10 comments on “Miss Universe 2018 at the Grand Palace in Bangkok

  1. My TOP 20 in Random Order:

    South Africa
    Puerto Rico





  2. ¡Miss Filipinas es una ganadora! No puedo precisar qué es lo que está mal con Miss Sudáfrica, Miss Colombia y Miss Puerto Rico, los vi en persona pero faltan y no son coherentes Miss Venezuela No lo sé, pero ella tiene una presencia plana. ¿Alguien puede aconsejar al equipo de moda de Miss Vietnam, por favor?

    • Quiero q gane Filipinas, no porque soy filipino, sino porque ella de verdad encarna la imagen de una miss universo de esta epoca. Catriona no solamente es bellisima sino tambien es muy lista y tiene una oratoria impecable. Aun no he escuchao entrevistas de Colombia ni de Sudafrica, y si ambas comunican tan bien como Catriona, sera muy ddificl eligir la ganadora.


      • I want the Philippines to win, not because I’m Filipino, but because she really embodies the image of a miss universe of this era. Catriona is not only beautiful but she is also very smart and has impeccable public speaking. I have not yet heard interviews from Colombia or South Africa, and if both communicate as well as Catriona, it will be very difficult to choose the winner.

      • I googled Translated so I can understand what Star Zoom and J has written. That’s all!

    • Miss Philippines is a winner! I can not specify what is wrong with Miss South Africa, Miss Colombia and Miss Puerto Rico, I saw them in person but they are missing and they are not coherent Miss Venezuela I do not know, but she has a flat presence. Can anyone advise the Miss Vietnam fashion team, please?

  3. So many beautiful girls, but none as multi-faceted and well-rounded as Catriona. Catriona is extremely beautiful with or without makeup, exudes serenity and a relaxed, quiet confidence. She is not one dimensional, and is extremely versatile and can sport many different looks and feels comfortable in any given social situation and with everyone. She mingles with everyone, and her sincerity and genuineness is palpable.

    Others are over-the-top attention-seekers, who are pretty only with makeup, like Tamaryn Green. Tamaryn also strikes me as calculating and insincere. She should be renamed: Tamaryn Green-With-Envy, because she hates it when the attention is not on here, and it shows.

    Others are pretty but not necessarily universally beautiful and seem to be one-dimensional as well, like Australia and Puerto Rico. Kudos though to their local pageants for selecting not-so-typical Aussie or Latin beauties.

    Colombia and Ecuador are typical Latina beauties… they’re come a dime-a-dozen in local Latin beauty pageants. Feels like remnants of the past, really, when shallow Latina glamazons were still in vogue.

    Venezuela and Brazil look so similar, which is not necessarily a bad thing. What’s bad is that they are both equally bland and boring.

    I like Sarah Rose Summers. That is all.

  4. Miss Universe 2018 Australia
    1st runner up Philippines
    2nd runner up Colombia

    South Africa


    Catriona’s styling is always on point but then again I don’t see MUO crowning another Filipina Queen again.
    If I will base it on their so-called prototype (Demi-Iris), it will be Australia.
    And gurl she has a heart-warming story to tell about her mental health battles.

    • I completely get it that you have to have a heart-warming story or brave story to tell to make it in the competition as the new Miss Universe trend. But come on, it’s just too calculated and synthetic. If you have a story to tell or a cause close to your heart, let it come out naturally and be part of who you are years before you are even in a competition like this where you suddenly air out your laundry just to be noticed.

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