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  1. Ang mga Baklang ito Akala mo eh magagaling sumagot in person. Puro Lang kayo maga galing sa paper kung baga pinas isip an ng ilang Ora’s bago sinulat. Si Catriona Lang yung candidate na ipapadala sa MU na hindi ka matatakot na hindi makasagot sa interview. Yung tipong magdadasal ka nasa maituwid Lang yung sagot. Hay tama na yung mga Kuda kuda nyo. Matalo manalo I’m proud that the Philippines eh being represented ng isang brainy at maganda.


    No more future crowns for this fledgling training camp that got drunk with success too early.

    Better change your training camp name to: “A Has-Been and No Queens” dahil mga pabaya kayo sa Filipino trainees niyo. Puro paninira pa sa ibang wala sa poder niyo.



  4. I don’t think there is anything wrong with her being sure in saying that she is a “visionary” which is an inspired innovator(simillar to Pia)… because it is the truth. What’s wrong with being proud to be different?We just find it weird because statisticaly, analytical-visionary personalities are indeed rare among us Filipinos. FYI, her personality type are the likes of Benjamin Franklin, Karl Lagerfeld, Leonardo Da Vinci, Voltaire, Niccolo Macchiaveli, Catherine the Great, Barack Obama, etc. In short, someone like Catriona Gray is not a dime a dozen, She is 1 in a million. 🙂

    • Oo nga. Ang Bitter Gayfood and his minions, porke’t wala lang makukuhang kickback kay Catriona pag nanalo, todo todo na ang paninira.

      Busy sa pagti-train sa mga foreign candidates, pati mga Pinay reps ng Ahas and Kweens, napabayaan na kaya ang palpak ng wardrobe at walk, gaya ni Katarina. Si Katarina, napabayaan dahil busy si Gayfood sa pangangawarta niya ng mga foreign candidates.

      Di nari-realize ni Bitter Gayfood, na kaya lang naman siya in-demand na mag-train ng foreign delegates eh dahil nakakapagpanalo siya DATI (key word: DATI) ng international crowns.

      Pag patuloy niyang pinabayaan ang sarili niyang Fiipina reps under Ahas and Kweens, wala na siyang future Pinay international titlists under his camp, at unti-unti na ring bababa ang reputation niya at ng tanga’t traydor niyang training camp. Pag nakuha na rin ng mga foreign delegates and style niya ng pagtuturo, di na rin nila siya kakailanganin in the future.

      I’m counting down your career and camp’s demise, Bitter Gayfood. Traydor na baklang panget!

      • Nga pla Puro NGANGA ANG Kf this year, remember? Eva for example.

        Hello Michelle And Ahtisa.


    • Siguraduhin lang namin na makakapag produce sila ng mu crown lile what jonas did. Mga wala kayong utang na loob sa aces and queens, ilan bese din kayong napa proud to be pinoy ng grupo na yun. Karma is real, lets just wait and see.

  5. Here is my take on Catriona. She has a very good command of the English language which gives her the comfort to speak freely and compose her thoughts properly.

    However, some of her answers are lacking something. Sometimes it is lacking conviction. Or sometimes it’s lacking an ending. Like what Boy said, whenever you answer a question, always end strong and always end right.

    I hope she follows Boy’s advice as she still has some work to do. For example, I was surprised when she answered “Life Lessons” as a subject. How about Art that she really is passionate about and how she can use her creative pursuits and her visions to teach kids how to express themselves freely since we need more artists in this world? Also, she forgot to answer what Queen she is but instead became defensive about being a “sure winner”. I think she can learn from Pia in giving short, concise and straight to the point answers.

    In fairness to Tito Boy, he still remains as smart as ever. I wish he coached Cat during her training.

  6. All i can say is that ang DAMI TALAGANG DYOSA THIS YEAR.



  7. She sounds less pageant patty. Pero she can not let go of that habit wherein she waxes poetic when answering questions.

    I cringed when she said she is a visionary. You don’t use words like that to describe yourself. She should be careful about praising herself. It may be unintentional but people will not know the difference. Ariadna lost to Pia because of that. In the past, she described herself as a creative and an empath as well. She sounds too sure of herself. I hope she is careful with that because it will rub people the wrong way. Tayo naman we are easily impressed by native English speakers.

    Kalma lang Cat. Kung si Pia gigil sa make-up. Si Cat naman gigil to impress with her answers. I want you so much to win and I hope the pageant preliminary interview doesn’t ask pageant patty questions because it’s the fault of the question sometimes. Restraint on superfluous words and more practical answers sound more natural.

    Anyway, I’m already nit-picking here because Miss Universe is hers to lose. She has the crown in the bag.

    • Thank you for saying this. I feel the same way you do. I truly want Cat to do well since she’s carrying our flag, but the fact that she handpicked her team gives me pause. It’s a good thing that they could focus solely on preparing her, but will any of them, being handpicked, dare to give her (constructive) criticism? John Cuay, for example, could’ve helped her look longer & leaner in the torso perhaps. Plus some of her facial expressions during her ASAP send-off while she was showing her catwalk were still a bit patty/robotic to me. She seems more focused on herself & her performance as opposed to connecting with the crowd (she looks outward, above the heads of people, rather than at people).

      This is perhaps futile nitpicking at this point & I know Cat’s supporters will come at me. I hope they will understand that I am a supporter as well. She is the best of the best we’ve ever sent. But the tendencies Adrian & I have pointed could be the (minor) flaws that will prevent her from earning the judges’ favor. I hope Cat’s supporters will see that Adrian & I are sharing our thoughts in the hopes that someone from her team will help Cat overcome them. I understand it’s hard to make nuanced opinions on the web, but am definitely not bashing or trying to put Cat down. She’s definitely Universe material & she’s carrying our flag so will root for her either way

      • It’s only a matter of time for us to see how this ‘experimental’ handpicked team’s collective effort will pan out. As an avid pageant fan, I am nervous… very nervous. The only thing that calms me down is Cat’s hunger to win. She is proactive and takes leadership on how she envisions this journey.

        I feel the competitiveness already, but she needs to maintain what people loved her for in the first place: her humility. Proclaiming oneself as a ‘visionary’ when you don’t have a track record yet is like being one of those start-ups thinking that they are ‘the next Facebook’, but go bankrupt next year. Syempre, gets ko naman anong ibig sabihin niya by being a ‘visionary’, pero tread carefully lang talaga, most especially when she’s in front of the powers that be and to those who will put the crown on her head.

        Like Adrian said, the Miss Universe is hers to lose. Let’s just hope that all we see now are just “calculated” moves from her team.

      • I hope it is in her fate to win Miss Universe. It will signal alot of things such as the stop of hatred for mestizas, the end of camp wars, and dispel the continental rotation theory.

  8. The stylings of our current roster of queens are all off except for Ahtisa. But even she suffered on bad styling on her first few outfits. Is this some kind of Philippine fashion trend? I say ditch the trends. The clothes should flatter the wearer’s figure not ruin it.

  9. Disappointed with Catriona. I’ve supported her since her Binibini journey but after following her journey ya girl don’t even attempted to drop the pounds. She even does not know Lumad ;and the difference between Filipino and Tagalog. So sad. I bet it will be South Africa again.

    *I just reposted it here since this is the right post.

    • Ano pa ba ang gusto mo? Pumayat naman siya ah at toned din naman. 😮
      Saan mo nakita ang “don’t even attempted to drop the pounds” ?

      Sige nga, magpakita ka ng mga kandidata na alam lahat ng bagay tungkol sa mga advocacies nila. Kaya nga ngayon ay may “Pia’s notebook” na ang mga beauty contestants? Kasi may pwede pa silang matutunan.Yung isa nga baka ‘yon pa ang binili sa National Bookstore. Good for her. Buti nga na-inform na si Cat about sa mga ganyang bagay para naman may pwede pa siyang pag-aralan.

      • I just wish that Catriona’s fans would take constructive criticism as it is. Her body is not toned and her belly is bulging. It can be faked by camera angles in photos but it is evident on videos.

      • You know what is off? Her styling. Today’s ASAP and the one for her send-off. They are unflattering & they make her look bigger. Pero seeing the ABS CBN promo, ok naman doon.

    • Concluded follower ka nya pero hindi ka supporter… Ano ang use ng interview at palitan ng views na yan kung alam nya na ang lahat? ei di sana wala na yan ipadala na agad…

      • I can say that I am a follower now and not a supporter anymore. When she was crowned MUP2018, I am like any other supporter of her that cried and literally jumped for joy. She is really true to her advocacy and nobody can take that away from her.
        I am not like some of you who would say that she is perfect and shut every comment as bashing.
        There are points to improve on such as girl lacks knowledge on current affairs (she becomes pageant patty when asked about current issues as I think a form to divert the lack of knowledge thereof), lacks knowledge on Philippine history (I wish she could prove me wrong), and lastly the untoned arms and bulging belly.

      • It looks you have a brilliant point of views that our rep can utilize in her journey… bakit hindi ka nag reach out to her para ma development ang areas which you think need an improvement? for sure welcome ka naman… sana nag one on one kayo.

    • Hey Mori are you nuts? Don’t you know that even the most intelligent people in the world are only 99.9% genius? Which means that they’re 0.10% ignorant! Remember the old saying that “NOBODY IS PERFECT”!!!

    • To be fair naman, ako na pinoy na pinoy eh hindi din alam ang lumad. Madalas ako manood ng news at parang hindi ko man lang na-chempohan ang lumad na yan kaya wag gawing issue against Cat. At sa dami ng maganda nyang sagot, naisipan mo pa talaga ibato ang lumad. Kaloka.

      • Sensya ka na Deej, maraming alam yang si MORI..PERFECT na nga sya eh kaya alam na alam nya yung LUMAD!

      • Ako naman alam ko ang lumad kasi taga Vis-Min ako. Pero aware ba ako sa issue na tinanong nung babae? Hindi rin, dahil nga hindi naman siguro expected na alam natin lahat.

        Napa-isip tuloy ako na baka pinsan ng tanong na “build, build, build” yung question kay Cat.
        At least now aware na si Cat. May bago siyang natutunan.

    • “ya girl don’t even attempt to drop the pounds”

      God this argument has been going on for far too long!!! Seriously nakakapagod na. For the last time, eto ang sagot sa problema mo: BONE STRUCTURE. Wala tayong magagawa, malapad talaga ang ribcage nya, and that’s what making her look wide. If you notice as well, hindi pantay ang torso in Cat. Her ribs are slightly more protruding on her right side, making her look wide on that angle, and her left shoulder is higher and her ribs is less protruding so her back arch is more prominent on this side which kinda makes her look skinny on that angle. That’s why kung follower ka talaga (i dont care if fan o basher) manonotice mo na she seems to favor her left side when she poses. Again, wala tayong magagawa dun. That’s what she was born with, IT’S NOT HER FAULT.

      Oh, meron pa pala. (Cat fans wag tayo magpanggap aware tayo dito) Her breasts are slightly bigger now compared to when she joined MWP in 2016. And this is the same issue na binabato kay Pia dati, na she still looks fat kasi ang laki ng boobs nya. In reality payat naman sila, malaki lang talaga ang boobireis.

      Lastly, I feel like people who have constantly been attacking her using this issue of weight have not really seen Catriona in person. I was there during the BBP parade, and the Cat that i saw literally 10 feet away from me ay sobrang nipis talaga. She’s already thin to begin with, so di ko gets anong pagpayat pa ang gusto nyong maachieve nya? Minsan, it pays to exert effort din na makita ang mga BQs in person bago tayo makapangbash sa mga physical attributes nila, okay siz?

      PS. Buti pa to si baccla todo support kay Cat, Venezuelan yan ha alam nyo gano sila ka-obsesses sa physical beauty


  10. Question to Cat: What can you say about gloria as your number one basher?
    Cat: Mamatay siya sa inggit! HIndi ko siya ka level para patulan…..

    • @BeReal Hindi ganyan ang isasagot ni Cat dahil hindi sya ganyan mag respond sa mga bashers. She always responds with dignity and class. Kaya wag mo nang banggitin si Gloria lalo mo lang syang ginagawang relevant.

    • @ PaulRivera : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      As the Rosanna Roces film said, “Linggo Lang Ang Pahinga”.

  11. i find her most charming when she’s in a conversation, it animates her face
    and she always look sat the other person intently in the eyes and absorbing the question

    so, when she’s not talking, she should speak with her eyes 🙂

    i do hope she keeps current with the news, MU always throws those questions around
    and most likely they will end up with current events that involves the US

  12. I am rooting for Cat! You are likewise feeling the same. So please hit the thumbs-up button for our collective support for her victory come December!

  13. Case closed. Miss Universe 2018 na yan.

    Her aura here shows her work. Anyone who knows me knows I thought she was way too over-scripted, Megan 2.0 for Miss World. Robotic even. Beautiful, poised, elegant, articulate, confident, intelligent – but UNRELATABLE. Here in the US, there is a phrase for that – Pageant Patty.

    Looking and listening to this Catriona though, she is different. She is relaxed. She is down-to-earth. She speaks with a playful self-assuredness. A confident classiness that bespeaks knowing her worth without arrogance or doubt. She breathes when she speaks. Her inflection causes every word to resonate. Not the programmed Catriona of 2016 reading her memorized answers. She infuses thought and introspection in her answers in a way that is authenthic and accessible to every day people.

    Even back in 2016, cliché as she was, she was clearly a rare beauty. Even moreso today.

    Universe is her destiny and it is clear she is unfolding it in his perfect timing.

    1969-1973 … 2015-2018.

    • I really hope she is in good physical shape because that is one very important requirement of a MU .

    • Love it! Stand out na yan. I do wish she sports a few different hairstyles in Bangkok.

      All of our ladies of late seem to be sporting same straight hair look. Medyo pa lazy ang effect.

      Cat, if ever you are listening, please get up 30 minutes or so every once in a while to put some bounce in those locks! 🙋🏻‍♀️💇🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️

  14. she really is good…plus with the coaching of boy abunda which I’m very impressed…I can sense that Cat really put a lot of effort in preparing…I hope MUO realizes that she is the best girl for the job

  15. Catriona is one of a kind. I did not feel the same hunger, passion, and eloquence in her two succeeding predecessors. Mr. Boy Abunda was all praises to Catriona last night. The panelists were all contented on Cat’s witty answers. I myself was stunned by her spontaneity.

    She has clarity of, and well-organized, thoughts. She is well read. She is genius. What can we ask for?

    We know for a fact that bodily and physically she has prepared. All her wardrobes are set. What makes Cat lose the crown, I think, is her nerves. That’s where our part comes into — our prayers.

    Magsanib-pwersa tayong lahat sa pagdarasal sa labang ito ni Cat. Para naman ito sa ikasasaya nating lahat. Laban, Catriona! Laban, Pilipinas!

    That’s all!


      • Di na nga siya masyado nag-school, talo pa niya tayong nag-diploma ng mga AB/BA/BS sa wit and eloquence.

      • Fabbie, I don’t know how low you can get. Does anybody’s performance in school measure his/her ability to think quickly of his/her feet? Do I need to know your performance in school when I know by way of your comments here you are below average?

        Think, Fabbie, think.

        That’s all.

      • I was just asking if anyone knew how she did at school because there was no information abt that … as opposed to Shamcey Janine Venus MJ and Ara .

        Then u had to inject that comment ,
        I’m sorry Anna you do not impress me at all . You need to come down to Mother Earth and seek professional help . Your delusion of grandeur is through the roof .

      • Fabbie, dear. It seems you are arguing my point of view that Cat is genius by asking her academic status in school. Gosh!

        Why do we have to go through Cat’s academic achievement when all we know is Cat is well spoken and can speak her mind on whatever questions thrown at her. Is that not how excellent she is? And why are you asking me about how she was in school when I only knew her two years ago. Genius mind thinks logically.

        That’s all!

    • In fairness, true the lack of desire since Pia. Beach babes who just wanted to chill with the barkada and BF. Rachel was solid enough, but the extra oomph of a MUP was missing. The other one, aye naku – her saving grace as that she led Kylie Versoza to her destiny. Ahtisa too LOL.

    • Anna W , what makes u think u have the right to judge me ? Who the hell do you think you are ? U think u r so goddam special .
      I’m sorry I’m not impressed by your bravados.

      • Oh, well. You are disappointing me, Fabbie. I notice that your recent comments are non-sensical and purely lambasting someone’s post.

        Com’on, don’t regress like a kindergarten throwing tantrums at me and telling me I am a bitch and asshole. That makes you a lot low class, dear.

        That’s all.

    • Tama na Fabby and Annie – this is about Catriona remember hehe? When you two become MUP, we can resume this conversation. BbP 2019 and BbP 2020. Who will be the one to win first, and who will redeem herself???

      2015 … to Back to back to back 2018-2019-2020.

      For da Felepens, for the Unibers remember.

  16. thanks for posting this

    i really enjoyed the interview. Catriona is a great conversationalist: she has wit, charm and beauty.
    i do appreciate that she comes off sincere, warm and approachable. seems like she knows herself very well and how she relates to others

    i did not see her miss world competition performance in full, but i sensed that she was pulling back a bit, it wasn’t her her 100%. i do find her very confident now, because this is her and this is her vision and she aligned herself with talented people who understood her vision and it shows.

    anyways, she did the work and it’s evident. all she needs to do is perform well during the competition. i think she got the interview / q & a down, she has a great team behind her for the other stuff.

    best of luck! you look great in a pony tail, by the way

  17. I have been following Catriona for the past 8 years… and I have always been a firm believer that Catriona Gray was born to win one of the Top Tier Crowns. The 1st time I met her just like when I saw Megan Young at Starstruck, I knew that Catriona Gray would be a winner. I’ve been rooting for her her since Day 1, the final judgement is soooo close and yet so far. I just hope and pray that all the higher beings would conspire to give Catriona Gray the crown she trully desserves. I know without a single doubt that Catriona Gray is Miss Universe!

  18. Please naman….ipagdasal naman natin ito ng maigi…. kasi total package talaga sya…. sya can be the best Miss Universe the organization could have and marami sya pwdng magawa…..sana I-bless sya ni Lord ng korona…:)

  19. Pamatay na eloquence and wit!!! mygawd… can’t wait for the Miss U to start…Cat, sana pagpalain ka ng Panginoon at maiuwi ang korona, kasi nasa sayo naman ang mga katangiang pdeng makita as Miss Universe. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey , gawin mo makakaya mo, kami bahala sa iba! Laban!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  20. So ready and prepared, Miss Universe 2018!!!

    However, although it will help Cat, the coaching part should have happened off cam. Dapat naging casual interview na lang. And the funny part is, mapapanood yan ng mga kalaban nya at mag extra prepare sa q&a with the same questions. Pero syempre, Cat pa din. 🙂

  21. May the best girl wins, hindi lahat ng oras Pilipinas.

    Lahat may karapatan manalo, if its written in her destiny to bag that MU crown, then so be it.

    I just hope na maenjoy ni Catriona ang experience, she will treasure it forever.

    • Pero ok for Colombia to be in the top 3 for 4 consecutive yrs ?
      Tse !!!!!
      Stop your bulls—t!!!!

      • Hindi lahat ng Orras Pinas ?
        E Venezuela US at PR ang Dami nang korona. Sino bobo logic ? Why not aim for the crown king deserved naman ?

      • @Fabian: For some reason, I feel na Colombia’s placement after the MU 2015 mishap is just a series of consuelo. Matatapos din ‘yan. O___O

  22. Ms Gray is definitely a contender for the crown. I hope MUO won’t go for continent rotation. Can’t wait to see our country achieve again the crown in less than 5 years: 1969, 1973; 2015 and hoping 2018.

    Ang laban ni Catriona ay laban ng Buong Pilipinas! I will pray for you, Ms Gray.

    I’m your fan from Pampanga.

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