37 comments on “Katarina Rodriguez edged out in the Miss World 2018 Head-to-Head Challenge Round 2

  1. ………….and that’s the END of Katja’s MW journey.

    Maraming pwedeng sabihin sa journey ni Katja.

    Sa head-to-head challenge – over sa time limit = LOST

    Beauty with a purpose – DISQUALIFIED = LOST

    Top Model – final = LOST

    Everyday wardrobe – mediocre = LOST

    So what can we expect in the finals night = Philippines will surely LOST

    Who’s to blame = KATJA’S TEAM

    You represent the whole Philippines, tapos hindi aware sa rulings ng BWAP? OMG.

    Sana maging lesson ito sa mga taong involved sa pagpapadala ng Phil. rep.

    Naawa lang ako kay Katja! Biktima ng maling kaganapan!!!!!!!

    So Sad.

    • With due respect to ALV as it really costs time and money to manage a pageant franchise (that we expectators and hecklers can only talk about), one can not help but compare how Cory Quirino did such a remarkable job handholding her girls @Veejay. She was so involved with them from selection to preparation that we had the best MW track record in decades by far. She started with a bang with Gwen’s 1st runner placement in 2011, then Queenerich being Top 15 the year after, Megan’s historic win in 2013, Hilarie on Top 10 in 2015, and even Cat’s controversial Top 5 rank in 2016 over a field of more than 100 girls. The lowest place during her watch was Valerie’s Top 25 placement in Roulene Strauss’ year. We can spot the difference a mile away.

  2. I hate Miss World. Hope Julia Morley die and have new set and fresh board members and eliminate the old fraudulent style.

  3. @Anon, I get what you’re trying to say. The fact is, with the exception of the 2016 edition, all the rest of the MW winners won at least one fasttrack and/or figured well in multiple tracks. An unfortunate mind-boggling exception (isolated if you will) does not create a norm. And if we take the MWO’s recent statement that BWAP is now at its very core with no less than the much-maligned Stephenie del Valle as the BWAP ambassador, what message does Kat’s exclusion deliver to the MWP org?

  4. Nope Norman, Nepal just won both BWAP and Multimedia. Kat’s BWAP wasn’t even in Top 12. Geez. Shall we throw in the towel now Arnold V. and company?

    • Maganda ang message and intention ng Beauty with a Purpose ni Katarina.
      Siguro medyo na turn off lang with the way the video was done.
      Kasi may moments na parang glamour/vanity shots ang dating lalo na kapag kay Kat lang nakafocus ang scenes, usually the close up scenes which probably made her look less sincere in the eyes of the judges ✌️
      In the end, bale wala din ang mga awards ba yan kasi alam naman natin kung sino pumipili ng magiging reyna.

  5. I know this MW marathon is getting arduous, almost painful, by the day as we are trying to make sense of the world’s biggest charity casting call of Julia Morley. Sometimes I wish Katarina will just wave her white flag of submission just like many of the girls who now appear defeated and tired so that we can completely enjoy MU’s energy boosting daily trails. But I can’t stop voting for her because she hasn’t given up herself.

    Regardless of the outcome, I’ll be so interested to hear her truthful inside stories after all these are over and done with. In this way, our perceptions of MW can either be affirmed or negated. So far, one popular myth has been debunked – being extra friendly to China (as host country) hasn’t done anything for us in MW pageant, even more so considering that Katarina’s supposed hometown is our current seat of power. We’ll see what else can be deduced when the smoke clears. I’m still trying to see the silver lining here.

  6. katarina is so wordy in her speech…daming pasakalye…aware b syang 90 seconds ang timelimit…dapat prinactice nya sasabihin nya…nag free flow speech lola ko ending walang nangyari tuloy…no wonder natalo sya

  7. Social media voting is a good advantage for us. forte natin yan pero nawala amor ng karamihang pinoy after 2016 edition. Mostly of pinoy kahit pa may pambato tayo hinde sila boboto at susuport. Pero may mga mabibilang mo naman na todo support pa din dahil may rep tayo at alam nila ang support at boto ay para kay katarina at hinde para sa mw. Siguro mga less 5k pinoy lang tsk. Tigas ng mga puso ng karamihan. Pano makakapasok sa semis kung hinde iboboto. Kung luto man ang magiging result need pa din iboto sya para maka pasok kahit semis man lang kaysa naman waley. But thanks at naipanalo nya naman ang round 1 na kahit hinde voting ang basehan eh deserved nya manalo sa group nila. Minsan pabor satin yan minsan hinde. Pero for me ha sa H2H hinde dapat social media voting ang basis eh. Dapat ung may profession sa ganyang segment. And no former mw queens. Leave the voting process in Multimedia fastract! Don bagay ang voting. Pero to be honest venenzuela is more calm than her. Katarina is a good speaker but on this one may onting mistakes sya which lead to venenzuela won that h2h round. Haysss. May chance sana si katarina sa multimedia kung libo libo pa bumoboto sa kanya. Pero kakadisappoint ang karamihan. I feel them pero ang boto at support ay para kay katarina at hinde sa mw so they need to support pa din. Nalamangan natin sa mobstar ang indo at thai pero si nepal Ang pumalit followed by mexico and myanmar then philippines. SA mw website sobrang layo ni katarina and sa model power voting. Pero i think she will be on top 15 or top 10 Multimedia. Nepal will won multimedia. So bwap nalang ang chance nya. Pero may judges selection pa so she need to be miss world beautiful come finals night para manotice sya At mapili to be one of the MW top 30. Sana maganda din ang gown nya. Overall dapat mw awra sya.

    • I guess as long as Megan is on the MW stage and we have no candidate that could surpass Megan’s Beauty and credentials then our highest placement for now would be a runner up. Only after our 4th MU crown and 7th Miss International plus a Filipino friendly host country/venue like Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Las Vegas, etc Could we trully be competely favored for our 2nd MW.

  8. itigil na kasi tong pageant nato sa Pinas. bakit ba maraming mga taong manhid. Focus sa Miss International kaysa Mess World. wala naman tayong mapapala sa Mess World.

  9. France is the “chosen one.”
    Katarina should just relax and enjoy her remaining time in the pageant.
    We know she did her best.

  10. just a waste of time ang Miss World. Bakit ang mga past winners ang mga judges wala nabang makitang iba? Ganyan din ginawa nila last time ang mga judges eh mga past winners. Ofcourse mga biased yan mga yan.

  11. Ang daming pakulo ni Madam Julia. Ano kaya niluluto? Hindi matapos-tapos ang pageant na ito. Mag coronation night na lang siya. Wala naman katuturan ang fan votes na yan. Hindi na uso. So 2015. Magbenta na lang kaya ng tickets ang
    mga contestants, yung pinakamaraming naibenta yun ang panalo! 😂

  12. For me, ang dami ngang sinasabi ni Philippines. May mga unnecessary words pero overall maganda pa rin pero more on general examples ang laman ng kwento nya.
    Si Venezuela, mas maayos ang flow ng thoughts nya.
    Nagsalita sya about facts/history about immigration sa bansa nila, then nagbigay sya ng situations/challenges ng pamilyang venezolana about their communication to each other kapag malayo sa isa’t-isa kaya daw naisip nya na gawin ang bwap nya na platform for communication.

  13. At least this shows how pretty and articulate Kat is
    I’m still hopeful for a good result
    As for Venezuela , she seems nice . But she’s not gonna win MW . She is too heavy mature-looking and not as pretty as the usual MV.

  14. I’m sorry. Now the votes -per continent- will help determine the MW winner?
    It is attempting to be too fan-voting-friendly that it is making the pageant more confusing and senseless.
    Nonetheless…all the best to Katarina, with all sincerity.

  15. Seriously, Ms. Philippines should win at the head to head challenge. Let us accept the fact that behind those friendly smile of Stephanie and Manushi they don’t like Filipinos. It is obvious to me they both understand the speech and they voted for Venezuela. I still believe there is still hope for Katarina.

    • Megan will always vote for a MIss Philippines and Stephanie and India will always vote for anyone but a MIss Philippines .
      Interestingly , Kat is much prettier than 2016 and 2017.

  16. Mala-MGI naman eto at Supra. Vote vote vote. Pero in the end, Julia’s call pa din. Lol

  17. Gulo naman ng Miss World. Kung ako si Katja enjoy ko na lang ang vacation.

    New voting procedures, head to head, head to back, head over heels.

    Fast track, slow track.

    Miss Model, Miss Social Media, Miss Silverware, Miss Casual Wear.

    In the end Megan will always vote for the Philippines.

    Everyone else will always vote against Miss Philippines.

    As long as Megan’s around, Lola Julia knows Filipinos will still follow her show.

    Ignore na lang.

    • I can’t stop laughing GRC…
      “Head to head…head over heals…”
      I share your sentiments, truly!
      Seems like it gets worse every year.
      “Fast track…slow track..”

  18. Miss World needs to revamp or simplify its format.
    Though I hope Katarina still makes the top 30 (and beyond) by her not doing well in any of the fast track challenges is a bit demoralizing from a fan’s standpoint.
    With half of the 30 slots filled, “now” it’s up to the judges to decide her fate?
    My goodness.

  19. “Miss World will have another round of voting that will begin at 7 pm this December 7 (Friday). The voting will last for 24 hours in time for the coronation on November 8.“

    December 7 voting
    November 8 coronation


  20. I have to admit that Kata was too wordy. She wasn’t concise and was beating around the bush. I guess she wasn’t sure of the time limit. Otherwise, she should have just stopped when she has explained enough.

    Venezuela, on the other hand, was more direct as she went straight to the point. She was able to maximize her time. And yes, I speak (intermediate) Spanish just in case people label me as a basher by not siding with Kata this time.

    • Kata had a very Pinoy answer. Pa-ikot, Ikot, pa-explain, explain style that works in the Philippines. Beating around the bush v. directness is a great analysis.

      Venezuela this year is so no typical of their OTT, attention-grabbing, pa-cutesy cutesy prototype. Perfect for Miss World. She might go all the way.

  21. Ayan na naman yang votes na yan. Though i support our delegate, this voting thing is non sense. Kung sino gusto manalo ni julia, will win. Madidisappoint lang tayo, kaya im not expecting much from this pageant. Sa miss universe ako nageexpect . Wag sana tayo madisappoint.

  22. Kawawa talaga ang mga palabang kandidata sa isang madayang pageant katulad ng Mess World. Kahit anong effort ang gawin mo kahit deserving ay hinding hindi mananalo. Paubos na ang mga nagtitiwala sa pageant na eto kahit ibang mga fans sa ibang bansa ganun din ang sinasabi katulad ng Nepal at South Africa.

  23. Katarina did excellent actually though she ran out of time, the substance of her advocacy has already been conveyed on the first few seconds of her speech.
    I can comment on Venezuela since I dont speak Spanish.
    Just hope the two other judges were sincere with their decisions.

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