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  1. was reported in ABSCBN news that there will be a different gown for the Finals … I hope the color will be the same, please do not make it like silver which was worn last night by 70% of the ladies

    The gown above I believe is great enough, just add something to it like a flowing cape that South Africa wore but of course Cat’s cape will not be a white cape, perhaps a pale magenta color cape.
    Just please NO SILVER , NO GOLD, has to be multi-color , like the personality of Cat; must standout

  2. If i may say that in the coming years, mas dadami ang clients ni Mak Tumang lalo na yung mga beauty queens from outside of the PH.

    • Tito Norms. Question… huhu

      Why are most of my comments hindi na po-post. huhu sa iba mong blogposts nag co-comment ako pero hindi lumalabas 😦 ang haba pa nmaan ng kuda ko. char

  3. I think it is beautiful from afar and even more gorgeous upclose… The historical and cultural inspiration makes it extra special… I wonder what she’ll be wearing on the corronation night? 🙂
    Last time I’m as happy as this for what our rep is wearing was w/ Pia’s Manila carnival queen costume by Albert Andrada, Maxene’s red sequin halter gown by Cherry Veric she wore during the presscon before the corronation night and Kylie’s hombre plunging neckline gown by Francis Libiran worn during BBP finals.
    I’m so happy and excited… ilang beses ko nirewind…
    I wonder how Mak would top that for Cat’s finale gown… mind-blowing!

  4. Nothing new! The cut is actually similar to Rachel’s evening gown last year.
    The color did not complement Catriona’s skin color. It’s seemingly dull

    • And no one complained about Rachel’s gown… it was her energy that was the problem.

    • @jeremi – the innovative elements in Mak’s design is how he organically and seamlessly integrated the Mikimoto crown design into the weave of the Adarna feathers of the gown, how he beautifully synthesized the crown and Filipino mythology together in this beautiful gown. This is the designer’s own personal tribute to Miss Universe and his culture shining through. The mix of silver, gold and pale vermilion is brilliant and bold. Esquisitely brilliant! Definitely not dull or old!

    • Yup, and there is also nothing new about other candidates’ gowns that were all white and silver trash.


    • panuorin mo kc sa HD beks para makita mo totoong color at details ng gown…psng mahirap cguro tv mo…hindi HD capable

  5. A brilliant, beautiful, magnificent gown! The details are so exquisite. Catriona carried it effortlessly. Congratulations to her and her team!

  6. If I recall, Venus’ dress in 2010 and Janine’s dress in 2012 received much criticism.
    The common demoninator is both Venus and Janine with their grace, confidence and elegance made their gowns work for “them.”
    Ariela and MJ did not.
    Venus ended the placement drought and Janine shocked her numerous bashers and was a heartbeat away from the MU crown.

    It’s a beautiful dress designed by Filipinos and we have a bet who is a natural on stage.
    What more can we ask for?


  7. Win or lose man si Catriona sa MU, she still wins in life. Ang sarap kaya ng boyfriend niya!

    • And she will always be the most popular and most loved Phillippines rep to
      miss Universe.

  8. Pasavogue kung pasavogue!! She lost in Miss World because she is really meant to be Miss Universe, thanks Jonas lol.

  9. Grabe, guys! I can’t get over pa rin of Cat’s swimsuit performance. ‘Yung energy n’ya, swabeng-swabe, hindi Albania level pero hindi rin Venezuela level na sobrang lamya. Tapos ‘yung twirl talaga n’ya, parang nag-download s’ya ng app na may slow-mo effect. ‘Yun talaga ‘yun, eh! I saw a video from an audience on how she did it, my God, parang ang hirap aralin! I am sure, may gagayahin na naman ang sangkabaklaan sa mga pageants. Template na ito!

    Le-level up pa ba ang lava walk na ito on the final’s night? May pasavogue pa ba? Ang Vogue Thailand panay ang post ng ganap kay Cat. They even liked her Adarna-inspired gown.

    That’s all!

  10. Wow! Very equisite. The detail on that gown. Looks very expensive and ellegant. And catriona wore if very beautifully and ellegantly. Sa 3 trolls na ngasasabing pangit ang gown, Nek Nek nyo lalo na yung sobrang nang bash ke pia nung 2015, mukang kakainin mo nan naman ang suka (vomitus, not vinegar) mo.

  11. Look at that intricate detail!.
    I don’t know why people are questioning the tangerine color. Cat wore it and killed it with elegance and ease!

    Remember our 2013 bet? She was beautiful but that bright yellow gown made her look like a sunflower.

    Our 2014 bet, as beautiful as she was/is, could not work that white concoction that made her look like a mermaid.

    Cat worked it baby!

  12. Great details but Horrible color on stage. It’s not the right color for her skin tone. She is gorgeous. If Demi Leigh can win wearing green velvet curtains as a gown then so can Cat with this misfire of a gown .

    • Demi Leigh’s gown during her coronation last year was pretty blah, with that color, nothing iconic about it. That got me thinking, maybe it’s not the gown , but the girl, since Demi’s beauty got highlighted by that subdued gown. Alam na talaga, she’s the anointed one, since nothing is spectacular about her Q & A as well, Davina Bennett of Jamaica aced that one.

  13. Simple exquisite, simply beautiful. Cat really stood out last night, and pageant experts know this too well. I really pray for Cat’s winning the MU 2018 crown!!!

  14. I was surprised that there are only a few girls (not more than 5) wearing that color!
    This is truly a masterpiece. The feather effect did not make the entire look bulky.

  15. I can imagine her wearing this gown when she wins Miss Universe 2018. The feathers on the dress matches the feathers on the Mikimoto crown.

    It is a sign.

    Also, Adarna gown by Mak is way better looking, better fitting and compliments Catriona well than the pink peacock dress by Francis Libiran

  16. The detail of the gown is superb, very haute couture. I really like the color because it gives a glowing effect on stage. The gown is one for the books of Philippine pageantry. I am sure pati ito i-exhibit ng National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

    The Miss Universe 2018 preliminary competition is so tough, but Catriona reigned supreme amongst the goddesses who stunned on stage. She showed the universe how runway should be done.

    Bravissima, Catriona!

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