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  1. I just want to share a post/comment in Facebook na may leakage daw sa TOP 20 for Miss Universe 2018. Sayang di ko pa nahanap ulit ang comment. In that comment, you can see a photo of the letter to Paula Shugart from Ernst and Young (tabulator yata sa scores) and I was really enraged to see why our very own Miss Philippines Catriona Gray was not in the list. I hope that comment in FB is just an unreliable source and will never come out tomorrow. I don’t want that what happen in MGI2018 will also occur in MU2018. That is really UNACCEPTABLE to pageant standards.

  2. Hoping our Queen Cat to win it this time 🙂

    Pero naisip ko lang bigla. Pag si PR ang nanalo then Cat will be Olivia Jordan 2.0 na tinalo ng parehas na PH Rep (Megan Young MW 2013 and Pia MU 2015) and sa case ni Cat parehas na PR reps.

    Waaaaa wag naman sana

    Lahat naman they deserve to win pero sobraaaamg saayaaang at kawalan si Cat. Bihira ang total package like her.

  3. Former Miss Universe, Zuleyka Rivera, shared her Miss Universe 2018 favorites on her Facebook account. She wrote, “Tengo muchas favoritas entre ellas: Philippines, Canada, China, Vietnam, South Africa, Albania, India, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Jamaica, Ecuador, El Salvador.”

    Translation:. ” I have many favorites among them: Philippines, Canada, China, Vietnam, South Africa, Albania, India, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Jamaica, Ecuador, El Salvador.”

  4. Alright. I’ll eat my words last time. Catriona represented the Philippines well. She is hardwork personified. And everything worked out for her. That slow-mo turn is one for the records.

    Her biggest threat is Puerto Rico. If it happens that they are the last two women standing, her way with words will earn her the 4th MU crown for the Philippines.

    I am a fan now.

    • I could see a darkhorse who is hungrier for the crown than PR to surpass her. Just like what Haiti and Jsmaica did in the last 2 years. Cat is the one to beat. Let’s pray she stays focused under the pressure of winning it all. Pray! Pray! Pray!!

  5. Catriona na hindi nag gym

    MGi Australia 2019

    dami nya choices and chances

    sana mag gym na kasi and handa ang katawan next time

    • You are so mean!!! Wow! I can’t believe what you’re saying and you are a Filipino.

    • stupid comment grow up if you need to be notice work hard.Gym even you have the beautiful face and body whats the sense if you have no brain.Maybe catriona is not perfect in body but the way she deal with all aspect of competition and how she carry herself make me truly believe\e that shes a good Philippine Representaive in international pgeant.Lots of International beauty queen out there who are not beautiful because of X factor quality they win the heart the people.For all the basher out ther fuck you.and you this reward as what President Duterte for those bad guy out ther.I like the way he curse and adore his bad mouthing with love from Canada

    • You’ve been drinking too much turmeric tea.

      Try crispy kropek one in a while.

  6. someone here commented Canada is reminiscent of MGI17 Maria Jose Lora, which oo nga super nakikita ko haha. This made me realize Canada is a perfect fit for MGI but i feel she’s way above and super over qualified for that pageant

    Has anybody ever noticed the heels??? Gosh out with the chunky Chinese Laundrys, in with the elegant strappy stilettos!! super duper dagdag sexy factor sa swimsuit round grabe!!!

  7. It’s not for lack of love and admiration for our rep . I will be the happiest Pinoy on earth if she wins .
    But MU is all about the body . Did she meet that last night ? The judges are very discerning . They can see the body folds and the thick waist . Cat has done everything to inspire Pinoy fans but she failed the very basics of the competition which is body fitness.
    What abt her ‘pasavogues ? The judges may find her walk and facial expressions .. especially Michelle and Porntip who may prefer the ‘more natural’ SA Australia and PR.

    • “She failed the very basics of the competition”

      Coming from an insider, that is HUGE. Fans are crying now.

    • Fake Fabian Reyes, if you have nothing to say, just sealed your mouth. Mapag panggap ka!!!! Baklang ukluban do not act as if you are intelligent, I am not reacting because of what you wrote, i am reacting because you are using fake name. At napag hahalata ka na gumagamit ka ng ibat ibang name.

    • LOL. Fabian, how do you know what Miss Universes 1989 and 1992 think? Besides, Porntip goes by Bui now. Please respect how a woman chooses to identify herself.

      Perhaps you should apologize to these two empowered, accomplished, and charitably-inclined women for speaking their minds for them. Perhaps you should also apologize for stereotyping their preferences due to whatever preconceived notions are guiding your assumptions about them.

      Also, if you haven’t checked – Simon could not stop staring and smiling at Cat during prelims. There is also a shot out there with McLean flashing a huge smile as Cat was making her now Universe-reknowned slo-mo turn. Maybe I’m assuming too, but those smiles are what you want to see on a judge’s face. Monique L’Hullier also could not stop staring at cat.

      Richelle Singson-Michael also released a post with the profile book for the judges. It contains a bio with on all of the ladies, including their accomplishments. Perhaps you should apologize to the judges too for assuming that they are not considering the non-SS and EG considerations that they are tasked do to in their roles and prelim and finals judges for MUO. You know, women don’t just judge women on how they look and act on stage. Perhaps all these women of substance want to chose another a candidate who is both STUNNING and INFLUENTIAL – both of which are qualities CAT possesses to a T.

      While I’m at it, perhaps you should apologize to Cat for going out of your way to tear down a Confidently Beautiful woman who has done more for the Phillippines in her 24 years of living than most.

      LOL – never mind. I lick your schtick! “A” for effort talaga!!!

    • IYou are so mean!!! Wow! I can’t believe what you’re saying and you are a Filipino.

    • You’ve been drinking too much turmeric tea.

      Try crispy kropek once in a while.

  8. Ay curious ako sa dalawang mahaderang beauty queens dating, Maggie something name nyan, ano ba yun? Yung Hindi sumikat nag asawa n Lang ng msyaman, At yung starlet sa channel 2, ano name nun, B something. Ano kayang masasabi nila sa swimsuit ni Catriona? Best in swimsuit is not literally having a great body it’s how u carry ursrlf. Grabe paulit ulit kong pinapanood twirl ni muning. Grave na ito.

    • Maggie Wilson:
      Busy pa din sa pagbibilad ng katawan nya lalo na ng kanyang pwet. At gala gala together with rich hubby to magagandang puntahan.

      Nag train ng mga future beauty queens. Lie low yata ang lola mo dahil nagkasakit sa bato kakainom ng bitter pills, este, slimming pills.

      Nananahimik na sila patungkol kay Cat dahil nung binalikan sila ng fans sa pambabash nila, naglabas ng victim card. LOL

  9. Enjoy your return to Thailand, Mr. Tinio.

    Thank you for staying young and bright! 🙂

  10. ASAN Si FATriona? Am sure bitter sya nung nakita nya bibabinbash sa Prelim. Baklang toh walang jowa kasi

    • Nagpalit na ng pangalan, Fatty Vettita na sya ngayon.

      Nagpalit pangalan pero di nagpalit style kaya amoy na amoy pa din ang alingasaw.

  11. ASAN Si FATriona? Am sure bitter sya nung nakita nya bibabinbash sa Prelim. Baklang toh walang jowa kasi

  12. for sure busog si Fatriona dun sa junket kanina
    kita ang bilbil

    deserve naman nya lamon

    para mas mataba sya sa Monday

  13. 1st Filipina to
    make it to top 5 MW
    and top 5 MU

    Catriona Gray, Philippines

    at 24
    I think she can still represent Australia for MW19
    and MU20

    she will make history as the 1st Australian to do so too.

    Catriona Gray, Australia

    • I pity you, Fatty whatever. Dami mo na alternicks. Anyway, better luck next year. Baka dun mag-succeed bitterness mo. Say HI to Mama Jonas for me.

  14. Puerto Rico MU18
    South Africa 1st Runner Up
    Philippines 2nd Runner Up

    now let us push Catriona to join
    Miss Scuba Philippines and become the 2nd Miss
    Scuba winner from the Felepens

  15. I am so afraid for Cat. The expectations from the pageant’s fans here in the Philippines and around the world are beyond the roof … beyond the universe rather. EXPECTATION vs HOPE. ???

  16. nawa maiputan ng ibong adarna ang mga kalaban
    at maging bato lahat. LOL


  17. Chica Lang!

    Gown of Miss Canada was by Michael Cinco! Yayamanin si Ateng!

    Isabella Rodriguez is Miss Venezuela 2019! The new queen without Osmel! And under the new leadership of the Tres Marias! Another mulatto! TBH, Hindi ko type!

    Osmel trained Miss Mexico! Maganda siya pero blank talaga Mata Niya! Parang Bunga last year!

    Catriona bumped Miss Namibia in the red carpet nung Pina pamonstra Yung pasarela Niya and she apologized and even kissed her hand! How humble!

    • Miss Guam’s gown was by Paolo Blanco! It’s a fringe yellow gown!

      Miss Cambodia’s gown was by Rian Fernandez! A maroon fringe gown! She was trained under the Gouldian Team!

      Apat na ang Pinoy na gown maker! Add mo pa US based desugner Joey Galon for the gown of Miss Belize!

      Miss Colombia’s gown is by Alfredo Barraza! Reminiscent of Olivia Jordan’s gown during the preliminary

      Miss Grand international from Peru was with her national director during the preliminaries!

  18. Okay, sorry for the TEST post. I’ve been trying to post my comment/s here since yesterday and ayaw ma post lahat ng may sense. LOL

    Anyway, first of all, Catriona just confirmed that she’s worth all the hype that she’s getting. did she lived up to the high expectations of the pageant fans? No. She exceeded those expectations. And for that, I believe we can sleep soundly till the coronation night because we know she will deliver.

    i haven’t watched the whole prelim show yet.. BUT pinanuod ko the performances of those so-called frontrunners. and here are my thoughts:

    1. COLOMBIA – zzzz boring. kala ko pa naman siya ang threat kay Cat. nakulangan ako sa energy PLUS that hideous gown she wore.. zzzzz

    2. ECUADOR – surprised to see her wearing Bumgarner instead of Almodal. or maybe almodal on the finals night? the gown is simply elegant. her styling is a bit plain. her strong performances was her swimsuit perf.

    3. INDONESIA – the gown is pretty…..messy. lol paran an daming ganap. had it only have 1 slit and no cape. pwede na. but still. Indonesia sends another weak representative since Ariska. they need to shake things up sa pag pili nila ng puteri 2019.

    4. Australia – she was one of my “to look out” girl. but nakulangan ako sa performance niya. parang sige.. lakad lang.. LOL

    5. JAPAN – I thought she was strong enough. her swimsuit kinda reminded me of Riyo Mori’s pasarela. the gown choice is a surprise. but it looks good naman.

    • CANADA – Gorgeous face. gorgeous body. love the gown. let’s see if she can walk the talk. she reminds me of MGI 2017 winner.

      PUERTO RICO – i think she’s the closest competition of Cat. pero.. the gown.. i think she could’ve chosen a ‘youthful’ looking one. mukha siyang ninang. LOL concern ko lang is.. naglakad lang siya dun ng diretso.. naka smile. kulang siya ng interaction with the audience and the play with the camera.

      SOUTH AFRICA – another zzzz.. ANYARE TEH? pa dry ng pa dry. lalo na evening gown. wala lang. walang spark. walang energy.

      VENEZUELA – i believe she is sexy but with that gown, i think she kinda looked like migbelis circa 2014. parang medyo lumapad siya. and i am not sure if okay yung gown color choice niya. also, i want to see variety on her look. not just the plain straight hair.

      USA – i was rooting for you as Cat’s runner up. pero after mocking vietnam and that gown. ugh. i wish you cold’ve worn a solid color gown to compliment your fair complexion. that silver gown is.. zzzzz.. Sarah look heavier… at parang kapatid ng gown ni Venus Raj. HAHAHAHA

      VIETNAM – performer! Her yellow gown is so perfect! love the energy. love the presentation. .let’s just see how she will do during the q&a also if she did well during the prelim interviews.

      MALTA – i thought she was beautiful. nakulangan pa rin ako ng energy. the gown color is gorgeous.. but.. hmm i don’t know may something..

      THAILAND – hmmm i expected more from her.. di ko type ung look niya. nag monay ang fez niya. the gown.. di siya mukhang ganon ka sexy don. she’s like Maxine.. host delegate… lilving up to the super high expectations of winning the MU crown.. but the only difference is Maxine has this face and performance na sure na for the top 10.. medyo di lan talaga sinuwerte sa q&a..

      hindi ko alam pero parang kulang lahat sa energy aside from the others specially Cat – she owned the stage. sana lahat ganon din.

      Love the looong runway. love the production. Congratulations Thailand!

    • I posted something that didn’t go through either. Who knows.

      Anyway, it’s on my home computer. I’ll paraphrase by listing my picks:

      Africa/Asia (MOST COMPETITIVE GROUP BY FAR) – Philippines

      Americas (MOST OVERRATED GROUP BY FAR) – Venezuela

      Europe – Spain

      Wildcard – Thailand

      South Africa was underwhelming to say the least. #ThankYouNext as soon as Spain entered. No energy and boring presentation.

      Speaking of boring presentation – not sure I understand the Puerto Rico hype for the same reason. She is too smiley-smiley and nothing else. And her biggest accomplishment at 25 years old is something between waitressing and winning Best in Catwalk at MUPR? #ThankYouNext rin yan.

      Colombia, Australia, Mexico – Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      Vietnam may surprise, Panama and Peru may surprise, Ghana may surprise again too, Ireland may surprise again too

      For me, the crown is between Philippines and Venezuela. Those two girls knew how to command attention (although Venezuela was a little too cat in heat with all her sexy moves, girl needs to tone it down as there are no men on the judging panel). Both also know to sell themselves when speaking.

      Oh, and Venezuela is just as “fat” LOL as Cat. Peru too. Dominican Republic and Ecuador even bigger. Of course, that is the “Latina” body right….

      This is Cat’s to lose – and MUning never goes down without a fight.

  19. Thank you, Cat for making us proud to be a Filipino ! The way you handle yourself in every occasion you’re in is enough to give us chills ! Watching her strut on the runway in her SS & EG was nothing short of phenomenal. I can see her and PR battling it out for the title, IMHO. My very gut feel still tells me she is going to take it all the way to the top and win our 4th MU crown ! Go Meow/Pusa/KItty Cat. We love you so much 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. Cat enjoy and savor every moment of your MU journey. Collect good memories by winning not only the crown but by winning new friends from your MU sisters. Don’t show irresponsibility and immaturity just like Misses Usa, Australia & Colombia. They have already apologized…may be forgiven but BULLYING done to 2 Asian candidates will never ever be forgotten. Ayaw na ayaw ni Pia ang bullying!

  21. Cat delivered but temper your expectations. The judges and the org have different set of eyes.

    Top 20 – Semi-finalists will give a 15 second opening statement to the judges and public from where 10 will be eliminated. (Ergo – Be succinct and end strong or suffer the fate of Katarina in MW)
    Top 10 – Will advance to the swimsuit and evening gown competition from which will be chosen the …
    Top 5 – Will compete in the Q&A portion for judges to cut down to …
    Top 3 – Will participate in the final word and final look portion (Ergo – It’s the all important make or break moment) from which the judges will select the Winner and 1st and 2nd Runners Up. There will no longer be an online voting for viewers.
    May your candidate be guided accordingly.

    • Beware… hahaha!!! You know this new format news has been in circulation for almost 3 days now and I think you’re one of the few who is “HULI NA SA BALITA”. Tapos beware pa daw…hahaha!

      • P.S. Don’t repeat your intro in your final word. You will sound trite and less impactful that could make the critical difference.

  23. Iniisip ko sino na gumawa nung twirl nya nung swimsuit round eh. Siya din pala nung JAG fashion show. Slow mo version lang yung kanya ngayon compared na mas mabilis ung twirl nung sa JAG 🙂

  24. If ever Cat makes the first cut this Monday, she will be the first Filipina beauty queen to reach the semifinals of both Miss World & Miss Universe, a rare achievement in itself. God Bless you, Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray, Philippines. : )

  25. Cat is excellent last night. She was beautiful and charming !!! I don’t know about PR and South Africa…they didn’t look fresh…hindi ko alam kung maganda b tlga o hindi sila

    • Of course we are biased coz we want Cat to win however if she doesn’t the only alternative is PR. If they both ace the QnA, I think PR will win . Her aura is just so powerful . Cat is great of course and she’s my choice

  26. I just couldn’t agree more with no doubts whatsoever that Catriona is so obviously a cut above the rest. 🤩
    But just wanna ask – how reliable is the “news” that her scores are leading in the preliminaries leaderboard? Is that even made public nowadays?

    • Mga pinoy talaga may result na silang hawak agad, inuunahan nyo mga judges, masyadow kayo ha

    • As much as I’d love to believe this… Look how Puerto Rico was spelled… Makes you wonder about its authenticity.

      Regardless, in my mind, Cat was the stand out bar none!!!

    • Kaya pag natalo ang kanilang pambato ganun na lamang ang pagbagsak ng kanilang mundo. Sa sobrang taas ng kanilang inaasang mangyayari ! Kayo narin and gumagawa ng mga sugat nyo.

  27. The concept of the gown is great but the slit is way too high??? I’m not sure if the color compliment her skin tone….love to see her with richer emeral green or royal blue or something more electrifying color.

  28. My current TOP 20:
    Puerto Rico
    South Africa
    Great Brittain
    I’m more curious who will get the El Tocuyo award?!
    USA: mocked “with no bad intentions” Cambodia, Vietnam, and even Brazil of their lack of English comskills on instagram Live… Some people say she has no ill intentions but her “cute” comment about Vietnam was quite condescending.
    Colombia: She grabbed a fan’s gift intended for USA, she provoked USA to “spill the beans” about the other candidates on IG live… Clocked and literaly clapped at Ecuador when she entered the camera frame in public.. And allegedly had a staredown w/ her back stage as well.
    Mexico: Doesn’t like Thai food and ” she almost died of hunger at Venezuela”( who’s under an economic crisis). She also told her predessesor who are the non-threats in the competition which was announced by her predessesor on IG live…
    Ecuador: complained how “poor” the hotel in Thailand she stayed in. Allegedly, had a staredown w/ Colombia backstage.
    Albania: Smoked live on social media. Not really expected in the TOP 20 but she is a fan favorite.
    Instagram live feature really made us more in depth w/ our candidates.

  29. As a truly performance-based beauty competition (thru d years, we’ve seen beautiful faces fell out of the race for not performing well in the scored segments), Cattrrriona gave an excellent performance in both rounds..di nakakasawang uli ulitin panoorin..in this digital era, Cat certainly knows how to create content effortlessly.

  30. Oh my South Africa didn’t look good at all for some reason. She looked “tuyot”.

    Panama and Peru over Colombia and Venezuela please.

    • I agree. She was tuyot and stiff – same with Puerto Rico with that horrendous evening gown.

      My Top Performers:
      Philippines – flawless SS and EG rounds
      Russia – flawless face. Ethereal
      Ecuador – She could’ve chosen a better gown but she’s my second next to Cat during the SS round.
      Kenya – very regal. Hate the gown though.
      Venezuela – great pasarela, great styling.

      My thoughts on some of the girls
      Denmark – unfortunate hairstyle which reminded me of Gwen Ruais in 2011 MW. What was she thinking? LOL

      China – Too vakla.

      Colombia – let’s see how poweful her sash is. She was a mess last night.

      Indonesia – Very sweet, Not liking that very busy evening gown.

      Puerto Rico – I still don’t get the appeal, tbh.

    • South Africa was dry and lifeless, pareho ni Puerto Rico na mukhang neneng, walang kinang. Maganda ang mukha kapag ngumingiti ng ubod nang lawak ang bibig.

  31. I have to say this edition has a lot of beautiful African queens!

    Russia is gorgeousness. Nepal and Cambodia are both pleasing to the eyes.

    I want Albania in the top 20.

    • For the first time I got this adoration from co-commenters here. How lovely. Hihihi!

      I love you too, CGT. Mwah!

      • Miss Ana Winter is one of the voice of reason here in Sir Norman’s blog, along with DanDan, Phillip dela Torre ,Claire Ibbetson among others, after the departure of Leila, the ultimate pageant fan. I must admit, I stayed away for months here due to the toxic nature of the comments section, instead making pageant commentary in Missosology.

      • Welcome back, Mon Chua Lua.
        Thanks again, dandyrandy.

        The reason I stay here on this blog is because of the intellectual discussions between and amongst us. Tumambay din ako sa Misso, pero I moved away because of the controversy na kinabilangan ng ilang miyembro ng Misso, who put down our Philippine reps sa international pageants. Besides, I find the commenters here with wit and substance kahit nagkakapikunan minsan. I admit na kahit ako napapa-patol sa mga nagmamataray dito at sa ibang aboveboard yet below class kung tumira ng iba. Pakiunawa na lang rin ako, tao lang at nagkaka-menstruation din. At the end of the day, we are but one who love beauty pageants.

      • I also love Anna coz she talks with great substance. I miss Leila et al (those commenters who are not rude).

  32. So far PH obviously has what it takes and it is already a victorious feat to represent our country with incredible pride.

    The only reservation I have is the closed-door interview. We have only seen these women walk and project, but considering most of them have impressive careers some quiet-looking candidates might just surprise us all. We have an articulate candidate, some has a witty one, some really charming, or highly intelligent. So for now all I could assure is we will make it far. How far, we will see on Monday.

  33. I agree with every word of this write up…the.rest of the front runners just failed to sustain their momentum..lowbatt na sina south africa at colombia..puerto rico aced both rounds..thanks ro her olivia culpo vibe..but cat is a league of her own..sana nga all the stars and constellations in the unverse align come monday morning ..

  34. Cat all the way. I never doubted her right from the start. Winning is destiny. Praying that she is the one destined to be crowned on Monday! 😙Gosh, gandang ganda ako kay Japan!!!

    • Me too. I so said it that I liked her beauty. If she were given proper training, she could simply make the cut. Kahit sa wild card sana, makapasok s’ya. That’s all.

    • My only concern about Miss Cambodia is that she looks like Miss Nepal.
      Dami masasayang sa Asia/Africa na aagawan ng place ng mga taga Europe.

  35. Best in swimsuit for me. Her gown is so so though. I hope she has a better one in the finals.

  36. some changes to my line up after the prelims… of course we do not know anything about what happened during the prelim interviews except that Cat aced it for sure !!!

    Top 1: Philippines


    Colombia looked so sad and tired, same with Puerto Rico but between the two of them, I chose PRico

  37. Many Filipinos believe even her non-Pinoy fans worldwide that she’ll deliver her a par excellence performance with so much class and poise in the finals night. Remarkably, she’ll ace every round of the competition leaving the other semifinalists on the losing end of the race!

  38. Miss USA is in the midst of recovering from a Instagram fallout commenting on the English skills with Australia. Meanwhile, Colombia asked USA to repeat her comment while capturing on video as if to sabatoge USA!

    How sad, this unfortunate mistake may have cost USA and Colombia their chances to win the MU crown.
    Oh the drama!

      • USA, Colombia & Australia are the potential candidates for Mariam Habach El Tucoyo Awards, front runners with reputation for having a negative attitude towards their fellow candidates.

    • I do not think USA, Colombia and Australia meant anything. Those that have not heard other interviews will misinterpret them, but I do not think they are mean. In fact the video was cut from a live one, and some ill-minded person posted it out or context. I fear it is a Filipino who did that, seriously embarrassing.

    • She already apologized to Misses Cambodia and Vietnam so I guess the intent to insult was actually there.

  39. I hope Cat does not look at these fan blogs . They are deceiving to say the least .

  40. Once she is crowned, then u can do whatever u want . Until then,u need to take some chill pill or you’re all gonna burn out .
    U have to realize that the MUO and the judges have their own eyes . And the fans outside of this blog have their own eyes too.
    And they may see it differently .

    • Fabbie,

      Why shall we restrain ourselves from doing whatever we want and wait for Cat’s crowning? We have a life of our own.

      Other nations are very happy with Cat’s performance and why shouldn’t we when we are Cat’s fellow countrymen? You can’t help us but voice out our happiness over Cat’s pasavogue performances. It is correct that we raise our expectations, instead of conditioning our minds to unpopular defeat. Filipinos hardly accept defeat if such is a by-product of fraud. So, if Cat won’t get the crown due to patent fraud, then we will rise up and speak.



      • Inggit lang ni Fabyan yan. Kasi sumali sya before sa Ms Q & A at sa audition pa lang ligwak ganern na sya kaya ganun na lang pagka negagaga nga gagagita!

      • Hahaha! Naku, mag-sorry ka kay Fabbie kase ayaw n’yan i-associate s’ya sa mga fags na walang class!

      • I’m also looking forward to Cat’s crowning. I will dedicate her crown to Fabbie. Lol

        Ana W, magpakape ka pagkatapos ng crowning ni Kitty Cat Maaaw ha haha

      • If I could only fly to Manila to be with you then, why not? Coffee Bean is my choice.

      • Ana W, I’m also not based in the Philippine. Which region in the world are you, baka mapasyal ako then kape kape tayo. Pagchismisan natin si Fabbie. Joke lang Fabbie haha

    • Kahit pa may mga judges … kung malinaw na malinaw naman ang scores… parang boxing lang yan fabie, knock out na ang kalaban! Hihihi!

    • Indeed we all have our own eyes and we may see things differently but this shouldn’t mean that we must stop ourselves from expressing our feelings just because others may see things in another way. Cat will mostly like win. But whether she wins or not, we are with her in her journey and it’s one hell of a ride and we enjoyed every minute of it.

  41. Let us support Cat because she’s doing her very best not only for herself satisfaction but for the Philippines! Laban lang Cat and the entire Phils. is rallying behind you every step of way for the country’s 4th MU crown!

  42. Number 1 sa lahat ng hotpick si Catriona ngayon! Mapa-past winner o pasarela trainor o national director, siya Ang bet! Bat naman hindi!? Talunin ba naman Ang “Arida twirl” at “Tsunami walk” Ewan ko na Lang!

    There is no reason why Catriona should not win the crown! Kawawa naman this girl Kung for the second time around eh pupulitikahin nanaman! Wala na Iba candidate na mas dedicated pa sa kanya on or off camera!

    May 2 gowns pang aabangan, one for the red carpet and one for the finals! Talagang inaral nung team Yung sequence of events!

  43. Mga nabasa ko Lang kay Lemon juice,

    Gumawa pala ng gown Niya eh si Mark Baumgarner! May comment sa isang page si Constanza na Sana daw yearly na mag train sa Felepens ang mga kalahi Niya! Say niyo?

    • I have no problem with that at all… hihihih

      I am proud that Filipino pageant business is alive and booming! From training to wardrobe, that is a good thing! At the end of the day, it’s the X-Factor, work ethic and character about the girls that separate the contenders from the pretenders… Hello Sarah Rose…hihihihih

      • Di na pwede day Venezuela mag train. Jusko mahal mahal na dun, plus their government faces a lot of problems ha

    • I’m hoping for more Asians to train with Phil too. Ladies from Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia have so much potential.

  44. totally deserving to win the Crown !!!

    As to the national costume, they better fix the lighting on that because if Cat wins the title (she can still have this in the bag you know), then they will ask Cat to appear on stage on Finals night to show to the world her costume and it will be FANTASTIC if the PAROL finally lights up as we know it !!!

  45. I think we should lower our expectations, at the end of the day this is still a competition and it’s still anyone’s ball game. We might think she’s the best with or without bias, but maybe not the judges. People are forgetting that there is still a possibility that Cat might not win so let us not get too ahead of ourselves. Kaloka kayo.

    • Why should we lower our expectations when our representative has prepared so much for this and is doing great in her own way? Whatever the result is, at least we are happy that our rep did not take this competition for granted.

      Kailangan din nating pantayan ng paghanga ang ginagawa ng ating reyna.

      That’s all!

      • Tama ka dyan mareng Ana!!! Basta tayo kahit ano pa ang kahihinatnan ng resulta, masaya na tayo dahil alam natin kung papaano pinaghirapan ng ating kandidata at mga kasamahan nya paghahanda sa timpalak na ito. Masaya tayo dahil alam natin na kayang kaya ng pambato natin ang laban!

      • Flashback to last year’s edition, where Rachel Peters was our rep in MU2017. Wala tayong nakitang ganito sa kanya, kaya parang nakukulangan tayo sa kanya kasi, ang chill lang nya at one dimensional ang facial expression nya, prompting Lu Siera to say this words of doom – ” YOU CAN’T WIN MISS UNIVERSE WITH ONLY ONE EXPRESSION”. Before we know it, laglag si Rachel sa Top 5. But this is the down side of being a beauty queen, damn if you do and damn if you don’t. Even if Cat is not destined to be Miss Universe, we cannot accuse her na napilitan lang sya at tatamad tamad sya. Binigay nya ang 1000% best nya, the least we can do is to appreciate that.

      • Para que pa at naging pageant fans tayo at nandito tayo sa blog na ito kung puro kanegahan tayo at hindi tayo marunong mag-appreciate ng effort ng ating kandidata, ‘diba miss tisa? Cat has worked her butt off for this, tapos ‘yung ibang Pinoy dito nagko-kontra bulate at nagmamagaling!

        Tama si dandyrandy, hindi natin nakita ang ganitong hunger kay Rachel last year maging kina Maxine at MJ, kaya bakit hindi natin itodo ang suporta kay Cat?

        That’s all!

    • Yes, I hope Catriona wins Miss Universe, but she’s already more than fulfilled my expectations: by being true to herself and giving it her all. She’s more than prepared for this competition by embracing and showcasing the Philippines’ creativity, artistry and essence. She’s inspired love of country for so many Filipinos that no other Filipina beauty queen has. This inspiration is her gift to us and transcends winning the Miss Universe crown. MABUHAY KA CATRIONA!

  46. Djusko let’s not jinx her!!!! Nothing is a certainty in this world. I’m going to expect a strong performance but until Philippines is called the winner, my expectations are measured.

  47. Other good performers aside from Philippines. Venezuela, South Africa and Puerto Rico were Brazil, Curacao, Ecuador, Lebanon, Panama, Kenya, Australia, Japan and Vietnam and a few others i could not recall. Maybe Iceland, and some Eastern European girls. The gown of Miss France was hideous. Was that designed by Mak Tumang as well? Oh well, not my taste at all. Mexico looked rather big in her gown.

  48. Cat is deserving

    but all we can do is pray

    if it is her destiny it shall be

    #MU18si MUning

  49. That performance was a winner all the way, starting from the swimsuit walk to the gown walk. But DUH, what was that gown? Forget about the symbolism or the Ibong Adarna ek. It does not flatter Catriona at all, except for the subdued orange color, which looks good from afar. It looks like an expensive rag. Sorry Mak Tumang but the gowns of Indonesia and Vietnam had more flair even if they had simpler materials. I am really sorry again but that gown looks a bit messy, not classy. What is next? An oyster inspired gown? South Africa had very simple lines but it flattered her figure. Puerto had an expensive look with her gown. And Venezuela soared with hers. It is just that Catriona has overflowing charm and an effortless grace that she made that messy gown look good.

    I hope she wears a different gown in the finals with the same attitude. I am very confident and hopeful she will make it to the top 3 and if it is her destiny then we have out next Miss Universe. I just hope that the gown she will wear in the finals will look classy as she deserves it. Little things could erode her competitive edge. Venezuela was flawless tonight and oozing with attitude and graceful power. She is becoming a front runner.

    Colombia was almost plain tonight. Brazil had a nice gown with a little twist in front. I thought that India was a little over acting. Sorry but USA was not very strong in both segments.

    Top performers overall I thought were Philippines, South Africa and Venezuela. Philippines had endearing charm, Venezuela had effortless power and South Africa had class. Puerto Rico is also tops.

    • Finally nakabasa din ng matinong post.. mga bwaklang to naturingan pa man ding mga bakla di marunong tumingin ng mga fron runners.. for me, front runners are phi, south africa, venez, puerto rico, canada,russia, viet..isa sa kanila mananalo for sure..

  50. I think the blogger has also said similar things during Miss World followed by a somewhat sour graping article when she lost.

    Anyway, let’s hope Norman got the it right this time.

  51. I think it is really because of preparation. For an applicant, she really fits the bill. I don’t think there are other candidates who prepared that well. If there was a Ph.D. of Miss Universe, I think she took it.

    • I thot si Pia ang me PhD..and Cat just had a double major so to speak having represented us both in MW and MU. What sets Cat apart is she has more substance beyond being glam on cam and random thoughts verbalized..and Cat walked her talk..she really immersed herself as intern of life.

      • But you know what, their schools a.k.a. camps have evolved. You can say that Mabuhay Beauties (MB) cohorts have spun off and one of them became Aces and Queens. Even Norman is part of MB. Even myself, I was posting in MB as eyeforbeauty. But the camp of Cat is from a new breed; more strategic and we just don’t know how far they can go. I hope when they decide to become commercial, they would not forget to support the local representatives. Maintain the goodwill.

  52. Okay im impressed, bawing bawi sa national costume.

    Good job.

    Ladies amd Gentleman, we will have our 4th Miss Universe crown on Monday morning.

  53. Okay im impresses, bawing bawi sa national costume.

    Good job.

    Ladies amd Gentleman, we will have our 4th Miss Universe crown on Monday morning.

  54. Ang taas ng energy ni Tito Norms, sunod-sunod ang post! Mukhang ginanahan sa mga pasabog ng ating Reyna Adarna Catriona. Hihihihi!

    Tito Norms, do you have an insider info why Miss Colombia suddenly lacked energy during evening gown portion? She seemed troubled. Nabagabag ba s’ya sa nag-trend na video nila ni Australia and USA bullying Cambodia? I thought it was water over bridge na. O, nung nakita n’ya ang gown ni Catriona, eh, bigla s’yang nawalan ng gana. Hihihi!

    A fourth crown for the Philippines is indeed a must, considering Cat’s performance in the preliminaries, which I believe she will triplicate come final’s night.

    That’s all!

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