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  1. Congratulations for making it to the top 10 of Miss Supranational 2018. I know you did your best.

  2. I really hope she is done with pageants. Gurl find a career and live your life. Sawang sawa na kami

  3. Very demure at elegant siya! I thought she will make it to the top 5 with her performance in evening gown. Maybe it was pre-judged already. Indeed, it was very surprising to release the top 5 while Jehza was still walking. How could the judges deliberate that fast! Miss PR is a lot more beautiful than Miss USA but the latter nailed the interview. I guess Miss USA was just unfortunate that 9 judges are past beauty queens and most of them would go for beauty than brain. If Poland won, I wouldn’t mind! There was a lot of substance in her answer compared to Miss PR and she is also beautiful.

    • I used to be mesmerized with Miss Supra Poland when i saw her in her previous international pageants, but not today. Parang nabawasan ang kanyang kinang at parang nagka-edad na ang itsura nya.

  4. Way to go Jehza. You did your best and that’s all we can ask for. Your transformation from when you first stepped on the BbP stage is evident.

    You can look back at your pageantry career knowing you never gave up and that you gave it all – international crown or not. That’s what you’ll cherish forever. No holding back, no regrets.

    Years from now, we’ll remember Jehza Huelar – 3 times a competitor, 3 times a winner because she never gave up.

    Glad to see you are the only Filipina rep this year to experience snow at her international comp!!!

    Enjoy the next chapter of your life, no doubt you will make it everything you envisioned and more.

  5. 3:17:20-onwards timestamp on the video shared below. Jehza was still walking during the Top 10 round, but the hosts already had the envelope that contained the Top 5. She wasn’t even done with her walk when the camera switched to the hosts already stating their spiels leading to the Top 5. Hmm.

    An honest question: Can someone, maybe Tito Norms, explain the mechanics of this pageant?

    • Kaya importante sa beauty pageant na may official tabulator like an independent accounting firm.

  6. I thought it’s Miss USA but PR is a good choice too.
    Katrina and Miss Indonesia reminds me of the spunk and beauty of Winwyn Marquez.
    I think Wynwin can easily nail this pageant.

    Jehza was excellent and top 10 is a feat. She did great but yeah just like Ana Winter said she is too demure for this pageant.

    It was technically PR vs Philippines (USA)… will this be a prelude of MUs results?

    • Parang premonition, ‘no? But I believe that the final two in MU will be Cat and Tamaryn.

  7. Winners Are :
    4thRU-Miss Mexico
    3rdRU-Miss Indonesia
    2ndRU-Miss Poland
    1stRU-Miss USA
    Miss Supranational 2018 is Miss Puerto rico

    Sabi ko na nga ba mga BOBO except Mutya hihihi 🙂

  8. What did just happen. Jehza was still walking and there was already the envelop containing the top 5

    • Just goes to show you, if a judges like a girl that much – she doesn’t have to be perfect.

      This is most applicable to Cat. She doesn’t even have to be perfect, but I have every confidence she will already be in the judges’ heart by the time the final scores are input.

      Knowing Cat, she’s going to come within a whisker of purr-fection anyway!

  9. OK lang na hanggang Top 10 si Jehza.

    Pero, lotlot si Venezuela? It is as if Supra is of higher taste than Hispanochorva?

    Oh well, Miss Venezuela you can’t have both worlds.

    Balik na tayo to support Cat.

    That’s all.

  10. WOW Queen Jehza is a Queen hihihi .. i love her gown and vietnam..Jwzkuh Top 5 agad katatapos lang ni Queen Jehza kumending …something Fishy.
    Top 5: Mexico … USA.. Poland.. Indonesia.. Puerto rico
    Buti na lang may USA na pinoy dahil kukulamin ko talaga sila hihihi 🙂

    • Masyadong demure si Jehza, kaya parang kulang sa energy. But she looked elegant. Kaya lang in this pageant kelangan yata ng spunk.

      That’s all.

  11. Aside from Jehza, I also love Indonesia, Poland, USA (I’ve loved her since BBP) and Vietnam.

  12. JawzKuh, di pa tapos ang kendingkendingan ay may Top 10 na.
    TOP 10.. USA Romania Puerto rico Brazil Indonesia Poland Mexico Vietnam Philippines Venezuela

  13. I love Queen Jehza sa ala VS fashion show.. so classy and lovely, amazingly beautiful …Top Ten na yan or elese kukulamin ko lahat ng judges except Mutya hihihi 🙂

    • Yes.. She looks like a virgin hindi kagaya ng iba na contestant pa lang ng Binibini ay parang tinitira na ng iba’t ibang lalaki hihihi 🙂 lol
      After or before binibini ay kabit na ng mga DOM hihihi 🙂

  14. Be advised though that since Fox bought the broadcasting rights and is due to televise the show on December 16 in most of Asia including the Philippines, neither Miss Supranational’s FB nor its YouTube account will provide a live stream of it. On the bright side, FB as we know it could still be a reliable source of random unofficial live streams.

  15. Jehza is one queen who loves proving me wrong. BbP and now Supranational.

    I didn’t think she had it in her to be as flirty as she was during prelim EGs, but she did while at the same time not overdoing her antics to OTT levels. You can tell she wants this enough to break out of her old mold and do what Supranational rewards.

    Also, she seems to be very well liked with little intrigues behind her. I can only imagine she really does have a heart of gold.

    Go Jehza go!

  16. Go Jehza!!!! Runner up position, okay na sa akin. But then again, Jenny Kim of S. Korea who won last year wasn’t exactly a super beauty. Jehza is way prettier than her, so, hopefully, the crown lands on her head, if not on Miss Vietnam.

  17. See, we don’t need big costumes like the Latinas. This is modern, tasteful and creative without disrespecting the culture it represents. Bravo!

    • Wag lang talaga sa isang shupit! Sakaling manalo ang Vietnam, country of the year na siguro sila ng pageantry.

  18. so far magaganda ang natcos ng mga rep natin except yung kay eva na may pagka- baraza-ish. good luck jehza, the philippines’ 2nd miss supranational! 🙂

  19. I love this costume!!!
    Particularly the bottom and the headress
    It’s both modern and traditional..
    I love the attempt to combine iconic fashion features from our diverse Filipino cultures into one unified ensemble.

    My only pet peeve is the slight disconnect of the top w/ everything else… It would have been more unified if the material used for the top was the same T’nalak fabric of the over-skirt or if you want to use the Piña fabric, just pick between the Traje de Mestiza Panuelo or the subtle puffed bordering to butterfly sleeves… and more A-line than bell-like for the cuffs… with better exagerated but aestheticaly apealing proportions without the round abaca looking pielets..

    But over-all its fantastic!.. I give it a 9.5 out of 10! 🙂

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