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  1. Miss SA said in her live feed that the Top 5 will be cut down to Top 2. Thoughts ?? For me, I don’t like that :/

  2. She reminds me of the mexican winner from 1991 (?). From the. Beginning till the end, had the queenly aura about her. Winner.

  3. So crazy we can closely we can follow pageants via social media these days. I remember the day you had to refresh your messageboard and hope for new features. Ngayon, open lang ang Instagram, parang nasa Bangkok ka na! Pag gising, sa traffic, haban lumalakad sa CR. LOL. Kalurks.

    Anway, Spain is actually a lot of fun to follow on Instagram too. Lalakeng-lalakeng pa rin ng voces. Pero malandi! Pinapasok siya at si Miss Venezuela sa cockpit, tanong pa ng piloto – “Is this your first time in a cockpit?” – kala ko sabi niya, “No, no este my primera time with a cock – aye cockpit pala!” LOL.

    She’s roommates with Peru, not Colombia as previously mentioned, so we can’t believe everything we read rin.

    • ahhhhh i’m glad i became a fan of angela ponce immediately. ang fresh ng aura niya and positive vibes lang.

      meanwhile, nalungkot ako na si rosas summer vacation ay parang laging irritable? mukha siyang naiinis lagi? bakit?

      • Love Spain’s energy agreed.

        Maybe naiinitan si USA. 30 degrees sa Bangkok, eh sa NYC 10 lang – naninibago siguro. Tapos laging tanong ng mga vaklush “Where’s Cat???” LOL.

  4. This is when we see the real caliber of a Miss Phils… Cat’s clearly elevated compared with the other girls. There is reason to be positive with her chances as Miss U’s final panel determine the winner. Cat’s at her best and most graceful when under pressure and that will definitely impress the judges come Q&A.

    • Cat is like the Russian athletes from the Soviet era. She never falters. Even back at that other pageant, her loss was not through succumbing to the pressures of competition. She actually thrives in the intensity of the moment.

      That’s why her arrival in BKK has been nothing short of phenomenal. It’s like a 15-year Soviet figure skater loading up her quadruple back-to-back-to-back jumps… “you wanna see a winner, let me show you!” Of course, she lands them all.

      Cat will nail this too.

      • I was proud and hopeful with Pia, but over the moon with Cat. She really deserves the frontrunner hype.

      • In fairness to Pia – believe rin talaga ako with her. Was at Axis and will never forget the night she nailed the first Miss Universe crown in all of my years of living – right before my eyes under the Harvey scandal no less. Her journey was different from Cat’s. In some ways, she shaped it. WE KNOW we can WIN Miss Universe again.

        Also Pia’s year had some exceptional frontrunners – Colombia, USA, Dominican Republic, France, Australia, Thailand come to mind. They all gave Pia a run for her money. And guess what, Pia outran them all. Forever grateful for, and proud of, our Miss Universe 2015.

        It is 2018 now… and no one this year is in Cat’s league.

  5. As what the UP Fighting Maroons are saying “Atin ‘to – MU 2018 ” 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. kabahan na si pia wurtzbach! may kalaban na ang confidently beautiful with a heart!

    papalitan na ng tolerance

  7. I hope Cat maintains the intensity! Bka mapagod cya where it is needed the most! (Prelims). RAVAAAAAANNNNN!!!!!!!😚😙😋

  8. Last year pa daw in talks si BITTER GAYFOOD the PABAYANG MENTOR sa isang Latin American beauty org para mag-train sa rep nila for MU2018.

    Dahil malaking halaga daw ang ino-offer last year pa kay BITTER GAYFOOD, marami daw kundisyon ang MEO kay BITTER GAYFOOD the PABAYANG MENTOR na traydora at mukhang pera.

    Pinangakuan daw ni BITTER GAYFOOD ang said Latin American beauty org na pananaluhin ang kandidata nila sa MU2018. Isa sa mga kundisyon ng Latin American beauty org ay hindi magfi-field ng strong candidate si BITTER GAYFOOD sa BBP2018. Kaya daw ganun na lang ang pagpipigil ni BITTER GAYFOOD kay Catriona na sumali this year – PERA NIYA ANG NAKASALALAY DITO. GAGANG MAKASARILING BAKLA TALAGA!

    Nagtatataka pa ba kayo kung bakit si Aya Abesamis ang hina-hype ng A HAS BEEN & NO QUEENS? Isa yan sa mga kundisyon ng Latin American beauty org kay BITTER GAYFOOD.

    Si LemonV (not LemonS) daw ang talagang bet ng Latin American beauty org bago pa man matapos ang local pageant nila, at formalities na lang daw ang pageant night. Idea pala ni BITTER GAYFOOD na gayahin ang ear cuff at overall styling ni Catriona sa BBP sa local pageant night ni LemonV.


  9. Go Cat. Still thinking why she changed her outfit from white to green today.
    Pero parehas maganda. 😉

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