36 comments on “Catriona Gray and her #ootd for the Miss Universe 2018 Preliminary Interview

  1. I am certain she did very well in the interview, The strategy seems to be not to overdress or over make up and to focus on her innate intelligence and charm. That is risky, because the get up is very simple and not stunning. Even the hair is very simple. If others dressed to stun and did very well in the interview she will have competition. But knowing Cat I am sure she aced that interview and should be a shoo in for the top 20 or 16 in the interview portion. Top 3 I would go as far as saying based on all of her interviews thus far. The rest is up to the prelims and finals. There I expect her to really don stunning outfits that magnify her presence and projection. I hope they don’t take chances with a simple look anymore. Just my take. This batch is very strong so we can’t bank on her beauty and brains alone. Everything should be conjured to set her completely apart. We don’t know what the others would do tonight. Let’s see.

    All the best for Cat and her team. Whatever it is, whatever you may wear, we will root for you tonight and in the finals. You have made us very proud so far.

  2. I hope and pray that Catriona did so well during the prelim interview yesterday. Likewise, I wish that all judges including the MU organization saw a deeper good side of Ms. Phils. which hopefully made them include her as official semifinalist and not as wildcard.
    Good luck Cat on your MU journey…slay them in prelim swimsuit and evening gown. I know you can nail all of them come finals!!!

  3. My Pre-preliminary Favorites
    Asia, Oceana, Africa
    1 Philippines
    2 South Africa
    3 Thailand
    4 Australia
    5 Indonesia

    1 Spain
    2 Denmark
    3 Ireland
    4 United Kingdom
    5 Albania

    1 Puerto Rico
    2 Colombia
    3 Mexico
    4 Venezuela
    5 USA

    Wild Cards
    1 India
    2 Japan
    3 Nigeria
    4 Nepal
    5 Peru

  4. Monique Lhullier will certainly greatly appreciate this OOTD !!! I know for a fact Monique has excellent taste !

  5. That’s very gutsy of her to do that.
    A darker color – black gray or navy blue would have been more appropriate
    Well , she knows what she’s doing . I’m sure she will impress in some other ways

  6. Catriona is definitely in another level. Win or lose, your candidacy will be cherished forever and it might set the bar even higher for the next Miss Universe Philippines aspirants.

    I’m sure that other camps are taking notice of this and that is a good thing. 🙂

  7. Ang galing. Pag vacation ko sa Pinas, I immediately want to go to shop in the Filipiniana sections and try to incorporate local materials and designs in my wardrobe. She made us feel proud of our culture. Very effective.

    • Agree! I am specifically would look for Tinalak bag or any item made of tinalak fabric!😊

    • I have a baring tagalog in yellow and green which is fitted and styled like a regular shirt

  8. Oh that aura, that innate class, intelligence and eloquence, I am sure Cat did very well sa Interview kanina. #revenge

  9. Hope may masagap tyo kmusta prelim interview ni Cat kanina. Also, what time b tlg (philippine time) ang prelims tom? May livestream sana

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