13 comments on “The Mystery behind Jehza Huelar’s Evening Gown during the Miss Supranational 2018 Finals

  1. Sir Norman, hindi naman po sa pagmamarunong pero sana mabigyan ng babala ang ating pusa sa bangkok na maging maingat sa kanyang mga isusuot lalo na sa huling gabi. Kasama na rin syempre ang panalangin sa Diyos na walang mangyaring kahit anong masama sa kanya.

  2. I applaud here even more for bringing that flawless performance with a gown like that.
    Congratulations Jehza!

  3. Nakakaawa nga talaga siya. Ganda pa rin naman nung rampa niya. Pero makikita mo talaga sa back part na may ‘butas’.

  4. Congratulations on a decent finish.

    Let us leave at that. Jehza is pretty and prepared. But she kinda lacked …hmmm… intensity. And all these pa-victim back story of losing her luggages on Day 1, to a ripped (sabotage?!) gown on the last day does not help any. Useless lang either way to be even posting that photo.

    If indeed a sabotage , it will sound as if she was just justifying her loss. If it is a quality problem, then it will make it appear we send our girls to competitions armed with cheap fabric and material. That or she has gotten a little fat….

    World Peace.

  5. I mentioned in her older post in this blog to stay on her feet, keep one eye open and not to trust any of her “friends”. Well, I didn’t say exactly that but you all get the geist. I knew one of the other front runners would pull off something like this or maybe even one of her friends who happens to be also front runners . Sabotage is always iminent hence our girls should always be prepaired specialy when our Sashfactor makes our girls the most prominent threat.They should even be trained how to fix busted zipppers. I pray that Karma would bring whoever did this to justice. Sa mga nagmamadali, kulamin nyo na!

    Jehza, Jehza, Jehza.. we know you did your best and you did make us proud! Top 10 is already quite a feat and because of what happened, it made it an even bigger feat. Congratulations!

    O Cat.. lam mo na.. expect the worse!
    And lock that back-up nearby. 🙂

    • Totoo Closer2Fame. Contingency plans should be part of the preparations. 2nd gown? The candidates should secure the gowns.

  6. Congratulations Puerto Rico!

    Jehza executed her game plan perfectly. But it’s the game plan itself that was the problem. She was too perfect and polished where they were looking for a somewhat party girl – energy, spunk, etc. she never even smized. Her eyes never really changed emotion. (Unlike Pia In MU who would transition from sweet to fierce seamlessly)

    Also, if they already know the Top 10 or Top 5 before the round is completed, it doesn’t mean it’s unfair. It just means everyone has been judged already early on. This means, to move to the next round, you bring it on each opportunity and take every exposure, appearance, seriously. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Maybe she was in the wrong pageant. That polished demure flawless performance would have worked better in Miss International or Miss World. Not in Supra not Uinverse.

  7. We would think after evening gown issues with past queens, Bb. Pilipinas would have learn some lessons by now. From Cara Subijano losing her gown, Pia almost not having a gown for the preliminary, to MJ I’ll fitting gown. My suggestions:
    1. Bring a back-up gown
    2: Fitting should be done before the representative is sent to the competition.

    I know these were difficult to do during Barazza time.

  8. Gosh, nakakaiyak!
    No candidate deserves to experience anything like this. Not even the bet of the wildest beasts (fans) of pageantry!

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