111 comments on “Personally, here are my standouts during the Miss Universe 2018 Thai Fashion Show

  1. Mexico’s negative comment -though honest- may come back to haunt her.

    Reminds me of Ari’s miscue comment regarding the Latinas lack of English speaking skills at MU 2013.

    She made the top 5 but finished fourth behind Venezuela (MU), Spain and Ecuador.

    Words cut like a double edged sword sometimes. mija.

  2. sa swimsuit

    wala na po tayo magagawa if malaki ang rib cage ni Cat
    kapantay ng boobs niya — that is her body type
    hindi sya Venus Rah body type.

    i hope she wears a darker one piece swimsuit.

    plus this girl can wear anything and still perform like a winner

    SA can do back to back win but

    Mexico , Australia , Canada can also win

    plus Catriona

    • Yes, figure is Cat’s weak point. It’s her body type. Like Irene Esser (remember Miss Sri Lanka or Singapore her year called her a bodybuilder type?)

      Anyway, Esser could light up a stage like no other. Cat can do the same, and speak/engage well, and has so many other tricks up her sleeve.

      Puede na yung Yamamay or whatever (can’t remember Thai sponsor name) award to so and so to whoever. It’s like the She’s So JAG or Creamsilk “special award” chu chu chu.e

      It’s the overall delegate who IMG wants to crown.

      • Justgc , people are not talking abt the body type
        That’s already given
        The question is .. does she have a flat belly and a small waist ? Based on her workout regimen, I don’t think she has accomplished that .

        I want to be surprised on prelim night .

      • @fabian – I’m not really sure what people are talking about. Swimsuit is Cat’s weakness – we have all identified that. That’s where the body type comes in, and the concern that she hasn’t worked out has to be reasoned.

        Cat is not a skinny-minny girl. It’s in her genes – her father is big boned and Filipina women generally have boxier torsos. She’ll never have South Africa or Venezuela’s slim or svelte body. Pia didn’t have that body type either.

        So does one need to the skinny-minny standard to be Miss Universe? Not under body-diversity IMG she doesn’t.

        Cat is just fine. Oh and to answer the question about the flat tummy – looks flat to me – I don’t see a belly. What pics are you looking at? And what do you know about her waist regimen.

        OMG you queens that can’t get over your fear of claiming Miss Universe 2018! It’s ok to want this with all your heart!

  3. nasa Missosology page ang swimsuit pics
    she is slim na
    hindi ito ang strongest ni Cat to be honest
    pero she is doing her strategy very well
    enjoying herself and laban lang

    may the odds be in her favor sa Finals

    pero andaming girls ang gaganda katawan sa 2 piece
    plus also sa evening gowns
    they can talk and have advocacies too

    so kahit sino can win — Canada? Australia? Latinas? Felepens

  4. In other news, anyare kay Katja sa Sanya? Parang talagang nag give up and is already accepting defeat it seems. Not how she had hoped she would end her pageant career I would imagine.

    Like I said before, parang talagang inirush ang journey niya. Talagang hindi magkapihinga, eh nawalan ng steam when it matters most.

  5. dami mga excited . . .

    ang pinaka maswerte on December 17
    ang mananalo — si Cat man yan o si Tamaryn

    or even a dark horse na bigla bubulaga sa lahat
    and will glow and outshine yang mga front veneers
    runners retokadas na yan sa prelimaries and finals

    for now top 5 could be Namibia, New Zealand, Guam, Kazakhstan, Laos


  6. Kuda kuda lang. Oog nga, ganda lumakad at umarte ang marami.

    However, ever since IMG took over, they don’t want just another pasarela or six-pack abs queen (hello Ashley Graham and Canada 2016) or sob story (a la child labor breadwinners).

    They want a complete accomplished woman of substance who just also happens to have a good pasarela, swimsuit presentation, and interview skills. (France – dentist; South Africa – Unbreakable). At Miss USA that is how the 2016 reps won (military and scientist).

    That is where Catriona rises above the rest. She has built an impressive resume and has accomplished more before and as a beauty queen than all of her competitors. Hindi lang siya dime a dozen model na pa-IG story story na “Woohoo!” kembot-kembot air kiss pa emote-emote lang. Yes she is a model too, but she came to Bangkok with longstanding advocacies that she herself has taken a significant role in shaping – not just like so many who just pose for pictures in schools and poor neighborhoods (did you see Ecuador’s gaya-gaya advocacy post? Copy-cat pa more. LOL. Tapos yung rest of her posts are pure alta luxe pa-model model).

    Fortunately for Cat she has all the boxes checked. And very finely checked at that. South Africa is her strongest competitor. I bet you MUO staff is already editing videos of them talking about Young Focus and medical school. They are already drafting the right on stage questions to get Cat and Tamaryn to discuss their accomplishments in front of the judges so they can be impressed, while some girls are going to be asked how many suitcases they brought or their favor colors so the judges quickly dismiss them.

    Further fortunately, the back to back curse is going to hurt Tamaryn. Plus, the Thais clearly know and love Cat already. You better believe Impact is going to go nuts for her during prelims and finals.

    Yes, you will see a lot of these girls here make the cut – IMG will use them for show purposes and to appease the Latino markets. But 1st runner up is going to be their highest placement until they field a candidate who offers more than just a pretty face (which they don’t chose at the national level and won’t for a while – glamazon queens who just want to be beautiful are too ingrained in Latin culture).

    Cat is doing everything right. She has, she is, and she will. This is it. Miss Universe 2018.

    • I will also add: her strategy with her wardrobe is genius. She said herself she wanted clean, modern, with an EMPHASIS on Filipino textures. Her execution is on point.

      I love carnaval-esque, flowery, capes, slits, bling, drama in pageant wardrobes like anyone else. However, Cat is setting herself apart from the pack.

      She is nailing highlighting her social media with this goal. Yes she is relatively quiet on social media, but it seems she wants a curated image that goes beyond what the majority of the girls are doing… QUEEN vs. girls.

  7. Midway into the pre – pageant activities of Miss Universe 2018 and things are heating up in terms of pageant fan opinion, speculations & analysis. Here are my thoughts based on my observations:

    Puerto Rico – pretty girl with beautiful cocoa complexion. By the way, what is her back story? Demi Leigh is not only a classical beauty but she has a compelling back story as well.

    Venezuela – she’s making her presence felt after a quiet arrival on Bangkok. But I still prefer Keysi last year, who I can sense is more nicer and down to earth.

    South Africa – she is a revelation : me pagka bakla ang babaeng ito hahaha. I can tell she’s competitive, has a game plan and has a tendency towards the dramatic. I love it !!!!! Maybe she’s an aspiring actress for all we know.

    USA – she basically faded into the background. Her sash though, is her sure trip ticket to the semifinals.

    Colombia – I wonder if her statement and opinion about transgenders joining Miss Universe will come back to hound her come preliminary interview round?

    Australia – she can be a silent, under the radar slayer. I sense it is not wise to underestimate her, based on my gut feeling.

    Mexico – one of the early front runners, promising ,unless Lupita Jones sabotage her chances this year, based on the allegations of the Mexican rep last year.

    Spain – I expected fireworks from her since she is given the opportunity to compete as a candidate in MU 2018. BUT she is being eclipsed by the more vivacious, more bakla reps from South Africa, Venezuela and even Albania.

    The Philippines – Cat is the major front runner ever since she was crowned last summer. There are criticisms about her being fake, calculated,ungrateful to her former camp, not having the perfect body, her army of rabid fans rubbing other candidate’s supporters the wrong way. But I have to give it to her, she came in Bangkok to please the Pinoy pageant fans. She is a performer. She came to compete and go for the kill. I can sense the hunger. I did not see this in Rachel Peters last year,much to my frustration, nor in Maxine Medina 2 years ago. I think we should just chill and watch her perform and unravel all the tricks up her sleeve. The fact that she exerted tremendous effort and put out all the stops,from her OOTD , to her national costume and evening gown, I couldn’t ask for more. After all, luck favors the bold.

    • Excellent analysis on all of the ladies… Cat’s especially.

      She does have Venus’ hunger and wow factor. Venus DARED to be seen and we see what she did for Philippine pageantry.

      LOVING this journey with Cat.

    • @dandyrandy

      super thumbs up for the incisive analysis… may luck indeed favor Catriona, and give her what her hard work and drive deserve .. the CROWN!!

  8. Miss Filipinas es impresionante. Miss Colombia, Miss Puerto Rico y Miss Sudáfrica: su color de piel no era impecable. Demasiado balanceo de la cadera por parte de Miss Venezuela y demasiado sexy no reina de Miss Vietnam. Miss Indonesia es plana todo el tiempo. Deben estar agotados ya te gusta Miss Filipinas.

  9. Guys, gays, and gals,

    Did you already see Cat’s one-piece swimsuit pasabog? Maygaaaaaard! Lakas maka-baywatch. Grabehan.

    That’s all!

    Ana W.

    • Mamatay sa ingit ang worried sa ktawan ni Catriona… 😂😂😂 siya sexy na kayo coke pa din ang katawan in can.

      • Luis , Hindi inggit yun
        She has to be two-piece ready to win MU
        And I don’t know that yet. We will see on prelim night

      • Maria Pontlertlarp of Thailand donned a one piece swimsuit last year, and she does not have the rocking beach body of Rachel Peters, yet she outlasted our rep and was the only Asian in the Top 5.
        Croatia penetrated the Top 16 last year as well despite being borderline plus size. And of course, who will ever forget Siera Bearchell?

    • Bagay talaga sa kanya ang one piece swimsuit dahil ang emphasis ay sa mukha at sa legs. Same strategy ni Maria P last year. Pero dadalhin ito ni Cat sa performance. Pag nag whip na sya ng buhok, uwian na.

    • true…ewan ko b bkit yung iba hindi parin kontento at binabash parin katawan ni Cat…honestly ok nman body nya as what I’m seeing…it has improved a lot…her body may not be uberly sexy but over all she’s gorgeous !

  10. Catriona by miles. She looks better styled. Sampaloc looks better in candid, natural shots. I still have to get that special vibe from Mexico and Venezuela.

  11. Grabe ang mga bakla dito overthinking kung ano ano ang mga naiisip na iimagine sa isip. Wala ba kayong pinagkakaabalahan o busy sa ibang bagay. Enjoy the excitement of miss universe, instead na mag isip kung ano ang ikatatalo ni Cat. In the first place wala naman nagsasabi na sure winner siya kaya we shouod be open sa any possibility na hindi siya ang mananalo then accept and move on. Mahirap din ang masyadong umaasa, support support lang.

  12. Nakakakaba yung katawan ni Catriona. I don’t think she can’t make it past the swimsuit round

    • Don’t worry Mori. Sa prelims pa natin makikita kung dapat na ba tayo mangamba or hindi pa.
      Di nga lumusot si Miss Panama noong 2016 kahit ilang oras daw siya nag-gy-gym sa isang araw.

    • Eh di ba yun naman ang gusto mo. So magcelebrate ka na. Lol.

      Abang abang ka lang. iba sa pics at sa personal. Yung judges naman, nasa baba lang ng stage, so makikita sya ng malalapitan. Choserang to.

      • I don’t get it why people here are so adamant when you tell a criticism or observation against Catriona that you are part of Ahas and Q. I want her to win but I also observe and look for possibilities that may happen.

      • @Mori: Don’t worry muna. As of this point, wala na tayong magagawa at wala na rin siyang magagawa. Kabahan na tayo sa prelims. Doon talaga natin makikita if havey or waley talaga. When I found out na magbe-beach sila, I was thinking na Cat will wear a 1 piece. Nag 1 piece nga talaga siya. The way I see it, tago pa nang tago si Cat sa katawan niya. Her body language in these candid swimsuit shots is very telling.

      • It’s not only the body that counts, it’s how they carry the swimsuit! Anu ba?

      • @miss tissa, u have to be in shape to win . Yes it’s not the only thing they look for , but it is very impt as it says a lot abt what kind of discipline a candidate has . It takes a lot to get in shape – just ask Wynwyn and Pia.

        And don’t give me Canada 2016 . She didn’t advance past top 9 for that reason.

        When I saw Cat’s regimen on video , I said ‘OMG!, that cannot get her the MU body!”
        But if Maria could go as far As she did with that body , im sure Cat would too .

        I trust that Cat’s comm skills will pull her through . Key is concise and impactful response – let’s hope she has trained for that.

    • No worries Mori, Ms Canada of 2016- Siera Bearchel even landed on the top 10t during her time, considering she has that figure?

    • Nagbago na criteria ng MU.

      Sa tatlong hourglass figure na pinadala natin sa MU (Venus, MJ, Rachel),
      isa lang ang pumasok sa top 5. Yung dalawa, top 10.

      Personality na ang hinahanap ng MU ngayon. Sabi nga ni Lu Sierra, someone who can talk but happens to be beautiful.

    • Gumawa talaga ng bagong email add para maka comment dito..Sira na talaga to.

  13. Ngayon lang ako magcocoment (not that it matters). But I do agree with tito norman’s choices except for SA. Her styling was really off lolz.

    Love na love ko si Cat and I think she’s doing really amazing so far and I really want her to win cause I I think she’s a perfect fit for the title.

    Pero parang kinabahan ako bigla kay Puerto Rico. I didn’t really notice her before until tonight. She edged out Cat in my opinion sa event na to. BUT the competition is really just starting. Catriona may be saving her Lava Walk for prelims and finals. I can see Puerto Rico making it to the top 3 with Cat. Pero wag naman sanang manalo tong PR nato. If that were to happen, daming mga haters na magcecelebrate. Mauungkat nanaman pagkatalo ni Cat sa MW 2016 wherein Puerto Rico won. Hoping na this doesnt happen sa MU lol.

    I did see a lot of Demi in Puerto Rico tho. the walk and the facial expressions given that night just seemed very Demi Leigh. Not necessarily a great thing in my opinion.

  14. Puerto Rico?… She was ok.. I wish her knees are the same color as her legs…

    Canada I think is so underrated… She has a beautiful face… lovely body proportions.. excellent bone structure… from head up to her pigeon toes.. Yes, she is completely gorgeous except for her feet that points inwards which explains why she never developed a flawless pasarela like the other front runners… I wonder if MU would look past this and give her a top 5 slot?

    As for Catriona.. She is Perfection! I’m speechless…

    And for the rest… Meh.

  15. Kung ang basehan ng Miss Universe org is,

    60% interview (advocacy + communication skills)
    20% swimsuit
    20% evening gown

    Here’s my line up,

    Catriona Gray – with advocacy on Young Focus Group, HiV awarenesses, Tboli Weavers, etc. On top of that having been invited for a fund raiser in Vietnam. I’m sure may check mark na siya Kay Gansa after the fashion show ni Lavinia Arguelles at check mark na Rin siya Kay Sierra Madre nung pinost Niya sa timeline niya Yung “give me that face!” Eklavu! Check mark na Rin siya Kay Madam Azucarera after the Cove Manila event! Alam niyo na rin Ang lavawalk niya for the prelims!

    Panama – Hindi lang naman English ang basehan ng communication skills. Rose Iveth is also very articulate. Her advocacy is on the rights of indigenous woman in her country being one herself! She was even invited in United Nations in New York!

    Tamryn – her advocacy is “break the stigma” being a survivor of tuberculosis but we’ve heard that before! In fact MJ Lastimosa version is more convincing!

    Spain – Alam niyo na part of the show ang publicity!

    Puerto Rico – may pagka chameleon beauty pero may outer shell pa on her personality!

    Mexico and Ecuador – effortlessly beautiful pero ikulot mo yung buhok o ipusod mo o i-red lipstick mo o i-ballgown mo, yun at yun ang kalalabasan. Walang variety!

    • Catriona basically copied Pia’s advocacy on HIV awareness. Her projects also sprouted when she decided to run for Miss World. Then laid low and didn’t come back up again until she decided to run for Miss Universe.

  16. Mr. Tinio, I was unable to catch the Thai Night show. So I can only select based on the clothes, their design. I indicated on your FB post my preferences.

    Mga baklang geriatric, ang “oily look” ay “shimmery look” na noong pang 1990’s nauso sa mga runways ng Nueva York, Paris, at Milan. Review back issues of American Vogue, por favor! It is a GREAT option for evening. A good choice instead of the usual “rouge-and-smokey-eyes-drama”.

    LemonV, I did not like at all from the get-go. Aces&Queens alleged training, notwithstanding. With her thick eyebrows and big/wide mouth, mukha siyang lalake! Like Ponce. 😦

    Toscano, with her doe eyes and puckered lips (like Gray) is more feminine, therefore appealing. And no, the Thai organizers are not so stupid as to dismiss her simply because Thai food are not to her liking.

    If I had money and could offer to be an MU sponsor, I would bankroll the inclusion of Sejdini in either FHM or Playboy Philippines. Win or lose. Guys also need to enjoy pageantry, but on THEIR terms.

    Yaman rin lang nai-report na sa Radio Cinco kanina ang pagkatalo ni Rodriguez sa MW H2H at kalabuan ng ating mga representante at both Miss at Mister Supranational, hala sige, panalunin na si Catriona at nang may consuelo naman ang mga Pinoy ngayong taon. So this “forelplay” can finally be satisfied with a most deserving CLIMAX.

    • Since MU is still a show, I would really want them to “waste” 1 spot to include Trejsi in the semis. Publicity at its finest -could be good, could be bad, but still publicity. I’m just enthusiastic about the idea
      of adding life to the stage, hahaha. People spend so much money to watch the show, and all we see is “My PaMiLee… My CoMmUniTeEe… I WaNnA iNsPiRe YoUnG GiRLs…” blah. I guess it is the showmanship is what I truly miss about the Trump era.

      It is so baffling how she is always “nagkakalat” but many people appreciate the authenticity of her just enjoying the ride. Snippets of her show na she’s polite naman and very engaging. If you watch her coronation night in Miss Albania (yes, pinanood ko na talaga kasi na curious na ako), masayahin lang talaga siya.

      • Saw the swimsuit segment of Miss Universe Albania and she was amazing! More pa sa sayaw ang lola mo lmao! Life of the party talaga! I cannot believe that she’s only 18! It’s a good thing that she’s charming, otherwise she’ll just be another Urvashi.

    • @Bisdak: Mine is very managed! I’m hoping for the best for Cat -trusting that she will do her best and that she will perform well on a global platform. If she wins, what a wonderful Christmas present for Philippine pageantry and the country. If she loses, I hope she will close this chapter of her life with her head held up high knowing that she did all she could. I also wish her more opportunities so she can finally fulfill her desire to fully move her mom and dad to the Philippines.

  17. BTW. ngayon ko lang ma co-comment. I used to say dito na Vietnam is gorgeous and top 5 caliber.

    Booooy i was wrong. i was disappointed the moment she arrived in Bangkok and seeing candid photos of her. what happened? LOL

    Spain – i don’t think she’ll make it. semi finalist – maybe. not sa top 5. unless they want noise. kaloka.. marunong umagaw ng eksena at umawra. iba pa rin ang galaw niya. napansin ko lang naman.

    • Vietnam’s styling from her arrival up to last night’s event was a nightmare. She needs to go back to where she started – styling and make-up wise.

  18. dami nyo kuda

    kesyo front runner si Cat

    luh daming front runners noh

    sa prelim and finals di naman kayo mga judges

    destiny will judge if Meow can win

    until then — enjoy MS and MW muna

  19. Puerto Rico is pretty! But concern ko lang – i am seeing Demi Leigh on her which i don’t think is a good thing.

    South Africa – ewan ko. mas fresh talaga arrive niya sakin nung nanalo siya. ngayon parang.. basta may something. LOL

    • My thoughts are similar! There are candidates na super wow nung nanalo sila. For me, sina SA, Ecuador and USA. Ngayon parang si SA nalang ang napapansin ko.

      • Walang ‘artista’ glow si Ecuador. Very typical Nuestra Belleza Latina or Reina Hispanoamericana ang beauty niya. Yung mag clapper sa pageants na yun.

        One word for Sarah Rose = TUYOT

        South Africa naman is this year’s Urvashi. Maruja at Pabida.
        Mahilig magmagaling at papansin.

      • ecuador is pretty. but.. meh. pretty. walang “WOW MISS UNIVERSE!” factor. typical beautiful latina.

        Sarah Rose.. i don’t know what happened pero i still like her. nababawi ng personality.

  20. Ditto Norman but I have to add Venezuela here.
    I think Puerto Rico, South Africa and Colombia will battle it out for the crown but If I had to based on social media mileage, I think Puerto Rico is being favored but at the same time, she is really deserving if ever.

    Nigeria, Lebanon, Venezuela, Dominican Republic are next in my list so far

  21. Gosh, I feel bad for LemonV. Pinagtatawanan ng ibang Thai ang hand gestures niya habang nagrarampa. :/

  22. palaban si meow

    kaso i don’t think MUO will crown another Filipina

    too soon.. 1st runner up maybe.

    • Ang reason mo: Too soon. WTF.
      Vene – 2008-2009
      after 3 years si Molly uli.
      Vakla ka, ijustify mo ang TOO SOON mo!

      • wag mag bulag bulagan mga tomboy kayo

        Cat is fading. Latinas are back

        Americas will win this year MU18

    • They better pray that Cat falters or that they come up with a very good reason for not crowning Catriona. Otherwise, MW 2016 2.0! #PinoyResbak

  23. My top 5 for the crown right now

    (tie) USA & Cambodia

    Next tier
    Puerto RIco
    South Africa

    Lower tier

    Thailand can sneak in but given 1992 and 2005 , perhaps the host will be as gracious as before

  24. OMG check yung Miss U page. Si PR na kaya ang bet ng MUO at mayroon syang No Makeup Photos.

    • We can also assume that their Social Media manager is Puerto Rican? Bakit agad chosen one ang eksena kapag na feature sa MU page. Kakaloka

    • Cat was also featured before on MUO IG page and was even included in a Sherri Hill pageant. Wag kang ano diyan.

  25. This is a tough batch, expect a battle on finals night. Libre positive thinking so get on board the Philippines train and send Cat good vibes. My 02, Spain is the biggest threat.. MU is more progressive now and judges will want to push her forward. I don’t like to bash her for having gender reassignment, she’s a woman and should be given reverence like any other candidate.

    • As much as I adore Angela as someone who’s representing the LGBTQ+ community, I honestly don’t think that she’d make the cut unless the format will be 60% Interview, 20% for EG and 20% SS (or has it always been this way in the past? – if yes, she may have a chance but ONLY to be cut after the SS round.) Let’s face it, she’s neither that pretty nor charming enough.

  26. Not to draw a parallel between this and the Philippines Mindanao show but the quality of that show in the Philippines was much better than this.

  27. I mostly agree with Philippines, Puerto Rico and Mexico. This is the best I’ve seen Mexico but I believe her beauty is more Miss International than Universe.

  28. True naman sis. Did you see her during their Wat Arun visit? Ugh. I honestly don’t get the hype. Mukhang ngang MU staff when she was standing next to Catriona kung aalisin mo ang sash niya. Parang may pabrika ng mantika sa balat niya ang sarap paliguan ng apple cider.

    Meanwhile, Miss Jeje Venezuela is peaking at the right time and she’s getting some traction with her campaign for the crown. Speaking of campaign, ang jejemon ng pagbibigay niya ng pictures niya ah. LOL

    Only Vene/Valeria for the Americas
    PH and Japan for Asia and
    Obviously, ang isa pang ubod ng duming balat na si South Africa for Africa bilang wala ng choice.

    • Parang masama ang ugali ni sampaloc. 😂 me kakaibang vibes. Hindi positive. Philippines vs Puerto Rico! Kung top 2 ang format.

  29. Prang 2005 na MU lang din ang Peg nito except the inclusion ni PH naten at c Sampaloc. Mexico, PR, Canada, venezuela at DR peo this time papalitan ni Cat haha no to Sampaloc dko tlaga sya feel imo lng nmn hahaha… CATRIONa pa din!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  30. It looks like another PR is about to dash Cat’s hopes of an international crown. If PR has good comm skills , she will give Cat a very stiff fight for the title .

    • I am not looking forward to be slapped 2x after the pageant -one by Julia and another one by PR.
      Cat has so much to fight for . I can’t imagine how she will handle the blow if she loses.
      I hope Cat goes for the responsible next door image and leaves the sexpot to the Latinas .

    • Fabby dearest aka alagad ni Mama J – your taste level is really at par with the Indonesians proclaiming Sonia as the next Miss Universe. lols

    • Mukhang hindi naliligo, tbh.
      If I were to crown someone from the Americas – I’d rather crown Venezuela even with her jejemon name.

      • grabeh xa s mukhang di naliligo hahahahah naligo bes kaso mabilisan lng hahahahaha byerna kba sa spelling ni sthephanhyyyyyy daming H db hahaha… PH vs Canada lang yan cguro IMO hahahahaha

      • Venezuela is a downgrade from last year’s. Keysi was on fire last year. The walk, the confidence and stage presence..Wow.

      • @4M Keysi Sayago has a matronly beauty. Parang Latina version lang siya ni Bunga na medyo ibinabad sa downy. Lambutan mo ng konti ang features ni Bunga and you’ll have Keysi.

        Vene 2018 is charming at flawless ang retoke sa kanya. Pantay din ang kulay.

      • Vakla ka ng taon Erwann Pierro bilang ikaw ang numero unong toxic na alagad ni Mama J. Ngayong may kumokontra biglang may pa-racist kapang kuda. Vaklang twoh

      • jon s but Keysi has more personality than steph, keysi was playful, flirtatious and engaging… not sure about this stephany girl… parang walang energy hihihihihi

        Bunga really failed to deliver. beautiful but she really did not have the spark in her eyes. like Rachel Peters

      • @4M Sthefany actually reminds me so much of Carolina Indriago for some reason. Prolly because of their similar skin tone na sobrang ganda. Both are glowing!

        I dunno but I find Keysi way too mature for her age. Mukhang tuyot tignan kahit admittedly, she’s way bubblier than Sthefany na too prim and proper ang galawan

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