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  1. Cat’s at the airport na! When I get home from work tonight, we’ll get to see her departures and maybe even arrival. THIS IS IT FOLKS.

    Can’t wait for the next three weeks. It will be awhile before PHILIPPINES is the FRONTRUNNER for MISS UNIVERSE again.

    Can’t wait to see the bongga coverage from our blogger too. I think besides Manila this is the only time Tito Norms has actually covered MU and I’m sure we’ll get the inside scoop on Cat given their connection!


  2. Thrills in Thailand. Just wondering how will be her answer to dutertads related questions. I was told that there will be fans who are organizing the welcome party of our queen in Thailand don’t know if it is true or not.

  3. Based on what I see sa IG and on forums, here’s my prediction:
    Mu2018 Canada
    1st runner up South Africa
    2nd runner up Philippines

    • Canada is indeed pretty but she can’t even walk…
      It’s no wonder she clapped hard at Miss International.

  4. kasing lapad nya ang mga luggage na yan

    big sizes cguro laman nyan parang si Canada 2016

    Catriona is MUCanada 2016 version 2.0
    pasok sa top 10 ito for sure

    pero ligwak after swimsuit

  5. I hope I’m wrong but I think IMG is keen on crowning a black delegate. Remember Jamaica last year? She was close to winning even if she was not as popular as South Africa. I hope they will be fair though because Cat is really one of the best reps we’ve sent to MU. Sino kaya ang dark horses this edition?

  6. Their hard work is commendable and I would be happy if she wins. But my judgment right now, is that she’ll be amongst the runner-ups… She is “too” perfect in terms of demeanor (proper answer, charitable, etc). Normally the winner of Miss Universe has a spunk/charm, does or says imperfect things but still is charming… I cannot explain it really but I do not see this certain “charm” in Catriona.

    Facially too Miss Mexico, Miss Puerto Rico, even Miss Lebanon and Denmark could get it if they perform really well. Miss Colombia as usual…

    • “Too perfect” now. Hahahahaha. Just say it, you dont want her for the crown. That is a more appropriate comment rather than beating the bush. Coming up with shallow reasons.

      • Then say that you dont like her for the crown. Dont come up with petty reasons. Pffft!

      • It’s not that “I do not like” her for the crown. Just based on Miss Universe’s prototype of beauty. For the past several years they never really crowned the one with proper answer (Janina vs. Olivia, even Haiti vs France..)/ “ready” demeanor. They always crown the most charming (Ariadna looked way readier but Pia was far more charming). Also to be really honest Miss U almost never crowned somebody big-boned….. they are either skinny or voluptuous… I am ready for the thumbs down but yes these are my observations. Of course Catriona has chances but based on the past winners she does not seem to fit.

      • @Alex: i get your point. the charming factor is always there. if it will be between cat and sarah rose, kinakabahan ako kasi baka si sarah nga ang mananalo. pero if it will be between cat and virginia, malamang mas charming si cat. if it will be between cat and yuumi, ‘di ko na alam! 😮

      • Alex don’t debate someone who is a worshiper. This person has blinders on that it cannot see through the arguments of others. hihihihih. Wag na patulan at hayaan na yang magworship kay Cat…

    • Every time nakikita ko ang picture ni Puerto Rico, naloloka ako kasi kamukha ni Senyora Santibanez!

    • Be mindful that Olivia and Janine it was a diff owner. Haiti and France? Sorry but overall France nailed it. Even us in front row at that time we all expect for France to win. If they wanted a black person to win last year, they should have chosen Jamaica but they went for Demi. I think for me it’s between cat and PR.

      • Jake what I meant was Haiti’s answer was the typical “world peace” proper answer whereas France’s was just so charming whatever she says does not matter anymore. Yes Trump or IMG the prototype of charm is still there.

        @Ath If the last two standing would be Cat or Sarah it will be Sarah. We just can’t win over a funny girl in the end unless she messes up really seriously.. The likes of Gloria Diaz, Brook Lee… once they get to the Q and A round you know they got it.

      • Sorry Alex it still doesn’t make sense. If charm is what ur looking for then it would have been Colombia as last years winner. Then VZ during France’s reign. I think it really anyone’s game if they crown PR then I think IMG does the rotation of crowns to each continent. This year could be a game changer

      • France was way more charming the Colombia. She has a nonchalant charm whereas Colombia had to exert effort if you know what I mean. Between Sarah Rose and Cat, it would be Sarah for example. But in terms of being articulate and proper Cat has it.

        Just recently I watched her interview with Boy Abunda to also verify my thoughts hehe and I now found the right word: it is wit that Catriona does not have much. Her answers are predictably correct and proper, she tends to speak more than what’s enough, which degrades that “charm” factor I am talking about.

      • Nope wrong again Alex between SA and Columbia last year. Columbia has more charm. During frances reign, it was VZ


    • Wag nyo na lng pansinin si chakang huklubang gloria sa kanyang pang ba-bash. Sobrang binully kaso sya nung kabataan nya. Eto lng ang tanging paraan nya para nakahati. Hanggang ngayon kasi trauma pa sya.
      Anyway, masyonda na si chakang gloria, malapit na syang kunin ni lord. Kya gloria, enjoy lng sa pang ba-bash kung yan ang ikkasaya mu. Sabi nga ng mga psychologist, Bashing is therapeutic for those who were BULLIED in the past… That’s all!

  7. “Work in silence, let your success makenthe noise.”

    Alam kaya ng Team Catriona to?

    • Whether they are silent or not, the same hate and bitternes in you remains. So let them be. Baklang two!!!

    • Alam naman siguro nila, pero they are excited and bursting with happiness.
      Pagbigyan mo na. Holiday season naman. xoxo

    • As far as I can remember they are working in silence. Until now you haven’t see her national costume and gowns unlike other candidates who have announce it already early this month. Actually the team of Cat is very low profile compare to the 2 beauty camps.

  8. We have been on the placement streak for the past 8 years and so far Cat is without a single doubt the strongest candidate we’d be sending to Miss Universe to date… She did not leave any single rock unturned therefore, I myself would also be more than willing to put all my money on our Queen of Hearts.

    Goodluck Cat! 🙂

    • I would not wan t to be in Cat’s shoes . The pressure to deliver is so strong that if she falls, I know the sound it will make is not very pretty.
      God bless Cat

  9. why is everybody so concern about her body saying na swimsuit is the first round and kailangan niya malagpasan yun.

    Si Siera Bearchell nga ng canada, umabot pa ng top 10 (no offense) but hindi beauty queen figure ang meron siya.

    are you guys just concern or you just keep on pointing out her “weakness” kahit hindi naman. have you seen her in 2 pc? in swimsuit? not yet. so let’s just wait. kalma mga bakla ng taon.


    Cat is being hyped. i don’t have a problem with that kasi hindi lang naman pinoy ang mga naghahype sakaniya. iba’t ibang lahi hinahype siya. She deserves the hype. and personally, i believe she’s still humble kahit nga ganon ang tingin sakanya.

    on the other hand.. why do i feel that her trainers are also joining the hype? I mean, parang they want the spotlight din. Ayaw mag post ni Cat ng trainings niya and all (kita nio naman sa ig niya, madalang mag upload. maski nga sila Mak and Jearson, walang post sa ig niya e) tapos eto, panay post.

    Although i know, they want to be acknowledged lang. iba lang dating sakin ng ibang post. LOL again, like what Cat is doing.. “LET SUCCESS BE YOUR NOISE”

    But, i wish them well. Sana lahat ng paghihirap nila magbunga. All for Cat, all for the Philippines. Cat will deliver i am sure of that. it is just a matter of para sakanya ba ang korona or para sa iba talaga?

    • They are creating buzz. That’s the name of the game.

      It seems they are letting Cat focus on her brand – especially her advocacies.

      They are smart.

      • The very fact na she wears the PHILIPPINE sash is already the buzz itself. People are always watching out for PHILIPPINES since 2010.

  10. kung anu ano inuna

    di man nag gym or diet para handa ang katawan sa swimsuit

    nganga ito for sure

    • Oo nga Gloria eh… Sad to say, maliit na problema lang ‘yan. HUHU.

      Yung iba inuna pa ang pagpunta sa Pinas before sumabak sa Thailand at “pagsunod sa trends” noong May pa at the best in no pictures allowed!

      Yung iba nga, handang-handa sa katawan pero parang nabaon naman sa kakulangan ng it factor, comm skills and more! #BungaJelitha

      • May katotohanan ba sa mga chismis na same flight daw ang sasakyan ni Cat at Virginia?

  11. Keanna, ung kay jehza is a different situation. Naiwan nya ang luggage nya sa airport that’s why kinailangan nyang manghiram ng damit.

  12. Sana inayos ang dapat ayusin
    Body is impt
    I wish she had included Pia and Wynwyn for advisement .
    However , if Maria could make top 5 with the kind of body , I’m confident Cat will to .

    • Si miss canada nga na talagang nagpataba para sa miss universe 2016 eh nakapasok sa top 10 after ng swimsuit round kahit walang bewang. Nasa nagdadala pa rin yun kahit hindi ka sexy pero if you can show to the judges and audience na you can project sexier than others then possible pa rin na mataas ang score sayo.

  13. sana competition na para manahimik na kayo

    USA is MU18
    Venezuela is MU18

    hindi masyado nag hype pero will deliver

  14. dami hype

    nasan na ang swimsuit body ha?

    wala kasi talunan ito pag naitabi sa mga kalaban


  15. be honest no one cares about her
    no one will remember her even after her reign

    unless she will be visible sa TV
    dami na starlet beauty queen
    Filipinos easily forget

    ni hindi nya nga alam na ang music industry ay part
    ng showbusiness gusto daw nya mag music lang ayaw nya magshowbiz

    puro kaartehan ang alam ni hindi nag gym or nagdiet man lang

  16. That luggage (not luggages as so many people say – luggage speaks to a set so grammatically incorrect to pluralize) is travelling goals! Tapos that is “just” some of her luggage and national costume is already in Bangkok! WOW WOW WOW WOW. Reminds me of that one Miss Venezuela who had what looked like an amparador with her at the airport with all her suitcases. BEAUTY QUEENS FOR DAYS.

    Don’t know how these queens do it. I travel with just one big sized suitcase like those pictured and ang gulo keeping everything organized, sorted, minimally wrinkled, etc. etc etc. I imagine she probably will have no room left in her hotel room to even move. Every day will be a logistic challenge just sorting through for her wardrobe.

    As for her team wanting recognition, hey if Sherri Hill wants a piece of the Catriona brand why the hell shouldn’t they? They’ve put in their efforts, likely at no cost (just like ALL OF THE CAMPS). She’s clearly worth the investment.

    This is what a once in a lifetime candidate looks like folks. Watch because it will be a long time before someone like Cat comes along again.

    And if ever she were not to win, she will join the ranks of Chat Silayan, Carolina Iszac, Kaci Fennell…. People won’t remember whoever wins (Stephanie who???), but she will be talked about and revered until the end of the World and Universe as the one that got away.

    Winner nan ya! Go Meow Meow!

    • Justgrc, nice analysis
      But I think Catriona has to win the crown to ‘matter ‘ . Remember. Only Gloria and Margie are there every MU season .
      I’m sure Cat will be ‘forgotten’ very easily especially if she fails to make top 15.
      It just the way history goes .
      The clappers are buried forever
      And the runners up follow suit .

      • Fabian dear, if you believe in something believe in it all the way.

        Like Rachel Peters said, preparing… preparing… ano ba yung saying? LOL.

      • Unless she pulls a Gal Gadot. Clapper with a lucrative career.

        Damn, I’d rather be a clapper than be Miss Universe if I can have all the prestige and bank account of a Hollywood star.

    • Great analysis Just and very positive, love it❤️ People here just need to support her, stop the bashing. This is for the Philippines❤️❤️👑👑MISS Universe 2018 – Catriona Eluse Gray!

  17. I couldn’t care less about the people behind the Cat at the moment. Para namang gusto din nila ng spotlight eh hindi pa naman nanalo.

    I’d rather be recognized after the crown has been won.

    • My only issue with it is that they keep on posting, but Cat doesn’t.
      I guess sila ang gigil, hindi si Cat. But then, I can’t blame them too. They are over the moon over the idea that they got to chance to work with her regardless she wins or not.

      • There is big money involved should Cat win. Just look at Jonas after Pia won. Lol! Everyone wants to get a share of that big pie hence the noise.

  18. The question here is: how did the BPCI give their green flag on Cat looking for trainers by her own initiative?

    • I’m also curious about that too. At the same time, I think na ever since Pia won, Madam has been more open to it. Who knows? In the case of Cat, I just think na Cat showed that she can handle it (with her team behind her) sa BBP pa lang.

    • Why not? BPCI isn’t affiliated with any training camps. I’m sure even BPCI can provide training or money to pay for training if need be. Remember Miriam being sent to Venezuela to train?

    • Why should SMA care? She hasn’t in the decades that delegates have been going to camps.

      If anything, it shows how savvy of a business woman Cat is – assembling her own team, utilizing her own resources and selling her brand to access those of others, creating her journey, her destiny.

      Not like so many Pinoys who are just looking for handouts to survive another day and to rinse and repeat all over again the next day and the day after that and so on and so forth, never progressing.

      She’s a self-made woman. SMA cannot deny that, nor can the World or Universe!

      • SMA should. She owns the franchise, and it is her business. If she did not take care of her candidates in the past, she already had earned bashings and not-too-good feedback from her sponsors and her patrons.

        The training camps (AnQ, KF, JDV, etc.) may have come to the rescue in helping our candidates get proper pasarela, physical, personality development training, among others, BUT (with emphasis) at the end of the day, BPCI should have the last to say on their beauty queens.

        My concern now is kung naipagpaalam bang lahat ng ito ni Cat kay SMA.

      • Does Cat strike you as the type to throw caution to the wind and go behind SMA’s back for this, the biggest competition of her life?

        Mga Pinoy intrigues talaga. Walang sense minsan.

        Cat is one astute and observant beauty queen who knows she has to navigate the many detours of Philippine pageantry. Hindi yan spoiled brat or naïve probinsyana.

        If rebel-heart Dyosa Lastimosa succumbed to SMA, pretty sure Cat knows to do the same. As it became clear during the post-Doral gown fiasco – puedeng idemanda at idethrone yan. Nasa contrata na yan.

    • Remember, ath and 4M, there was an unconfirmed item when Pia won MU. Accordingly, SMA was pissed off, or disappointed, when she felt that Jonas’ camp deemed take all the credit in Pia’s success winning the MU crown. It seemed like the BPCI was sideswept and that, accordingly, Jonas’ team only used BPCI to advance its own interest which is for AnQ to be recognized as a leading beauty pageant training camp in the country.

      BPCI has a roster of training sponsors (speech, personality development, etc.) to its beauty queens. However, in reality, the ones being recognized are the training camps. Mas nai-interview pa sila sa TV ‘pag nanalo na ang representatives natin sa international beauty pageants.

      May point here is, sana nirerespeto din ng training camps ang existence ng BPCI and its sponsors. Kesa pagsimulan ng fallouts, rifts, disgust between and among the camps and BPCI. Don’t get me wrong. I adore our training camps because they only have one aim — to let our candidates bring home the crown and bring honor to our country.

      That’s all.

      • Teh, kung ayaw talaga ni SMA ng training camps then they would not be involved in BbP. That’s all.

      • Ana Winter, I’m pretty sure that BPCI has a say in whatever decisions the girls do during training. Remember when Maxine was competing? There was segment on TV Patrol where BPCI, SMA and her girlaloos were reviewing the design of the gowns she’s supposed to wear and they need to bless the designs?

        Bottom line is I think that tBPCI does not enforce that they give training but they have enough connections if the girl needs it.

  19. My impression is that Catriona has a very competent line of people in her training camp. With that in mind, who needs A&Q and/or KF?

    • Somebody who is NOT Catriona Gray. Cat has the benefit of being a force in the local industry, so she can assemble a team of her own. Mind you – some of those in her team are members (current/former) of pageant camps.

      Our provincial lasses, etc. don’t have this benefit – and this is why we need camps like KF, A&Q, and even the likes of JDV, Galatea, RL, etc. because they broaden the field. A girl like Cat only comes once in a blue moon (well technically twice in 3 years). Our triumphs shouldn’t be subject to the same timelines.

    • Arichie Santos, maybe someone like Janicel Lubina or Venus Raj. What an insensitive comment!

      The only reason Catriona was able to assemble her team is because every member of her team believes that she has a strong chance of winning.

      Just like A&Q and KF, this so-called team want to be associated with the winner so they are pouring in the resources out of their own pockets to support her.

      The big question is, will she deliver the win? If not, the millions of dollars spent by Mak Tumang will just go pooped. They are betting high on a Cat’s win.

      • We have been on the placement streak for the past 8 years and so far Cat is without a single doubt the strongest candidate we’d be sending to Miss Universe to date… She did not leave any single rock unturned therefore, I myself would also be more than willing to put all my money on our Queen of Hearts.

        Goodluck Cat! 🙂

  20. Still not impressed with Catriona during her last TV guestings but I wish her well though.

    Swimsuit rounds is the first hurdle to pass for the top 15/16 before the evening gown competition and I’m afraid for her since whether we admit it or not, her form/body is not her best asset at the moment. I was expecting an Ara Arida body transformation for her minus the boob job of course.

    • But Ara looked dry when she competed because she worked out too much. Same thing happened with Valerie.

    • I still support her!!! But I so agree with you, Jeremi. Apart from that, we are sending the not so facially attractive candidate in years. Ang pinoy nga naman, maputi lang, maganda na agad. Sorry but I don’t see it in her.

      At utang na loob, sa mga naninira sa A&Q, hindi ako taga A&Q ha, please lang, stop it! Ilang taon tayong nakanganga kung hindi sa camp nila. Be greatful to them. May karapatan mag maganda ang may napatunayan na.

      And to you, Catriona Fan, way masyado malaki ang ulo. Ang langaw nga naman, makatungtong lng sa kalabaw, Akala mo kung Sino na. Wag masyado malaki ang ulo.

    • At kailan pa ako nakarinig ng maganda from you re: Cat? You were the original Gloria. Che!

    • Jeremi , I’m also nervous that one impt aspect has not been addressed . I guess we need to wait until the pageant proper to find out

  21. Hype pa more. Why not let her just perform during the duration of the pageant. Di yung hype na hype. No hype, no expectations, no overrating

    • Yes, and other candidates are also being overhyped by their own supporters. Sa kabilang bakod, parang kahapon lang din na best in clapping din si Bunga. Kanya-kanyang hype lang ‘yan. Don’t worry, it will die down.

  22. Bagahe ba lahat yan ni Cat or beke nemen yung iba jan eh sa team nya. Baka nmn in the end 2 lang pla sa knya jan ah at baka mang jiram nanaman tayu sa ibang kandidata tulad ng nangyari kay Jehza.

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