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  1. Mga vakalang pakawala ni Jonas at mga naligaw na landas na anak-anakan ni Tito Rodgil, ibahin niyo naman ang script niyo.

    Obviously, lumutang si Philippines ditto as well as Venezuela even with that horrible red gown.

    Yung ipinagsisiksikan na Kiki niyo, mukhang washed out version ni Rosario Dawson. Tuyong tuyo ang dating at kapag itinabi mo kina Cat, Tam at Valeria – nagmumukhang chimiaa LMAO.

    Si @Alex naman na ipinipilit ang fat version ni Katy Perry na si Denmark – vakla ka ng taon. Nareplyan kalang ng isang beses sa IG, feeling number one fan kana. Magkano nga uli ang allowance mo kay Mama J? LOL

  2. I love it I love it…. The turn and hairflip almost gave me a heart attack! She killed it!!! 😀

  3. Puerto Rico is really gaining momentum. Her pretty face fits the recent trend with Pia, Iris and Demi. Puerto Rico and Australia are Cat’s biggest threats I think for now. Sa interview and q&a nalang talaga. I hope she duplicates a sincere answer like in binibini.

    • Halaaaa, wag naman si puerto rico manalo pala, kung ganun both miss world and miss universe na yun for Cat vs Puerto rico.

  4. We’ve never had a girl performing this strong so early in the game so expect the inevitable what-ifs that will creep in our collective minds. One thought to keep you all sane –Cat is expert-level at this, evidenced by tons of media interviews and appearances. She ain’t a choker. We’re fortunate to have a candidate who would’ve been a frontrunner regardless of the country she represents.

    • Olivia J and Nia too are experts
      But the judges voted for somebody else
      So you never know how MIss U 2018 will turn out . I’m sure we’ll get some clues once they are on stage

      • The unexpected goes with anything and everything in life, no way to predict it. However, positivity and enthusiasm are free if we just reach for them. Have fun, Fabs, wag naman cautious all the time.. what will happen will happen but how we wave our flags through the journey is still within our control 😉

      • But Fabby dearest aka Alagad ni Jonas na may ugaling Yellowtard-Dutertard,

        Olivia and Nia are not winner material. Mga mukha silang runner-up right after winning Miss USA so your statement is canceled.

        Now if you cited Melinda Bam, Rozanna Purcell and even Olesya Stefanko – mas may kredibilidad ang kuda mo. ByeGuuurrrllll

      • Im sorry pero Olivia Jordan and Nia Sanchez are Runner-Up materials lang. Magaganda sila given yun pero never silang pumasok sa “the one to beat” elite circle.

  5. Side note lang.. did Catriona have breast augmentation?? Or is she just wearing pads.. hope she did not. I prefer her nung Ms. World.. kaya pala she looked heavier now. Whoever suggested a breast job to her is so horrible.

    • Only Catriona can confirm. Her doctor is under “privilege communication” and is, thus, barred from revealing such fact, if indeed Cat underwent the enhancement procedure.

      Whether she had bump enlargement or not, I don’t think it is an issue anymore in this era. Perhaps Cat would not undergo the procedure if people behind her did not push for it, or Cat was convinced by her reliable beauty and image consultant to do so. If you do not like her look because of that, then that’s solely yours, because her fans, including me, are not swayed by your unpopular disgust.

      • In interviews she always said, surgery is not the type she will do, and writes about being confident of who you are/do not be swayed by social media, etc. And looks like she did it, because her MW days looked so different.

        Yes it is a disgust to make a girl do something she said she was not up for, and because she did there is no integrity in her words. Anyway yes that is her body. Just sad she would do it only for a beauty pageant.

    • Paki moba vakla ka na alagad ni Mama J. If you want, magpa-breast augmentation ka din. I bet you’d look horrid with US grade silicon boobs.

    • jusko lumang issue na

      before Binibini nag palaki ng suso
      at naglagay ng veneer sa ngipin kasi puro gilagid

      gumanda naman kahit papano si meow

  6. It’s becoming harder and harder to judge as the days pass by! Based on their walk and projection here are my choices (objectively judging here…)

    1. Puerto Rico, confidence is 10 out of 10!
    2. Venezuela or Vietnam. Vietnam is so elegant in motion!
    Venezuela’s walk, reminds me of Gabriela during the catwalk in Russia
    3. Albania, very confident
    4. Peru, if may close-up award this girl wins the best smile
    4. PH, Colombia, good walk but i felt nervousness in them
    5. USA, not really a good walk, comes as she is but still noticeable/memorable
    6. Kenya, Japan, Australia cute
    7. Thailand and Brasil, strong presence
    8. Mexico, pretty

    and of course special mention to my bet Denmark, konting flirtatious factor pa and she’ll seal it. Love her!

      • Yes that is your opinion. Serene/calm for me goes to Denmark. Cat had a quick turn and the adjective serene does not describe it for me.

    • Anyway @Alex if she can read this, I hope she can improve on what you can sense…

    • I also beg to disagree. Cat walked in accord with the occasion. It was a fashion show, and you would not expect an MU candidate doing the runway to sway her hips as if there is no tomorrow. While they may be in a Miss Universe event, the occasion calls for a candidate to do runway.

      Ganito lang ‘yan. Would you wear an evening gown during cocktail parties? Abangan mo na lang ang lava walk on the coronation night and you will see the real deal.

      That’s all.

      • Okay let us see her lava walk. I am not saying she walked horribly. She was in fact graceful. But I saw a trail of pressure in it. Like Colombia. Both were good but may trace ng grace under pressure. If you try to compare it to Vietnam or Venezuela especiallt Puerto Rico you might get what I want to point out. Yung mga lakad nila walang bakas ng pressure or tension sa face

      • It’s just a fashion show, not the preliminaries, where it matters. Even Pia has a strategy during her time, to lie low in the middle competition then crank up the volume when it really matters. I think Cat is playing it smart here, reserving her ammunition for the prelims. And besides, you are not the judge, it’s just your opinion and reality, the universe rather, doesn’t evolve around it. It’s not always about you, you know.

    • Baklang pakawala ni Jonas AKA John Cuay. Tigilan mo ang pagpi-feeling mo no.
      Clapper ang fat Katy Perry na si Denmark so malamang clapper din siya this year.

      That’s all!


      • Jon S. Okay ka lang? Wow some people here can’t take an opinion levelheadedly at nandamay pa ng iba, comments here won’t matter in the competition so relax, we’re just all a fan of beauty pageants. Open ang comment box at ang purpose niya is to comment and read interesting observations duh.

      • @Alex – tigilan moko sa level headed na chika mo. Vakla ka ng taon. I can smell your hatred from Manila to Denmark. Vakla ka.

        Ang dami mong hanash about Catriona wala ka na nakitang maganda, Lahat negative sayo. Diosmio, sabihan mo si Mama J na mali ang tactic niya kasi agad kayong naaamoy na alagad niya or better yet – have the initiative na mag-iba ang tactic niyo against Cat’s team and Catriona herself. It won’t here. The truth will always come out. You guys are disgusting!

  7. Would have been a whole let better if the gown really fit ang hug her body shape!

  8. Catriona really did well here. She’s reserving her Lava Walk for when it really matters but she was still able to look sohpisticated and super classy. Good job.

    The ones that stood out to me during the Thai night were Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Philippines, Japan, and Colombia. Although I have to say, PR won this night.

    • @nope

      PR won?! U gota be kidding me…. I know your just throwing shade at Cat. I could debunk you claim anytime but I believe in Cat’s advice that we should not entertain negativity. So Meow! *cat emoji*

      • Is this really you c2f? I find it hard to believe that you’d say such senseless things lol. How is praising other contestants considered a shade to Cat? PR really did well, she looked ravishing and unstoppable that night unless you really just don’t like PR. This is a competition and Catriona is not the only girl competing, lastly reread my comment again and kindly point out where the negativity is?

    • Yes she does not have a solo picture from Thailand yet but among all the candidates she is the only one with a video from the Sherri Hill.

  9. Pinapalakpakan sya ng audience pagkababa nya at habang papaakyat sa pangalawang stage.

  10. Under the radar girlwgo will go far: ANGOLA . Watch her videos , she’s a strong contender

  11. Team Catriona in Thailand, ingatan na wag masyadong makintab ang mukha nya. Remember Thailand is a tropical country. Adjust your make-up choice. Thanks!

      • Thanks @ath!… sana nga makarating ke Cat na sana makisuyo na i adapt sa skin nya ang pag make up like more matte choices or powder kung hindi PHL team ang magme make up.

      • Halos lahat sila parang dewy finish ang dating sa show na ‘to. Mas makikita mo sa mga short clips kung saan paalis na sila ng venue. Baka may Korean dewy look trend ang Thailand ngayon. Yung sa guesting niya nung umaga, hindi naman siya mukhang makintab. Yung sa gabi talaga… 😮 😮

  12. I have a bad feeling kay Puerto Rico biglang bumulaga. Ganito din feeling ko kay Bunga last year pero naligwak so I guess mali ako.

    • My favorites during this event in proper order:
      1.) Puerto Rico
      2.) Colombia
      3.) Catriona (I must admit)
      4.) Venezuela

    • Nakakatawa mga bashers ni Cat. Same script. Una, puro sila Lemon. Nung di effective, pushing for SA na naman. Nung wala, eto kay Kiki naman. Wahahahaha.

  13. ANg ganda ng strategy ni cat. Nagpasabog sa departure at arrival. Tapos medyo nag lie low sa 2nd 3rd and 4 th day. Tapos ngayon nag umpisa na ang pasabog. uulit. Yung iba napagod na sa kakapasabog araw araw. Nakakaumay na rin. Nice job catriona

    • Cat remains consistent in her everyday look and demeanor. I’d rather say ginagalingan din ng ibang delegate to steal a scene or be noticed by media, kaya parang ang dating sa atin, eh, nagla-lie low si Cat. Ang alam ko, Cat is not laying all her cards yet. She’ll give all her aces at the right time.

  14. Amazingly and sophisticatedly beautiful how she carried that simple yet elegant gown !
    Cat nailed it effortlessly 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. A little less then two weeks left. Oh the excitement and the anticipation.
    All thr best Catriona! ❤💛💙

  16. Her gown is simple but elegant and very impressive how she carried it. Yung ibang gown lalo na yung color yellow parang bazurra ang pagkakayare buti hindi napunta kay Cat yun.

  17. Catriona chose a much simpler Venus-cut dress, and yet she knew how to werk it. She is simply amazing.

    That’s all.

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