18 comments on “George Reylor de Lumen of the Philippines wins Mr Universal Ambassador 2018

  1. If Indians whom not a few of us perceive as serious competition in pageantry would crown Senoron or De Lumen on their soil, then I think our animosity towards Baht, Shetty, Kandelwahl, and Rautela is misplaced. Therefore, I will still root for (Pratamesh) Maulingkar to finish in the Top 3 in Poland two weeks from now. On ruggedness and athleticism alone, he could easily clobber cutey-patootie Poli.

    Watch the participation from non-Far East countries plunge next year. This brand will, I predict, become more regional than universal. In case you are unaware, only about 15 attended, and mostly Asian!

    In fact, with the seeming recent regularity with which Asian guys are nailing the Asia-based brands, I am led to think the “white guys” are merely fielded to give an air of “internationality”, so nothing but fillers! And the black guys added merely for comic relief (I monitor also developments in the minor leagues so I do not say these things without basis).

    The Final 3 was strategic, consisting of ASEAN countries, where male pageantry is popular atm. And GOOD that a Viet B2B was averted.

    De Lumen, if you bothered to read the individual bio’s Mr. Tinio prepared when he featured Miss and Mister Hannah’s 2018 here, is an adventurous, creative, and free spirit. He apparently won on sheer charm. And that’s not a bad thing. Maybe Philippines can host next year, then…

    (Guarnes, with his killer physique and record of 96.0 on the MUA World Speech preliminaries, is probably wondering how the title slipped from his grasp last year…)

    In any case, parabens to our bet. Enjoy your reign. Enhance the brand. Maximize the opportunities.

    • I don’t it has anything to do with race.Our Man of the Year – Karahn Singhdole of the Philippines is pure Indian ancestry. MU 4th RUp Venus Raj is half Indian. MISS grand Philippines Eva Patalinjug, MU 3rd RUp Shamcey Supsup, Miss Supranational Mutya Datul and our Reina-Hispano Americana Teresita Lacsamana Marquez all have ancient Indian ancestry. Elizabeth Clenci has Romanian Gypsy ancestry( Gypsies are originaly from northern india). Technicaly, almost all our queens descended from pre-colonial royalties have ancient Indian ancestry including Pia Wurtzbach and Megan Young. We’re pissed at Urvashi Rautela not because she’s Indian but because she’s a bitch!

  2. Congratulations babe! I’m so proud of you and your ibong adarna. I miss you both babe! Haha. #ambisyosalang

  3. a surprise win…he looks so bagets…nahigitan nya yung RU finish ng pinas last year even hindi ganun kabongga support sa kanya compared sa rep natin last year

  4. Hello daw po sa lahat ng nagmaliit sa kanyang kakayahan.
    Invited daw kayo sa victory party nya.

  5. Omg, malakas ang kutob kong magiging runner up sya na incomment ko sa isang article ni kuya norms sa kanya, pero hinigitan nya pa ang expectation ko😘😘😘 gwapo mo kasi oppa😘😘😘

  6. Congrats PH! Mabuhayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……………. btw, Pogi din ni Thai ha hihihih ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. Talo pAla sa Coco once nilagyan ng gel ang buhok
    I knew his NC was going to do well . Magaling especially the color combination.
    Congrats !!!🎊

  8. Congratulations to the Philippines’ new pride!

    Anyway, I have watched the Bottomline awhile ago and I would say that Catriona has it to win it. I can imagine if she gives all her answers during the interview round, it’s like she is topping that round and can safely secure a slot in the top 15, what more with her evening gown and swimsuit presentation during the preliminaries.

    Luck, passion, and love. These, according to Catriona, are the three things that can make her win the Miss Universe crown. Cat never thinks of failing. What a brave heart. I definitely love her.

    That’s all.


  9. Gloria, Andrew at iba pa na nagsabi na clapper siya ano masasabi ninyo? Wal talaga kayong credibility. Mga comments ninyo dapat hindi na binabasa dahil wala namang kwenta walang credibility oanay non sense!

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