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  1. I cant recall when was the last time i posted a comment. More than a year na yata. Sir Norman is still my best pageant blogger, dahil sa kanya madami na naglipana ngayon sa IG. Reading comments here is toxic. Madaming nagmamagaling. Never nagkakaisa. I’m sorry if i have to express my disappointment. I know madaming negatron kahit anong platform. Pero i noticed mas nagkakaisa mga Pinoy pageant fans sa IG though merong mga haters ni Cat lalo na ang mga shupit. Na di naman pinalalampas ng mga Pinoy Pero dito kapwa Pilipino ang bully.

    • Only an #AhasAndKweens pakawala will not see Cat’s worth and merit. Not saying she’s perfect but to hear criticisms (mostly petty) repetitively from the same group of people makes you wonder their true agenda.

  2. I have full confidence in Catriona. She will do well.

    Napakaraming nilalang dito na akala mo kung sinong mga eksperto at huwaran ng kagandahan.

    Ilabas nyo nga mga credentials at mga pruweba ng expertise ninyo nang makilatis? Pati mga itsura ng pagmumukha nyo ilabas nyo rin para mapahiya naman kami dito. Mga baklang to wala nang ginawa kung hindi itaas ang mga sarili.

  3. si Cat po ay Australian
    therefore native English speaker siya kaya magaling mag Ingles

    mapalabok pa rin siya mag sagot sa Q and A and madalas
    hindi matumbok ang sagot sa tanong

    sana mag practice pa siya

    puro kasi kung anu ano inuuna
    katawan nga di naihanda din

  4. I have bee reading this blog for a long time
    But I still don’t know why Cat departed Aces &Queens
    Can someone shed light on this ?
    I’m concerned because I think the Aces and Queens are great when it comes to MU .

    • @Fabian: Who knows. It’s always a his side, her side and the truth. This is the transcript of her interview from The Bottomline:

      “i always believe in staying true to myself which is what i did. and being an independent candidate, i just wanted to create my own team. i mean, and instead of having the focus on multiple girls, i got undivided focus from my team of people i chose myself. so i was allowed to be a creative in that space and surround myself with a core team and it’s one of the best decisions i made.”

      • I think she made the right choice to showcase her artistry snd creativity. i really admire her Tenacity, she knows what she wants and her drive for success, unstoppable. She will be the next Miss Universe❤️

    • Fabbie, from what I heard, Jonas did not want Catriona to join another pageant even if it was Miss U. That she should be happy with her tough 5 finish at Miss World. It sorta makes sense since it’s a huge gamble to crossover from winning MWP to trying to win the MUP. Any other crown will not look good.

      Then I think Catriona got pushed by people around her (outside A&Q) with Harley to pursue it. Then Catriona filed as independent despite her affiliation with A&Q. That was why Jonas had that picture with Cat at the cafe that they talked about it and she will be “guided” kuno by A&Q. My guess was it was just a publicity stunt to set the records straight between A&Q and Catriona but there wasn’t a real intention to do that.

      And now, people are saying that Jonas is plotting to make sure Catriona does not win MU…Puro conspiracy theories ang mga vekla dito….

      • This story sounds famillar…
        Its just like when A&Q wanted MJ Lastimosa(BBP Universe 2014) to retire from pageantry after her 2nd try but she wanted to give it a 3rd shot so she moved to KF instead along w/ Ja Flores(BBP 2014 semi finalist and AsNTM 3rd RUp).

        b4 finaly winning BBP-Universe.

  5. excited for Jehza Kata and Cat

    support our Binibinis

    ready na ba tayong lahat mga kapatid

  6. Yung mga constructive criticisms sana I take ng team ni cat. I don’t like what she is wearing she is mup da at fitted fir a queen lahat ng damit . Malapad register ng waist nya sa suot nya. I know she is doing her best sana yung wardrobe may mag plan for her.

    • Change the stylist, but maybe it’s too late. Anyways, her styling sa mga appearances niya do not seem to be what she’ll wear in MU.

      Let’s hope Jearson’s tnalak would look great on Cat! Planado sa textile eklavoosh si MUning so let’s see if it turns out great.

      • Hi ath, too late to change the stylist I’m just bothered w the fabric of her clothes. Molly isler and rolene strauss have bigger frame than cat pero they stay away fr fabric na nag cling sa areas.
        Wala na maipintas sa reyna natin yun wardrobe talaga pagisipan na lang
        Catriona is gorgeous period. Matangkad pa. She is ms universe 2018 that’s why I don’t want na maging lenient ang team. Di pwede ang pwede na yan sa acting reyna

    • Uso kasi high waist ngayon. Pero may binabagayan ang high-waisted skirts and pants. 90s kasi bumabalik. The worst decade in fashion.

  7. Hahaha pag dito ka talaga nagbasa, parang walang magaling na reps na pinapadala ang pinas. Ganda kayo? Lol.
    Wag puro criticize, learn to appreciate the positive effort that the reps are putting in.

    • Truth. In other pages, very positive. Criticisms of Cat are stated in a constructive manner. Dito, mga baklang walang alam, dada ng dada.

  8. I have only heard part of the interview
    I’m scared to watch the rest due to the criticisms below .. which I think are reliable . Sorry
    I hope her team listens to both sides of the argument .
    And I really hope she will look good in swimsuit becAuse this is critical . I know that the judges will like her personality so I’m not worried abt the EG competition .. if she gets that far.
    Fluency in English helps .. pero dapat May PAK ang dating at clear and concise ang explanation.

    • @Fabian: Tiwala lang! She looks way smaller than she did in Binibini. If Siera made it past the swimsuit round, Cat also has the capacity to do it too. During the Araneta COD launch, she looks okay in motion naman. Definitely better than her ASAP appearance. I don’t know if it’s just me, but her styling seems off.

  9. There’s too many trolls around this world. I know it’s your right to voice opinions, but look in the mirror first, see how you look (are you physically and psychologically perfect?) before you bash anyone! Tsk, tsk, tsk. Better yet, if you have nothing good to say, shut the f🤭ck up! 😡😡😡

    • Gloria…
      If it’s any consolation people know the real one from the twin.

  10. All I know is MU pageant is on Dec. 18th.
    On Dec. 19th, Catriona will “wake up” in the morning, look in the mirror and still be a bonafied beauty queen with a good head on her shoulders.
    Likewise, on December 19th, many of us will wake up, look in the mirror and be reminded thatwe are still uglier than sin. 😄😄

    Encouragement and constructive criticism go hand in hand and are both necessary.
    Try to remember Catriona has the country on her shoulders to bare and we are just on for the ride. Lets enjoy it with her.

    Thank y’all. Have a great week!

  11. sana si Tito Boy na lang magpunta sa Thailand

    hindi pa ready si Fatriona sa Q and A

    andami nya kuda na walang sense di matumbok ang sagot
    sa tanong

    malaki pa tiyan nya para sa swimsuit

    clapper ito for sure

    • There’s too many trolls around this world – like my evil twin gloria. I know it’s your right to voice opinions, but look in the mirror first, see how you look (are you physically and psychologically perfect?) before you bash anyone! Tsk, tsk, tsk. Better yet, if you have nothing good to say, shut the f🤭ck up! 😡😡😡


    No more future crowns for this fledgling training camp that got drunk with success too early.

    Better change your training camp name to: “A Has-Been and No Queens” dahil mga pabaya kayo sa Filipino trainees niyo. Puro paninira pa sa ibang wala sa poder niyo.

      • Excuse me. They did something right, kudos. They do something wrong, criticize. What logic you have there Erwann.

  13. dami ginagawa ng team niya mapag usapan lang

    end of the day IMG MUO will choose
    a queen from either Oceania or the Americas

  14. dami bulag

    last year babalu ang MU rep naten aka hipon

    this year mukhang isda na malaki ang tiyan

  15. She should really veer away from hairstyles that shows all of her face like this ponytail or buns. It just emphasizes her BIG and high forehead more, it really doesn’t look good at all.

    Now let’s talk about her make-up, it gives me the impression that an amateur did it. Or did Cat do her own make-up here? Either way is still bad cuz a MU candidate needs to be able to do her own make-up and look bomb, and if a pro did this then, well maybe he/she should consider a career change. The contouring is so bad that it’s just sad. The contour under her cheekbones looks like it wasn’t even blended, her forehead is shining, the noseline and the contour on her nose is a mess. Sigh.

    On a positive note, however, her communication skills are as good as ever.

  16. There are so many high-caliber candidates this year..
    That there should be a TOP 20! Starting w/:

    South Africa

    Puerto Rico

    Costa Rica

    Great Brittain

  17. Never has the Philippines sent a Delegate this #STRONG. Aminin nyo hindi favorite si PIA nung lumaban siya sa 2015.

    I am sure pag ang ending 1st Runner Up si Cat sa December 18 ang daming bakla magwewelga!


      • Vekla so what if it was a surprise win? At least she won. Catriona is considered a Sure win. Will she????

        Between a surprise win and a sure win, I’d rather be a surprise win because it means she defied all the odds of winning the crown. Sure win means there’s a ton of pressure on you to deliver and I know Catriona knows about a Sure Win during her stint in China. Guess how that turned out vekla? Sure win turned into losing.

      • Whine all you want bitter #AhasAndKweens. Thereatened sa reduction of moolah? Hahahahaha

      • nakakatawa how you kinda invalidate Pia’s efforts just because you hate Aces. Don’t get me wrong ha, mamaya akusahan nyo rin ako na pakawala nila. Im not. Di ko sila pinagtatanggol kasi di ko naman alam kung inosente sila o may mga kalokohan talaga silang ginagawa. Im just a pageant fan observing from afar. Hindi ko sila naoobserbahan first-hand kaya di ko sila macocondemn or madedefend. Pero gusto ko lang iremind na, surprise or not, tinulungan ng Aces or not, it was still Pia who competed on her own during the MU15. She won because of herself, because of her choices, because of her efforts. So sana wag natin syang dinadamay sa galit nyo sa Aces

    • During the last 3 weeks, she became a favorite .
      On the day of the coronation , her name was on the short list of a major newspaper along with USA and Colombia I think

  18. O siya, manood nalang tayo ng music video @ 8pm.
    Dami nating kuda dito, ‘di naman ipapanalo ni MUning to. Haha. Chos.

  19. Gloria gloria gloria naway kunin kana ng lupa bago ang MU. Walang kacre credibility sa mga comments pampadami lang sa thread. Clapper daw si Cat. Eh kakasabi mo lang yan dun sa kakapanalo lang dun sa representative ng philippines na nanalo na male pageant. Sino naman maniniwala sa pinagsasasabi mo isa kang bulaang propeta dapat sayo sunugin na.

  20. Bat parang pababa ng pababa ang level ng beauty nya? Mas gusto ko sya nung binibini days nya mas may pretty at stylish. Ngaun parang me kulang sa kanya na di ko maexplain. Saka hndi bagay sa kanya ang pulledback na hairstyle lumalaki noo nya.

    • @ gloria : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

      As per comments sa “M” (which will turn 20 next year), padding daw ‘yun.

      Baklang-bakla sina Piolene at Luisa. Na-stress ang mga keps niila sa lakad. 🙂

  21. Maiba muna tayo, kamusta na si Katja? may naipanalo nb syang challenge pasok nb sya sa tough 40?

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