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  1. we all have to admit guys, nagwawala tayo noon kasi masyado silang tahimik.. pero look at her.. she really did her homework – actually, exceeded expectations pa.

    I always feel na ang costume niya ay may

    1. parol / stars / pailaw
    2. festival theme sinulog, perhaps?
    3. muslim/mindanao fabrics.

    so pwedeng

    A lantern inspired headdress with 3 stars and a sun and a sinulog theme festival outfit made out of mindanao/maranao fabrices embellished with gold, crystals, swarovski and all.

    feeling ko lang ha.

    • Pwede. This is hard to pull off pero I trust Cat. Bongga at patok ito mamya 🙂

  2. I just would like to thank Catriona and ofcourse yung team nya. Khit pa stress sa trabaho and after a long drive back home pag tingun ko sa pageant forum eh nawawal yung stressssss. Siguro yung part bg Mindanao eh effigy ni dutertads lol kiddingly aside im very happy sa performance nya so far kahit hi di manalo masaya na ako dahil never in my lifetime na isang katulad ni catriona ang magrerrpresent sa Pilipinas. Yung wala kang takot compre before may mga alangan ka kesyo bobita pangit etc etc. i remwmber nung sa Miss World talagang bumili ng mamahali g ticjet ang mga pinoy para lang sumoporta sa kanya. Kahit malmig sa DC nun. Ngayon malpig lang sa Pilipinas so maraming makaka afford. Goodluck Catriona.

  3. This whole concept and the execution is what sets Cat apart.

    We all knew she had a Pasabog coming. We thought it was her Pasavogues over the last week and a half.

    But no, this homage to the Philippines that we’ve never had from a delegate before presents more than what we’ve seen or expected from her so far. She’s highlighting our culture arts and crafts – beyond the stereotypes and storylines that shape the Philippines. She’s highlighting our richness and beauty – not our cliches.

    In a social media blitz on the eve of the national costume show and prelims at that.

    She’s a visionary. She’s fearless. Not afraid to take on what has never been done before. Not afraid to put herself out to the Universe.

    Confidently Beautiful talaga.

  4. I’m ok with our other reps to MU, but this lady named Catriona Gray is simply exceptional. Watching the video, I forgot everything about the MU season. Her representation of the country transcends the competition. Of course, I hope ad pray that she wins, but win or lose, she has already made the Pinoy in me and in most of us proud.

  5. Can’t wait for the National Costume!!! So far based on the clues, of #buonPilipinas, I am thinking it will be an interpretation of Inang Bayan like in the Luzon’s video. Inang Bayan with a lit up Parol as one of the center pieces. Her dress will be using Mindanao fabric and adorned with pearls to capture the diverse culture of the country.

  6. I really hate it when my homeland Mindanao is being dragged into ignorant stereotypes. But then again, some people just simply don’t have class. And hence their opinion on even the most mundane topics simply has no value.

    These kind are the most pitiful as they have to resort to the extremes just to get a wee bit of attention.

    *There, there*

  7. i am the one and only honest commenter here

    Latina is MU18

    Puerto Rico is MU18
    like MW16

  8. Tumahimik ka nga Orihinalanal ang corny mo and us intelligent readers aren’t affected sa mga posts mo. We just hate it when our time is wasted when we unintentionally read your comments na wala naman kwenta. Anything you say is beneath us. Stop being a basura sa comments section. Yawa ka.

  9. nagpalit na po ang Thailand ng Nat Cos nila agad agad
    then ang Japan din

    dami nyo pasabog kasi nganga naman in the end

  10. dami sumbungero mga tomboy dito

    chill puro kayo makasamba sa Diyosa niyo eh Latina naman lagi nananalo this year
    MI LatinA
    MW Latina
    MU Latina !!!

    • Okies lang naman manalo ang mga LATINA. Pero ikaw puro LAIT-NA sa kapwa mo. I hope you find peace in your heart especially now, in the season of Christmas.

  11. i think that Catriona’s team is doing all they can

    right strategy

    good luck Catriona

  12. makikita nyo ang iyak iyak na gown kung aabot sya sa finals evening gown

    if mala Katarina sya makikita nyo pa rin naman kaso
    siya suot niya ito sa background as one of the clappers

      • i think that
        Katarina and Catriona will have the same fate

        Ahtisa could have been MI but failed

        Felepens all losers this 2019

        crownless except for home luto MAPI
        na wala naman ganap after.

    • patingin ng mukha mo teh…feeling ko kc nuknukan ka ng pangit. yung mukha mo nagbeblend sa ugali mo.

  13. Finally, a national costume that will show the depths of Pinoy creativity.

    Not that national costume makes a big difference in the home stretch of a pageant, but it IS an opportunity to show Pinoy talent in design & craftsmanship.

    So many of our national costume designers have mined the same sources for inspiration over & over (terno, sarimanok, muslim warrior princess). There has not been much out-of-the-box thinking like Indonesian, Vietnamese & Thai designers have shown. So I am looking forward to seeing what Catriona’s team has come up with. They are showing us their hard work, sharp focus & dedication.

    This is good! It shows us that we don’t have to rely solely on A&Q and KF to produce competitive queens that will bring home crowns.

    A&Q has set the standard for us in the last 5-6 years but they have gotten either bored or complacent because the hunger to win or prepare has not been as intense from their camp lately.

    It really was visionary of Catriona then not to align herself with a camp, but create her own team of young & hungry guns.

    Whatever happens, kudos to her team! I love their fighting spirit–their drive to show the universe the best of Pinoy design, hard work, initiative, talent, commitment, and puso.

  14. Mr norman, pwede po ba pakiblock ang troll na si orihinalnaairlog? Kung pwede lang po.hina high blood ako 180/ 100.

  15. Grabe.. naluha ako… I don’t know if I would be able to sleep tonight while anticipating what would happen tomorrow… OMG.. I was already hooked w/ Cat from Day 1(8 years ago) and now I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack! I already prayed at all kinds of house of worship I visited and I think finaly god is answering my prayers… I still hope and pray that Cat would make that dream come true which is to unite our country for a better future.

  16. Cat is taking each and every one of US on a “journey” and is treating the whole thing not just a competition… she is building up the suspense to a glorious climactic finale come Dec. 17!!!

  17. Luzon—- parol na sasabog at mag overheat sa likod at buhok niya

    Visayas – cebu lechon obvious naman sa katawan teng

    Mindanao- mga armas at pasabog granada –

    pasabog talaga Luzviminda!!

    dami effort — para lang sa NatCos eh ang mananalo naman ay

    • Wow, how low can you get? You are already implying to wish her bodily harm.

      Do not insult the hustle kasi kahit ang mga latina nag-e-effort din manalo regardless of what choices they made just to make it to the MU stage.

    • masyado nang below d belt yan teh…I hope you’re proud of your self. nagagawa mo yang kabastusan na yan kc hindi mo gamit tunay mong pangalan mo

  18. Miss Universe should be honored on how elaborate the campaign of Philippine is. What more, we have an amazing person representing the country.

  19. Ngayon palang congratulations kay Cat and her super team. Win or lose, you are MU2018 for us Filipinos!

  20. Nakaka proud si Cat, pero nakaka lungkot naman for Kat. Kung ga ano siya ka prepared, Hindi naman yung isa ='(

  21. May pa scret secret pa sila sa natco irereveal dn nmn pla sa videos, so what’s the sense?

    • It makes sense now because it’s December 9. Bukas na ang natcos presentation.
      Patikim 1 day before… hindi 21 days ago.

      Hindi katulad nung sa iba na okay, pwede nang skip! Nakita na natin ang kabuohan 2-3 weeks ago.

    • That is what you cold strategy or marketing plan, thrilling consumers what to expect for tomorrow products launching, who knows kung ano ang lalabas bukas…

    • The “sense” is for people to understand that there is a story behind the costume as the contestants don’t get to explain what they are wearing on stage. I hope people will just support Cat. She deserve our support as she is doing her “best-est” to represent the country the best way she could. None from our recent candidates has done such preparation she did. Win or lose that’s how you leave a legacy. She will forever be remembered. But my only prayer is for her to get that crown to cap all the effort she and her amazing team has put into this journey. I have never followed a candidate this close other that Catriona. May the stars align to her favor. God bless Catriona and thank your for reminding us how beautiful our country is.

      • true…I hope she gets the crown…as what Cat said in the Bottomline – “I hope to exactly get what I put in. If I will be rewarded for my performance and effort then I would be happy.”

  22. Win or Lose Catriona would make a great Spokesperson or Brand Ambassador of any institution she would represent.

    If I’m the president of our country, I would appoint Boy Abunda as Secretary of Tourism while Catriona would be our Brand Ambassador or maybe even Asst. Secretary of PR of the Department of Tourism.


    I don’t know if this video is even needed or will be seen or used by the MUO. I am not sure if she will gain any point at all from these 3 videos. But it goes to show how giving our candidate is. This beautifully and professionally shot video makes every true-blooded Pinoy proud of our heritage , arts and culture. This is not solely about Catriona anymore.

    In short, Catriona gives. She honoured Thailand by coming up with an almost tourism-ad video of Thailand on Day 1. She wore a Thai-inspired attire upon her arrival in Bangkok. Yes, it was maybe a brilliant PR move there. But from the looks of it, the Thais are very happy with her. She endeared herself to them. How can you argue with that?

    And now these videos to explain her national costume. Totally unnecessary. But this one she made for us. She need not try hard to win us over – – but she still does.

    Catriona Gives. She should be the daughter of Janno. Because Janno Gibbs. (Corny!)

    This is one prepared lady – – coupled with a winning combination of beauty and intelligence. Complete package indeed.

    I will be very sad if she will not be Miss Universe 2018. But in my books, she is already the winner. I hope the MUO can see what wonders she can possibly do to their organisation.

    World Peace.

  24. Kung gaano nila pinaghahandaan ang lahat ng aspects para sa mga candidates natin, SANA turuan na din ang mga karamihan sa mga Pinoy kung paano maging civilized sa pagtrato sa ibang mga candidates. Hindi yung puro bashing ang ginagawa na akala mo kung sinong mga perpektong tao kung makapanglait ng kapwa. Ang RESULTA: yung candidates natin ang naaApektuhan. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

  25. It’s really A+++ for effort.
    Sa mga bashers ni Cat, let’s give her credit where it’s due. Di nyo naman kelangang i-idolize din si Cat, pero wag puro bash. 😉

  26. hanep sa effort…
    call it maraming pakulo or whatever…
    but we need to give credit to her whole team.

  27. what time on December 10 ? I bet she has a shot on the best national costume !

  28. Naiyak ako sa video huhu, sobra ang effort na ginagawa ni Catriona at ng team niya. Can’t wait for Visayas nd Mindano vids!

  29. thank you to team Catriona
    and Catriona

    dito pa lang panalo na

    pasabog kayo!!!

  30. Chills!!!

    I’m curious about Visayas. I think it would be something related to the sea.
    Re Mindanao, haha, I guess it is the most predictable dahil kay Jearson.

    Can’t wait for it to be December 10 na!!!

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