13 comments on “Reunited with Ma. Ahtisa Manalo

  1. Magaling sya sa Q&A
    But when it comes to impromptu interviews , she seems to struggle. Well , she’s young , she will learn in due time . Hopefully she considers joining MW in 3-5 hrs when she is old and experienced enough.

  2. If we won’t win Ms World this year and next year.. Athisa could dedicate that time in focusing on her advocacies. And on 2020, she could represent us at Miss World.

  3. So no home coming for a first runner up?_gone are the days when a second princess gets a parade

  4. Tito Norms, you should’ve asked her if she has any plans of joining Miss World. She could just be our 2nd Miss World.

  5. All the best, Ahtisa! First runner-up at a major Big 3 pageant is your spring board to more successful ventures in the future…whatever they may be.
    ❤💙💛 = for the Philippines.

  6. I still believe that she should have won. Look at the beauty!!! Welcome back Kween Ahtisa!!!

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