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  1. OT.

    Ganda sana nung gown ni Guatemala, pero parang nagkabuhol buhol lower part ng gown nya na halos hirap na sya maglakad. Na wa poise tuloy si ate.

  2. Sorry po Lord kase napamura talaga ako ng buong-buo na P___I__ kase naman ang galing nya sa pasarela nya sa swimsuit competition. Yung ginawa ng mga ibang mga candidates ay halos pare-pareho na…very common…very generic ang moves nakita na natin over the years sa lahat ng candidates in different pageants whether international or local. But Cat set a new style of walk that is so unique at kanya lang talaga yun! Cheers…for the Philippines!!!

    • I felt and remarked exactly the same way! And I don’t even curse habitually! 😁 That’s how mesmerizing and disarming Cat’s performance was! 🤩

  3. Cat’s slow-mo effect when she turned during swimsuit round is a precedent and, I predict, will be the new template in any beauty pageant. That was super wow!

    The choice of the color of her gown is a standout. Did you see the people standing when she was about to walk? The gown’s cut was synonymous with her BbP coronation night, yes, but it has a “wow” factor compared to her co-frontrunners. I thought it was stunning. But of course, her signature turn sealed her fate for the finals. Two thumbs up, Cat!!!

    Ecuador also shone and could make the cut. What happened to Colombia during the evening gown competition? She seemed troubled. South Africa had the elegant pasarela (very Oxana Fedorova), but that borderlined lacking spark. Puerto Rico was good. Canada was a shoo-in for the finals.

    Wonders: Have Brazil, Bolivia, and Venezuela copied their hair style? That was very cult-ic (pang-kulto, kaloka).

    That’s all!

    • Ecuador’s move is very A&Q. The twirl after the intro is very Rachel. The swimsuit is Shamcey. Yung evening gown very Jonas. #peace.

  4. Majority of pageant enthusiasts commented that Cat’s weakness is the swimsuit round. Well, she proved them wrong! It turns out to be the opposite. The Cat slayed the SS round. Can’t wait for the finals!

  5. Catriona is the girl to beat..but Nepal with her Dayanara Torres-Cecilia Bolocco vibes could be the dark horse..

  6. I have yet to see the full show but Cat’s evening gown is more impressive as you see the details and story behind it. I think we’re in for an even better gown cum finals night.

    I saw some of the swimsuit round and Japan is giving me Miriam vibes. Classic Asian beauty ang peg. I want to see her in the tough 5 as she seems very relaxed.

    Still Philippines vs Puerto Rico for tough 2. Wow just wow. Kiara is playing her cards right. These two would be fighting it out.

  7. Ngayon ko lang napnood ang swimsuit round and I must say Yawaaaaaaa! Ang galing ni Cat! She did her own slowmo sa pag twirl tas ang sexy niya parang nagiging straight ako at the same time sarap gayahin ng move na yun hahahaha

  8. I must say Cat’s gown may not be the best but it’s superbly done and she carried it really well. When she made that twirl, she was like a phoenix. She gave one of the best performances, more than enough to make the cut. Can’t wait for the finals. And oh that swimsuit round? It’s the most bestest hehe.

  9. So, even ABS CBN wrote something about Misses USA, Colombia and Australia. What on earth are we Filipinos doing. These girls did not mean anything and they are taken out of context. Filipino commenters are so embarrassing, trying to ruin the lives of another.

  10. It’s the year of the Fringe Gowns!
    Cat’s swimsuit turn! The way she took the first step after her turn was just wow!
    For Cat’s gown, it was a genius choice of color! And the signature pirrouette!
    Everything about Catriona was stunning!
    Chic gowns – Australia, Brazil, Japan (sweet and refreshing) and Philippines (I can’t ask for more!)
    Pretty faces – Australia, Japan, and Puerto Rico!
    I was underwhelmed with USA and South Africa!
    Again, it’s the year of Fringe Gowns!

  11. In keeping with Philippine tradition :GOWN WAS UNDERWHELMING . Who the heck suggested that shade of orange ? It washed her out! The color is all wrong . The details of the gown were not bad. Any other color would have been better

    • Design next year’s preliminary gown Tita.
      You’ve been drinking too much turmeric that’s why you don’t appreciate orange.
      Try some crispy kropek.

  12. Cat’s gown did not look good in motion and same lang din ng cut with her BBP eg. I personally did not like it, although I am very sure her finals gown will be breathtaking. I’m keeping my hopes up. That #LavaWalk though! She was indeed the best in the swimsuit round!

    I agree with CatGotThis, Cat’s tightest rivals are Japan and Puerto Rico, my jaw dropped on their EG performance!

    • I believed Cat is holding back…come Finals she will unleash everything up her sleeves

  13. Was watching the videos again, the gown really looked amazing especially when hit by lights. She really carried it well. Excellent performance

  14. Swimsuit round.
    Yung ibang candidates masaya na sa pitik ng balakang nila. Si Catriona binigyan sila ng pektus. #lavawalk

  15. looking at Cat’s styling in this preliminary…it’s toned down but she still looks very beautiful. Come Finals I bet she’ll be glamorous…I’m so excited !!!

  16. Best presentation in Evening Gown :
    Vietnam – a cue from Davina Bennett’s color last year.
    Thailand – seems like she clinched a spot in the semifinals.
    Venezuela – Venezuela is Venezuela.
    South Africa – easy, breezy flowing white.
    Puerto Rico- she’s channeling Demi Leigh.
    The Philippines – she’s wearing a unique color of a gown, in a sea of silver, red & green gowns.

    USA & Indonesia – they look like X- mas gift wrappers with their gowns.
    Albania – wow, she’s wearing a ball gown.
    Denmark – a touch of glitter & romance.
    Krygyztan – she looks like a glamorous yeti, with that fur trimmings on her sleeves hahaha.
    Colombia – I’m kinda disappointed with her gown, what’s with those floral embroidery? I find it pageant patty, like her presentation.
    Canada & Ecuador – they played it too safe, blends with the other girls who wore silver.

    Other notables : Cat looked great in that swimsuit round. Yes, she may not have the best body but the walk and her sashay in the runway? Ooozing with sex appeal.

  17. Catriona confirmed her favorite status tonight. Too many beautiful women but I think Australia is Cat’s rival going into the finals on Monday.

    Asia/Africa/Oceana came in very very strong. Hirap magdetermine ng 5 sa region na to.

  18. This is a very tough fight. Too many beautiful women, some even really impressive educational attainment. Kenya, actuarial science? You need to be a genius to do that. She better be in the top 10.

    Cat was charming in the swimsuit round and did well for the evening gown.

  19. Class, class, class, elegance, fierceness, sensuality and personality served all in one fell swoop – truly another mesmerizing performance by Catriona in the evening gown competition! It’s like our queen showing everybody else how it should be done! Even if I find the front slit a tad bit too high and a first of sorts from her, it barely distracts from the priceless vision of a goddess she amply gave onstage. Bravo! 👏👏👏

    • Next year there will be candidates trying the tangerine color. That was very daring of Cat, asians have hard time using that colot!

  20. Ang daming naka tassel gown..or watver its called .tapos ung gown ni rachel peters, na resurrect..

  21. She is NOT fat at all! She sizzles in her swimsuite, sexy, gorgeous and definitely serting the stage on fire. I begin to like her even more.

  22. Walang duda, She’s on top in the swimsuit competition!
    Grabeee, wala akong masabe!

  23. Catriona’s swimsuit presentation served fierceness, sensuality and class on a heaping platter – and how! She gave a performance level anyone can ask for – so good in fact that at first glance one can’t take time to scrutinize whatever ballyhooed shortcomings her figure allegedly has! Truly a standout among all the bikini clad beauties tonight! She continues to slay effortlessly and make us Filipinos sooooo proud of her! 👏👏👏

  24. Labanan ng mga Pinoy designers din tonight.
    Sana chaka ang suot ng kapangalan ko na si El pobreza el hotel

  25. This is it…she’s ready to conquer the whole universe! May she shine so bright tonight just like all the constellations of stars in the entire universe! Good luck Cat! For the Philippines…for the win!

  26. Good luck and God bless Cat!

    You soooooo deserve the MU 2018 crown. Love you. I love Clint too. Charrz 😃

  27. Praying for Cat to win! I’ve never followed BBP and Miss Universe like this before. Especially with MU 2018 being in Thailand which has left me sleepless in the West coast. I’ve never seen a beauty pageant contestant like Cat who has literally everything the MU org could ask for plus more. She has the best public speaking voice among the 90 candidates that you’d love to listen to her speak all day long. I’ve never seen a candidate work soooo hard and compete as an independent. Truly empowered! GO CAT! God bless!

  28. Same pa rin ba ang criteria, 60% interview, 20% swimsuit and 20% evening gown? So to balance it yung mataas sa interview pero weak sa swimsuit and evening gown ay mas malaki pa rin ang chance pumasok sa top 20 compare sa weak sa interview round pero mataas sa swimsuit and evening giwn since only 40% lang ang percentage na paglalabanan later compare sa 60% na preliminary interview kahapon.

  29. Wearing those ugly cheap-looking dresses ( especially the yellow and the baby blue ones) is taking a toll on Cat. I think she’s being ill-advised .

    Hope things turn out better on prelim and finals nights.





      • U need to listen to criticisms .
        Otherwise , nothing is gonna happen to you .
        Kahit na mangungulot ng buhok , wala kamg kikitain Kung ganyan ang attitude mo. Sayang din , pambayad din sa PAPA mo .
        Tse hihihi


        Here in the US, di kailangang magbayad sa mga guapong lalaki. Mapa-puti, latino, asian-americans, south asians, natikman ko na, bukod pa sa mga relationships ko dito.

        Madalas, Ako na ang humihindi sa hookups. Walang bayad-bayad dito… Madalas, free delivery pa! LOLs

        It also helps na hindi ako PANGET NA BAKLA na kagaya mo.

        Huwag mong itulad diyan sa iskwater mong kinaluluglukan, ipanglalamon mo na lang, ibabayad mo pa para lang sa hada.



      • It must be sweet to live with HIV hep c and syphilis .
        Make sure u take your meds .
        And I hope u r having fun working for CVS and Dollar General.

      • The nice thing here is, since you have your pick, you can scrutinize who you hook up with. Sensiya na deary, you will never have anybody make love to your kadiri face and kadiri body without having to pay for sex. NO ONE WANTS YOU. AMPANGET MO KASI, INSIDE AND OUT!


      • If Cat loses , do not blame the judges or other candidates.
        i willl hold everyone of u responsible for blindly catering to Cat.

      • I don’t really mind if Cat wins or loses, so long as she gave it her all.


      • Yes, obviously a FAKE FABIAN, and a BUTT-UGLY IMPOSTOR at that!

        But what is definitely REAL is the KARMA that will befall this GIGANTIC ASSHOLE AND SAD EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING.

  30. Catriona is, absolutely on top of the game.

    From styling, makeup, hair – everything’s definitely on point.

    The wardrobes / outfits, from color to texture and combinations definitely eye catching.

    The smiles, expressions, gestures’ all adorable.

    Not 100% flawless, but she sure is someone to reckon with.

    Although she’s an independent, her team however, are doing their very best to
    make us proud in this joyful but challenging journey.

    Best of the very best, Ms. Catriona Gray! ❤️❤️❤️

  31. @ PaulRivera. A question. Does not supporting Gray constitute trolling in Mr. Tinio’s blog at this time? If so, bawal pala talaga kitaan ng mali kay Pusa. Just asking. 🙂

    I don’t like her. She’s smug. It is possible to be confident without behaving as if you anticipate the spotlight will be upon you at any moment. Borderline famewhore. Too late to tone down now, as the Preliminary Interview is done. Hope she did not screw that one up by feeling entitled.

    • Andrew AKA paid-troll by Mama J. What the hell are you talking about?

      If by any chance you’re not one of the ‘bayarang’ trolls here – Were you referring to Sarah Rose Summers perhaps? Or probably Tamaryn Green?

      Lol. You are beyond laughable darling. #ByeFelicia #ThankUNext

      • @jon s. Jonad Gaffud was quoted as saying, ” “I think Catriona has a very big chance but like any other girl. Si Pia [Wurtzbach] nga, hindi naisip ng ibang mga tao na may chance siya. Sinasabi nila, like for example, si Rachel [Peters], total package. Hindi natin alam ang lahat ng chances ng tao habang nandoon pero naniniwala ako na humbly, I can say, si Catriona has everything.”

        Yan na naman tayo sa “Us vs Them” thinking. Pag may napuna kay Catriona ang isang commenter, sasabihin na ‘bayarang troll ni Mama J’.

        “To each his own,” said the old lady while kissing the carabao.

        @Andrew The Preliminary Interview is crucial. The strategy, according to an insider, is to answer as many questions from the judges as possible within the given time. Coming across as genuine is also crucial. That got Ms Sri Lanka in last year. (:

        Plus the judges are discouraged from snooping into the candidates’ socmed. Also, during the Trump era, the judges pick 10 while the MUO picks the other 5.

      • @Saenz

        Bong here was quoted saying, “If you’re a pinoy and don’t like Catriona, why the need to rub it and hurl insults? You must be mentally ill to do it.
        The best thing for a compatriot if he/she does not like Cat is to be silent nalang or at the least give constructive criticism, not bash…..
        Do you think you reap reward on your act? You’re acting like a poor sissy.”


    • qng sino ka mang troll ka na nilamon ng bittergayfood hahaha makapagsabi ng di mo bet c Cat, sana naman tinanong mo din kung bet ka din nya hahahaha hiyang hiya nman sya sau dai hahahaha… kinakabahan knb kasi “baka” manalo c Cat? oh baka pa lang yan ha… baka manginig kna jan agad hahaha..wc i know is eventually if the stars are aligned for her , mananalo sya… so sino ka ngayon ulit? hahahahahahahaha

    • If you’re a pinoy and don’t like Catriona, why the need to rub it and hurl insults? You must be mentally ill to do it.

      The best thing for a compatriot if he/she does not like Cat is to be silent nalang or at the least give constructive criticism, not bash…..

      Do you think you reap reward on your act? You’re acting like a poor sissy.

  32. Of course well support her. 3 or 4 trolls lang naman ang di sumusuporta dito sa blog. Yung isa, panay bash ke pia nung 2015, di daw mananalo, panay pintas. Ayun kinain nya sarili nyang suka.

  33. She is just amazingly and undeniably beautiful inside and out !
    The best of luck to you, Cat aka Meow and Muning ! Keep it up. God bless 🙂

    • ooooookay, just looked around mclean’s IG, nagkakalat na ang mga latinos. quiet lang and positive tayo dapat. Is it just me or is this the most nerve wracking edition ever!

  34. The gown above is beautiful… I wonder if she will have a gown for the prelims and a VAVAVOOM gown for the finals just like what Pia, Maxene and Rachel did

    • Yes, Cat will a gown for the prelims (2 colors according to her) and one for the finals. She also brought a gown for the red carpet. All made by Mak Tuman.

  35. Ok i have to give this to Cat. You will have my support tonight and on the finals night. #Sashbearer

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