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  1. I can see the same mistakes her team is doing like Miss World. They hype hype hype and hype her until the competition.

    I think she should keep her cards to herself. After all, we have this saying that we don’t need to flaunt the good things we do. Bakit kelangan pang iannounce everything that she’s doing good.

    It’s not as if other candidates aren’t doing the same thing as she doing.

    Have you checked the other candidate’s social media? This is NOT something UNIQUE as other candidates are also doing charitable works and this does not MAKE her winner. So to all the Filipino fans, do not live in the bubble and feed off the hype machine to make it look like Catriona is the only one doing above and beyond.

    You will be surprised to see and find that other candidates are probably doing just the same preparations as Catriona so it’s SOOOOO PREMATURE to declare her as a winner.

    • 4m , you see the other candidates show their community work on social media . So why is it ok for them to do that but not for Cat ?
      Hyping? If af all , it’s the fans not Cat who is responsible for the hyping . They see a tall beautiful candidate who can really talk . I can’t blame them for hyping her .
      Whatever happens , I’m sure fans will accept . If she loses, fans will be said . But they will accept it realizing it’s not her destiny to be MU.

    • A sign na threatened and worried na ang trolls and bitter haters of Cat. Okay lang yan 4M. Di araw2x ay piyesta niyo nina Gloria. Next year na lang ulit.

  2. mga uto uto
    siyempre now ilalabas lahat ng ito kasi MU na next month

    buong taon wala naman ganyan ganyan
    now biglang show off

    haller parang eleksyon lang yan sa Pinas

    parehas lang

    pakitang tao

    uto uto mga tomboy kayo

    • dahil after ng MU

      mag Ginebra calendar girl lang naman
      or mag co host sa mga cheap shows
      ang gawain ng mga past MU reps/winner
      gagamitin lang ang mga charity kuno

      get real

    • Gloria, Cat is not MU yet
      She is still trying to convince the organization she has what it takes to be MU .. Nothing wrong with that
      In fact , we should praise her for showing off . This means she does not take MY sitting down

      • tomboy ka pala

        sana nag ME or MW ulit na lang sya
        yun ang may advocacies

        MU —- operation smile ang peg nila

        wala sila pakielam sa charity ek ek na show off lang naman
        after a month wala na nganga

        asus ! wag uto uto

      • Gloria , if she does not win MU or her reign as MUP ends , she will have to let the new Crown holder be the spokesperson . That’s the power of the crown she won’t have anymore .
        It’s like being a senator or a president … there is expiration date .
        Could you imagine Gionna Cabrera doing what Cat is doing now?

  3. Wow and just W O W!!! Inspiring to say the least. Whatever happens on pageant night, this alone makes her a winner. Proud we have such an articulate, compassionate and loving representative. Proud to be Pinoy.

  4. If Cat wins the MISS UNIVERSE crown, she will BEST represent the organization. I think she is the right person they are looking for! Beautiful, confident, articulate and passionate! She has it ALL to win the crown. I pray that the stars will align for her on the day of the competition so she can fulfill her destiny. In the hearts of millions of Filipinos, she is already a real winner! We all just need to affirm it come December 17, 2018!

  5. Very eloquent and inspiring person ,vibrant and love the way she injectd humor,i can see sincerety in her actions,truly remarkable,hope and pray but in my own perspective she’s 2018 miss universe.she was born to it,and is making history.

  6. Let’s support Cat’s charity works by downloading her song “We’re in this together” at spotify or iTunes.. Our own little way of helping kids in Tondo.

  7. Catriona is in it to win it. I think the only reason that will avert her from winning the crown is when untoward incident (whether simple or not) happens to her during the finals. Like what Miss Earth-Venezuela had experienced during the coronation night. She lost her bid for the coveted crown when passed out. I pervently hope & pray that this won’t happen again to all the candidates.

    • it boils down to whom the organization wants … Provided the anointed ones do not make an epic f-up on finals night … like Miriam in 1999 and Maria last yr . We will have a clue on the day of the coronation night because usually their names of the favored ones are on the newspaper . If Cat is mentioned , expect her to do well .

      • Personally, if Cat can’t win it, I’d be happy to see someone else win, but not from the Americas.
        Super confirmation bias if someone from the Americas will win dahil sa Asia-Europe-Africa crowning… Some can’t help but imagine kung totoo ba talaga ang crown rotation. Like me. Hahaha. Chos.

    • The only way she would fuck up is if some1 puts a roofie in her drinks on the coronation night. 🙂

      • What If she encounters a Maria or Sandra moment ?
        If she was Hillary Clin ton, I would probably be not worried.
        But she is not and she is 24 and human.

      • I don’t think so…. I have high hopes that she would be able to handle the same or simillar situation better than the 2 you mentioned.

      • And so what? hihihihi… Filipinos are all over the world and actually posted about Thanksgiving before so he knows what it’s all about.

      • 4m , it matters .
        If he is not American or does not live in the USA , it won’t matter to him because this celebration is specific for America.
        Tse hihihi

  8. I am S P E E C H L E S S..in awe. My gosh, never have i known a binibini with this utmost sheer and passion! My prayers now is that may God give her the destiny to win on dec 17. God bless you Cat. You deserve nothing but the best.

  9. Wow!!! Best suited forMU crown. She’s the one…the one MU organization is looking for…being a great motivational speaker!!! Good job Cat!!!

  10. Catriona Gray: *microphone-drop*



  11. Great speaker
    Surely deserves the MU crown
    I don’t see her joining any other pageant after this . It’s the end of the line for beauty pageant aspiration .
    Let’s hope it’s her destiny to be MU.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving!
    To Catriona MUP and all the BbP titlists, thank you for “giving” all of yourselves -physically, emotionally, mentally and spirtually- to represent the Philippines.

    We are all reminded that you are doing all the work and that it is “you” who shed the tears to make us proud.

    Grateful always .

    • Yey!
      Happy Thanksgiving as well 🎉🎊🍾🎂

      A sensible post, highly appreciated!

      Will see what my sinister twin will say.
      Well, I guess nothing of substance.
      Nothing of value to expect.


      • Hope you and your family had a festive Thanksgiving, Gloria.
        Lots to be thankful for.

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