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  1. Disappointed with Catriona. I’ve supported her since her Binibini journey but after following her journey ya girl don’t even attempted to drop the pounds. She even does not know Lumad ;and the difference between Filipino and Tagalog. So sad. I bet it will be South Africa again.

      • I’m not affiliated with any camps. I am just a casual viewer. Duh with your conspiracy theory but I guess there is a smear campaign really on going for her. I just wish that everybody here would take this as a constructive criticism and not a destabilisation plot or something. I would really like her to win but let’s not be blind followers and accept that there are flaws and room for improvement.

    • I don’t even know what lumad is
      Isnt Filipino based on Tagalog? Hence the difficulty differentiating the 2
      As for the weight , I haven’t seen an updated picture . I was hoping she would use Wynwyn’s handbook…still hoping for the best

    • Ano pa ba ang gusto mo? Pumayat naman siya ah at toned din naman. 😮
      Saan mo nakita ang “don’t even attempted to drop the pounds” ?

  2. Mga Vhaks, kesa mg-away away kau jan, magdownload na lang kya kayo ng song nii Cat na “We’re in this together” sa Spotify or iTunes, nakatulong pa kayo. Let’s show our support to our Queen and her advocacy.

    • Kakawa naman si Miss Vanessa Limoncello na yan. Copy-Cat talaga ng peg. Ear cuffs then, ear cuffs pa more still. Wala naman substance yan. Pa Latina vibes, Filipino PR lang. Baka pag dating sa Bangkok yung advocacy niya “Focus on the Young Women of Marawi” LOL.

      Bless Miss El Salvador’s heart na rin. Pageant Crash Course 101 a la Osmel Sousa-Miriam Quiambao and Zorayda Andam. History repeats itself talaga. Sana naman mahulog si Miss Land of the Pupusas during prelim gowns para yung destiny niya maging history-making rin.

  3. May mga thai fans din pala si Cat na nago-organize para i-welcome sya sa bangkok sa 29 pagdating nya dun. #iba

  4. Andito na pala si Miss Ecuador for training, tapos papunta na din si Miss El Salvador.
    Not sure kung saang camps sila (may nakakaalam ba? 😉 ), pero in fairness ah, talagang recognized na sa international pageantry ang pinas.

    Medyo given na yung mga shupits na nagtra-training dito, pero itong mga to, knowing na isa di sa mga frontrunners si Ecuador, it only shows na talaga nakikita din nila na ang mga reps are performing well in the international pageants.

    • *knowing na isa din sa mga frontrunners si Ecuador, it only shows na talaga nakikita din nila na ang mga reps natin are performing well in the international pageants.

  5. Ang mga baklang pangit nag aaway awaykung mananalo o hindi si Cat . For me sya yung candidate ng Pilipinas na wala kang takot manalo o matalo kasi she will represent the Philippines with flying colors in every segment. Hindi katulad ng mga past candidates na natatakot ka na hindi maitawid yung answer sa questions.

  6. Catriona can do whatever she likes

    it is her life
    her rules

    go girl bring home the MU18 crown

  7. We need to understand that there is a beauty queen like Cat who compassionately learned her purpose before joining a pageant. It is not about the bragging right of holding a certain title, neither is it about making her country proud, but about standing for a cause she believes worthy of paying attention.

    While it is true that winning a title, either Miss World or Miss Universe, may open a lot of doors, windows, and roofs of opportunities to Cat, I think she’d rather embody the essence of a true woman carrying a torch. And I believe she is true to her own words.

    Why is Cat doing these advocacies years before joining MW and MU, and why is she roving such channels before getting to Miss Universe next week? Simple. She wants to internalize again and imbibe that feeling why she wants to win the most coveted Miss Universe title.

    That’s all!

      • Ana Winter, 25, Miss Universe! Hihihi!

        Kanya-kanyang opinyon ang mga fans at hindi fans ni Catriona. Pero ganun talaga, this is a free country. Everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion, but not bashing. Watch na lang tayo ng The Bottomline later tonight.

        That’s all!

  8. And again I will say that she will not win. Simply because she does not need to. Another lady will profit more from the crown than her. It is MUO that needs her, more than she needs them. She will be an asset to the organization, win or lose. My prediction : they will sign her up, and they will represent her IN PERPETUITY in all her activities outside Philippines.

    When someone too good to be true comes along, “the candle burns out long before the legend ever will”.

      • @ Fabian Reyes : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        I know what I just said.

        Again, it is not strictly necessary to win to be signed up. If the agency (WME-IMG) REALLY likes you, then that means simply that whoever wins will be done after a winner and Catriona will be given a longer contract. They could even arrange to PAY HER to use HER brand, “Catriona Gray”, if she and her handlers can leverage it. LOOK BEYOND, FURTHER! Not short-term.

        Pia may have won back in 2015, yet Aniporn Chalemburawanong and Flora Cocqruel were signed up, in the sidelines. Want more? Linda Evangelista clapped at Miss Canada. But she was picked up by an agent afterwards…

        Was it necessary for Diana Spencer to become queen herself to gain the adulation she still enjoys?

      • … done after a year. Sorry for the error.

        Look guys, if she wins, fine. Good for all of you. I simply refuse to fall for the invincibility she is made to appear to possess. I’m too old to still believe the best will win every time.

      • Andrew , no one is alluding to Cat’s invincibility … as everyone knows the business of pageantry . Nothing is sure even after the lady is announced the winner .
        You were the one who proclaimed Cat’s inevitable defeat long before the competition even began. Then you tried to sweeten up the lemon by saying ‘oh well. Cats gonna get a contract regardless .
        Andrew, let’s add more to your list .. Gadot Berry Pfeiffer . But that’s not what we want for Cat . We are hoping she wins crown #4 .
        Whether she wins or not , we will accept the result as her destiny . But we will not declare her as a loser weeks before she even tries .
        Andrew ,We respect your opinion but please give her a chance to be in the competition at least before banging the judge’s gavel.

  9. Filipinos are so ridiculous sometimes. Gusto nila superpower and powerhouse of pageantry, pero ayaw nila over confident or trying too hard. They want the fame of Miss Universe, but heaven forbid a candidate gives 100% for it.

    As for advocacy, Demi-Leigh’s biggest strength was her own personal advocacy. Catriona is playing all her cards right. The new MUO (which was just taken over by IMG when Pia won) has made it crystal clear they want substance and not a model.

    Tigas ng ulo ng Pilipino minsan.

    If I were Catriona I’d ask myself why I would want to represent this third world mentality country. Embarassing. No wonder they world thinks we’re just suited to be maids and sailors.

  10. Mga comments dito ang daming kuda, bashers, worried, speculations, ang lalayo na ng narating ng mga isip akala mo naman ikakayaman nila kung manalo si Cat. Of course most of us want Cat to win pero i dont think kailangang mag over thinking sa mga nagaganap. Just wish for the best and prepare for the worst. Yes Filipinos are the best MU fan in the world but also the worst bashers also.

  11. Seriously though, do you think MU really cares about whether a candidate is sincere or not about their advocacy? Remember, the owner of MU is an modeling agency and not a non-profit organization and MU already supports so many organizations like Smile Train.

    When Pia won, she only advocated on HIV during her speech and yet she still won. There’s something about spontaneous about delivery of answers and delivering after vs rehearsed answers which sometimes could make or break a candidate. I’m afraid that Cat is falling into the super-rehearsed answers when it comes to her advocacy. Sad but true.

    • 4m , the owner maybe a modeling agency
      Bu do they make money out of MU by finding the next top model? Absolutely not , especially knowing that the winner’s international modeling career ends with her reign. I think they profit directly or indirectly from staging MU. … and that’s where advocaicies count . After all , a beauty queen Has to have some social issue to work on passionately … or she is not a beauty queen.

      • Fabian, who knows what IMG wants in their Miss Universe. Obviously they are still learning what the MUO is all about but if I am a business owner, I want to make money out of the Miss Universe winner eventually. Right now, they are “making money” via the licensing fees that the countries pay to participate in the competition but the best bang for their buck is if the winner becomes a “commodity” in the end.

        My point it does not really weigh a lot what a contestant does for her advocacy. All they need to show is the sincerity and passion to pursue one. After all, MUO has its own charities that the winner needs to attend to anyways during her reign (e.g. Smile Train etc).

        What Catriona’s team is doing is too much. That’s all I want to say. If she really is a true advocate of this charity then so be it. Hindi na dapat ipangalandakang sa buong mundo. Good for her for pursuing it but I advise that they not use aggressively for her campaign.

        Did Pia ever do such things to win? What she showed is knowledge of the current issues and she vowed to worked on it and she still does to this day.

      • @4M

        Its all part of the game… You said it yourself that other delegates are doing the same… It just happens that Cat has the most following hence its her posts that resonate the most. And Cat already established well enough that she is a model hence her undying passion for philantrophy sets her apart… The more exposed she is on media for these good reasons, the greater the positive recall of all her viewers. The whole pageant industry is a marketing campaign for all its sponsors therefore the most familliar total package w/ lots of good publicity would be the perfect brand ambassador to win the competition. 🙂

      • WME/IMG is still a business by the end of the day. Miss Universe, first of all, is a show, regardless of how much perceived substance it promotes. If Catriona and her team are trying to do so much, they are only doing so because visibility is what helps get you up there. Not all the time of course, but I mean do I care about Miss Mongolia? I don’t because I can’t see her, unless she pulls off a mega good one during the prelims.

    • Threatened troll and worried hater ni Cat. Okay lang yan 4M. Better luck for you next year.

      • This is just silly. You can never say anything negative anymore because Cat is perfect? Is that it? Then if is she perfect then why hold the competition in the first place? I’m critiquing her team not her. Please learn how to distinguish between a personal attack vs a criticism. All I am saying is that her team is building up the hype this early and it’s not even competition yet.

        If you live in the bubble then so be it CatrionaFan. After all, it implies it in your name anyways…

      • Hahaha. Nope. Always negative ka kay Cat regardless of her worth so that explains our cold treatment of your “criticisms.” #WagKami #WagMambaliktad #AhasAndKweens

    • Pia is Pia and Cat is Cat .
      What happened to Pia was so 2015… so let’s move on.
      You may have a different idea on how to pursue crown #4 . But it’s Cat’a journey so the least that we can do is support and respect her team’s game plan.

      • @Fabian: Exactly. We cannot compare both queens. What the org was looking for in 2015 may not be what they are looking for in 2018.

        Side note, Demi’s reign is so “walang ganap” compared to Iris. Sorry.

    • Regarding advocacy, there is only as much to say. You note some statistics, you say why it’s relevant and why you want to act on it. I get what you are trying to say, pero the way I see it is she’s too focused and unfazed. Pero you see it on her eyes that she’s sincere.

      Don’t worry if super rehearsed si Cat, ano nalang ang mga ibang latina na parang may pattern na rin ang mga sagot? Lalo na yung mga may interpreter, ‘pag di “maganda” ang pag translate eh nagsa-side eye sa interpreter? Edi mag English kayo, nakakaintindi at nakakapagsalita naman pala, buying time lang, smh. #AllTeaAllShade #Backto2015

  12. Abaaaa in fairview maganda ang kanta ni Cat ha akala ko puchu puchu lang with very simple and gasgas guitar chords.

  13. mga uto uto
    siyempre now ilalabas lahat ng ito kasi MU na next month

    buong taon wala naman ganyan ganyan
    now biglang show off

    haller parang eleksyon lang yan sa Pinas

    parehas lang

    pakitang tao

    uto uto mga tomboy kayo

    • Obvious naman kasi. Hala sige. Bash ka na rin doon sa kabila na naglabas na rin ng Leo Almodal picture niya na recycled concept lang nung shoot niya with Cat noong 2017. Bash ka na rin doon sa kabila nagladlad na nagkasakit niya nung 3rd year at medical school.

  14. Pinakamasamang uri ng tao na may maitim na dugo lamang ang maaring magbigay ng kapintasan sa advocacy na tulad na ginagawa ni Catriona.

  15. With her speaking engagement and helping social awareness of HIV/AIDS and helping the poor programs is already an act of a winner, the people’s winner divahhhhh gloria hihihi.
    99.99% chance of winning the MU2018 crown 🙂
    0.01% chance of defeat are the circumstances that can’t be controlled because of gloria’s

  16. Her biggest edge is not her beauty…
    It’s her kindness…

    Grabe, hindi pa nagsisimula ang pre-pageant sa Thailand parang may nanalo na…

    Catriona Gray is a true Miss Universe! 🙂

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