16 comments on “Valeria Vazquez Latorre of Puerto Rico wins Miss Supranational 2018

  1. PR came out of nowhere. Ni hindi sya kasma sa mga top 5 predictions and hotpicks ng mga pageant sites. Hindi ko sya napansin kc wala nman kasing dating yung ganda nya

  2. Congratulations Jehza for doing the best you could. You were quietly competing and was a real trooper. Pageant sites’ favorite Minh Tu’s non-inclusion in Top 5 as well as Top Model awardee Brazil were the bigger upsets. If 2017 was largely an Asian year for big pageants (MI – Indonesia, MS – Korea, MW – India) except MU (Africa), are we seeing Latinas dominating this year (MI – Venezuela, MS – Puerto Rico, MW – TBA) hopefully with the exception of MU again? Time will tell and it will tell very soon.

  3. Nagagalak ang buong mundo sa pagkapanalo ni Miss USA. Ang buhay nga naman pinagkaitan ni Madam Stella na sumali si Katrina sa patimpalak sa ibang bansa pero Amerika ang makikinabang sa pagkapanalo niya. Mabuhay Miss USA

  4. I like USA’s reaction upon the winner’s announcement. Very poised and sports lang

  5. I’m so sad w/ what happened to Jehza’s gown that was ruined on the corronation night… Someone was obviously sabotaging her chances from the very start.
    Anyway, congratulations for making top10 even w/ that kind of unfortunate event. You always made us proud!

    I’m not surprised w/ Katrina Dimaranan’s placement. Remember her court back in Binibining Pilipinas 2012 all placed well in their respective international assignments.. Starting from Janine Tugonon- Miss Universe 1st RUp, Nicole Shmidt- Miss International top 15, and even her runner ups: Elaine Kay Moll- Miss Supranational 3rd Rup, Anna Lee Forbes- Miss Grand International 3rd RUp, and even tht year’s semifinalists: Angelee Delos Reyes- Miss Earth Top 8, and MJ Lastimosa- Miss Universe TOP 10. She could have won hers if it wasn’t canceled and If it wasn’t for her age back then, she could have been given a different pageant assignment. Congratulations to you as well even if you represented a different sash. 🙂

  6. Congrats bongga na ang top 10!!! I knew Katrina Dimaranan would do well. 😚

  7. I

    Globe – top 15
    Hispano – unplaced
    GrandInt – unplaced

    After a dismal start amongst the Big 3 affiliated pageants, the Philippines sash has bounced back.
    Int’l – 1st runner up
    Supra – top 10
    Intcon –
    World –
    Univ. –

    • I believe the Philippines is moving on a right direction ( except Miss World hahaha ). But winning Miss Universe is like having a really big piece of a scrumptious cake we all like to have a taste again, 3 years after Pia’s victory.

  8. Top 10 is already a big achievement thanks Jehza for representing our country and giving all your best!
    Congrats to Jayne Dimaranan 1st runner up, though you represented USA, you are still a Filipino.

  9. Congratulations to
    Philippines and

    now let us support Katarina
    and Catriona!!

  10. Congratulations Puerto Rico!

    Jehza executed her game plan perfectly. But it’s was the game plan itself that was the problem. She was too perfect and polished where they were looking for a little bit of party – energy, spunk, etc. she never even smized. Her eyes never really changed emotion. (Unlike Pia In MU who would turn it on and transition beautifully)

    Also, if they already know the Top 10 or Top 5 before the round is completed, it doesn’t mean it’s unfair. It just means everyone was Beijing judged already early in. This means, to move to the next round, you take everything exposure, appearance, seriously. Nothing wrong with that.

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