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  1. My Fearless Top 20 Final Hotpicks: Americas:
    El Salvador

    South Africa

    Great Britain

    Wild Cards:
    Puerto Rico
    5 Possible Winners of MU2018: Thailand/USA/Brazil/Puerto Rico/Philippines = any of the 5 can be the winner

  2. Hi Norman, I must say Cat is definitely the best. Any comment from Maggie Wilson and Bea Santiago???

  3. I paid close attention to the judges during the evening gown segment. The camera captured them the longest in the left, front background in the evening gown competition since each candidate had ample time to work the stage. Porntip and Monique were the most easily identifiable.
    I tried to gather as many discernible reactions. They appeared to have already narrowed and specific tasks, and perhaps identified favorites and dark horse alternatives. As soon as each lady appeared on stage, the judges eyes were at the candidate. The question is whether their non-verbal reactions hinted affirmation, maybe, or none. There were times that they looked at the lady longer. However, as with 70% of the delegates, they were brief glimpses. All appeared to look on either a table TV monitor or computer- perhaps both. I’m not sure if they were writing their scores on a tally sheet (perhaps notes as well) or keying their numeric scores on a computer. I observed judges displaying a more enthused interest using these assessment questions as regards their observable reactions:
    1) How long did they looked at each lady before turning their heads down as each lady appeared on stage?
    2) How quickly did their attention switched- measured by the length of time their heads turned back on stage waiting for the next candidate while dismissing the candidate still performing on stage?
    3) Did the judges heads turn to follow the candidate walked down the stage and again towards back their direction?
    4) How many head turns did they make?
    4) When the camera captured the two candidates simultaneously on stage with the judges on the background< were they visibly looking to favor one candidate over the other? Or they were not attentive to both at all?
    I noticed- whenever the camera was angled to capture the judges- that the Black delegates received long initial gazes from the judges. Porntip, most especially, watched these ladies quite intensely walked the runway: Misses Barbados, Cayman Islands, Ghana, Kenya, Haiti, Nigeria and U.S. Virgin Islands. If my observed reactions proved correct, the judges had to work with the top 20 selection criteria and most likely with MUO's diversity and inclusiveness paradigm. Similarly discernible were the same reactions of these judges to Misses Australia, Brazil, Canada, Curacao, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, Ukraine and Vietnam. Again Porntip was captured making those head turns following Brazil, Canada, Philippines, Thailand, and Ukraine. Camera captured Monique and Porntip keenly observing Philippines performed on stage.
    I'm not quite sure if the judges were positively engaged with Albania, Colombia, South Africa, USA and Venezuela. The camera may have not been positioned to capture these non-verbal reactions.

    • good observation…I tried to look at the judges body language and reaction too everytime a candidate strut the stage but its hard to discern because of the lighting

  4. Cat has the only unique way of ss and eg presentation…sya kang ang bukod tangi sa mga galawan nya…she just stood out…nilamon nya ang 93 kalaban nya…yun lang

  5. Woke up so early to watch Catriona’s performance and so worth it❤️. She slayed it! Swimsuit walk is very VS with the shade of Karlie Kloss. she is definitely in.. .

  6. I haven’t seen the whole show, but I am so proud of Catriona. No one can accuse of copying anyone now. I was never a fan of hers in MW. I do think Jonas did her a disservice by using Megan as a template. Catriona is her own woman, and going independent really was the way to go. Her walk and smile are so captivating! Now, she’s the one being copied! As it should be because she’s a trailblazer.

    Best of luck, Catriona!

  7. At the end of the pre-finals event, let us all pray for Cat’s ultimate goal of reclaiming the MU crown for 2018, for the Philippines! Yun lang talaga (,,,plus our massive votes…)

  8. her swimsuit presentation… alam mo ung KONTROLADO nya ung sarili nya… ung ndi k makakaramdam ng bigat while she’s doing lahat nung mga ginawa nya… especially her walk.

    one thing i noticed… during the swimsuit… cya lang ung kuntodo saya while walking… aba nung gown n… andami ng gumaya! malamang ung iba ngaun nagsasanay ng umikot ng slow motion… LOL

  9. Yes I agree, it should be calles Matrix walk and not Lava haha.

    This is going to be a very tough fight. There is no guarantee who’s who, but as for PH our chances are extemely high.

    Almost all the girls did well. Nigeria was elegant, giving off that Leila bun vibe, though not as facially pretty but she could make it to the top 20.

    Kenya should be in the top 10. Certainly an intelligent woman with that degree, unassuming beauty and also very cute!

    Nepal is so elegant. So is Argentina and Georgia. My gosh. Can you imagine Georgia with a better stylist? I will not complain too if she makes it.

    My bet Denmark, of all the hairstyles this is what she picks. Sad but still a favourite.

    Turkey smiling and laughing all the way after Thailand’s loud cheer, she looks super kind and sports.

    Greece is a goddess. Lebanon, then Russia’s symmetrical face that she also looks like a doll. If they did well in the interview I won’t complain too if they get in.

    Australia, my gosh. You forget everything just my looking at that smiling face. Her eyes are always smiling. No need to smize.

    Peru. I want her in the top. Best smile of all in spite of her underbite. No air of pretense.

    USA. Comes as she is. She does not even looked prepared. Like waking up the next day not knowing it is Miss U. But her walk is so unique. Not really lousy, but a kind of confidence that does not try. Doesn’t try to impress. Everything about her is just as who she is and this would lead her to the top.

    Mexico, so Kylie Jenner! She is so pretty. And cute.

    The others I would call very skilled, runner-up vibes but no winner aura: South Africa, Venezuela (really precise pasarela, amazing), most of Latin countries, Canada (very good proportions, but not much on projection, top 20 vibe). Guatemala for being so smart (summa cum laude and robotics?)

    Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Albania so hilarious lol… could get in. China wow too much but who knows. I even like Cayman Islands.. walang patapon sa batch na ito.

    Colombia probably was so affected by the ignorant people in social media. My gad stop it. Colombians generally might come off arrogant to other nationalities but I do not think they intend to be like that. They are just one of the most confident women in the world I cannot recall a timid Colombian at all. Give her a break.

    For the crown the winner vibes I get is from Puerto Rico, Philippines, even USA. I do not know why but I like Georgia, Nepal and Argentina too.

  10. I have to say, when I was watching the prelims on YouTube, I wasn’t too impressed by the gown. I guess I was expecting more. However, on HD, it is stunning. Indeed it grows on you. And the craftsmanship and the details are amazing and superb; I have to give it to Mak Tumang. The instant “wow” on the screen might not have been there, but I am sure the judges had a better and closer look. Besides, Cat worked it and she looked confidently gorgeous, which is what they were judged on.

  11. CAT did great. Her presentation skills are tops. But please wear a different gown for finals!

    • Same reaction with Maxine’s green fringed gown, it received mixed reviews during the MU2016 Preliminaries. Yet, Maxine entered the semifinals effortlessly. Have you seen the Evening gown competition last night? Majority of the girls have similar style, cut & color – silver, red & green. Predictable, typical pageant patty designs, nakita ko na yan, wala nang bago, gasgas na yung concept. Minsan talaga you have to take risks in able to stand out.

  12. Off topic;
    Miss USA is accused of mocking English skills of Vietnam and Cambodia… intentional or not it has gone viral.

    Oh well, there goes her chances of an MU crown. That kind of controversy a couple days before the big event is lethal.
    Reminds one of Ariela’s fate in 2013.

    • She was conversing and laughing with Australia and Colombia on Instagram…
      Curious how much this will affect their placements…

      • Agreed. It comes off as mocking and racist, tbh. After the video was posted by diet prada on IG, it was picked up by TMZ, E! Online, Time and other entertainment/news show/site. Alam na, eto ang legit na #TrumpGirl daw

    • Judging from the video, I don’t believe they had malicious intent nor were they being mean girls. However, Instagram is definitely not the venue or media to talk about it. It should have been reserved off camera as their humor did not transcend cultures.

      • The Cambodia issue can be viewed “objectively” pero the one from Vietnam… girl, it seemed condescending.

  13. I thought the gown would look costumey – because of the Adarna theme. It turns out it looks classy and elegant. At a far it looks a simple gown with high slit. But upclose, the details are impeccable. As if several feathers were stitched together to form one gown.

    Kudos to Cat for carrying it well, kudos to Mak to designing a spectacular gown

  14. Cat performed excellently in prelims especially in SS. She spun, swayed side by side and glided effortlessly just like she owned the stage! Right now, she’s half way through her journey to clinch the crown. She’s gonna claim it come coronation night!

  15. Para sa mga nagsasabing #Fatriona saan kayo ngayon? Walang bilbil ang lola nyo. Ang maganda pa dun dahil alam nyang inaabangan nyo ang swimsuit round ayun pinektusan kayo. #catganern #lavawalk #MUning

  16. masarap kasi ang Thai food
    thats her body type na kasi talaga anyway
    Cat performed in SS — that slo mo twist is just WOW

    overhyped gown again but it is not about the gown
    but the girl

    Cat girl wore it with elegance
    and confidence

    pasok na si Cat sa ToP

    im sure pasabog ito sa Finals

    praying for Cat


  17. It’s the year of the Fringe Gowns!
    Cat’s swimsuit turn! The way she took the first step after her turn was just wow!
    For Cat’s gown, it was a genius choice of color! And the signature pirrouette!
    Everything about Catriona was stunning!
    Chic gowns – Australia, Brazil, Japan (sweet and refreshing) and Philippines (I can’t ask for more!)
    Pretty faces – Australia, Japan, and Puerto Rico!
    I was underwhelmed with USA and South Africa!

    I am not sure with the vantage point of the judges! I hope come finals night, they will be situated at the front center not on the side. Weird!

    Again, it’s the year of Fringe Gowns!

  18. Nakakaloka! Sana di siya tumaba sa panglamon niya sa prelims!!!
    Ganda ng projection niya! Ang twist and turn ya is very bakla. She does not stick to one emotion when she’s strutting down the runway.

    Ang ganda ng swimsuit portion niya, I think she was better here than in EG. But her turn in the EG portion was really something. Naloka ako, parang upgraded, mas malandi version sa kay Pia. Nakakaloka!

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