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  1. If ganito ang format sana Miss Intercontinental na lang ang tawag. Hindi Miss Universe. Let the best girls ang pumasok sa banga.

    • Hahaha! Miss Universe – Continental Show Time at Miss World – Continental Game Show. Lol.

  2. I was originally threatened by PR . But not now . I think her face maybe too small .
    Canada South Africa Sweden Denmark And Russia look great . Venezuela and Colombia know how to package their candidates on the most impt prelim and finals night so I’m not going to rule them out .

  3. Juzkoh mga vheks, an dami nyo hanash sa format. Kahit anong klaseng format yan, iisa lng ang mananalo jan. Dinadagdagan nyo lng mga wrinkles nyo. Enjoy nyo na lng ang show mga mamshie.. Gud luck na lng sa mga girls especially kay Meoww..🐱

  4. weird lang to have +5 from the ‘wildcards” why don’t they just get

    4 Asia/Oceania
    4 Africa
    4 America
    4 Europe

    wag na mag wildcard.

    pero mas gusto ko pa rin ung top 20 literal talaga.. hindi ung top 5 from each continent.

  5. Wow. So many reactions on the format eh isa lang naman mananalo. Lets just enjoy the show. Cat is the woman to beat. Lets pray that she can hold it until she is crowned.

    • Haha! Truth. For me, it’s the entertainment factor lang. It gets more “predictable” (not really, but you get what i mean) kasi if it’s continental.

      About sa hanash ng “deserve, deserve” kasi if “deserve” niya talaga, makakapasok talaga ang kandidata kasi ginalingan niya sa prelims + interview + other MUO chuchu. Hindi siya biktima ng systema, biktima siya ng sarili niyang mga ganap. Naging mas mahirap lang nga dahil double the effort kasi limited slots only. Dapat din magbayanihan ang mga bansa nila para ma-push ang kanilang manok sa wildcard sakaling di makapasok sa continental selection.

      • @ath, in the past it was even more BRUTAL kasi derecho Top 10. Hello Ms Michelle Van Eimeren (1994) and Ms Abbygale Arenas (1997), ano pakiramdam ng 11th place? 🙂

  6. Lugi ang AMERICAS madami ang strong candidates na maliligwak unless na manggagaling din sa kanila ang karamihan ng Wildcards pero as usual swerte sa Europe dahil weak candidates can enter semifinals for Asia/Oceana/Africa medyo may mga potential din na sayang na maliligwak.


    North & Central AMERICA
    Costa Rica
    El Salvador

    South AMERICA
    Dominican Republic

    British Virgin Islands
    Cayman Islands
    Puerto Rico
    Saint Lucia
    US Virgin Islands

    Total of 32 countries


    Czech Republic
    Great Britain

    Total of 29 countries


    Sri Lanka

    South Africa

    New Zealand

    Total of 33 countries

    • Hahaha you are crazy. Tell me how many MU we will crown this year? Only 1? Im sure she will be in the Top 20 or Top 16 or Top 10 regardless of format, RIGHT? So why are you troubled? Kahit derecho crowing pa yan. Ang itinakda ang cyang magwagi 😀

    • ibig niya sabihin in terms of placement lugi nga naman talaga ang Americas. Halimbawa sa Africa, may mga ibang hindi naman gaanong nagtrain at nag effort, at hindi kagandahan, malalampasan pa niya ang dapat sana nakapasok from Americas. Yung winner no question kung sino talaga mananalo, siya ang mananalo. Pero sa placement hindi nga fair. I agree

      • Yes correct alex for ellaborating what I’m saying is not fair to those who are more qualified but will not be chosen, it means the top 20 are not really the highest in average scores. Merong mga candidates from tye Americas na hindi makakasama sa semifinals pero mas mataas ang scores nila sa mga makakapasok na mga candidates from europe. Ang concern lang ng mga nag cocomment ay hindi siya fair as a whole for all candidates.

  7. Although I’d rather have a real top 20 (best top 20, regardless of geographic origin), this new top 20 continental format has also increased the number of semifinalists from last year’s top 16. To my recollection this has got to be the largest group of semifinalists in Miss Universe’s history. My guess is that the org is attempting to further broaden their global fan base by increasing the number of placements so more countries get in, and diversifying the first cut to make sure candidates from all geographic regions are well represented. In the end, however, it is the top 10 that truly matters because it is this select group of candidates who will be strutting in their swimsuits and walking in their evening gowns.

  8. Well, it is trying to be fair and appease everybody. However, someone will always be left out or someone out of the blue makes the top 20 just to fulfill the quota.

    We’ll see. It’s just the “continental” thing is a trademark for Miss World not Miss Universe.

    A pure top 20 from the preliminaries is still my personal preference. But, I’ll go with the flow.
    All the best to Catriona.

  9. let’s look at mu 2017 when top 20 by continents/wildcards was first instituted

    top 16 was represented by

    the americas: 6
    asia/oceana/africa: 6
    europe: 4

    top 10

    the americas: 6
    asia/oceana/africa: 3
    europe: 1

    top 5

    the americas: 3
    asia/oceana/africa: 2
    europe: 0

    so, even if the top 20 / 16 is divided by continental grouping
    the top 10 to 5 to 3, will not necessarily reflect that grouping

    last years top 10 heavily favored the americas, probably due to the merits of their candidates

    in the end, it really depends on the individual candidate, regardless of what continental grouping that person is from

    from wiki:

    Miss Universe 2017 South Africa – Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

    1st Runner-Up Colombia – Laura González

    2nd Runner-Up Jamaica – Davina Bennett

    Top 5 Thailand – Maria Poonlertlarp
    Venezuela – Keysi Sayago

    Top 10 Brazil – Monalysa Alcântara
    Canada – Lauren Howe
    Philippines – Rachel Peters
    Spain – Sofía del Prado
    United States – Kára McCullough

    Top 16 China – Roxette Qiu
    Croatia – Shanaelle Petty
    Ghana – Ruth Quashie
    Great Britain – Anna Burdzy
    Ireland – Cailín Toíbín
    Sri Lanka – Christina Peiris

    • It’s not fair..They should select the top 20 based on their performance not by continental groupings.There must be some girls who are more deserving in a certain continent,who will be missed out because they just fill in the weaker continent. As a semifinalist in Miss Universe is a big achievement.For a long time,Philippines was not even called in first cut and were wishing that even just a semifinal spot,we are happy.There is pride to be called in semifinal.There is a big difference.

      • it’s so true, it’s not a pure top 20.
        i personally don’t like this format
        the universe is not divided by
        continents after all ; )
        i don’t even understand the reasoning
        behind it or at least i don’t buy it

        but, the interesting thing is that after the
        first cut, the continental grouping is pretty much
        gone. the wild card also factors in as those are
        not based on continents.

        i thought it favored europe and the americas was
        at a disadvantage, but in the end the americas still
        prevailed. it’s still too early to tell though, this is just
        data from last year. it’ll be interesting to see how it
        plays out this year

  10. I do not like this casual interview ek ek. Like 20 girls will be interviewed for how long? 30 seconds? If they allocated one minute per candidate, that’s 20 mins of just casual interview. Parang ang boring naman. Last year alone was so dragging after having so many commercial interruptions during the top 16.

  11. Let’s continue to pray that our country will get it’s 4th crown para bumawi naman tayo from the dark ages (1974-2009) wherein no crown was clinched.

    Philippines for the win #2010-2020!

  12. Format looks fair. The Top contenders will anyway get in no matter what format. Its just weeding out tier 2 beauties. Now, I hope Steve Harvey and MUO will brush this segment with meaningful questions that will showcase the brain, personality and purpose of the ladies. Baka naman mamya may tanong na “have you been to the United States?” tang inang tanong yun.

  13. Tama ba, the national costume show will air 11pm phil time? But the actual event is 8pm?

    • Aye no, guaranteed to reflect poorly on ethnic Chinese who happen to be footing the bill for Miss World this year.

      It really was not meant to be for Katja.

  14. Here they go again to this unfair and unjust format of choosing the winner! The true victor should rise above the rest FAIR AND SQUARE!

    • i agree, the strong candidates will get the spot no matter what. it’s the few middling candidates that will get cut.

    • Exactly. Even though I am kind of sad for this format, but then you also think that, if they really are very good contenders, they will get it no matter what. By wildcard or by continent.

  15. To be fair, if they’re going to continue with this selection process, for fairness’ sake, the format should be:

    4 – the AMERICAS

    4 – EUROPA

    4 – ASIA and OCEANIA

    4 – AFRICA

    4 – WILDCARD

    • ^ I should say though that this suggestion is not necessarily a solution. This selection process is ridiculous at best, however which way you wanna look it. Just going with what the pushovers at MUO and Fox TV want to do, and trying to make the process somewhat fair.

    • Couldn’t agree more with you, @anthonyM. My thoughts:

      1. South Africa
      2. Angola
      3. Zambia
      4. Kenya

      1. Puerto Rico
      2. Mexico
      3. Peru
      4. Colombia

      1. Russia
      2. Spain
      3. Denmark/Albania
      4. Malta

      1. Philippines
      2. Japan
      3. Vietnam
      4. Australia

      Wild Cards:
      1. Canada
      2. Jamaica
      3. USA
      4. Ecuador

      5. India
      6. Curacao
      7. Venezuela
      8. Thailand

      These two seem to register well on camera
      9. Belgium (pasarela’s not good)
      10. Kyrgyzstan

  16. I hate this SJW B.S., tbh…

    Why can’t they just let each contestant be on equal footing and place because of their performance?

    This SJW B.S. is creeping up everywhere… it’s all sorts of disgusting and regressive. Fake “justice”.

    • Besides… with the number of slots allocated, by grouping the whole of Asia (the largest continent) with the whole of Africa, and Oceania, aren’t they implying that these geographical locations are not as important? Idiots!

    • sjw’s probably are the least interested in influencing the way a beauty contest pick their winner. i think it would probably be the least of their worries. they tend to focus on economic inequality, deaths of people of a certain group, human rights violations etc…

  17. So many chances for non eloquent ladies to mess up. Cat has a huge chance to win . She’s best when she speaks . I hope she can stay sounding spontaneous and sincere . I think Thailand will go far, Vietnam no, USA yes, PR big yes , SA maybe , Venezuela NO, Indo hella NO, Nigeria Yes

    • The wildcards are votes daw? If so, Indo will def get in there, top 20 at least. Looking forward to the surprise inclusions who will ace the interviews with their ‘stories and life experiences to tell’.

  18. Nakita niyo nanaman seguro Yung swimsuit? Style Niya parang Yung press presentation ng Binibini Ang yung color palette is very earth color! And Yung yellow color nila halos parejo nung shade nung finals night ng Binibini so I hope Cat would choose that color than the blue or pink shade!

    • Napanood niyo naman seguro yung interview ni Dyan Castillejos Kay Narcos, dios ko po walang kabuhay-buhay! Parang Kaila can ng cobra energy drink!

  19. Based on the Continental Groupings, the blood bath will be the most goriest in The Americas. Let me see who are the strong candidates in this region :
    Costa Rica
    Puerto Rico

    Based on the following,not all front runners will survive the first cut. Ecuador, Costa Rica & Peru have the high tendency to clap on Finals telecast due to weak sash factor. Brazil could possibly clap because their girl is not as strong as the past delegates. USA, Mexico, Venezuela & Colombia are the powerhouses as far as sash factor is concerned, add to the fact that they sent strong girls this year, with Canada breathing heavily down their necks and could possibly take away a spot from them. Sounds exciting already, isn’t it?

    • Brazil is a real dud this year. Wildcard may save some Latinas but I think you are right on.

      There are already four Latinas (PR, Col, Ven, Mex) who are real contender outside of USA and non-Latinas, for sure IMG will throw in USA and some random countries.

  20. In choosing the top 10, I hope that MUO makes sure that the Top 2 in each of Europe , Americas, Asia are chosen. Then, we have 6. The remaining 4 will be wild cards and should be the best 4 out of the remaining 14 of the top 20.

    Cat is definitely Top 2 in Asia ! Pasok na pasok sa top 20 and top 10 ! With her 1000% preparation, I am sure pasok also in Top 5 where she will ace the two rounds of Q & A , then Top 3 and finally Top 1 !

  21. In the end, MUO already has its shortlist of delegates who they would love to have crowned.

    Cat is clearly the one to beat. The organization is letting her and the fans know all over social media and traditional media that all eyes are on her and that it is hers to lose.

    Also on the list, SA, PR, Col, Esp and to a lesser degree Mex, USA, Ven. Thailand is guaranteed a host delegate spot too. The biggest surprises will be from Europe besides Spain. I can’t think of anyone from that continent that has generated real buzz with the organization except her (and quite frankly, even Angela Ponce hasn’t been plastered all over the place as much as she could be).

    The organization will do everything in its power to frame the final telecast so its chosen few will get brownie points with the judges – remember Colombia’s first OSQ with Harvey last year? If that interview wasn’t guaranteed to propel her into Top 3 then I don’t know what would have. Barjum read it and ran with that moment – that’s a Latina for you.

    Speaking of last year, even though Poonlertarp was also favored, Demi-Leigh was still the chosen one. Just like in Pia’s year, the final hour videos (which are shown to the theater audience as well) was all about Demi’s Unbreakable advocacy and back story. Garantisado na. Pia was all over the little “breakfast chit chat” her year. Talagang shoving the favorite down the judges’ throat.

    My biggest format question is will Cat get called FIRST or LAST into the semis???

    First? Philippines has never been called in first. This girl usually has a huge WOW factor and has the potential to capture the judges’ attention and set the bar high with her Harvey informal interview and later swimsuit presentation. Cat would NAIL this. (Remember Pia’s year (although for Top 5 and not semis) she interviewed first even though she wasn’t announced first – no one was touching her after that.).

    Last (or close to last)? This is the usual spot for our delegates ever since the Venusha experience. Pure fan drama effect and the theater generally goes absolutely berserk at this point. I’m betting on this scenario, but would prefer the first. (Again, Pia’s year (although for Top 3) even though O-Jo and Arianna Grande delivered amazing performances, Pia had the chance to show the judges she saw their bars and she raised it). Cat would also NAIL this, but kakabahan talaga yung other ladies if ever Cat were to be called first.

    Twenty+ years of fandom at work. Gosh 1 week na lang!

    • Justgrc, I don’t know how you can make such assumptions . Did the MUO tell you that ? Maybe that’s how u see it as a Pinoy fan.?
      And what i does ‘vaclush’ point of view even mean ? That’s derogatory to say the least . Has Norman announced to the world he is gay? U owe him an apology !

      • MOo nga. I’ve only been a MU fan since 1985. I’ve only supported our ladies in person since Aileen Damiles, through the dark ages, all the way to Pia’s win after 42 years. I only observe what other fans observe and the patterns and trends MUO has never been shy about demonstrating. What do I know talaga?

        As for Tita Norms, please. Ganda ng bevel pose niya – no straight man could ever nail that.

        Aminin mo na, my wholeheartened confidence in Cat terrifies you because you’re afraid to believe in her and get disappointed and have your heart broken.

        I’m not, because it’s her journey and not the outcome that matters. She has given everything you could ask for in a Miss Universe and the pageant is still a week away.

        You should just enjoy the journey too. In 8 days, it will be over and we will all be back to reality whether Cat is Miss Universe or not.

        But she will be!!!

      • Fabby dearest aka Vaklang pakawala ni Mama J. Kontrabida ka talaga ng taon. You’re the one disrespecting Tito Norms. Vakla ka ng taon!

      • Babishka and Jon S , u have no place on this blog if you can’t argue in a civilized manner . You may oppose me but name calling is not acceptable . Maybe u need to go back to school. Back in the day , u prob spent more time flirting with boys than doing your homework .
        Oh well , not everybody can be a doctor a nurse or a lawyer . Someone has to do our hair and nails.
        Wherever u r in life , just enjoy your day … but pls do not act like animals.

    • Justgrc, that’s stereotyping .
      Just because Norman’s hips are flying alll over the place does not make him gay. I have seen someone like that and now he has 7 kids with no history of sleeping around with guys.
      Then there is Richard Gomez who has history of getting s——- on and f——- by rich guys in the past . Do u label him gay?
      So you should Ask Norman first … or do not make such an assumption at all.
      As for Cat , I am not joining your bandwagon . I will keep an open mind knowing there are other deserving girls . Of course, I will be ecstatic to see her win . But still … I will keep ‘it’ down.

      • Fabian dear, perhaps you should apologize to your LGBT brothers and sisters. Your belief that I should apologize for “assuming” (LOL) Tita Norms’ sexuality suggests that being LGBT is a bad thing. I guess your heteronormative microaggression comes from a place of oppression. I don’t know about Richard Gomez and I don’t care, he’s not a beauty queen and his extracurriculars do not interest me. And if he was gay, good for him. If he is straight, good for him too.

        If you are not interested in joining the bandwagon, then so be it. More room for the Catrionans!

        Happy MU 2018 season to you na lang!

      • Justgrc, I never said it was a bad thing to be a member of the LGBT. To assume someone is gay based on his outward actions is bad .. because that’s prejudice.

        Why don’t we ask Tito Norman to set the record straight once and for all ? Hahaha Well, It’s not impt as I love him whether he is or not .

        And you are right , let’s just sit back and enjoy the 2018 season .i won’t be flying to Thailand and I won’t watch the show until hours after the coronation . That’s how nervous I am for Cat because I know the only good result … at least for me … is a crown on her head

      • Fabian darling, you should listen to your own words for sure. Some of us want to enjoy Cat’s journey.
        You are compelled to try to take away from that. Why I don’t know, but it is exhausting.

        It is Miss Universe season and Christmas season. These are reasons to enjoy and be happy and so many of us are. I’m sorry the spirit of the season has not found its way to you.

        If you only care about the result, perhaps coming here before coronation night is not in your best interest. May I humbly suggest should stop reading and responding to posts about the pageant , especially Cat until December 18?

        It’s only 9 days away, you can do it. I believe in you like I believe in Cat!

      • Hahaha I was talking abt the 2018 MU season .. not THE SEASON.
        I’m fine .. I’m very fine
        Merry Xmas 😉

      • Anon, how many accts do you have here?
        Arya nang Arya ?
        Nothing wrong with trying .

  22. My God I really hate that personality round, I can already imagine at least more than half of the top 20 will be cringy, bland, robotic, etc. Albania might ace this segment though lol. But seriously how will they make that work?

  23. I surmise that Miss Universe is really a job. MUO is looking for a brand ambassadress and the facility in using English as a language is truly a mandatory requirement. It’s not all beauty but creative mind with natural ability to express herself is really imperative. I agree that the Latinas may not have an edge not unless they were schooled in North America, may separate them from the girls who have a very good command of English. I send my kudos to MUO for this new directions in choosing and deciding this requirement. As for our Catriona, she will surely nail it. Best of luck Miss Philippines 🇵🇭, we are proud of you representing us this year!

    • I think many countries are already noticing this. It is really a huuuge advantage to send a girl who can hold a decent conversation in English. That is why I when I watched Puteri Indonesia, I kind of understood why Sonia won over Vania. Her command of the English language is her edge, although the Q&A was a bit shaky. My confirmation bias was triggered when Sophida also won. I thought she was also chosen because she can speak English too.

  24. at syempre hindi papakampante ang Felepens

    bayanihan na to mga kapatid

    Cat is doing her best

    we will also do our best!

    if may voting — sugod mga bakla boto lang

    • Syempre, boboto pa rin tayo. We never know how Cat will be included in the finalists. Baka ma “wildcard” pa siya instead of “Africa, Oceania & Asia Pacific” so dapat alert tayong lahat!

  25. Yes ligwak agad ang magaganda pero hindi spontaneous o walang sense ang sasabihin kaya di na sila maka awra sa pag rampa.

  26. Oooooh ligwakers na ang karamihan sa mga latina.
    Sad to say, that is the most competitive continent of all. Medyo shoo-in na for me sina USA, Puerto Rico and Colombia. So… that leaves 2.

    Wildcard will be tough, pero considering how aggressive our neighbors have been in terms of voting sa ibang pageants, they might do a bayanihan in MU too.

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