19 comments on “Prathamesh Maulinkar of India wins Mister Supranational 2018

  1. @Closer2Fame Clenci is half Romanian not Romani. A lot of people confuse Romanians with Romani (Gypsy) people.

  2. Just curious – how exactly did the standout Marco Poli fall short in making it to Top 10 or 5 or even win it all? He was far better than his predecessor last year who also made it to Top 20 only.

    • I guess there were delegates who somehow made better impacts to the judges?

      Can’t win them all you know…🤭🤭🤭

  3. There are other candidates who are more handsome and hoter than him like Panama, Czech Rep., and Puerto Rico.
    These pageants should really broadcast the judges’ scores in real time for transparency like Miss Universe way back in the 90s.
    Unfortunately, they won’t.

  4. Puro guapo ang nanalo
    I haven’t the rest of the candidates though

    Indians and Latin Americans are practically Caucasian so meeting the standards of beauty is not difficult. It will always be an up hill battle for Asian and Black men.

    Women on the other hand are different . Make up and cosmetic procedures have made it easier for Asian women to compete against their Caucasian and Latin counterparts .

  5. This is the best year for the Philippines in any competition. Good job Philippines! I am hoping that Arnold & Bessie of Miss and Mister World Philippines will organize also for Mister Earth.

  6. Sa dinami dami ng poging contestants, india talaga ang nanalo. Pero siguro, kanya-kanyang taste lang talaga yan.

    Was rooting for PH (syempre), thailand and netherland.

    • The owner is Panamanian of Indian ancestry…
      Hence, no wonder our Mutya Datul won who has ancient Indian ancestry and her name itself is coincidentaly Sanskrit.

      Come to think of it…

      Katrina Dimaranan’s last name also has Sanskrit origins hence ending up as 1st RUp.

      Come to think of it… Elizabeth Clenci, a half Mindanaoan half Romanian Gypsy(Gypsies/Romani are orginaly from northern India).. If she was sent to Miss Supranational instead of MGI, we could have had our 3rd Miss Supranational crown.

      Meanwhile in Miss World- China editions

      Mafae Verdadero Yunon – 4th princess

      Hillary Ang Parungao- Top 8

      Carlene Ang Aguilar- Top 15

      Angeline Flor Pua – Top 30
      (representing Belgium)

      All of whom have recent Chinese Ancestry…
      Seems like we should have sent Pearl Hung to China instead.

      • @Closer2Fame: Clenci is half Romanian not Romani. A lot of people confuse Romanians with Romani (Gypsy) people.

    • Huwag ganayan. Just like all Pinoys are just maids, right?

      Besides, Western peoples love curry. Better to them than pinakbet and pancit. Mas marketable yan Naan kesa Pan De Sal.

      Shoot, my boss always stinks up our office with his Indian take out from the food truck.

  7. Man pageants dont have actual age requirements? Most of them looked old.

    Oh and about Julia thinking of Thailand hosting Mess World… bwahahahhaa… Thailand’s hosting MU this year almost didn’t push through.

    • @ Padede Boy : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      Probably Manhunt International has the oldest limit, at 35. But the recent Manhunt Singapore had guys in their 40’s (see justgrc’s comment below) slug it out with guys half their age.

      Supranational 2018’s eldest was Russia at 32.

  8. Puerto Rico and India will make a Supra pair! (Ben) Chan can now bring them over for the next Bench show. With Datul, Huelar, and Poli as supporting cast. YUMMY if both Bienkowscka and Kucner can be featured on a HOT Bench billboard campaign.

    Mr. Tinio, si Netherlands gusto pa daw mag-pageant. Imbitahin niyo dito. Daming male pageants sa’tin! Mamili siya, siguradong panalo siya with his amiability, gorgeous skin tone, and piercing blue eyes.

  9. Congrats!

    Indian men can be sexy. There so many of them here in the SF Bay Area who are 2nd or 3rd generation, just like in London and the best of the bunch are 🔥🔥🔥. Masculine yet friendly.

    Netherlands is very handsome. The kind of pretty face you just want to take home and pet, so pretty.

    Brazil is probably the worst candidate they could have sent. He looks 42, and I am 42! LOL. I follow many speedo-clad Brazilians on IG and they all run circles around this guy.

    Thailand and Netherlands, I mean I wouldn’t kick them out of bed… but nothing to write home about.

    Thailand has had a good weekend.

    All the pageants want a piece of the pageant buzz the big one is generating in Bangkok – especially Mama Julia who probably sees what great hosts the Thais are 🤣😉

    • @ justgrc : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      ‘Luh, ‘di tayo nagkakalayo ng edad! Nalalaman tuloy ang age ng mga commentors sa blog na’to. 🙂

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