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  1. Too much……….it would have been nice if several lanterns (like three or five star parols) were attached on her back with different colors in gold, silver, or red, or whatever…………but this is just to round and too huge……………anyway, I love the concept.

  2. GREAT CONCEPT bad execution, gorgeous girl…its ok cat still gave it justice and looked awesome on still photos

  3. ano b kasi problema ng natcos ni Catriona? ok nman at di hamak na mas pinag isipan at maganda sa past reps natin….tayo tayo lang nagaaway away…tayo lang may issue…yung ibang lahi nman naappreciate nila…ang ironic na napakadaming perfectionist sa bansang ito wherein ang daming flaws sa natin…jusko…third world nga tayo

  4. i think ang original plan was to make a roleta tas sakay sya sa roleta
    ikot ikot then may mga maghahagis ng kutsilyo na magician

    • Why not? Eh tutal mahilig nman mga “ibang pinoy” sa peryahan di ba? so roleta is ok din as natcos, so there’s nothing wrong kung roleta man tawag mo sa natcos nya!…. Atleast maganda pa din

  5. It is good to analyze. So that we would know better. And perhaps some of these critiques will be read by future designers and learn from them. This is not bashing at all. It is a frank assessment. The truth hurts sometimes but we must say it just the same.

    Having said that, the NATCOS is not a determining element but affects public opinion, popularity and vibes of the contestant. If people praise her NATCOS performance, she will feel much more confident moving forward. Its like she scored a fist base already.

    The consolation is that we know that Cat will not really be affected by any misses in the NATCOS segment. She is a veteran and she will move forard with the same level of confidence and maybe even greater resolve, knowing that others may have outshone her in the fist base.

    She is a vision to behold, NATCOS or not. And she is still the contestant to beat. Give your best wishes to her and she would feel the positive energy in the prelims.

    Good luck.

  6. I can still remember Alicia Machado carrying a Mayan calendar on her back. I wished the designers used it as a guide for Cat’s lantern but perhaps they are too young to remember 1996. To me and to us who are not so spring chickens anymore, it seems just it was only yesterday… hehehe tsk tsk tsk

  7. Dami talagang magagaling dito. Wow. The philippines is full of…… U know……

  8. Yan ang NAPALA nila sa kaka pa secreto.

    Dapat natesting muna ito… Mga pinoy nga naman.. may pa element of surprise pa eh palpak..

    Ganda sana nito kung may ilaw..

    Oh ano napala niyo? Nagpagod kayo pero di niyo nakuha ang utmost goal niyo to impress…

    Why? Alam ba ng tao kung ano iyang plato sa likod ni Cat? Tayo lang naman nakakaalam na parol

    pala iyang nagkanda kuba kuba siya.

    Di totoong ayaw ng MUO na ilawan.. ilaw lang yan.. sus… baka sparklers nasa isip nila…

    Sayang talaga.. sya sana mananalo ng natco kung umilaw lang iyan…

    Sige next time.. pa secreto niyo uli ha??? kayo lang rin naman nagpagod niya… lols

    • oh ano ba kasi point mo kung nireveal nila ung costume bago mag start of competition? Magbibigay kayo ng mga “critics”? Tapos ano? Pupuntahan nyo team ni Cat tapos tutulong ba kayong imodify ang costume? I doubt it.

      Who gives a damn if they choose to keep the costume a secret? What difference does it make if they reveal it before hand?

      the NC was not a failure nor was it a disaster. The execution just needed improvements. Pero showing the NC sa madlang bago ang laban is not the answer. Perhaps the team and any future team need to utilize their resources better or collaborate with experts para mapabuti ang pagkakagawa ng isang costume.

    • Vakla ka bago ka kumuda, alamin mo muna lahat ng detalye. More ka sa hanash dyan ni wala ka nga naitulong na pagsuporta man lang. Dede ka kasi ng dede. Utak alimasag! Vakla ka ng taon.

      Another bayaran of A&Q’s feelingerong handler Mama J SPOTTED!

      • Puta ka! wala akong paki alam sa Ahas & Queers na mga iyan… mga kalechehang pa secret secret na pumalpak… hala sige sugar coat niyo pa.

      • Ikaw ang walang alam boba!

        Ang alam ng mga tao doon.. mukhang plato ang nasa likod niya… at sino naman ang pumuta sa stage para alamin kung ano ang nasa likod ng plato aber??? puro kagagahan lang nasa isip mo

  9. The costume look much better in still photos wherein I appreciated the details more. She tried the best she could to be graceful even as she was dragging that heavy lantern. Her body struggled a bit (she was arching her back) but you couldn’t see it on her face because her sweet lustrous smile was consistent. We all can see the whole thing in various angles panned by individuals who uploaded them on line.

    Conceptually, it was laudable as it tries to portray multiple aspects of our culture, especially when she turned her back with those intricate illustrations. So even without watching the explanatory videos, I got the message loud and clear.

    Maybe the biggest lesson here is (I know our opinions are polarized on this matter), sometimes it pays to present the natcos to the public beforehand so that the collective wisdom of the well-meaning Filipinos (those who are constructive) could have probably fixed the potential debacle of some of its elements. For example, adjustments were made to the awkward animatronics of Thailand’s elephant headdress after it was shown on their local TV. Adjustments were also made to the costume of Vietnam after her advisers noted it was imbalanced and her walking on it looked awkward (loaded in her YouTube channel).

    That having said, did it affect my confidence on her because of this mishap? Not at all. In fact, she endeared herself to me even more seeing her vulnerability (judges will see that as well) and that she is far from being perfect. It made her more relatable to me and made me want to cheer louder for her. This affirms the fact that even the most prepared people do stumble. This also makes me even more interested on how she’ll actually perform on the critical preliminaries and finals. If I may give a piece of unsolicited advice as a lowly fan, I’ll say a balance of her easy breezy personality with a little bit of being guarded may do her good. Most of all, she should just be “in the moment” so the universe will align in her favor. Onward to the prelims!

    • Please watch the video explaining why she was having a hard time moving it. People are so quick to judge and give their opinion without knowing the facts. She has done her best to do what’s best on the situation she was given. Just be happy that she representing us and doing the best to make all of us happy. Too many critics here!!

      • Is this comment intended for me @Mikana? For my part, I did watch the HD video of the entire show plus those posted on line by various people in the audience. What was shown on official channels is what I base my thoughts on. It is unfortunate that any peripheral videos explaining what happened wouldn’t be part of the actual show on Thai TV – the trigger for various reactions. Per Cat’s interview with Dyan, the lighting faltered even before the show (it lit on at some point but didn’t work during the actual show).

        She acknowledged the unfortunate incident but she said she’s okey with it since her main purpose is to introduce Philippine culture to the world and that she did her research to ensure authenticity. I take the varied reactions as different ways in which people try to make sense of what happened and they expressed their opinions on what they saw.

        Now I look at it positively this way (on top of what I said on my earlier comment) – i.e., there’s so much interest on Carriona that everyone’s eyes were on her. That’s a good thing because many others were either underwhelming or were all over the place but no one’s talking about them. That’s a lot sadder when people are simply indifferent. Will this cost Catriona’s bid? I don’t necessarily think so. Great costumes do not assure placements (or cause exclusions) and in the history of MU, there were only 3 NatCos winners who went on to become Miss Universe. The prelims on Thursday and the closed door interviews will matter as per contest rules. At this end, if Catriona was okey with it, we should be too.

  10. Deshauna Barber’s natcos also failed to perform or function at that critial moment on stage..yes,these things happen.

    • Right on! Even Miss Puerto Rico tripped and fell and wasn’t able to get up as she was going to stage left. She needed help to get up. But both Cat and her handled their challenges with grace. So kudos to both of them.

  11. ang dami ko sanang comment on how it could’ve been better. pero pinanuod ko muna ung IG live ni Catriona. so naliwanagan ako.

    Ang sasabihin ko sana. sana man lang inilawan ung parol at nilagyan ng play of lights.. PERO SINCE NAGKAPROBLEMA NGA. at may ilaw talaga siya… sana lang, mag video sila uli na fully working ung parol. i wanna see the effect. for sure maganda un.

    Baket may guliong??? hindi kaya buhatin kasi mabigat.. baket mabigat???? so un na nga na explain na niya bakit need lagyan ng gulong at bakit hirap siya hilahin. the gulongs were meant for smooth surfaces, tiles, wood or smooth cement finish floorings.. pero carpet pala kaya nahirapan.

    mabigat talaga kahit gawa na sa light materials. kaya last minute nlagyan ng gulong.

    overall, i loved it. ang refreshing. ang ganda sa photos. ang kulay.. ang precise ng movements and all. kung ganyan ba naman sinuot ni Eva sa MGI, malamang napansin siya ni angkol. CHAROT.

    though.. sa akin lang ha, walang halong pamba-bash or anything.. mas maganda sa concept nung buhat niya yung parol tapos naka sinulog festival na gamit din ang mindanao fabrics and the gold brass accessories.

    Though she would also look great sa pintados costume niya ALONE. actually, yung thought ng costume ni Katarina, mas bagay kay Catriona, mas mahaba kasi mga bias niya e.

    But anyway, congrats to her and her team. is it worth the pasabog and pa andar and the pa sikreto? DEFINITELY YES. you can see the effort and the quality na nilagay nila dun sa pag gawa at pag research. event the prints/patterns sa suit ni Cat, may ibig sabihin. literal na walang tapon.

  12. Ayoko nang ianalyze ang NC na yan. Pag may critique ka basher ka. Eh alangan namang sabihin kong white kung black ang nakita ko. I’m just happy that Cat handled it very very well and that she’s fine. That unnecessary NC saga doesn’t make her any less than the top contender that she is.

    On to prelims na mga mars! Go Cat!

    • It is good to analyze. So that we would know better. And perhaps some of these critiques will be read by future designers and learn from them. This is not bashing at all. It is a frank assessment. The truth hurts sometimes but we must say it just the same.

      Having said that, the NATCOS is not a determining element but affects public opinion, popularity and vibes of the contestant. If people praise her NATCOS performance, she will feel much more confident moving forward. Its like she scored a fist base already.

      The consolation is that we know that Cat will not really be affected by any misses in the NATCOS segment. She is a veteran and she will move forard with the same level of confidence and maybe even greater resolve, knowing that others may have outshone her in the fist base.

      She is a vision to behold, NATCOS or not. And she is still the contestant to beat. Give your best wishes to her and she would feel the positive energy in the prelims.

      Good luck.

  13. I just saw Catriona IG explaining what was the real score. Technical mishap, even so I’m still proud of her national costume. When I saw the video for the visaya segment naiyak ako. My gosh Catriona really made me even more Love you. Sa mga nega please you have infront of you a lady na mas mahal pa ang bayan compare sa mga iniidolo nyong politicians o mga artista …😍

    • So it’s ok for you to attack the candidate u don’t like … but it’s a sin if others do the same to your favorite candidate ?
      U r a hypocrite .
      Nobody needs preaching … especially from you .
      U remind me of those gossip mongerers who never fail to go to church on Sundays

  14. Osya sya, sobrang dami nang nasabi about this Natcos. I admit im on the fence with it. Pero it accomplished one important thing: to show how thin Cat really is already. I mean…look at that bodeeeeh!!!

  15. Dear Team Cat, maybe you should tone down on hyping the rest of her pasavogue unless you are really sure that no hiccups will happen next time.

    You all need to realize that Cat is already in the very fine lens of the pageant observers that a simple mishap is going to get overblown. Hence, adding these teasers just adds to the pressure to deliver. So I hope her team is reading this and starts letting Catriona do her thing and let her performances do the talking.

      • What is wrong is that these so-called pasabogs with videos about National Costumes, add not just excitement but pressure to deliver. So if you are going to tease people to expect something amazing, you better deliver. If you don’t, you are going to eat the humble pie. Read Jerson’s instagram post of him acknowledging that the National Costume received divided feedback. Probably not the kind of feedback they are looking for after putting so much effort in hyping it up.

        Also, read between the lines during Cat’s live IG. There was a hint of disappointment as she clarified everything that went down during the Nat Costume presentation.

    • 4m , I feel the same for Cat
      Enough of the hyping
      Let her concentrate on what’s important .. the prelim and the coronation nights

  16. Watched Cat’s IG Live after the national comp. She clarified two things:

    1. The Parol was indeed supposed to light up but it was not functioning properly moments before going on stage. Even back stage, she was already experiencing technical difficulties with the lights, it wouldn’t light up right away. She kept trying and it finally lit up twice in a row. Then she tried to light it up before going on stage and wala ayaw ulit Gumana. She thinks the the wires inside may have been moved around during the transportation of the parol.

    2. The original plan was for her to carry the parol on her shoulders. She said they used the lightest materials possible and it was still too heavy for her to carry so they attached wheels to it. However, when they added this component sa costume, they were expecting that she would be dragging the parol with her on flat smooth surfaces. The stage for this national competition was carpeted so it made it really hard for her to hila the parol.

    Nonetheless, Cat gave a great performance. I loved the hands choreography and her smile was captivating ❤

    • Reading your explanations, it appeared to me that Cat and her team team did not bother to double-check the wirings at di man lang sila nagdry-run prior to the competition night. Parang di naman yata kapani-paniwala na ganon sila kacomplacent not to double-check Cat’s natcos. Taking off from your explanation, mas iisipin ko pa ngayon na may sabotaheng nangyari.

      • Kasi gusto nila,,, laging secret… juize ko… Natco lang naman to no? bakit pa secret pa… yan napala nila…

  17. Guys pustahan tayo…

    Someone else posted that they thought Visayas and Mindanao will also be featured in the next week… with Visayas being possible the prelim EG inspiration and Mindanao for the finals night.

    • Woops… posted too early LOL. Anyway, Cat just released a Visayas video! What do you think?
      Man this girl can generate buzz. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

      So NatCos left something to be desired, but as my inspiration Arianna Grande says… “Thank you, next, thank you next…” LOL.

      Is prelims going to be aired online? I am thinking of teleworking as watching this national costume during the Monday commute here in California was not ideal. I’m thinking prelims may actually happen at 5am West Coast time too!

  18. Nakakatawa lang tayo tayo lang mga pilipino ang nag aaway away at na e stress na national costume ni Cat pero yung ibang lahi nga nagustuhan at na appreciate yung costume niya. Parang may bearing sa score ang national costume kung magpupuputak ang mga nega. Daming reklamo akala mo naman may perang inambag para mag demand. Naisip ko lang what if kung mas malala pa yung nangyari nasira o natumba yung parol sa harap ng audience siguro na high blood na ang mga nega dito. Huwag kayong mag alala next year baka DARNA na lang ang national costume para bato lang ang hawak para hindi mabigat from NARDA lalabas sa stage at maglalakad na nakasaklay tapos isusubo lang ang bato para magtransform to DARNA para mas kakaiba diba tapos bubugbugin niya at papatayin mga Nega yung Japan nga Sailor Moon natuwa mga audience eh.

    • what is wrong with Darna? It is the Pinoy version of Wonder Woman and probably could be an out of the box idea from the ternos… It’s sexy, minimalist and it depicts a strong empowered woman.

  19. Ngayon ko lang nakita… bakit ganito siya magsalita.. Baka maging downfall niya rin ito. Sa close friends siguro sweet ang dating pero sa iba ang sweetish na parang insincere kahit sincere. Cat can you use your low singing voice as speaking voice haha

  20. I’m just relieved that this part of the pageant has already been concluded. It bears little to no weight, if any, and I still like that Cat and her team were brave enough to try something new. We as a country, are new to more ambitious National Costumes, and it is understandable and inevitable that we will commit errors/mistakes/miscalculations in the execution. Great concept, nonetheless.

    Congrats to the many Filipinos who love and support Cat, and who helped her in this project. It is truly a labor of love, and one completed out of a sense of friendship & loyalty to Cat, and love & pride for country… and NOT, I repeat NOT, the PURSUIT OF MONEY OR FAME, like the hit-or-miss training camp Cat so wisely decided to not be associated with in her Miss Universe journey.

    That said, I’m glad Cat is now able to concentrate on the more weighty parts of this competition, and I’m confident that she will outshine and leave every competitor behind in her path towards the crown. ❤

  21. Does anyone know, where was Miss Italy ? Is she sick ? or did she forget to bring a national costume

    Cat’s costume: The concept was excellent, but the actuality was so-so I just wished they made the lantern smaller but with LED lights just like a true parol

    I think the best costume is EL SALVADOR , followed by SWEDEN . Most of the beautiful costumes were from Asia

  22. OMG I just saw Cat’s presentation and OMG again it took her 3 countries to finish her walk. How heavy was that costume??? India on the other hand, carried a 100 lb costume on her back!

    Everyone’s at fault in this. The concept was really good but the execution was meh. I feel so bad for Catriona. She must be sore after that!

  23. Kudos for the creative and out of the box thinking of this National Costume. It is a breath of fresh air to not see another terno, another Maria Clara, another lack luster costume. The only NC that I’ve liked in the last 10 years (for MU) was Pia’s. No, Cat’s NC is not perfect but it surely is something that is so much more of a “hit” factor than most everything that came before it.

    It’s truly a shame that MUO (or whoever) would not allow it to “light up”, that surely would have been breath-taking. The pride I felt when Cat turned around and the history of The Philippines was there, beautifully painted, for all to see was a moment that made me stand up and cheer. The beading on her body suit was amazing. The head dress was a perfect and beautiful frame for Cat’s face. There is much that is “right” about this costume. There are things that could have been improved. However, it was just a moment of utter pride when I saw her come onto the stage and saw something quite unexpected, unique in comparison to the “normal” NC from The Philippines. Even some of the Spanish websites have put her costume as one of the best in the show.

    There are others that will more than likely get “Best National Costume” which is fine and more than likely well deserved. With that said, I cannot express enough just how up-lifting it was for me (and those around me) to see this work of Filipino art come across the stage and presented by a Filipina who reflects the beauty, the grace, the compassion that is The Philippines and the Filipino people.

    Just my two cents…

  24. Di rin kasi na anticipate na me mahabang rampahan churva pa ung stage..ayan tuloy dagdag effort pambato natin.

    • personally di ko bet ang stage. im a sucker for high tech bg visuals that look like from imax movies. i like the decor though! pero the rampahan was too long and medj bumaba ang attention span ko hahaha

  25. Obviously it was never her team’s intention to embarrass our representative. They worked too hard for this, kaya palagay ko doon sila na overwhelm. Sobrang daming materials, haba ng time, sobrang daming meanings at symbols. Nasobrahan sa detalye, and naoverlook ang ibang important factors ( paano ipresent, lights and stage size, etc.). Mga Pilipino na naexplainan ang makakagets pero ang iba hindi.

    Di ba nga may Pareto principle, 20% lang ng cause ang magbubunga ng 80% impact. So kahit 100% pa ang ilagay na effort hindi lahat magegets ang hard work behind it.

    Move on and let it be a lesson learned na lang to us all, anyway we are already improving year after year. Mag focus na ng energy sa evening gown, walk at aurahan. And bago iexecute siguro icheck muna ulit bigat ng gown, dulas ng shoes, pace ng walk… The bigger the stage dapat mas mabagal para impactful from afar. Focus sa 20% na mahalaga kesa sa kung ano anong detalye na won’t matter

    • I agree with you. I was watching Cat and she was so captivating kahit medyo difficult I maneuver yung dala niya. What amazed me is her hand and body gestures that is so good impressive. Kaya okey pa rin. Go Catriona!

    • Agree! Also, pray for Cat and her team to learn from what happened to Jehza’s gown’s zipper during MS stop 10. Yup! They should have a dry run like Pia did with Jonas in 2015.

  26. Definitely, this costume is a level up. I just don’t understand why the lightings was not allowed. That is the essence of the parol to show different colors of lights. Yun sana ang magbibigay ng buhay sa costume.
    In the past editions there were already natcos who were allowed lightings already. I am sure naman that the engineers or technicians who created the lighting effect made sure that it is safe. Battery operated naman siguro ang mga led lights. If alam lang ng mga designers na di papayagan ang lightings sana matingkad na colors na lang ang paint ng parol.
    Anyway, Catriona did her best naman sa natcos na yan. Congrats pa rin sa mga designers at nagconceptualized.

  27. Most applauded according to my friends who were in Pattaya are as follows in ranking order:
    1. Thailand (obviously)
    2. Philippines (love talaga ng mga Thais si Cat and she was really beautiful in her costume)
    3. China
    4. Indonesia
    5. Cambodia
    6. Laos
    7. Brazil
    8. Russia
    9. Canada
    10. Japan
    11. Vietnam

    Grabe down ang mga Asian delegates at lumalaban daw. Sources say that Cat is in contention as to the best natcon! Congrats!

    • Aside from opening the NC parade, ALBANIA is the loudest cheers!

      Vaklang vaklang rampa ni Ateng Albania makes the crowd even more louder!

  28. I hope Cat’s evening gown is going to be great. I’m starting to doubt the taste of her handlers. Lol! Ton Lao’s styling with Rachel last year was lacklustre.

  29. Did the costume designers even consider the fact that Cat has back problems (scoliosis), and to have her drag and pull this heavy object several hundred feet onstage could have potentially impaired her health, caused injury, or affect the rest of her performance for the duration of the pageant?

    The visual concept of the costume is excellent, but Cat’s health is more important than showcasing a piece of art for 30 seconds onstage! Perhaps the costume could have been more effective if it had been engineered with much lighter materials which would have made it possible for Cat to glide onstage effortlessly while wearing it and not risk injury at the same time.

    • Cat’s team is aware of her back problem that they tried everything they can to make it lighter like making the lantern with fiberglass. She could have captivated the audience more with just her outfit and more choreography but Cat’s heart was about showing the whole Philippines and not just a part of it. Let’s try to move one from NatCos and focus on sending love and positive vibes to Cat. She was really sad and disappointed the lantern failed to light up. Let’s try to lift her up with positivity.

      I wonder how the people from Puerto Rico reacted when they saw their candidate tripped and fell on the stage as she was going to the left side of the stage? She wasn’t able to get up at all without help. She sat on the floor for several seconds looking helpless.

      I wonder how the Filipinos would react if the same thing happened to Cat?

      The prelim is 2 days away. It’s time to pray and be supportive of Cat if Filipinos want the 4th MU crown.

  30. We need to hear both sides of the equation . This is what this blog is all about . Stifling those with negative opinions By essentially bullying them does not do anybody a favor . What’s the point of this blog if all you hear are blind suckups? You need to get a hold of yourselves . U do not decide what anyone should write on this blog .

    • Yes, you’re right. It’s just a National costume, it’s not the Preliminaries where a candidate’s fate of whether she will make the first cut will be based on. Don’t take it too seriously, the Natcos competition is for entertainment purposes only. Guys, just chill. : )

  31. JawzKuh nasa Tough 5 naman yung Natcos ni Meowww kahit walang dancing lights kasi naawa talaga kaming taga MUO kay Meowww sa effort nyang paghilahila sa parol😂
    Mas gusto namin tuloy cyang ipanalo kc that attitude of Meowww is superkahangahanga kaya napalove kami lalo kay Meowww huhuhuhu 😄
    Don’t worry Meowww, kaming taga MUO ay lihim na humahanga sa yo hihihihi😊😉

  32. I don’t think this costume was a fail! The concept and the effort to turn this vision to reality is commendable! Cat and her team really strived to think outside the box. Has this been done before? NO. So she’s already a winner because of that.

    I do agree with some of the comments. The parol’s colours did not complement Cat’s bodysuit. The colours were quite dull. And yes, if the parol lit up, probably would have been even more of a showstopper. Pero the biggest issue really was the gulong. They were so dinky and were attached to thin bars holding the parol. It just looked unstable and I was scared it would fall on Cat or something (Fortunately, it didn’t). Would have been nice if:

    A) The parol was made with lighter materials so Cat can just attach it to her back without having to pull it behind her. But then again, Cat has scoliosis. Probably not that safe to do this.
    B) She could have dragged the parol halfway down the runway tapos de-attach herself from it so she can freely and fiercely strut to the end of the stage. That way we would be able to admire her amazing bodysuit (very intricate design)

    At the end of the day, the NC portion will not determine the winner of this competition ahahaha. And it’s also not meant for the candidates to fiercely walk down the runway. This is about showcasing the creativity and culture of each country.

    I still love Cat and all the hard work she has done with her team to make us filipinos proud! MABUHAY TEAM CATRIONA ❤

    • Also mga baklitang super nega. Huwag nyong kalimutan ung Cake inspired national costume ni MJ nung 2014 lol. Or Ariella arida’s not so special Terno nung 2013. Compare nyo un sa NC ni Cat. Di hamak naman na mas maganda NC ni Cat. You guys are so hard to please. Nung si Colombiano ang nagdedesign ng NC natin, reklamo kayo. Ngayong filipino designers na ang gumagawa, reklamo ulit….

      We’ve had boring NC’s in the past but did that stop our candidate from advancing to the semis or even the top 5?

      • Nah. Cat and her team hyped it up because they were proud of their work. But it’s still up to the followers to manager their expectations 🙂

      • Exactly so we/they just need to welcome both positive and negative comments. But I think lets move on fast and start gearing to the real deal i.e. Prelims and Interview.

        P.S. Huwag na po kung anu-anong expeiment sa EG. Baka mamya magbuhuhat pa si Cat ng carpet haha

      • What is wrong with overhyping? IMG is an intertainment brand. Hyping is a must to generate attention from the public. Good or bad is still a publicity.

  33. tapos na ang Filipiniana era
    puro Pintados naman now

    kakaumay na.

    dami dami traditional na damit ng Pinas


    • Agree. Filipiniana is medyo easy to conceptualize and execute, so I understand why most designers want to go this route. Under Barraza, also cheap and fast to make (his trademark for our gowns, likely due to BPCI’s budget and time limitations).

      Cat’s costume is a welcome shift out of the box. National costume skills evoke a certain level of technical expertise – my gosh some of those designs from Asia and Latin America were so intricate in terms of detail and mechanics. Definitely something to be proud of.

      Hopefully Jearson’s designs will ignite the passion for future Pinoy designers to perfect their craft and take the Philippine national costumes to the next level.

      (Sana naman walang senior walker wheels though HAHAHA. For me that was the dealbreaker on the costume. I get it was necessary for mobility and support, that’s what walkers do :), but maybe they could have embellished it with bling or lights?)

  34. sana yung BILAO kasi nilagay na lang sa ulo
    para di sya nagmukhang kampanerang kuba

    or kung ROLETA man yun tinulak na lang nya na parang push cart
    tas pinaikot and namigay sya ng premyo

    i mean dami puwede gawin creative freedom kasi hindi naman pampanga parul yun
    if hindi umiilaw — whats the point

    LAOS or BRAZIL for best in natcos

    Puerto Rico is MU18

  35. repost

    mas maganda sana ang bilao if pinagulong gulong na lang niya
    kasi wala naman silbi di naman iilaw

    tas nilagay nya sa ulo

    at sumigaw ng PUTO puto kayo diyan

    mas authentic pinoy

    vietnam nga nagtinda ng tinapay eh

    pero Laos for the win!! best in Nat Cos

    Brazil too

    dami magaganda nat cos

    yung sa Pinas kailangan pa explain lahat ng detalye as if may paki ang audience
    it is a show for entertainment hindi sya ted talk or history channel or documentary hello

    know your audience din kasi.

  36. mas maganda sana ang bilao if pinagulong gulong na lang niya
    kasi wala naman silbi di naman iilaw

    tas nilagay nya sa ulo

    at sumigaw ng PUTO puto kayo diyan

    mas authentic pinoy

    vietnam nga nagtinda ng tinapay eh

    pero Laos for the win!! best in Nat Cos

    Brazil too

    dami magaganda nat cos

    yung sa Pinas kailangan pa explain lahat ng detalye as if may paki ang audience
    it is a show for entertainment hindi sya ted talk or history channel or documentary hello

    know your audience din kasi.

    • Lintik na! Paulit ulit kang negatron ka.
      You’re flooding the comment section.
      Pretty sure walang tumatagal sa iyong karelasyon o kaibigan dahil sa sobrang nagger mo.
      One comment should be enough to voice out an opinion.

      • mas maganda sana ang bilao if pinagulong gulong na lang niya
        kasi wala naman silbi di naman iilaw

        tas nilagay nya sa ulo

        at sumigaw ng PUTO puto kayo diyan

        mas authentic pinoy

        vietnam nga nagtinda ng tinapay eh

        pero Laos for the win!! best in Nat Cos

        Brazil too

        dami magaganda nat cos

        yung sa Pinas kailangan pa explain lahat ng detalye as if may paki ang audience
        it is a show for entertainment hindi sya ted talk or history channel or documentary hello

        know your audience din kasi.

  37. siya lang masaya sa ginagawa niya

    soon may video na Visayas and Mindanao

    for the gowns ek ek

    na for sure underwhelming naman

  38. BILAO

    with madungis na damit

    taong grasa kampanerang kuba inspired nat cos

    but her face and smile and glow is very infectious

    congrats team Cat

  39. I love Cat and rooting for her to win our 4th Miss Universe crown.

    That said, I blame her “team” for even considering her to pull this thing off onstage. There was audible laughter from some of the audience when they saw the metal easel with wheels behind her. Sighs of dismay followed when they saw Cat awkwardly pulling and lugging that heavy thing center stage. The concept looked great on paper. But execution wise, I have to admit it broke my heart to see Catriona having to pull that heavy thing onstage.

    • tomboy ka yan ay mismong artistic concept ni Fatriona
      hindi nya inihanda ang core nya which is her bilbil kasi di sya nag work out and gym
      puro videos na wala naman multimedia fast track


  40. To all negatrons,

    I think you are the same people who violently protested on Barazza’s horrendous creations of our reps’ national costumes until after MJ’s. Now that SMA has given it all-Filipino-made, you are still throwing your tantrums just because of a minor failure (the way you see it). Didn’t you appreciate the effort?

    On Facebook, commenters are all praises to Cat’s national costume. I even read comments that she might win the Best in Nat Cos award due to the details embellished in the work. It was indeed a work of art.

    If Cat’s costume has not impressed some of you, then you better embrace others’ costumes. I have not read other nationalities bashing their own candidates’ natcos, kayo lang talagang mga idiots here.

    That’s all.


    • So true!
      Let us be thankful for MJ’s national costume.
      Why? Because that costume is the barometer of downright hideous and embarrassingly off the mark.

      Now, every time I see a beautiful garden with a flower bed surrounding I think of MJ courageously parading around looking like a human vase!
      I hope MJ is doing well in life! I really thought she was the one to break the 40+ years of the MU drought.
      For me 2014 had to be thee most disappointing years since Venus began the streak in 2010.

      Peace y’all ❤💙💛

      • Well said, JS.

        We all know that people bashing Cat and her NatCos here are coming from a small circle of people who did not have a memorable childhood. Also, it looks like they are affiliated from training camps who, from the very beginning, have nothing but bad words against Cat.


      • Tse! Pwe!! Stop bringing up MJ. nanahimik na ang tao!! She did what she was suppose to do but it was not her faith to win!!!

    • I think Barraza’s costumes are out of the topic please!!!!! They are not even related. The comments are just for this particular costume. This is better off with in authentic Barraza’s. Geesh! Please don’t use the case of Cat to defend Barraza’s.

      The current experimentation is beyond what has been done by any Philippine rep. This opened the new era of Philippine costumes. And this will evolve as time goes by. The concept is great.

      I am all praises to the team of Catriona. They have not done what other designers have done for national costumes.

      Suddenly, I felt like I am going to have some allergy hearing the name of Barraza!

    • Jan mo ma identify ang taong may pinag aralan at nasa utak…kesa may pinagaralan nga pero nasa talampakan ang utak..

    • Yup, same bashers Ana W. They are here just waiting for Cat’s failure, the sad part? they are Filipinos. The other countries just appreciate their own😟

  41. Just an observer but I just wish Cat the best. She is doing great and will make all Filipinos proud. There is a difference between criticizing and bashing. A few here just want to be noticed but cannot fathom what their real intentions are.

  42. Was it the best? No? Personally, my winner was Laos for concept and execution. Hands down should be Best in National Costume.

    India was second for me, unlike Cat – she literally carried that on her back. Damn girl. Myanmar third, but Laos did everything she did on a grander scale. I also liked Peru’s a lot – again excellent concept and execution with the various moving and hidden elements – and Romila’s presentation was so smooth and seamless. Thailand also surprised with the elephant, which is rare (if not a first for them) but you couldn’t see her face at all. Nicaragua’s colors were to die for.

    Cat’s concept was excellent, but the execution could have been better. It’s literally first thing Monday morning here in the US so I am unable to keep up with the tsismis, but something about the lights not being allowed. I’m not sure I buy that, given that Paraguay just before her had lights (which were really nice to look at in terms of the overall theme of her costume). Perhaps malfunction?

    LEDs and lights can be tricky. Remember Irene Esser had issues with hers as well?

    Cat’s saving grace was that 1,000,000 watt smile. Whatever illumination the lights were unable to give, her SMILE and EYES made up for. What face she gave! This is what a MISS UNIVERSE is about – light and joy.

    Speaking of light and joy – my heart skipped a beat when I saw the red, blue, white, and yellow smack dab in the center of her costume. Her pride and commitment to the PHILIPPINES gave me JOY. The ring of yellow was a ray of LIGHT despite our often dark times. This is what a national costume is about.

    Perfect parol sentiments – light and joy. Maraming salamat Cat, Jearson, and team!

  43. BIG FAIL!!! So disappointed. Poor cat was made to suffer this overwrought monstrosity.

  44. Daming nag mamarunong. Wlang nakontribute kundi masamang puna. Just think how improved this costume is from the years past. Tse! Mga talangkang walang life.

  45. To this day, the best national costume design and presentation of any Filipina delegate in international competition is still Elizabeth Clenci’s beautifully detailed yet elegantly understated T’boli inspired outfit. It was designed by Jearson Demavivas, the same designer of Catriona’s national costume. Clearly, the designer has the goods; however, Cat’s costume needed editing. Someone from the team should’ve taken a step back and realized they’re trying to accomplish too much and really succeeding at very little.

    Still, good luck Cat

  46. Sobrang ganda ng costume ng Brazil at Peru…

    Pero bilib ako kay Catriona dahil feeling ko wala sa isip nya ang manalo sa national costume dahil wala itong bearing at mas gusto nyang mapanalunan ang paghanga sa kanya ng mga pinoy sa pag represent at mag isimbulo nag buong pilipinas at i pakita talaga na dala nya ang buong pilipinas… Kung baga, gusto nyang mapanalunan ang paghanga ng mga Kapwa Pilipino at ishowcase ito sa buong mundo.. Hindi kelangan sobrang grand kung wala namang meaning..

    At dahil pag dating sa Prelims dun ang tunay na laban at sa finals para kunin ang crown..

  47. the heavy bilao sa likod sana iniwan na lang

    pintados ay hiram kay wynwyn and katarina

    sana kasi nag filipiniana ulit na lang tas rumampa ng bongga

    kaysa sumakit na naman scoliosis nya

  48. It would have been so much better without the “parol”. The pintados body suit is so beautiful on its own, the details are so intricate and well-made but the “parol” ruined the whole look. The colors did not compliment the beautiful pintados costume AT ALL, heck because it was so big, it takes your attention instead and there was nothing interesting about the “parol” whatsoever except when Catriona is showing the back. It also didn’t help that it was so heavy that Cat needed to have a support to carry the huge ass lame ass “parol”.

    Although the thought process behind the whole costume seemed extravagant, there were way too many ideas squeezed in, and it showed in the whole look. All in all Cat’s national costume was unflattering and because there was so many things going on, from the many Philippine cultures that were in her costume, nothing was shown properly.

  49. This is all abt nothing . Everyone knows the NC does not have any bearing on who wins
    However ,
    The color palette is bad
    The parol part looks cheap
    The presentation is very very awkward
    Like what a lot of people have said , her NC from BP would have been just fine .

  50. IT’S A CELEBRATION of the Philippines culture and history❤️Congratulations Cat for the concept and execution. Filipinos need to unite and encourage to win the crown again. Most of the comments here are negative, and whines… just be thankful. Cat is thereforthe country…yes, we know who the haters here… ❤️

  51. sana makita ninyo kung gaano ka proud at ka optimistic ni Catriona
    she is pure of energy and positivity sa lahat ng ginagawa niya she puts 110% puso

    what a beautiful person inside and out

    we love you Catriona

  52. i saw a girl wearing a NatCos na sinuot ni wynwyn and Katarina
    na may BILAO sa likod

    jawsko hype pa more

    video pa more

    coz we are all in this together

  53. prelims gown daw ay 2 colors – gold and white or blue and something
    based daw dun sa gown na nagviral sa internet before para pagusapan daw

    finals gown daw has a life of its own napaiyak pa daw si Cat nung nakita niya

    oh mga bakla wag na masyado mag expect ha


  54. pinahiram ni Katarina ang NatCos from MW

    tapos may roleta sa likod na mala kampanerang kuba ang paghila

    may hand gestures pa na who knows what

    perya ito? buong Pilipinas

    pag talikod may vandalism sa likod ng roleta

    na mukhang bayong or banig na bilog

  55. The custome was rendered moot and academic without the lights on!! It was a waste!!! Pinahirpan nyo pa si Catriona and obviously she was struggling and the audience didnt understand the lantern behind her. Lesson learned, next time ASK first if the custome poses security and safety issue.

    Needless to say I am so disappointed. The outfit itself would have stood alone with a nice headress.

  56. Mag Hype na din tayo ng Evening Gown na susuotin ni Cat, dapat may Video intro ang Hype tulad nitong NC.

    Dapat may pa drone shot ng Luneta hah. Tapos ilabas ang blurred ne sketch, picture ng crystals na gagamitin at ID picture ng designer.

    tapos BTS photos sa pagawa ng EG without revealing anything at ending drone shot ng Mount Mayon na may lava ng bumubuga!

    Simulan na ang HYPE at 3 araw nalang at bubulaga na ang EG na yan!


  57. the critical thinking
    preparation and hardwork
    passion etc

    to showcase the Philippines

    CONGRATULATIONS team Catriona!

    …….next time lahat ng mga vakla dito mag donate kayo para sa mga ganyang ganap
    ni singko wala kayo ginastos puro pa kayo kuda!



  59. paiilawin ko mga baklang tuwo
    yung pailaw na marami nakikiramay
    kaloka kayo

    ang winner ng Natcos ng




    goodjob sa Team Pilipinas for the effort

    good luck Catriona 1 week pa. laban lang

    • Yung sinundan nyang si Peru grabe ang swabe ng galaw sa nat cos.

      Si Paraguay bukas yung led lights ah, anong excuse nanaman yung hindi pinapayagan buksan yung ilaw?

      Its either hindi sumindi yung roleta ni Cat or tinipid ang ilaw kaga hindi halata sa liwanag

      Bobo ng Team mo.

  60. This is a very promising concept if I may say, and one that has the potential to stun and amaze. Unfortunately it was a dud! Not only because the lights were not lit, but because the colors are drab drab drab! Especially the dress itself. These amateurish designers never learn! Forget about the meaning and the representation. Go for IMPACT and that means colors. colors, colors. Do not put the colors only in the lantern when lit. Put them everywhere even when not lit. Put them in the dress itself.

    This is really a major disappointment. I don’t care how much effort they put into it. They are supposed to put in 110% effort to begin with. The audience does not care. The judges too. What matters only is the impact. And this is a dismal failure of a costume. I am sorry to say that.

    The only saving grace of this entire drab thing is Cat’s amazing presence, vibe and performance. She really saved what could have been a total disaster. Kudos to her but not to her designers. I am just sorry for them.

    This is the only time I am talking this way. I am sick and tired of designers that are so understated. Not for these pageants please.

    • Isa pang tse! Critic kuno! Ikaw na making candidate. Let see if ever you are going to get any attention.

      • That’s what we’re here for. Sorry about that.

        Just pray for the success of Cat in the prelims.

        The NatCos is not really a competition. Its just a show case. But it helps if people rave about it. It draws attention to the contestant.

        Next time…

  61. Pasabog sana kung pinaglaban nila na merong lights sa parol na sumasayaw divahhhhh😃
    Sinabi sana nila na need talaga na ilawan ang parol dahil Super Fangit Ang kalalavasan kapag nakaOff Ang lights ng parol😄
    Anyway, COPYCat lng naman yang natcos na yan sa dating natcos ng Myanmar na hinihila at binubuhat😋

  62. dami ek ek
    may pakahon kahon pa from manila to bangkok na malaki ang kahon
    etc cant reveal
    pa video pa

    tas ayaw pa reveal before hand

    samantalang ibang bansa best in reveal ng natcos nila

    tapos ito lang?

    jusko same reaction lang din sa natcos ni MJ Lastimosa

    nag parol ka sana pinaglaban nyo na pailawin or naghanda kayo ng battery or solar ekek

    jawsko jawsko jawsko

    buong Pilipinas ? charot.. asan? we saw a heavy painting sa likod as backdraft
    and a girl na suot ang NatCos ni Katarina.


    A for effort Team Cat

  63. I see 2 people here na nagmamagaling. Yung isa super bash ke pia, in 2015, di daw mananalo. Ayun kinain nya sarili nyang suka.

  64. Ang hilig lang ng iba dito manilip ng butas para ipaalam na magaling sila😂 eh wala din naman naicontribute tulad ko😂😂 andaming mga ideas na dapat “ganun, ganito sana”😂 mag apply na lang kaya kayo kay Madamdaming SMA😂

  65. Now I’m really afraid of Catriona’s fate. It seems to me that her team’s taste is questionable, amateurish and so conflicted.

    That’s all. Bye!

  66. I saw her presentation na. Ok naman. Maganda yung muslim dance nya. Medyo nahirapan lang sya sa pag hila. Overall, i lke it

  67. daming hanash ng iba dito. maganda ang NC ni Cat, pinag isipan. talagang mabigat nga lang. at since hindi naman pinayagang umilaw, mas maganda kung di na lang di gulong at parang painting na lang ang naging dating talaga (pati yung parol side). pero overall, maganda.

    si PR nga, nadapa pa. kaya pasalamat na lang din tayo na nadala ni Cat ng maayos ang mabigat na costume nya.

  68. Tha one i liked most was miss laos and the one with the blue bird flapping its wings. Pati yung me white feathers na sobrang laki from one south amercian country, forgot the country.

  69. I’m ok with the concept, but the rollers could you have been camouflaged so it doesn’t look like she’s dragging a shopping cart. Kudos to her team for the effort.

  70. Maganda naman sya. Intricately made. Pero me iba pang mas maganda. Ok lang yan. La naman sa score yan. I remember tha costume of colombia in 2015. Parang green na paldat blouse lang, tapos muntik na syang manalo.

  71. What an ill-fitting natco combined with the bad posture because she was dragging that lantern. Not a good idea. Her team wanted a show stopping costume but failed big time. Disappointing!

  72. It was indeed worth the wait. Upon seeing Cat in her “Celebration” national costume and how she moved on stage with the huge Parol props, I literally cried. It was truly moving filled with Filipino spirit. It championed not only the Filipino culture, but we Filipinos us a whole.

    Kudos to Cat’s team for coming up with this concept. The national costume must come from highly creative people whose aim is to make every Filipino proud of our race. The representation is so vast that it covers the entire archipelago. Who would have thought that every valuable aspect of our culture is in there. I thought we could never see such a creation, and that we would only get so see Filipiñana, Terno, Maria Clara, and Pintados every year in Miss Universe. Cat’s costume is a breakthrough in Philippine pageantry. Actually, it sets the bar so high to our reps next year and and the coming years in Miss Universe, in that they have to come up with a much more avant garde and fabulous national costume.

    I knew the full execution of the Parol was not met, and I already thought that it was not allowed for security reasons. As a fan, I have a wide range of understanding, hence there was no amount of disappointment from my end. At least, our Catriona Gray was very safe. After all, the most important thing is she represented us really well.

    This year it’s obvious that the candidates have prepared well in national costume. Miss Laos’ costume was amazing. Actually, Asian candidates are equally at par in this department, and I salute our Asian heritage for showcasing such rich culture to the whole world, the universe rather.

    That’s all!

  73. Masyado nagmamarunong karamihan dito! Pinoy talaga can’t be satisfied.

    Congrats Catriona for carrying it well!

  74. The HYPE did not live up to it! #AllTeaNoShade

    1. The catsuit DOES NOT go with the Lantern, Parang nakahanap lang ng RANDOM Parol, tapos sinabit sa likuran ( walang design elements sa Catsuit na makikita sa Lantern )

    2. The “Buong Pilipinas” is a painting at the back? Eh di sana nagdala nalang si Cat ng Picture Frame na may Painting.

    3. Next time hinay hinay lang mag HYPE, nasobrahan. So yung malaking Box ay just a Parol?

  75. I cant help but comment with some negative tone because i was really underwhelmed. The main part of the NC is the lantern because being the biggest and most colourful item it readily catches attention and unfortunately it is also the least impressive part of the ensemble. And that wheeled support omg, very unsightly! Sorry talaga. That’s the Achilles heel of the NC and it was exposed before everyone’s eyes!

    Buti na lang Dyosa talaga ang kandidata natin at kineri na lang sa fez at sa indak indak!

    Sa susunod Filipinina na lang na may abaniko na convertible to umbrella to represent the wet and dry season of the country. Oh da va, simple pero meaningful at may wow factor pa.

    Haissst… Thank you, next!


    • Ako naman hindi yung pag-ilaw ang issues ko kundi yung hebigatness nya at ang ugly wheeled support. At yung paghahype, next time wala nang hanash to avoid massive expectations. Nagmukhang school project. Yung nasa katawan ni Cat ok na yun eh, ang ganda kaya tapos may hawak na lang na spear.

  77. Naawa ako kay Miss Catriona dahil nahihirapan siyang magbitbit.Parang hindi ito yung original na design.May mga picture online ng design na dapat nakalagay sa balikat niya.

  78. the concept was grand and there’s some risk attached to that
    i can see all the work that went into it and that i appreciate

    it’s good to discuss what could have been better and i would like
    to offer a few amateur observations and suggestions:
    miss japan’s transforming costumes is a good reference point.
    everything is lightweight and compact but opens up in some brilliant ways
    the parol could have been conceptualized as an unfolding origami
    thing. as far as the lights, reflective, iridescent materials could have been used
    if parts of the costume will be on the bulkier, heavier side; it’s important
    to consider the way it attaches to the body: the way the weight is distributed
    and keeping in mind the center of gravity (around the waist) and free up the hands
    and legs for proper motion.

    in the end, it’s still worthy of praise
    and a few years down the line people will realize
    that this is a turning point when it comes to creativity in the
    national costume. the philippines has a lot to offer
    in terms of creativity and inspiration. and, yes, they should welcome
    inputs from engineers, physicist etc. why not make it a

    in the end i am just thankful for Catriona and her team for thinking BIG!

    • Agree. Up until now, we have not really embarked on such designs, so bagito pa talaga tayo and have a lot to learn with not just the aesthetics of the costumes but the actual execution.

      If anything, Cat raised the bar and will hopefully encourage future MUP reps to be more ambitious in their NatCos designs.

  79. For a first timer to do something like this is already impressive! We just need to admit the fact na wala pa tayo sa level ng mga Thai pag dating sa engineering behind the design. Overall maganda pa Rin in motion! Nadala ni Catriona without inhibition Yung piece!

    The fact na pina-cargo nila pa-thailand Yung buong ensemble na yan, what greater prospect is in store in the future. We have great gown designers and eto na ang hudyat na magkakaroon na tayo ng mga NatCos designer who can now think outside the box from the typical Filipiniana.

    Kung Yung base nung parol in-attach sa leg Niya with a joint para maging synchronized Yung movement, mas justified siya. Karlie Kloss was able to executive this kind of thing at Victoria Secret.

    Still, my fascination with Catriona didn’t diminish by a single degree after this! And grabe ang freshness niya ha! No sign of haggardness even after the rehearsal!

  80. Great concept. I was hoping she would have a staff with a parol at the end that when she stomp it on the group, the whole thing would lit up.

  81. Nakakatawa oang dahil ang daming bitter at reklamador parang may percentage ang national costume para makapasok sa semi finals. Move on after the prelim kayo magtatatalak!

  82. Kudos to the designers & Cat’s team for thinking out-of-the-box. Conceptually, the design had a lot of potential in terms of artistry & creativity. I applaud the team’s boldness & ambition in their concept. The beadwork on her outfit was exquisite, definitely. The boots were stellar, in craftsmanship & design. Those are my positive remarks. From the neck up, Cat was simply flawless, with that stunning T’Boli headpiece making her look like royalty.

    Now for the areas for improvement. For me, the parol just wasn’t very refined/luxe in execution. The contraption looked quite heavy & laborious for Cat to pull. In comparison, the national costume of Miss Thailand looked expensive & high-end, & while voluminous, still managed to look light & effortless, allowing Ning to walk with grace.

    Again, I applaud the bold effort. It’s a good thing, national costume has almost no bearing in the final results though. I have high hopes for Mak Tumang’s evening gowns. He has not disappointed me yet.

  83. Breakdown of her NatCos

    Luzon – parol background
    Visayas – pintados body suit
    Mindanao – headdress boots and bracelets

    individually (i meant per region) the costumes are exquisite! Lalo na yung Lupang Hinirang written in Baybayin sa border ng parol part.And the details of the bodysuit?? Gahd sobrang ganda sa close up pics and vids!!! Pero put the three components together and it spells “too much”. There’s so much going on. I felt Jearson got pressured to surpass his creation for Cat during BBP that he forgot to restrain himself from putting too much details into the costume.

    I think it would have been better if
    1. The body suit is just a simple deconstruction of the PH flag (PH flag colors wouldve complemented well with the parol) or basta at most three solid colors lang, no additional prints or anything, and then maintain yung parol (kasi ang ganda ganda talaga nung parol)
    2. Retain the pintados body suit and Mindanaoan boots and headdress but remove the parol. There are videos of Cat on IG with just these, no parol, and it really showed how thin Cat really is. Plus it would’ve provided her with more mobility (and comfort!!!)

    And before anyone accuse me of bashing Cat, no, I’m not bashing her. Gahd, no. But i guess i can say that im kinda criticizing the team that conceptualized the costume. No offense meant, i know how much dedication and effort they have put into the execution. Pero i really wished they had put some restrictions with the details

  84. At first glance, I was a bit underwhelmed and disappointed.. but llooking at it closely i realized it was nice and indeed a unique one. Should they allowed it to light up, it couls have been a lot nicer. Overall , impressive!

  85. Yung mga hindi pinoy na nanood hindi naman nila alam na parol yun na dapat umilaw tayo lang mga pilipino ang nakakaalam na dapat umilaw yun kaya bakit kailangang e bash ang sariling kandidata.

  86. Mga balat sibuyasn mga mahihina ang loob, ikakapanalo ba natin yung mga pampalubag loob nyo? Hindi! Face the reality, ang daming hindi nagustuhan, ang Chaka naman talaga..

    Ngayon sa team ni cat,mag review review na kayo baka kung ano ano panv ka ekekan ang hinalo nyo sa gown, chaka ulit kalabasan.


    • Nandito ka pa din. Hindi rin ikagaganda ng buhay mo at ikauunlad ng pagkatao mo ang mga tinatalak mo dyan. Maggantsilyo ka na lang at gawing kapakipakinabang ang oras at buhay mo.

    • Basher na pakawala ng A&Q.

      Ligwak kasi kandidata sa Mess world kaya dito nagkakalat ng sama ng loob.

      How sad.

  87. Pwede rin syang as payong then bubuka as parol lagyan ng battery para ilaw ilawan ang peg tapos may tunog it’s a small world after all

  88. Ayaw pailawan? Sana kahit mga debaterya na flashlight/bulb sa loob pero baka sobrang liwanag talaga ng stage… Pero the longer I look at the photos naiimagine ko parang parachute na magaan then bubuka as parol haha

    Tama yung may nag comment collaboration ng artist at engineer o kahit construction worker ito para sucess

  89. Malamang gigil ang mga haters niya.
    Nagkaroon ng opportunity mambash.
    Bawi na lang sa evening gown.
    I hope she chooses the right gown and styling 🤞

    • Halimbawa ka ng isang taong nasa sinapupunan pa lang ng ina mo, kulay burak na ang dugo mo, isa ka sigurong hayop sa sinaunang buhay mo kaya nagkamali ang kalikasan na ginawa kang tao sa pangalawang buhay mo.

    • Ang nega maging talunan no. Top 40 last year, tapos this year ligwak ang pambato ng A&Q. Kaya dito nyo nilalabas sama ng loob nyo. Kaya nyo yan teh.

    • Booooo I understand you yung mga kulang sa pinag aralan sila yung mga walang appreciation sa art talaga.

    • Eh bakit very obvious na super affected ka at galit na galit sa mga comment mo. Relax ka lang bakla hindi mo ikayayaman ang pambabash!

      • At hindi nyo ikapapanalo yung pagiwas nyo sa katotohanan na chaka ang atake ng team niya

      • Chaka pala pero give na give ka sa comment mo. Kung Chaka talaga? I will not waste my time commenting on things na hindi ko gusto. Dun ka sa gusto mo. Ang tanong lang meron kayang may gusto sa iyo.

    • Halimbawa ka ng isang taong nasa sinapupunan pa lang ng ina mo, kulay burak na ang dugo mo, isa ka sigurong hayop sa sinaunang buhay mo kaya nagkamali ang kalikasan na ginawa kang tao sa pangalawang buhay mo.

  90. All things considered, IMHO this is a highly commendable concept and miles ahead of most national costumes worn by our previous representatives. Definitely a huge upgrade from last year’s awkward attempt of a seductive sarimanok assembly highlighted by the seeming discomfiture of Rachel Peters.

    • In short, pinag-isipang mabuti – dissenters be damned. A superb depiction of the vast diversity of Philippine culture. Bravo! 👏👏👏

  91. Compared to Rachel’s Ibong Adarna / Vegas showgirl hybrid national constume last year, this is an improvement. by a mile. Baka kasi pag me electric lights, makuryente si Catriona, hindi umabot sa Pageant Finals at manalo yung manok ng ibang lahi dyan , sige kayo rin.

  92. oh, cool!
    even without the parol in the back it’s still a great costume
    i like how the had gestures are more noticeable with that as a background

    i am actually amazed how gracefully she handled pulling that from the back,
    well done!

    anyway, leaves me wondering, if they went for the lighter star-
    shaped parol instead of the disk shape one would have made it easier for her to move

    all the same i’m impressed with the creativity, even without the lights
    the designs still stand out because of the bright colors

  93. Malay ninyo si Cat ang makakuha ng Best in National Costume sa kaka bash ninyo, yung mga nananalong best in national costume kadalasan nga simple lang at hindi fabulous pero may malalim na meaning yung interpretation ng costume kaya huwag magreklamo hindi niya ikakatalo yan!

  94. Ang ganda:)))) yung mga baklang nega dito…ilawan nyo nga ang mga bunganga nyo at nang malaman nyong delikado pala sa mga dila nyo….chos!

  95. I love Cat. But please sa susunid na team just stick to Filipiniana and no need to drum up so much unnecessary excitement coz it just swells to massive expectations.

    • Sure? Baka mamy false rendering lang din yan? Haha I want to see the footage of her actual presentation.

      • @ObservingYou: Ang hirap mag attach ng photo dito through IG eh kasi may moderation. I liked what I saw, so I guess that’s my stand on it. I saw it from Missosology’s IG.

      • See it now. Maganda naman pala. Kung may ilaw sana cguro to then it would have been more impactful.

        Score: 9.75

  96. I liked the concept. At may nag comment nga din na kinulang sa engineering.

    Kudos kay Cat sa effort nya. Pero sana di na sya nahirapan kung ginawang mas stable yung bottom part nung parol.

  97. I wish they were allowed to light the parol up. I’m sure it was meant to be presented that way, which explains why it was underwhelming unlit.

    Do you know the reason why this wasn’t allowed, Norms?

    Hope they could still show us a picture of the costume lit up, the way it was meant to be shown.

    No worries. Just goes to show how unpredictable things can go in this competition, and for Cat and her team to always anticipate these, adapt, and make appropriate changes.

  98. Less is more. The designer aimed for something really grand but failed to acknowledge the mobility of the whole thing. Tsaka yung mga lights lights na yan, ang laking chance na hindi yan pinapailaw sa finals for safety purposes.

    Maganda siya, pero the walker and the fact na hindi talaga na account ang magdadala is a big disappointment. It’s all about designer ego, keber na ang magsu-suot.

    • It’s the bane of every ambitious national costume design, I guess.
      Buti nalang Miss Myanmar won that segment last 2016 kasi that was unbearable to watch dahil sa bigat.

      • At si cat, di na maka lakad nang matino sa sobrang bulky at bigat. Kahoy pala to? Kaloka!! Sana they used lighter materials na lang, at sana wala ng lights kung ito ang reason kung baket kahoy to. Ginawa pang kargador si Cat.

        Physics naman siguro, paano ba talaga yan madadala kung walang stand sa ilalim kung ganyan kabigat? Part of the plan ba yan na dapat may stand sa ibaba?

        Ok ma sana, ok yung concept talaga, pero baket binigatan. Eh kelangan pa yang e rampa. KALOKA!

      • @Coco Paminta: It’s wire and with LEDs. As I mentioned in my previous post, they probably respected the ‘true craft’ by using a real one. Wala naman sigurong issue with the use of a stand/walker, pero it lacked reinforcements. Engineering problems talaga. You’re right, ang bigat din.

  99. Another case of sooooo much hyping!

    A parol mounted on a baby’s walker that wont even light up. She had a difficult time walking. Sans the parol, the costume is great as it is. Though I still think that her costume during BbP is better.

    • Bet naman yung nasa likod niya, pero pag hindi yun parol na legit parol at simply Victoria Secret chu-chu lang, it could’ve had a different impact.

  100. If they can light up the parol, it would have been great – maybe

    the back part of the parol is amazing – showing all of the Philippines

    i am in the middle when it comes to the front part – not sure, i feel it doesn’t look cohesive.

    But either way, it is different.

    And Good luck

  101. I like it! I just wished they allowed the parol to light up on stage! It would give it a much better impact!

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