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  1. I support Cat all the way and I want her to win!

    Pero sino ang biglang natakot kay Puerto Rico after the Thai Night?

    Pero mejo demi Leigh peters ung performance nya. Not sure if that’s a good thing

    • Me! Takot si me! Pero I always remind myself of what people say in tech: “the next Facebook will not be like Facebook.” They will not get a Pia, an Iris or a Demi. She may or may not be Catriona, but she will not be a duplicate of them.

    • LOL. Puerto Rico isn’t even at par with Cat, Sarah or even Maru Tamaryn when it comes to comm skills. Kulang sa hugot lagi. She’s lucky the make-up that night was shining-shimmery mantika whatever look na lagi naman niyang look since arrival, otherwise tuyot level na naman siya at hindi na naman mapapansin.

    • I prefer Puerto rico to make it to the Top 3 because her lack of comskills would give way for Cat to win…

      If the MU org wants real competion for Cat then let girls like UK, Canada, USA, USA and/or SA to make the

    • No worries! PR might just be a one hit wonder. She might have done her finals pasarela already. Cat is still the most consistent one. Check out the live video of one of the Chi stylists on @catrionauniverse on instagram. The insiders know that Cat is the one to beat since the day she arrived in Thailand. Even after Thai night, PR didn’t gain much followers on instagram. Nobody really knows much about her. I think Cat has gained about 50-60K (63K today) or since she’s been in Bangkok. PR has only gained 3K since Wednesday (44.8 today).

      • Ooop! CORRECTION on Cat’s instagram total: 636K today vs PR’s 44.8K today. The difference is like David and Goliath. MU org is aware of this. Cat has an original pasarela and she doesn’t remind you of anyone since she’s not trying to copy anybody.

    • Hindi na ito 2008 where “OMG HER PASARELA” wins … 2018 na.

      Walapakels ang IMG sa pasarela queens so matter what chu chu Lu Sierra chuba chubas. IMG signs everyone’s check and it’s clear they want to present a woman with accomplishments outside of pageantry to the world with their winner.

      What exactly has PR done with her life? Be born with a pretty face? So have 93 other ladies competing this year.

      I will say she is among the top of those 93, and her being a morena from an island where white superiority colonial mentality is also still alive, and being Mama Denise Quinones’ first bet will help her.

  2. By the way kumusta na kaya sila katarina at jehza humihinga pa ba sila? Nabaon na sila sa limot. Hehehe. Mahirap talaga pag kasabay ang MU yung ibang pageants na kasabay hindi na pinapansin lalo na kung oooking show naman. Nararamdaman kaya ni mareng Julia na wala masyadong ingay na ang Mess World niya.

      • @4M: People are usually concerned when they know they have the biggest chance of winning. Say for example, right now : Indonesia for SUPRA, Nepal for WORLD, Philippines for UNIVERSE. Hahaha. Sad but true.

    • Parang nag meltdown na si Katja as per her social media activities. Parang nag tantrum/white flag na siya. Shades of BbP 2017 when things didn’t go her way. She’s a rebel, what can we say?

      As for Jehza-belle, she is peaking at the right time. Momentum is swinging for her, but yes it is hard to compete with the attention that MU commands. Buti na lang hindi parang 2015 when MU and MW were a day apart. No one remembers MW that year, especially with the Harvey fiasco.

      • @justgrc: Ay oo, nung BBP din pala! Rumors about “surrendering a crown” don’t just come by if there’s no little fire. Sometimes, I think it’s not just being a “rebel”, it’s just overconfidence. I just find her too whiney in the guise of “intellectually written” posts lately. Shady, to say the least. Girls would be really happy to just get a crown. Look at Jehza, ang saya niya nung na-crown siya. Katja, at that time, gave me Karen G vibes when she got the Intercon.

      • @ath

        Same observation regarding Katja. I mean, I loved her performance in Miss Intercon and she was without question robbed of the title but come Miss World – she’s just not the same Katarina.

        I super agree as well about her ‘little tantrum’ right after her BBP crowning. LOL. Nasabihan siguro that it’d be such a bad press for her (obviously) lalo na’t ang Plan B nila is for her to join the MWP kapag hindi nakuha ang MUP.

    • Top 3 if not the title for Jezha.
      As for Katja… let’s hope that she’d be ‘Stephanie’d’ tonight (?)

  3. This is her opening intro outfit pala! Apparently her taping of her intro has been on IG for almost a day now. We are so behind LOL.

    Sarap marining yung “CATRIONA GRAY, PHILIPPINES” niya. During the telecast, we’ll have background music but in the IG clip the quiet and serenity of the temple made her intro so powerful.

    It seems the ladies have been instructed to keep it casual for the intros, so I love that she was still able to infuse some Filipiniana into her taping. Talagang well-thought out and executed her tribute to Filipino design.

    Gosh I love Miss Universe season!

  4. I can sense that the candidates are in their competitive selves and not really enjoying…

    • For sure.

      Cat I noticed is definitely staying out of the social media limelight, her own and that of other delegates. Tsismis value of course lang, but she isn’t saturating herself with the other ladies – parang on purpose. As if “I don’t want to increase your social media likes with my presence!” Even when she does post, true to a cat’s form, it’s on her terms.

      In fairness, Pia also kept to herself and her small circle during MU 2015. They are not going for Miss Congeniality, when they can go for the Universe!

      Sana naman Cat gives a special interview to Tito Norman for us all. He’s been one of her biggest supporters during her BbP stint so hope we can get the inside scope from her directly!

      • Yes, it seems Cat has Venus’ drive and Pia’s tactics.. I love that she remains friendly with the other girls without being overexposed. I second you, I wish Norms will get a chance for a private interview.

      • Agree too..over exposure is kung ikaw mismo ang post ng post, pa live ng live. Kaso in her case cya ang fini-feature. Cya nkukuhanan ng videos, interviews. Bsta ako all the way ang support s knya til the end. Kebs n s iba. Grabe strategy nya. Super grace under pressure tlg…all her hardwork and sacrifices will definitely bear fruits in the end,I’m very sure of that.😚

      • @Elena Adarna: Exactly my concerns! People complain na Catriona is ‘overexposed’ daw, but the last time I checked, she doesn’t frequently update her social media in comparison to other candidates. It’s OTHER people (not just Pinoy fans) who make noise when Catriona breathes to the point they also sometimes photoshop her pictures. Smh.

  5. She’s so beautiful but that dinner cocktail dress is tacky and cheap looking.

  6. Pretty as pretty can be, but geez that dinner dress. Conflicted — Gaultier bust, flores de mayo skirt. Give her kudos for highlighting Pinoy designers but that dress got the better end of the deal.

    I can’t wait to see the official NatCos and EG. Anybody know if she’s wearing the same thing for prelims?

    • LOL. A little bit of everything haha. I liked it the mint color though – it’s a personal fave.

      Cat brought 3 gowns all by Mak Tumang. It seems she is planning separate gowns for prelims and finals (with maybe a back up).

      • I can’t knock her, I like halo halo also, but in a glass 😉 Salamat for the info!

    • @DanDan: That was my least favorite piece, but I’m glad she wore it at night and at a beach set-up. Tropical festive atmosphere. Otherwise, it gives me Katarina MW vibes.

  7. Pinagtabi Yung pics ni Cat at Steph na naka-swimsuit sa isang pageant account. Akala ko may mababasa ko nega pero so far tanggap na nila talaga na well improved na talaga katawan ni Cat 👏👏👏👏👏👏

    • Sino beauty queen sa video etech? Most followed sa Instagram si Catriona, siya naman ang Reina sa Facebook!

    • Dayanara Torres succeeded to win from Miss International to Miss Universe, will she?

    • It was hypothesize that the MU crown was being rotated by continent, if so, is she the next in line?

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