17 comments on “Jehza Huelar in Renee Salud

  1. I like Jehza from the very beginning when she joined Bb. I want her to win internationally.

  2. I admire this lady, i know she will win. Mas naniniwala ako sa kakayanan ni Jehza kesa sa ibang bakla dito na nagpapaka-eksperto kuno sa kanilang mga “constructive” criticism. If i know frustration nila kasi maging babae at beauty queen pero hindi sila binigyan ng matris.

  3. She was the same right from her very 1st Binibini stint…just one of the girls in MS 2018. Hope she manages to be in the semis at least.

  4. I notice Jehza is sporting a lot of straight lines in her bosom area in a lot of her pictorials. Unfortunately, she is not gifted naturally or purchase-wise in this area. Result is highlighting her flatness.

    Constructive criticism – she should distract from the area like with her departure outfit (poofy coverage) and preliminary swimsuit (playful plunge).

    Straight hair and straight lines highlight result in overall flatness for her entire upper body. Supra likes curvaceous vivacious…

  5. I like the dress
    But it looks more like African tribal than Filipino

    I think she has chance to win but I will not expect too much … not from her … not from Kat or Cat.

  6. I love her!šŸ˜ā¤ļø
    I hope she wins…
    But, she has the same Facial expression
    on all pictorials….like a Robot!
    Too much photoshop!
    Unrealistic, looks like she has Stye in her upper lidsšŸ˜„

  7. She looks pretty and all, but why all these photoshoots? Are these part of her current activities at ongoing Supranational contest or just a media mileage stint?

  8. First of all, Jehza can stand in a corner and she’ll still be noticed wearing that. Europeans love the play of colors. It will be a stark contrast to the placid snowy environment in Poland.

    I love the top and the fringe trimmings – they’re indeed very artisanal. That being said, I have to agree with @aj on that belt – lose it.

    Our indigenous fibers tend to be thick and heavy so they don’t drape well and folds tend to bulge. The color of the fabric is already loud enough that a simple cut is appropriate. Nonetheless to update it to something fit for her body type (in reference to the comment of @Juana), I’d say go for asymmetric cut reminiscent of this year’s Diana Von Furstenberg’s summer dresses. If it’s not a gown then try knee length full skirts like those of Cherry Veric’s. Couture is key to push her bid further to the crown.

  9. Puhlease no more Rene Salud dressing any of our queens. His taste are soooo outdated and his gowns are utterly hideous.

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