27 comments on “Still hoping for the best in tonight’s Miss World 2018 Finals for Katarina Rodriguez

  1. Why am i not convince with the answers of Julia with regards to Miss Ukraine and transgender joining MW? lol

  2. with all this setbacks plus katarina’s poor styling, maswerte na kung mapasali pa sya sa Top 30…nangangamoy clapper sya…

  3. With comments like yours, now I feel bad for Megan winning in what you call a cooking show and for that matter all those Pinays who placed well in the same cooking show, including Evangeline P., Ruffa G., Gwen R., Karla B., Hilarie P., Maria Rafaela Y., Sarah Jane A., Sherry Rose B., Katherine M., Evangeline R., Cecilia A., Cara S., Queenrierich R., Carlene A., Minerva C., and even Cat G. People like you have certainly undermined their accomplishments (in your head). What a shame.

  4. Hope for the best.
    For me Katarina is the prettiest candidate we have for Miss World after Megan Young

  5. Kelan ng nagmimiting ang lahat ng mga national directors ng Miss World? I doubt it. Julia Morley should have just said that “Miss World is a pageant for natural born women who have had no children for now. Maybe in the future we will look into accepting transgender women and single mothers.” Halatang defensive. Nagtatago sa imaginary consensus of national directors.

  6. I txt n lng si Manang Hulya at itanong n lng ano bang luto ang ihahain nya mamaya? Jusko mag-mall ka na lng o mkipag kape than manuod ng Mess World…Best Cooking Show in the world!

  7. enamers ka Hulya, di ka nlng kinagat ng daga nung bata kapa! hahaha charrrrrrrrrrrrrr… mag njoy ka na lang jan Kat, mas importante un, we’re still proud of you. kung may himala ang MessWorld mmya mananalo ka, pero waga ka ng ma pressure hahahaha… paki kurot nlng ako kay tandang
    Hulya ng verylyt ha at dun kay baklang “JOHN CENA” hahaha lakas mka wrestler hahahahahaha

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  8. Julia needs to sell her MW franchise. Perhaps the owners of the Miss Supranational and Intercontinental organizations can merge and buy her out.
    I know the idea is a bit absurd but the MWO really needs a shot in the arm with some new blood and a little more pizzazz on finals/coronation event.
    It can get so boring that it can cure insomnia.

    • @ just saying : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      I think Intercon and Supra have a common owner, hence “sister brands”?

  9. I think Katarina enjoyed a free vacation in China, sampling delicious Chinese food, mingling with the candidates and sight seeing in the tourist spots. Other than that, let’s face it, no one in their right mind will watch that Miss World pageant, one of the most boring coronation without an accounting law firm tabulating the actual results on live television hahaha. For me, she’s already a winner just by showing up and representing our nation. She did her best despite the MWP screwing up their girls’ prospect in the competition. And besides, if Julia doesn’t like you, tough,all you have is a snowball’s chance in hell.

  10. MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, she might still make it, who knows?
    This is the reason why i believe Miss World Philippines should hold their quest months earlier to give the representatives enough time to prepare for their international foray.
    I really believe that KATA is beautiful but she looks pressured and stressed the whole time, kulang talaga sa preparations. Even her outfits were not impressive.
    BUT KATA IS MABAIT so i know there’s still a MIRACLE/ CHANCE…

  11. I think she did very well… No matter what happens, we all know you did your best Kat…and we would always be proud of you no matter what. Tuloy ang laban! Just be yourself and let us all hope for the best!

  12. I will not totally feel bad if she will not place at all.

    Facially, I think her eyes are the only thing beautiful on her face. She looks like a man. The moustache is annoying, the very low hairline and the uni-brow too. She could have been one handsome man. (I know, I am being mean. Sorry)

    Her introduction video lacked sincerity with her ngo-ngo voice. The Marawi video was very contrived. Too rehearsed. Too pandering.

    If you’ve watched the top twenty head to head challenge on the way she was slouching on her seat as if trying hard to project a model stance was so pathetic. And the choice of clothes. Most of the time, she looked so trying hard and appeared like a midget with her usual flowing gown attire (even on sunny beach at that!).

    Sorry. I felt more bad about Laura Lehman (who I am not also a fan of) not placing a decent finish than Katarina.

    World Peace.

    • Thought I was the only one. Based on her IG she seems a vain woman. Trying to make a statement with her outfits all the time but fails. Not beauty queen material, sorry just being honest…

      • It’s easy for you to say that … after the fact . You won’t win in a medico- legal case.. or any case for that matter .
        Yeah, let’s kick a fallen dog and hit her with a baseball bat!

      • After the fact… yeah, right. Di lang pinalad sa fast tracks dami nyo sinabi. Pag nagkataon namamayagpag to sabay kabig #proudtobefilipino

      • anong case case sinasabi mo lol. may baseball bat pa.

        I simply agreed that this girl is not sincere, heard of opinions being subjective and moving on? lol

        4M pa-honest pa lol why attack only me and not Thomas who said things way beyond the belt mga readers dito ang daling masway sa what’s popular, whatever

  13. Mas bagay talaga siya for MU, since medyo lenient na si SMA sa BB winners, sana allowed na rin mag join previous winners basta hindi MU and MI ang nakuhang crowns. So many MU potentials ang sayang ang opportunity ='(

  14. so sad for Katarina

    pagluluto na lang ni Mother Julia ang makakapagpanalo sa kaniya
    pero dahil wala naman aasahan sa Pinas ang Miss World Org


    thank you Katarina for representing your country

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