60 comments on “First day outside of Dusit Thani Bangkok for (some of) the Miss Universe 2018 Candidates

  1. Catriona is enjoying herself

    Mexico is peaking

    Colombia too

    Venezuela is nowhere to be found

    Ecuador is pretty

  2. Philippines, SA and Colombia were selected by sponsors to have a photoshoot later today, while the rest of the candidates will have a tour at the Thai temples.

    • Day 2 of the pageant, third event special event for Cat. Two in one day. LOL. MUO is not even being discreet about separating her from the pack.

      Now CHI wants to feature her with gorgeous South Africa and Colombia no less. Time to work those locks Cat!

      Bedtime na sa US, pag gising siguro labas na ang BTS of the Chi photoshoot. Mexico looked amazing with her glam look yesterday. Expecting big curly vavavoom hair courtesy of Leo Farouk – we’ll see!

  3. Miss U honors the panel’s pick as winner, so I’m confident there’s no ‘fix’ to worry about. And based on the other candidates’ public interactions and profiles, Cat is still the girl to beat. I’ll be happy however this edition turns out as Cat’s efforts are felt to the bone. it’s all we can ask of her.

  4. Miss Universe 2018 Mexico
    1st runner up Philippines
    2nd runner up Colombia

    South Africa


    I can see na si Mexico ang bet ng MUO.

    • South Africa for me is almost done. Kaunting chuchu niya pa sa social media baka maligwak na siya.

      • @Mori: For “pabibo purposes” I’d really love to see Albania in the semis! Pangkulit lang sa stage.

        Pero yeah, biktima talaga siya ng social media. Day 5 pa naman, so hopefully makabawi siya at napagsabihan na ng MUO.

    • I always get dislikes for voicing out my opinion here. I am not against Cat but I do feel that the org does not want to crown any Filipina queen. Go to Miss Universe’s IG account and you will see Ms Mexico all over the page. She also had a Chi shoot.

      Pero ano yung nasagap ko na di nya daw bet ang pa food sa Thailand. Girl, El Tocuyo awardee ka tuloy.

      • @Mori: I love Cat. I really want her to win. I really do. Pero who really knows what they are looking for this year? Only them. Kung hindi talaga si Cat… oh well… what can we do? Nanonood lang naman tayo.

        Pero aaminin ko na nakatutok ako sa MU2018 lalo hindi dahil excited lang ako for Cat, pero omg, ang daming mga ganap… isa na dyan ang pa Miss Bulgaria 2.0! Diba? Almost 3 weeks lang naman sila Thailand, siguro naman kaya niyang lunokin ang opinyon niya. Kung di niya bet ang pagkain, pumili nalang siya ng lafang na basic gaya ng omelette.

      • I would also like Cat to win. She proved me wrong na di sya nagpapayat. But I guess it’s anyones ball. Madaming maganda at matalino sa batch na ito. It really falls down na lang kung sino ang bet ng org na tingin nila deserving.

    • Mexico and Colombia are drop dead gorgeous but I feel they are lacking.

      Mexico is parang kulang ng energy drink.

      Colombia’s voice ay parang 8 year old.

      I don’t believe in throwing shade, because that’s not how you win – as our Miss USA says – dimming someone’s light doesn’t brighten yours. Third world mentality lang yan, kaya third world results ang dating.

      But, if we are going to talk frontrunners – I think both of these ladies are Top 10 material. Siguro ganda ng gown nila too.

      If I were to bet on Latinas, I would choose PR and Venezuela. Morenas. Denise Quinones factor. Gabriela Isler factor. Both speak English. And both are engaging personalities, hindi lang muneca face.

      • Di ko magets hype kay PR like mas maganda pa si Ms Jamaica sa kanya. Maganda sya side view pero kapag humarap na sya parang normal lang.
        I can see Paulina kay Valeria.

      • I have to agree with you on Puerto Rico. Pa-cute, princess vibe with her. Not a queenly vibe. But Boricans are just as good as the Pinoys when it comes up hyping up their MU candidates. 5 MUs from one island of 3,000,000….

        I also agree with Jamaica. To me, Jamaica is facially the prettiest this year.

        Still, if I were betting my house, my money would be in PR or Venezuela knowing what we know about MU and IMG’s strategies. Colombia may even be the first from her country to place their placement streak in 5 years. Facial beauty lang, but truly lacking the personality of her predecessors.

  5. From Instagram you can see more of Cat’s activities. She did her swimsuit photoshoot as well.

    It’s also becoming apparent the Leo/Julio team from Mexico may very well be styling her for the competition. Both associate themselves with the frontrunners – usually Latinas – ala Venezuela and Colombia. Leo tends to focus on the former and Julio the latter (this year included). Cat is likely going to go for curly, vavavoom glam Latina style for the competition and she is likely going to need the best to pull it off.

    Cat knows how to assemble a knockout team, so whatever noise she and her fans are making is garnering the right momentum.

    • I really hope that she does a ponytail for the swimsuit and a pusod for the EG if she gets that far.
      It gives our candidate the Girl next door vibe like Venus Pia and Janine …. and makes them stand out in a sea of curls.

      • Boring na yan teh. Parang hindi gusto ni Cat maging Bun 2.0 prototype all over again ala 2016. For that matter, she wants to do her own thing and not be another Venus/Janine/Pia ponytail prototype version 11.4.

        Sa haba ng buhok niya, curls ang makikita natin sa prelims and finals.

      • @justgrc: I think curls ang kalalabasan ng hairstyle niya. Kasi nagpa-layer haircut si Cat before siya umalis.

      • Justgrc, I really do not find it boring especially if will showcase Cat’s humble responsible no nonsense next door personality .
        With her hair down , won’t it be Shamcey MJ Maxine and Peters 2.0?
        I would leave that to the blondes and blues .

      • Ath , whatever will make Cat confident .
        I’m hoping that she will son a pony tail at least in the swimsuit competition

      • Shamcey and Rachel had the best hairstyles of our MUPs this decade IMO. I love that look. Would love more MUPs to rock the luscious locks.

        Cat could rock a Shamcey, a Rachel, a Demi-Leigh do.

        Just no more of the Arianne Grande one-look ponytail pegs.

  6. Marida ang tawag ng snail na yan. Niluluto na special delicacy sa Batanes. Masarap.

  7. Isang baklush dito iritang irita sa ingay ng mga fans ni Catriona . Hello kung naiingayan ja shut up ur mouth hundi ka naman yung candidata. Give to her what she deserve. Baklang ito pangit na nga ingitera pa. Para kang si Miss Thailand nakakairita. Yung parang vlassmate mo na masskit yung boses sa ear. Yung tipong papansin dahil kailangan mapansin. Pangit naman kaya madaming thai fans na ayaw sa kanya.

    • Ivan , u r an a-ho-e and a prima Donna !
      If u think an ugly person could marry a national beauty titlist in the US and a dermatology professor at Stanford , them I ‘d be the luckiest ugly person on earth . I don’t f—-ing care if u believe or not, u self-absorbed ladida piece of s—t!

      My point is , u did the same to Cat during MW 2018 . If the fans kept a low profile , who knew what might have happened ?
      What’s wrong with asking people to tone it down just a little bit ? It’s weighing down on Cat . And it’s driving the important people away from her .. it’s not even her doing !
      It’s ok to applaud . But to brandish Cat as the inevitable MU…. is simply wrong ! She is not bullet proof! There are other pretty ladies who are just as articulate … if u care to watch them .
      So Do whatever floats your boat . I will just be sitting back watching as everything unfolds before my very eyes . I hope Cat wins … but I will be open to the other possibilities.

      • Fabian you already lost the vantage of wisdom that comes with age. For all I care ? Standford professor my ass…how much you howl and weep do I believe you? Of course NO. Dalawa singko Lang yan sa America 😂 Don’t fool me.

      • Ivan , obviously you do not understand what it takes to get in to Stanford . 2 sing ko? Why don’t you tell Bill and Hillary that ? You prob sent your kids to comm college … not that there is anything wrong with that.
        Wisdom that comes with age ? That’s exactly my point . So why don’t you use your 7 decades of experience and not come out like a fool?

    • The problem with people here is that if they dislike your comment, they tend to speculate about you personally which is I think wrong because we dont really know eaxh other personally here (except for a few maybe). We should just stick to beauty pageant discussions without throwing personal insults.

      Just like Ivan’s above comments towards Fabian. Who know who here? Maybe one of the commenters that you are insulting is one of the most successful EE doctor in the US.

      That’s all. Bye.

    • Jeremi , she is too MIss Venezuela For me
      I want someone who is a little more youthful

      • But Dabie dahlinnn… that “too Miss Venezuela” had made Venezuelan queens won countless crowns in the pageant world

      • Jeremi , when I said Too Miss Venezuela
        I meant along the line of Minorka .. the 2015 MIss Venezuela …. the typical misses that rep Venezuela . Interestingly , they win whenever they are outside of that mold …

  8. My current Top 15

    South Africa



  9. My current Top 15

    South Africa


    Dominican Republic

  10. Seriously? Using innocent creatures for beauty products is not fashionable or beautiful in any way.

    • The prawns, squid, fish, and pork you eat are also innocent 😉 and if you’re vegan, plants are innocent too, yknow 😄

  11. I beg the fans to keep the noise down.
    It is working against Cat
    The noisier we get , the more people will be encouraged to bring Cat down.
    Pls do not make it like it is a cosmic phenomenon.
    It is not . It’s humans who will we decide on the crown, not the stars in the universe .

    • Mahirap sa ibang tao dito, hindi marunong mag appreciate ng ibang candidates. Nakakaloka.

      • Thanks for sharing this! Hope Cat is able to watch this and I’m sure she’s gotten lots of tips from Pia and the previous MUP.

      • This is a must watch for all those Filipino pageant enthusiast who think that every representative of ours is the best and a sure winner. The sad part is that when the candidate loses, they tend to malign that organization. Miss World is a victim of this when Catriona didnt win. The saddest part is that they feel whatever their assumptions or allegations are, these really are true and should represent the whole pageant world. I often read comments here stating that Miss World has lost its reputation and credibility when Catriona lost. For Christ’s sake Miss World is Miss World and the sentiments of a very small chop of Filipino gay fans do not represent those of other 134 countries who keep in believing in Miss World.

      • OK Jeremi fine. Parang ikaw yata ang mas may malaking problema. Lol. Chillax lang day. But still… my heart and vote goes to Miss Universe. And…


      • Hi aj, it’s good you just reminded me that you are one of thos fans I’m talking about.

        That’s all. Bye

      • @jeremi may i just ask you kung andun ka sa final nights sa america? Alam mo ba kung sino mga umupo sa as a hurado? Sa unang papel na nakalabas type written ito ha mga candidates na pasok sa top according sa scores snd Catriona was on the top of the list. Nung na tangal na yung mga iba sa second round type written parin yung mga pangalan nila sa isang papel si Catriona parin yung nasa top.l it was distributed sa mga judges with folder after that rounds sulat kamay na nilang lahat. At nung sa final question and answer wala na yung folder nila hindi na basihan yung final question.

      • aj, please watch the above video again with an open mind.
        But if that is your notion, then I can’t do anything about it.
        Just like what I’ve said, there are thousand and thousand of fans all over the 135 countries/territories who may think otherwise versus you and some other Filipino fans who may think the same.

        This year Miss World has another record of having the most number of participants in all of the top 6 beauty pageants.

        That’s all I can say but like I’ve said you can continue what you believe in.

      • Jeremi, MW deserved it. The cooking show was very very very apparent. Did we make the same commotion in other years and in other pageants? NO so STFU. #AhasAndKweens

      • CatrionaFan,
        That was so 2016
        She’s already at MU 2018 . Pls concentrate on what matters at this point . Let’s hope that Cat wins . Otherwise , MW will have the last laugh .

      • Fabbie bobo, say that first to Jeremi. Mine was a response so that. Daming bobo dito.

  12. Cat is a good speaker. She can be a spokesperson of MU organization or a talk show host after her reign as Miss Universe 2018. Ikaw na nga talaga Cat.

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