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  1. I was told By my Thai friends na love na love daw nila si Catriona. Excited syang makita …

  2. wala po pakialam ang IMG sa dami ng fans

    kiber naman

    South Africa and France mga nanalo di naman ganyan
    ka aligaga mga fans

  3. Modesty aside, Cat who is probably the most prepared candidate, is the one to beat in this year’s MU batch ! Keep it up, Cat ! And to us all who support her, let’ remain humble and be supportive of the other candidates as well – these girls are already winners just representing their respective countries in MU 2018. The best of luck to all the girls ! And to Cat, good luck and congratulations for representing the Philippines ! We love you and GOD bless 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Now I know the reason why Catriona didn’t win the Miss World crown, because Miss Universe crown is the one that fits her head.

  5. Ano kaya ang iniisip ng IMG ngayon, kung naging maganda ang performance ni Cat pero hindi nila ipinanalo madaming fans ng MU ang ma disappoint at mga apektuhan ang MU as a whole. Kung ipapanalo nila si Cat for sure tataas ang enthusiam at excitement ng mga tao sa MU and IMG dahil for ine whole year nilang inaabangan lagi ang mga projects, advertisement and etc ni Cat. Di na kailangan ng effort to promote IMG since sikat na sikat na si Cat hindi pa naman nananalo. If they want publicity, create huge social media mileage, MU supporters and fanbase or followers bakit hahanap pa nga ng iba kung si Cat na sikat ay andiyan na. Hindi lang sikat pero tital package pa. A very ideal representation of IMG, talented, creative, intelligent and excellent spokeperson.

    • The last time I checked, Katarina is also Miss Philippines and competing in another pageant. She’s not competing with Catriona. If you want to throw acid at MW, that’s up to you. But spare another Filipina from your idiotic mudslinging. You can support all Filipina reps. That’s the decent thing to do. Focus your attention and bashing on other MU candidates if you want to satiate your twisted taste for mocking.

  6. This girl is a winner.

    For the nth time, she is a complete package. I can’t remember anyone in the recent past as beautiful, classy , intelligent and charming as Catriona.

    Let us just support her. No need to point out things that can not be “remedied or changed” at this point. The set of wardrobe has already been shipped. Her hairstyle, teeth and body shape are already there – – in Thailand. It’s not as if by commenting now about her teeth or hairstyle or her body , she will immediately go to a dentist or a salon or a gym in Bangkok to modify these.

    These commenters who lurk or guised themselves as giving constructive criticisms are either just plain haters. And even if…even if ..there are other gorgeous, well-deserving girls, why can’t we just support a Filipino? A qualified Filipino at that?

    World Peace.

  7. My Top 15 in random order:

    South Africa

    Puerto Rico

    Costa Rica

    Dark Horses:
    Great Brittain

  8. Expect PR and Venezuela to do well – especially since both are under new National Directors who both happen to be former Miss Universes (and Miss World and Miss International). Business rin ang MUO and they know having directors in two powerhouse nations drop their franchise in the same year is bad for business.

    But the best business move would be to prop Catriona as their favorite as we all know MUO does.

    No one is garnering the amount of hype that she is creating and it is all about the hype in the social media age. MUO and IMG is no exception.

    For all those who are expecting or fearing Cat will crash and burn, not her style and never will be. The cream rises to the top. And she is crème de la crème.

  9. Constructive criticism lang.
    Sana she’ll master her smile.
    Hindi niya na sana pinagalaw ngipin niya ✌️

  10. Nakaka proud na makita na sobrang daming fans ng isang Miss Philippines na hindi lng puro pinoy ar puro hype. Now lang yung ganito.. Si Pia dinudumog lng mostly ng mga Pinoy sa vegas.. Si Megan sobrang expected na manalo nung time nya pero hindi ganito dumugin ng mga foreign fans…

  11. Pls stop all the siperlatives for now
    Let Cat work in peace
    U can create all the noise u want … once she wins

    Slay slay slay good grief!

  12. Her landing in Thailand has indeed created buzz in the pageant world. It only validates that Catriona is one of the most admirable candidates in this pageant season. All eyes are currently on her. That means her everyday look is a must-watch. She will be most followed by the international media. I hope she hits her everyday get up, and slaaaays every interview (no doubt on this).

    Rest for now, our Queen, for tomorrow will be another beautiful day in the Universe as you shine the brightest among your sisssies.

    That’s all.

  13. Mmm, looks like there’s been a bit of of filtering since I last visited. Glad that (most) nastiness has been fumigated. Glad to be back to Mr. Norm’s site.

    Now to Catriona, the last time I’ve seen someone with this level of poise, class, and gravitas was Lara Dutta. Clarity and sophistication powered by critical thinking is so evident with both women. Cat knows when to turn up the focus and charm.. just enjoy the ride from here until finals.

  14. She’s so gorgeous and so ready for this! Catriona’s arrival look definitely did not disappoint. Philippines, Puerto Rico and South Africa are touted as the three mega-favorites.

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