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    • Many Miss universe winners dont have the best bodies… but regardless of all that.. I know Cat is a force to be rekon with!

    • What’s wrong with her body? Catriona looks good in one piece swimsuit. She pretty much has the same body type as Minorka Mercado.

  1. Miss U is not about proportion bodies wearing swimsuit. Ask Ara Arida and you will know why

  2. I have a question, kasama pa ba scores sa preliminaries sa finals or yung lang yung determining point kung sino ang pipiliin sa top 15

  3. Hanggang ngayon eh issue pa din ang body ni Cat? Wag na punahin coz nobody’s perfect. Just be happy and content that she put in the work and she looks healthy.

  4. Miss U this year is so tough, so many possibilities. But I remember itong si Pia, yung “I want to show the world, the universe rather”… can be words of blessings to Catriona. Alam niyo naman si Pia may powerful usog, kung ano masabi madalas magkatotoo. So let’s see hehehe

  5. Mukhang mamahalin (expensive) si Cat in her orange swimsuit. Cheap ang hitsura nung karamihan. Just saying!

  6. My heart goes out to Miss Sierra Leone who departed her home country to compete in the Miss Universe pageant but never arrived in Bangkok. There is already an alert in Sierra Leone about her missing. There are speculation that the aboat she was in capsized and is also missing. So sad ending.

    Have you heard about this Norman?

  7. I love the video… Kakatuwa si Jojo..hahaha
    I love the messages of each one of them. Even if most of them are camera-shy I can feel their love for Cat and our country… They are the true testament on how lovable Cat is! 😀 Grabe medyo naiyak ako… Cat is so lucky to have friends like them and vise-versa. I wish andyan ako sa Thailand sa Coronation night.
    I am so excited.. Grabe!

    To Catriona.. the Filipino people loves you…
    No matter what happens, keep in mind that you always made us proud. Again we love you so much..
    Thank you and godbless!

    #CatrionaGray #forthephilippines

  8. What’s all with the fuzz and buzz about Ms/r. Spain?
    She is not living up to all these brouhahas of being the first transgender to join Miss Universe. I mean, if Miss Universe really allows transexuals to join, at least someone who talks, looks, reacts like a true woman. I can’t see that at all with Angela because all the traces of being a man are still very very evident. Hope she/he will be the last one and that MUO should change their rules. There is another platform for them.

    I hope she does not smell tranish too.

    • I think after being surrounded by the most beautiful women she finally realized that he is a man and can’t take it anymore

    • Jeremi, natawa ako sa last line mo “tranish smell” 😀 Perfumes by Joel C ba yan? Haha

      I saw some video clips of Spain, sadly, lalaking lalaki talaga. I bet marami pang mas magandang transgender sa kanya in Thailand. I think she will not even make the 1st cut. Kung bakla lang din andyan si Albania, South Africa at marami pang iba 😀

    • The irony of Miss Spain’s Angela Ponce is, mas natalbugan sya ng mga babaeng mas bakla pa sa kanya sa MU2018, like yung mga kadramahan at hanash ni Miss South Africa, yung pamudmod na post cards ni Miss Venezuela sa mga fans, yung mga slutty selfies ni Miss Albania, yung mga pa sultry effect ni Miss Puerto Rico sa pag rampa and of course, yung mga pasabog na OOTD ni Cat. Miss Ponce is being beaten in her own game, what the f**k is happening to her?

      • Spain is so much fun. I think her personality is naturally engaging and she seems to be getting along very well with all of the ladies and pageant staff (not just the Spanish speaking ones). She also communicates with an openness and joie de vivre that is the right amount of flirt and class that is media ready.

        I expect Spain to crack the first interview. IMG loves stories like hers and it will likely be a cold day in hell before another transgender candidate gets to the pageant, just like pigs will be flying when Universe-crazy Philippines will send another complete package on Cat’s level. IMG will not allow both to be wasted.

        Any way to get the discussion back to Cat!!!

        Spain posted a story of them back on the bus to Bangkok. I think the long days and competition is setting in. She posted they only got two hours of sleep after Thai night to head out to the Pattaya/Krabi shoots. I think we will start seeing some girls fade soon.

        Cat, on the other hand, is just picking up steam!!!

    • You guys are awful. Have you not felt shamed, made fun of, and physically bullied for being gay at some point in your queer lives? Ponce identifies as a woman, we should be working together in striking the asterisk from her gender and not contribute to put downs. Marami tayong kapamilya who are facing the same challenges.. let us be their champions please.

      • Spain seems happy to be there. To represent the previously unrepresented. To experience what were her predecessors were denied.

        She posted her pic with Cat today. Two women who know what its like to stand up from the dark and FIGHT.

        Agreed, their victories should celebrated.

  9. The usual front runners. I’m bored.
    I will watch for these silent killers:

  10. Shame sila ng shame, di ba nila nakita na may isang latinang kandidata na may MEGA THUNDER THIGHS? Ay, di nila lalaitin ‘yon dahil ‘curvy’ at kanila ‘yon or bulag-bulagan lang. Kalamansi. Smh.

  11. Sun burn agad si Cat. Maitim braso nya, di na pantay kulay ng kamay at hita nya. Pero ganda na ng figure nya ngayon ah…reding-ready na sya for the finals!!!

  12. Sun burn agad si Cat. Maitim braso nya, di na pantay kulay ng kamay at hita nya. Pero ganda na ng figure nya ngayon ah…reding-ready na sya for the finals!!!

  13. She mentioned in one of her interviews that she has a back problem. I think may scoliosis si Cat kaya so medyo hindi pantay yung ribs niya kaya nagmumukha siyang malaki tingnan on her right side kahit na super toned and fit na siya ngayon. But I’m certain she can get past the swimsuit round, si Cat pa ❤

  14. Miss Canada 2016 aced the SS round outplacing the killer body of Peru, Panama & Brazil. IMG era is about confidence & substance. Cat will definitely nail the SS round, no doubt about it. Remember she got the best in swimsuit award during the BbP national pageant… That’s all!

  15. Sarap kurutin si Bragais. So kyoooott… 🙂

    Sosyal pala Vibr (sabi ni Demavivas). All I have is FB. Hehehh…

    Crucifix earrings would look good on Aliman.

  16. Her body looks fine! This is no longer the age of ultra sexy bombshell figures. She looks healthy and fit , that’s what matters. Those who are looking for super sexy Victoria secret type bodies are out of touch. In the US Victoria secrets is no longer cool. It’s image is non inclusive of diverse body types. That image of almost unattainable perfection is old fashioned and so 90s

    • I actually just came from the gym. Overheard a couple of girls there talking about how Victoria’s Secret is falling out of favor nowadays and business outlook may not look as favorable consequently. Mind you though: these girls were actually athletic and lean, and so there was no sour-graping involved in their comments.

      Beauty pageants move along with the times. The era of the ultra-svelte but uber-superficial airhead glamazons is over.

    • @ Venus Rah : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      And that’s why VS is aggressively pushing outside of the USA. I am very old-fashioned and like the idea of elusive beauty. The best for me were Alessandra Ambrosio, Adrianna Lima, and Sabeli Fontana (all from Brasiw).

      Inclusion of diverse body types is not along the same lines as aspiration. Aspiration drives the high-fashion and luxury industries. Apparently, folks in the USA are now beyond such things. Enlightened. But the USA is not the center of the universe.

      Fine, let Gray win. Like what I said before, she is not for the VS runway, anyway. Merritt is.

      And if Fabian Reyes said before that pageantry is on the decline in the USA, then just look elsewhere for where the bombshell still sells. For me, it ain’t MU without the “dumps, humps, and junk”.

  17. Catriona’s figure is not actually bad in the regular world. It is called the “hollywood” figure and I like it but in the pageant world, she is still on the heavier side. She should have worked hard on her body just like Pia did after Binibini

    • What on earth are you on Jeremi aka Aces & Queen paid slave. Wala ng makitang maganda? Vakla, kamag-anak mo ba si Maggie or Bea na parehong chaka bago nagparetoke? So malamang, you’re also working alongside kf. KKLK. Ahas talaga. ByeGuuurrr. Now, Sashay away!

  18. That is only a photo, you have to see her in motion kung paano nya dadalhin ang swimsuit na yan.
    Malaki na ang ikinaganda ng body nya ngayon from bbp. I am confident with the output, rest assured she will slay this round!

  19. Cat’s body looks fine. She has so much personality, not to mention buzz, that the finals judges will push her through swimsuit and EG just to see how she does in Q&A. They’re not sequestered and I’m sure they’re doing due diligence to sling educated scores. You’ve got to be made of stone not to be impressed when Google spits out Cat’s search results.

  20. It’s all about confidence and stage presence..it’a all about how you gracefully carry yourself..and i can definitely say that Catriona is way above the rest…why do we bash her on her body, that’s what our Creator gave to her..we need to appreciate that! I you only knew how much effort our queen has exerted for this pageant, then you will realize that she is indeed joining to win the title.God bless you Cat!!!

  21. Vogue Thailand pa rin ang “mataba” na ‘yan. Saan nga ba yung mga “Super sexy” and “most curvy body”? Ay, di pala na-feature kasi walang appeal at star power. Wala ka nang makikitang bago kasi nagladlad na sa mga social media nila! Ma-e-excite pa ba tayo sa mga “best bodies” na ‘yan na nakita na natin 1 week before prelims? Okay bye. Same goes for those na nagpakita na ng Natcos. Sleepy time! Zzzz.

    • Pak,pak, pak… punto per punto.
      Suki na nga ng Vogue Thailand si Cat. Yung mga nagki-claim na frontrunners nowhere to be seen, hanggang IG at FB live na lang ang mga vakla. lols

  22. Oh ehm gheeeeeeeeeeee CATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT PANALO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ohlala!!!! if you have it, flaunt it, MAMATAY sila sa inggit!!! hahahahaha laban CAT ❤ ❤ ❤

  23. So truelala about if we were in the Trump era. Alas, we are not so we need to get over her needing to be size 0.

    As for the Latino pages – ganyan talaga sila. Strong trash-talking when competition is on is to be embraced… it means Cat is a contender. Iniisip rin nila talaga si Cat!

    No insecurities here. As Cat said right after she won MUP… she makes no apologies, this is ME-ow 😻😻😻😻

    • @justgrc, Latins can smell a threat so they’re all teeth and claws with Cat! But as soon as their girls get knocked out come finals they’ll gravitate towards the strongest one, the Pinay of course. That reminds me of 2013 when Karina got cut the girlies next to me started cheering for Janine. And were pissed when Olivia won.

      • My friend who went to school and lived in Rhode Island for a bit was with me and he was the only one that was happy for Olivia Culpo in our area. Lahat talaga floored sa delivery ni Janine – especially after Irene Esser choked big time. He is Mexican but he had a hard time getting excited for Karina, so he was for La Culpo all the way.

        In Doral, we were surrounded by Puerto Ricans. Disappointed sila when Gabrielalala del Barrio failed to make the first cut but they were not about to cheer for any other Latina delegate or MJ. Jamaica and Indonesia were their bets. At least may taste sila, even if doused with ampalaya LOL.

  24. Cat looked hot and sexy sa orange swimsuit niya. i am not getting the big fuss over her ‘figure’ saying its her weakness. remember that they are not being judged base on their physique but how they carry and present themselves in swimsuit.

    Yes, Catriona doesn’t have the best body but that doesn’t mean she’s not sexy. It actually depends on each other’s preferences e. Saka best body ka nga, nganga ka naman. If we are still int he Trump era, kabahan na tayo. pero hindi na. MUO is looking for a total package.

    in 2015, Pia din doesn’t have the best body. look at Brazil and Clarissa Molina of DR. hello, si Ariadna lang eh, lalayo pa ba tayo. glamazon ang physique pero tignan nio naman sino ang nagwagi.

    mag asim kayo kung hindi siya gumawa ng paraan to improve her physique from BBP days, ang laki na ng difference kaya.

    Now all the latin pages are posting ‘unflattering’ photos of her. bashing? no. i’d rather say that they are threatened and naka kita sila ng pupunahin at icocompare sa ibang candidate with Cat kaya todo kuda sila… but Catriona is unbothered.

    Costa Rico has one of the best bod. pero.. milya naman ang layo ni Catriona sakanya. so san ka? LOL

    eto namang mga aso na to. maka bash sa katawan ni Catriona akala mo keganda ganda ng katawan ng kanilang pambato.

    • I would understand all the bashing if Cat did not improve from her Binibini days -but she did and it shows.

      For me, gold standard for body alone is Iris Mittenaere for the swimsuit round! If it’s nowhere near hers, huwag silang manlait.

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