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  1. Napanood ko lang sa youtube according to Paula Shugart there will be 7 all female judges at yun na nga nabanggit na si Natalie, Michelle at Monique at yung remaining na apat daw ay possible na past winners sina Zuleyka, Iris, Gabriella and Paulina. Di pa naman confirm pero goodluck na lang.

  2. Care to share all the gossip in English please. I speak Tagalog but it seems all the juicy tea are hard to understand. Maraming salamat!

    • If you want some gossip, visit the facebook page of Miss Universe club.
      There’s an issue about Ecuador complaining that she is not being treated well in the hotel.
      There’s an issue about Colombia vs Mexico. Last year, they also had an issue.
      There’s a video of USA, Australia and a latin girl saying that they pity Ms Cambodia because she can’t speak english.
      Almost all the comments are in spanish and these commenters are fighting each other pulling every latin candidates down.

  3. wow MU na pala
    wala kasi sa news dito

    sa mga 1st world kasi wala naman pakielam sa mga ganito

    pang 3rd world lang ito

    mga mahirap na bansa na walang pinagkaka abalahan kaya di umunlad unlad

    • Wow. Sa tagal mo nag pagrereply sa mga posts, ngayon mo lang na-realize na MU season na? Anong lebel ng kaboboha yan?

    • Oo eh, wala talaga silang pakialam dito kaya every year sumasali pa rin sila. Kaya nga siguro sa 67 years ng MU, sa unang taon lang walang delegate ang France kahit ang tagal nang paghihintay nila ng korona ulit. Sana naman i-cancel nalang ang MU kasi 1st world naman ang US na country of origin! Wala din silang paki dito. Pakisabi nalang din kay Madam Julia na i-cancel nalang din ang MW, total galing naman siya sa isang 1st world country.


    • I do not know which 1st world country you are residing but you are either losing your mind or you already lost it. Are you not the same person who keeps bashing Catriona and keeps predicting different winner as long it’s not Catriona? FYI…… Catriona was in the Daily Mail news in Australia and England.

    • My dear many are 3rd world people here but their level of appreciation of arts can be beyond first world’s. 3rd world enjoys a lot of things. Unlike you which I doubt is from the first world but perhaps out of this world is showing signs of decay. These 3rd world people here are full potential just wait and see…next time mind your words.

  4. Good luck Cat . I hope the gown is worthy of her. Please mga baduy na Veks stay away

  5. Here’s wishing that MU 2018 Top 5 will be dominated by delegates from Asia just like what happened in the 1988 edition in Taiwan.

  6. according to the most recent interview with Cat on the national costume, it was an equipment malfunction… quite unfortunate ; I am sad because just imagine if the lantern had worked as planned … WOW what a sight that would have been ! Nobody can come even close to Cat for bagging the Best National Costume award.. last time Pinas won was in 1994… it is about time !

    Anyway, here come the preliminaries… Go Cat Go !!!

  7. All female judges for the telecast? Empowered daw ang hinahanap ng MUO this year?

    Cat and Tamaryn na yan.

    The formers are going to reward beauty queens who look and act the part FIRST, empowered SECOND. The only other time MUO has had an all-female panel was at Miss USA 2015 after NBC dropped the pageant and the celebrity judges all withdrew their participation to condemn his statements. Former Miss USAs came to the rescue. The result? Olivia Jordan (former Miss World USA, struggling LA model/actress) won. Texas (professional pageant competitor) and Rhode Island (former Miss Grand International) were her runners up. Maureen Montagne made it to Top 15 that year. All hardcore beauty queens who knew how to speak and present themselves on stage well.

    Philippines and South Africa are both in this league. They look the part, they talk the part, they act the part, they have the empowered backgrounds, they know how to sell their backgrounds.

    So far we have not heard of one Latin judge. We all know they are biased as all hell when it comes to their queens. I’m sure we will see at least one judge on the panel from the region, it is too big of a market to ignore. However, I am taking their relative exclusion from the panel as a sign that MUO is not going to return the crown to the Americas yet again this year. Not a surprise – none of the Latina delegates this year, as gorgeous as they are, offer more than a pretty face that loves to ham it up for the camera and play with her pretty clothes and hair.

    Thailand looks like she will follow Maxine Medina’s path – she’ll go far, but not all the way.

    And for those who worry about Cat’s “fuller” swimsuit figure, Michelle Maclean was easily the fullest candidate of the Top 10 her year, with Carolina Isczak of Venezuela not that far behind.

    As for L’Hullier judging, this is a good sign. I’m sure there are some that will say that she will vote against Philippines because it will look like Cat’s win was fixed. I disagree. If anything, as a Filipina-American woman who has succeeded in a field lacking Filipina role-models, she will appreciate what a rare find we have with Cat. She is an independent thinker and go-getter, she articulates herself with a cosmopolitan awareness that goes beyond scripted pageant clichés, and she has mass appeal that could sell the Philippines to the Universe.

    Wow, I am getting goosebumps na!

    • “However, I am taking their relative exclusion from the panel as a sign that MUO is not going to return the crown to the Americas yet again this year…”

      And how do you know there won’t be any latino judges, or that they’ve been excluded from the panel? LOL. MUO has only revealed the names of 3 judges thus far and you’re already jumping to conclusions that a latina won’t or can’t win this year coz there aren’t any latino judges, and also implying illogically that latinas only win when there are latino judges.

  8. My New TOP 20 in Random Order:

    Philippines- the nicest person you’ll ever meet! 🙂
    Puerto Rico
    South Africa

    Great Brittain



  9. My New TOP 20 in Random Order:

    Philippines- the nicest person you’ll ever meet! 🙂

    Puerto Rico



    South Africa




    Great Brittain











  10. Miss Universe 2018 is on fire!

    We can’t wait for the start of the preliminary competition. Just now, Cat’s team has released its one-piece swimsuit studio shot. She is flaming hot in blue! Kitang-kita ang curve ng body n’ya, at obvious na flat ang tummy n’ya pati na ang formation ng abs niya. Lakas maka-Irene Esser ng Venezuela ang look n’ya. Will she do an Oxana or an Irene Esser style during the swimsuit round?

    I read from Mak Tumang’s post na his design of Cat’s gown intended for the preliminaries was inspired to an iconic lady in our Philippine literature. I guess it’s Maria Clara. Kaabang-abang!

    Anyway, eight of the candidates in Miss Universe pala are appointees by their respective local MU franchise holders. These include Uruguay, Laos, Kyrgyzstan, China, Denmark, Hungary, British Virgin Islands, and Argentina. Candidates from Belgium, France and Poland naman are first runners-up lang to their respective actual winners who were sent in the recently concluded Miss World. Slovenia, Guyana and Austria did not send their candidates to Miss Universe due to their respective franchise issues, while Iraq, Romania, Trinidad & Tobago, Ethiopia, and Tanzania did not hold their individual national pageants.

    And what about Sierra Leone who failed to come in time to Bangkok due to Visa issues? The MUO still welcomed her, but as an audience-observer only in this edition. She will compete in 2019 edition though.

    I hope na maganda ang magiging presentation ni Cat sa Thursday, knowing how she prepared well for this pageant. Let us all pray for our beloved Pusa then.

    Meooooow, este, that’s all!

  11. OMG, grabe sa Instagram… naglalabasan na ang mga masamang ugali ng mga Latina on videos… pano pa behind cameras?! … Parang totoo nga ang Chismis n may sumabotaje sa pa-ilaw ng Parol ni Catriona.. grrrr!!!! Pero guys lam nyo na.. let’s not stoop down to their level… Kill them w/ kindness! Meow!

    We love you Catriona! 😀

  12. I’m just hoping that Cat’s prelims and finals gowns aren’t failures like her national costume. I think this time we can really expect something and not be let down, Mak Tumang is a very talented designer.

  13. Argument ng kupitbahay, bakit daw nung may umupo na kalahi nilang judge sa MGI na disenador din eh ganun na Lang maka panlait Ang mga Pinoy!

    At ngayon naman na may Pinoy designer na judge sa MU eh ok Lang. Parang double standard nga naman!

    Nung 2015, bet ni Natalie si Vietnam then nung 2016, si Indonesia! Medio kabado ko sa kanya dahil mailap yan sa mga Pinoy lalo na mga basher Kaya utang na loob, Puri puriin niyo sa social media ang belat kahit na labas sa ilong Lang!

    • yung problema sa kanila, dalawa (2) kasi ang nakaupo! bwahahaha
      dagdagan mo pa ng, “next year, you will win!” awwww hahahaha hindi double standards yan. walang standard talaga.

    • Nevertheless, this isn’t the first time na may Pinay designer na judge said MU being Josie Cruz Natori as the first,

    • The problem is one is a title holder and franchise holder and one is handler of the contestant…

    • yung umupong judge kasi sa kanila are identified to have ties with their rep…questionable tlaga ang pagiging bias ng mga judges nayun…and isa pa is that pageant is MGI and not MU


  15. I was hoping she would wear Chanel or Dior for casual or formal occasions… then experiment on these Pinoy designers after the pageant
    The expensive classic look suits her more

    • Wala daw budget bakla. Pambili nga ng materiales sa parol wala db? chanel o dior dresses pa, kaloka ka.

      • Acheng , I m sure people from around the world would be willing to help out if her team asked

    • Fab-B , it’s actually part of her comittment to showcase Filipino designers. Nakita mo rin seguro Yung embroidered denim jacket na 25k daw Ang precio! At ang dami niya din dalang purse!

      Si Narcos nga pala eh bansa 1st ru ni Pia na pinagpe-fiesta-han ngayon dahil sa kamalditahan na ginawa niya Kay Miss Taginit at pag irap niya Kay Lemon Juice!

      • Hinablot Niya Yung gift na flight pillow na dapat ibibigay nung fan Kay Tag-init. Napatingin na Lang sa gulat si taginit at nganga sa sorpresa si Namimi!

      • Grabe, saw that on IG…
        Sumanib ba ang espiritu ni Mariam Habach?
        Antayin natin kung mahilig din sya Mangurot at Mangapak… Sana pala nagsabay sila ng year ni Mariam para may sabunutang ganap..
        Or baka maging bestfriends sila…LOL

        Parang andaming desserving maligwak…

        Yung pihikan sa pagkain na muntik na magutom sa bansang me economic crisis

        Yung maarte sa hotel sa Thailand

        O yung nagyosi sa FB live? Parang sya pa ata ang sure na makapasok…

        Ay w8 medyo mean girls din pala yung nag live tapos kineunto kung sino hindi marunong mag english…

        The shade!!! The shade!!! Naglalabasan na mga tunay na kulay!!!

      • Actually kay Australia yung unan hindi kay tag init. Nagulat lang si tag init kasi nga nanguha si ate mong girl ng hindi naman sa kanya. Pero nagpa live naman si ateng kasama si tag init at AU at todo explain na binigay naman DAW niya after kay Australia. Pero nakakaloka yung sinabi ni Lemon sa hotel na pinag stayan nila! “la pobresa el hotel” meaning cheap/poor hotel tapos si Peru nashock sa sinabi niya hahaha!

      • Sino sino ba tinutukoy nyo? Di ako makasabay sa issues? Di ko gets kung sino sino sila. Palinaw naman.

  16. I hope Michelle asks Catriona as to what her Lola Julia’s favorite dish to cook… hihihihihi

    Go Cat go!!!!

  17. Knowing Natalie Glebova since I’ve been watching her vlogs for a long time, numero uno sa list nya ay mga magaganda ang hubog ng katawan. So for sure pasok sa list nya mga latina. And since she’s been living in Thailnd for years malapit sa loob nya ang mga Thai people kaya for sure pasok din si Ning. Maaring nasa listahan din nya si Cat pero I doubt kung nsa tof 3.

  18. Natalie and the Latinas in 2005.

    Then it will be Catriona and the Latinas 2018.

    MU: Philippines
    1st runner up: Puerto Rico
    2nd runner up: Colombia

  19. Kaya yung mga baklang poorita jan mag tabi na ng pera para may pang load ng data sa huebes. Wag muna mag abot ng pera sa mga jowa. Mag dahilan sabihin nawala chena ganern!

  20. Michelle McLean???

    Miss World finalist before winning Miss U in Thailand.

    Nice coincidence.

  21. I am looking forward to watch! I am so excited. All the best to all the candidates, most especially to our own Catriona.

    Congratulations in advance to Filipino designers whose masterpieces will be worn on that day! No shade ha. I am so ready to see our fellow countrymen’s works regardless of which girls they dress up.

  22. Andaling matrigger ng mga pinoys by hate comments ng mga trolls bat ganun? Andaling mauto… tapos saka maglalabasan mga panget na ugali… nakakahiya… 😦 Andaming Pinoy na pikon at asar-talo.. tapos mamemersonal.. lalaitin ibang kandidata… Why????

  23. Kung may NC na dapat ipaliwanag mayron namang gandang hindi na kailangan ipaliwanag. Catriona Gray, Philippines!

      • Hahaha…tama! Ano yon alien? Etong si B may mga tanong na estupido! Tanong ng mga…ah ewan!

      • I do know everyone has nationality. If you are an avid fan or follower of MU. Everytime there is a Filipino judge in our representative do not win. That is what I’m telling on my comment. Shamcey/Lea. MJ/Manny. Pia/Rachel. Kuh/Alu.

      • @B
        Lea put Shamcey 2nd (after Angola). Manny put MJ 1st (pero di pinalad). Lea and Manny had nothing to lose and even declared how they favored the Philippine delegate.

        Alou Gonzales never had a chance kahit pa cguro 100% ibigay ni Kuh so di mo na kailangan isama cya dito.

        Yun sa MU2017 ako duda kay Pia kasi Rachel was 1st in the home voting at kung 1st cya ni Pia cguro naman enough na mag Top 5. Waley eh at nanahimik si Pia but its her “judgment” so whatever it is keber na.

        With Monique, she is an international citizen and seems nothing lose on a Catriona victory.

        P.S. In MU94, Emilio Yap was too conservative on Charlene Gonzales but Arturo Carlos Zapata (Colombian judge) was blatantly giving Carolina Gomez 9.99 on all segments. Although since marami naman judges, all of these perceived bias is almost always neutralized.

      • Sobrang tense ni Rachel during finals night. Nakikita mo naman sa mukha at balikat nya. Ok na yung top 10 sa walang kalatoy latoy na rampa nya. Besides, wildcard Lang sya.

    • Yung nabanggit mong judges during finals night na yun pero etong sinasabi mo during preliminaries lang siya judge kaya huwag agad mag assume.

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