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  1. According to a source, Catriona was still talking but was cut off by the judges during the closed door interview. I’m not sure if this is true. Can someone shed a light on this please.

    • Source my ass Jeremi aka paid-troll by Mama J. Get an effin life! Stop trying to stir shit up!
      LOL – nangagalahiti naba sa galit ang bitter niyong boss? LMAO

    • hahaha source nyan is ang kanyang insecurities wala ng iba hahahaha… kinakabahan na kasi baka manalo na c Cat! hahaha lamunin sya ng buo s hiya..oh ayan ha, “BAKA” pa lang baka mgninig kna jan agad Jeremi hahahaha magkano ba bayad sayo sa paghithit ng bittergayfood hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

  2. Pereo mas naaliw ako sa mga post sa FB asking kung tapos naba daw ang “Door-to-Door” interview ni Cat , inayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hahahah aliwwwwwwwwwwww…

    Congrats ins advance CAT!!! Good luck later sa Prelims… We love you! ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. I hope that was the last we would see Cat go ethnic ! It’s good that Pinoy fans are happy . But are the judges happy too? No! These girls still go for the simple but classic look … not gaudy .
    People are rejoicing .. Yeheyy she is a Stand out!…. To whom?
    Enough of the pandering !
    Cat has risked enough .
    No more Pinoy graphics except on accessories .
    Once she is MU , she can do anything . But right now , while she is just one of the girls , she has to stick with what is universally appealing . She can’t go shoving balut or pancit down the throat of these judges .
    Pls Cat and the people around her … while there is time !

    • Doubting Fabbie, chill. Empowered women do what they want. Empowered women know what they want. Empowered women stand for what they want. That is what Catriona is doing right now.

    • I guess we have someone very closed-minded here… apparently he can read minds too HAHAAH

    • I may have to agree with you on this…. too much risk, nakakabahala. Pero may the odds be ever in Cat’s favor! Cheer pa din ako kay MUning. 😊

    • Nobody shoving balut fabian. She is just showcasing the materials which is very Filipino that can be used as a fashion statement. I know you meant well. You always support cat but we cannot do anything she already assigned her everyday wardrobe.
      Everyday I’m just waiting for her ootd. I do hope all of us will be celebrating come Dec 16 evening et time Dec 17 manila time

  4. she is done with her prelim interview ; Cat is pasok sa banga !!! essentially, the judges and MUO will just need to decide on who the other 19 ladies are …

  5. Being a good speaker (her eloquence in the delivery of sensible thoughts and ideas), Cat can’t be ignored by the 7 judges. She has the power to persuade once she starts to talk. Judges are not the only ones who have the “SAY” in deciding who will advance the cut, MU organization has it also.

  6. My very strong gut feel is telling me the Philippines will have its 4th Miss Universe this year !
    That’s my fearless forecast and I thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • With everything that Cat has done (especially her advocacy and the charitable work that she puts her heart and soul into – come on, guys let’s face it – all this was NOT DONE OVERNIGHT just to be noticed by the MU org, she’s been doing it for years even before she even joined MW), Cat does not need to prove anything more. She certainly deserves the attention, the accolades, the media mileage etc. The best of luck to her. Cat is definitely the one to beat 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. I wonder how will these 7 women score Angela Ponce? Hmm interesting. Merits alone hirap na hirap makapasok sa Top 20 si Ateng although I know he is bringing a ton of buzz (or did he?).

    • I wonder how will these 7 women score Angela Ponce? Hmm interesting. Merits alone hirap na hirap makapasok sa Top 20 si Ateng although I know she is bringing a ton of buzz (or did she?). FIXED.


  8. I have already completed watching Cat’s “LuzViMinda” videos, and I would say that Cat did an amazing job in there. I think she herself gave input on the content of the videos, making the videos very Catriona. Have we ever had a candidate in the past whose love for our culture is depth, in that she even introduces our indigenous local materials or fabric to the whole world, the universe rather, in her own way? Ginawang sosyal ni Catriona ang mga indigenous hand-made fabric. Napahiya ako ng bongga kase most of the time I use branded and imported items. Lalo kong na-appreciate si Cat. Lalo kong minahal ang ating lahi. Kaya mula ngayon, promise, I will love Cat more.

    Truly, Cat is the most hardworking MUP the BPCI has ever produced. Kaya after ng kanyang Miss Universe journey, sana gawin s’yang Tourism ambassadress o kaya Tourism Usec or, itodo na natin, Tourism Secretary. I believe she can put so much of her artistry and creativity in all her Tourism projects.

    Go, Cat! Bring home the Universe.

    That’s all!

    • Once in a blue moon (but not blue crown LOL) candidate talaga si Cat…

      In a sea of almost 100 candidates she has solidified standing out AGAIN.

      Others would have tried to stand out the old school way – pa bling bling pa more, pa awra pa more, pa selfie-selfie more.

      She took it on her own to showcase what makes her uniquely MUning and uniquely FILIPINA. She assembled a DREAM TEAM that has crafted the labour of love that we are so fortunate to witness.

      Watch, next year there will be a crop of Copy-Cats locally and abroad who will be pulling the same antics, but they will never be MUning.

      (Agreed, she will be coming home to a bright future in the Philippines crown or not – she has earned it.)

      • Couldn’t agree more, hunnie.

        May pasilip na naman na video si Muning. Tumatakbo-takbo s’ya sa dagat, wearing a hat and a flowy dress. Hula ng mga badet sa IG, ‘yun daw ang swimsuit body video n’ya. Dagdag ng isang badet, mapupuyat na naman daw siya kakahintay sa pasavogue ni Pusa, as in ‘yung eye bags daw niya ay may eye bags na rin daw. Grabe ang impact ni Pusa sa balana. Kaloka.

        That’s all!

      • @Ana Winter

        Totoo… prelims will be at I think 4am here in California. Pinagod ko talaga ang sarili ko last night so I would be tired tonight. Otherwise I will be waking up at 4am to live stream and my partner will not appreciate that.

        I am working from home though. Kasi the “refrigerator repairman is coming” hehehehe. Pag gising ko, siguro nasa MU YouTube na yung prelims!

        MUning season!

        Celebrate! Fight!! ENRICH!!!

  9. Miss Universe 2018 Puerto Rico
    -She has a Demi/Olivia aura in her.
    -Great projection
    -has a sobbing background (worked as a waitress to support her studies)
    -body transformation from flab to toned
    -supports Save the Children

    1st Runner up Mexico
    -beautiful face
    -developed an app for kid’s nutrition in Mexico
    -projection on point

    2nd runner up Autralia
    -natural beauty
    -first biracial rep in her country
    -great body
    -sad story about her going through depression

    -released a song for the children of Young Focus Ph
    -supports HIV/AIDS awareness
    -classy and beautiful
    -on point styling
    -star quality/has most number of followers on IG

    South Africa
    -supports the fight against TB stigma
    -Medicine student

    -natural beauty
    -Law student
    -great walk
    -great catwalk
    -came from an ethnic group in her country
    -was a speaker on UN
    -represents the ethnic group in her country
    -Ambassador Girl’s Day Nepal
    -Ambassador of Women’s Health
    -has a degree in Public Health

    Top 20
    Great Britain
    El Salvador

    El Tocuyo USA

    • Very weak and unrealiable picks. A lot of pageant experts have already spoken that, up to this very day, Catriona is the woman to beat. These experts have been following Miss Universe all their lives, and know what they are saying. Not only that, some of them have close encounter or access to the MU events. Kaya huwag kami.

      That’s all!

    • Any prediction that does not have Catriona as the winner is unrealiable. Thats a law in this blog. Violators will be dealt severely.

      • Hahaha! OY, we can’t help but be truthful. ‘Yung iba kase grabe kung i-down si Cat. Pero kapag s’ya lang ay manalo, itong mga ito ang mauuna pang magpugay at magwagayway ng bandila ng Pilipinas, unless panindigan nila ang pamba-bash kay Cat para sabihing consistent sila. Kaloka.

        That’s all.

    • PR might not even advance to top 5 after another interview. They are looking for a spokesperson for their brand. Everything will change after the top 10 interview…

  10. naranasan na din naman naten maging interviewer

    when your thoughts become not just words but
    emotions —it transcends

    that’s where you get “goosebumps” and you know it hit
    you right there in your heart

    a girl who is not just a good speaker but a communicator

    to communicate,
    to not just send but to transcend the message

    i reckon that who Catriona is
    that is her gift.


  11. I say let them speculate all they want. Ganon din naman tayo kapag me kalahing judge ang winner ng isang pageant. Let the tables turn. At least, we know that deep in our hearts, catriona is deserving

  12. I am confident that Cat simply aced the interview round with this excellent panelists. I don’t have issues on MU putting two Filipinos in the panel. I understand that IMG has had a goodwill to protect, and that Miss Universe is a highly valuable brand. Thus, they don’t want to risk their reputation by hiring biased judges in Miss Universe.

    Anyway, I notice that Cat’s swimsuit photos are coming out of the file. The timing is good, as it helps her peak more in the process.

    I am now excited for tomorrow’s preliminary competition. Laban, Cat!

    That’s all!


  13. The same prelim judges are the same as the judges at the finals! I believe this is unprecedented. Correct me if I am wrong.

    I always wondered why in times past the prelim judges differed from the final’s judges.

    Having the same judges at both makes more sense.

    • In the past (pre-Trump), prelim and telecast judges were the same. It has still a pros and cons.

    • They used to do it before, prior to Trump. Fortunately, at least the pageant is free of him (those of us in the US are not). This strategy will benefit Cat.

      Before kung sino sino lang yung prelim judges. Mga local sponsor a la Jolibee Senior VP for Internet Marketing Cross-Development and Analytics Propulsion Dynamics, or 3rd rate local celeb a la Bangkok’s Top Cabaret Performer in the Siam Lounge at Lebua – Praloontarp Pattayakrabi. Tapos final night roster of D-List American and Latin American celebrities with a sprinkling of Ximena/Dayana/Dayanara/etc. etc. and one Asian judge.

      This panel consists of accomplished women with deeper social purpose than strutting around on the red carpet. Knowing the ladies based on interview from the get go will introduce them to the personalities they are going to love and reward even if they fall flat on their bootays on the finals night.
      (Under Trump, interview prelims was after prelim show – and swimsuit preview – so that the judges would get attached to the physical attributes of certain ladies over those with stellar personalities.)

      All the cards are falling into the right place at the right time.

      • Who would you rather have as the president of the US, if not Trump? I suggest you stop watching the mainstream media whose goal is to bash Republican presidents during their tenure. #WalkAway from group think is the best way to live.

  14. How exciting! The national costume event is over, the preliminary interviews are over and now it is just a matter of prepping up for the grand MU event!

  15. Shocking Asia si Gabriela Isler! Matapos mag-Sanya at beso-beso Kay Megan at Julia, nasa Thailand naman ngayon with Mr. Supranational! Mucho dinero sa mga viaje!

  16. She’s a shoe in for the top 5 . From there it’s all about luck and who steals the Q and A. Top 3 could be Cat, PR, Colombia.
    By the way is there any photo of Colombia and Spain together yet?

  17. “Mabilis lang namn.” Sabi ni Cat…hehe paranoid ako. Should we worry or not? I remember during Pia’s, people around noticed that she was interviewed longer than the other girls. From that info I knew she would do well…and she did!😄

    • Isa ka pang boba!! They judges were instructed to make it short or shorter than the usual because there’s more than 90 of them girls. That’s a lot!! Bawat kembot ng lola nyo busog sa madumi nyong interpretasyon. Pwede mo din naman sabihin Elena Adarnang bobita ka, We should not worry kase she doesn’t need a very long interview because pasok na sya, she is in no matter what. Diba teh??????? Kayong mga tagilid and utak tatamaaan kayo sakin!! Letsus!!

    • She also mentioned that each of the girl was only given 4 minutes for the interview.

      • Or probably she aced the interview that’s why it went breezy. I’m not a candidate but I really feel the pressure and tension and gosh Cat handles it very well! Will continuing praying for her! 😊

  18. I bet they all had a hard time deciding. A lot of girls this year are well spoken and a lot of them have stories to tell.

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