and H’Hen. IMG, please sign them up and allow them to walk the runways of Philippines Fashion Week, too. 🙂

    Cambodia will be my sentimental favorite, the one who truly got away and certainly NOT El Tocuyo! An EXQUISITE ASEAN beauty, like Suansane, Ritthipreuk (MUT 2017 1st RU), and (Ponsap) Ponyothap (MI 2017 Top 8 placer from Vientiane). The kind bored European men go mad for.

  17. Every year there are always a few surprises on who makes the first cut. I would love to see India and Cambodia make the cut. If they do, I would not be surprised to see either one or both advance and give everyone a run for their money.

    I have the same feeling about Colombia not making the first cut. I’ve felt that since she was crowned but thought she would grow on me. She’s beautiful but there’s just something… I feel that way about USA as well. She might make the first cut but I’m not sure about making top 10, we’ll see. Spain is beautiful for who she is. Question I ask myself, “If she were not transgendered, if she were born a woman, would I place her in at least the first cut?”. I’m not sure. I’m on the fence about her. It would be nice to include her in the first cut just to make a statement, but further than that, I’m not sure… no shade just my humble opinion.

    The African/Asian choices are many and difficult as I feel they are the strongest batch this time around. It would not surprise me if the Wild Card selections would be made up of mostly choices from the African/Asian continents. Of course I realize I’m just wishing… 🙂

    Following Catriona’s journey made my heart soar with each progression she made. She’s truly made me proud. She’s not perfect but she has put her entire Being into this journey, her dedication is more than admirable and that more than makes up for any perceived imperfections. I pray the stars align for her and she shines bright during the pageant. Bring home the crown my dear. That said, crown or no crown, what she has done on this journey has surpassed anything ever done before her and she has raised the bar. She has changed the pageant process in The Philippines so that those that follow in her footsteps have to reach high and dig deep. To Catriona, I say, “Thank you” for what you’ve done and for making us all smile from our hearts. She has shown the Universe what a strong, sensitive, dignified, gracious, caring person she is and how she developed that through the Filipino culture and people, and for that, I humbly thank her.

    Bless you Catriona. We love you.

    • Well said, Philip. Thank you for verbalizing my exact same thoughts on Catriona. Win or no win (I am still fervently wishing for a win, of course), the woman has elevated the job of representing the country. Showing up with talent and beauty alone is not enough. Our queens have to put a lot of hard work and draw a winning strategy before they can be considered truly worthy of being the country’s representative.

    • Well, said… Her dedication in showing the culture, traditions of Filipinos. Everything she wears represents Filipino designers. It is carefully planned. So proud of her.

  18. I would not mind if the runners up to Cat are going to be Canada and Namibia (both countries won MU in 2005 and 1992 respectively)

    I worry though that Namibia’s evening gown presentation was underwhelming and she kind of tripped. Her swimsuit presentation was fine and her background story sounds good.

  19. Some of the girls I would watch out for would be Kenya, Namibia and Nigeria… They have gravitas when they present themselves. I bet one or two could pull a Jamaica last year.

    Not a fan of Curacao, she reminds me of the last black Miss USA.

    Canada is beautiful but she doesn’t seem to have the energy on stage.

    South Africa will not make it to top 5.

    There will be 2 Asians, one Latina/Caucasian, one black and one Caribbean girl in the top 5.

    Top 2: Philippines and Puerto Rico. I don’t know would my third would be but I’m going to say Namibia.

  20. I would like to add Miss Cambodia in the top 20!

    My top 5
    Puerto Rico

    Not a fan of South Africa.
    Spain should not be included in the top 20, mukha syang bakla kahit san anggulo tignan….mas madami ang deserving na magaganda kaysa sa kanya!

  21. I hope Colombia, USA and Australia don’t get included in the top 20. If IMG wants to protect their brand, not placing those ladies will send a very strong message. And the Philippines being the new Miss Universe will strengthen it.

  22. I think INDIA will place this year.
    Sara Rose might end up like Rima Fakih.
    Albania as popular as she is with pageant fans could end up clapping.

    • I was surprised she didn’t place at all in Miss Earth. Akisha was also first runner-up in Reina Hispanoamericana 2017, the year Wyn Marquez won.

  23. mga TOL, hindi po tayo MUO and judges. they will decide on finals night so manage all your expectations. chill and enjoy the show . because that is all it is — a SHOW.

    • But if they crown Catriona, there is no need for a modelling contract, inclusive na yun if she wins Miss Universe. Imagine that, she can model, she can sing, she can be a terrific spokesperson, she can make her own vlog, heck, she can go to an acting workshop and be an actress as well. IMG/ MUO will benefit a lot if ever she clinch the crown tomorrow.

  24. I almost got all Tito Norm’s Top 20 predictions. I agree on Colombia’s non-placement this year. Her swimsuit presentation was a meh. I don’t know but her physique is too masculine, and her pasarela is weak. I also did not like her evening gown. It’s beautiful but not trendy. Nevertheless, if she had impressed the judges during the interview round, then she might get in.

    I also agree on Miss Indonesia’s non-inclusion in the Top 20. Her facial beauty caused her downfall. Her preliminary presentations did not have much impact. I also did not like her gown.

    Albania may be a darling of the crowd, but considering the elite circle of judges, I think they’d choose elegance over character. I’d rather have Denmark or Japan in the wildcard list. Although Denmark was badly styled in her evening gown, her ethereal beauty lit the MU stage. Same with Japan.

    I have a bad feeling on Venezuela. Maybe this is just me, but I find her boring on stage albeit her excellent pasarela. She can be another recipient of El Tocuyo award.

    My gut-feel says that a black girl will make in the Top 5. Miss Nigeria, I think, will advance in this round considering her elegance and unique beauty.

    My Top 3 would be Philippines, South Africa and Puerto Rico, that is unless Nigeria gives an impressive answer during Top 5 Q & A.

    That’s all.

  25. All I can say about the instragram mishap of USA, Colombia and Australia is watch and listen to MUP 2012 Janine Tugonon’s final q&a at the MU pageant in Las Vegas.

    That said, we move on and good tidings to USA, Colombia and Australia.

    Go Cat Go!

  26. WOW nakoronahan na agad

    huwag pangunahan baka iyak lahat pagdating bukas.

    I still believe that IMG would go for
    the Americas this time — they have equally strong candidates

  27. Im curious how much weight the social media headlines will have with Mexico, who disliked the food and the tri-nstragram sisters USA, Australia and Colombia who miscalculated their female bonding when in the moment.

    Very curious!

    • Curious of Spain’s placement by making history..
      Sometimes these side stories sweetens make the MU pageant that much more juicy to watch!
      Who needs telenovelas, people?

      GO CAT GO!

    • True true. Depending on what these girls placements turn out to be, we will gain more insight on how much the org watches the candidates on social media and how much ‘attitude’ affects their chances.

  28. Let’s hope she gets a non controversial question . If she’s asked about drugs or duterte or human rights in Philippines she’s not going to win . My hunch is PR is going to win . Ms Tucuyo is USA or Colombia

    • If she does get a controversial question, I’d burst with excitement to know her answer and how she handles it. Sometimes the controversial questions when handled very well will have the most impact rather than the run of the mill pageant questions that have pretty standard answers, walang wow factor.

      • So true…
        Janine T. MUP from 2012 comes to mind. Her answer most definitely vaulted into her 1st runner-up placement.
        I still think, based on the final Q&A, Janine wins hands down.

      • I was not an avid pageant fan that time yet but I know of her QandA, definitely gonna watch that edition soon.

      • KittyCat,
        Janine’s final q&a in 2012 directly addresses wthe controversial instragram video that involved USA, Australia and Colombia!

    • My hunch PR will not advance to top 3 after Q&A. She may not even advance to top 5, she is the weakest of the3 Tito Norms mentioned. MUO is looking for spokesperson, not just beauty, total package…

  29. I concur that Catriona already have it. The finals will just be the formality and business. Never in my lifetime that they have this kind of candidate who have this caliber and passion .

  30. I love it! Felt teary-eyed at the end. Although I am still very wary of the ‘expect the unexpected’ tagline MU posted somewhere. But at the same time I choose to believe in the integrity of this organization and that they will do the right thing.

  31. If I build my top 3 strictly from this list, I choose top 3 to be Pinas, SoAfrica and Peru

    But I have my own top 3:
    Pinas, SoAfrica, & (dark horse)Bulgaria

    • am having second thoughts about SoAfrica in top 3 again this year but I think she will be top 5

      So, my choice for top 3 is:
      Pinas, Canada, & (dark horse)Bulgaria

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