15 comments on “The Incident of the Missing Luggage of Jehza Huelar

  1. Best of luck to her, though I don’t see her winning.
    It’s either Venezuela or Vietnam who are the main contenders for the crown.

  2. My favorites so far:
    Puerto Rico

    India is pretty but she maybe overweight
    USA is ugly … sorry . She maybe an MU runner up material but not for Supra

  3. Mas okay na rin that her luggage were left behind before the official sashing kasi she looked ravishing wearing that green gown! Ibang ibang Jezha – big thanks to Tu na hindi na mukhang tressed hahahaha!

    Did you guys see her most recent post with that outfit overflowing with raffles? Diosmio. With thigh high boots pa. Ano to? Circa 1990’s / Pretty Woman – parang di plakado ang turo ng A&Q ngayon sa styling nila.

    “god bless” Jezha talaga sa pageant na to.

  4. Ang corny talaga pag nagmention na ng god/God. No wonder Shamcey’s answer was frowned upon by the intelligent judges.

  5. She has the best backstory among all the delegates.. I am hoping that she would win the special award Miss Suprapersonality. My TOP 7 in random order:


  6. Masamang pangitain na naman. Ayoko nang umasa pa. Ms.Philippines. Mayroon nahuhuli sa biyahe at may nawawala ang bagahe. Buhay Pilipino talaga. Harinaway bigyan ka patnubay Miss Philippines.

  7. Aye naku, glad to see Jehza has all her luggage now. Her recent IG story shows she is back on track. Wonder if it was PAL that lost her luggage LOL. Pa @flypal pa yung post niya. LOL.

    Love her glam look. Remember girl, if Pia could lose her gown at the last minute and take it all, you can do it too.

  8. Animeyyyy naman ung airline na yun antatangaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahaha tapos may isa pang luggage na kulang juicecolored what if andun din ibang mga importanteng isusuot ni Jezhaaaaaaa maygawddddd buehrnaaa yang airline na yan ha, anong airline ba yan ng ma bash agad2 hahahaha charrrrrrrrr! thank you Ms Vietnam and to the rest who helped our queen. Good luck Queen J, laban lang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  9. How come she didn’t reach out to Katrina? I’m sure Katrina will help her out.👗

  10. With Jehza’s message, Minh Tu has endeared herself to me even more (and most probably other Pinoy fans once they know about this). That’s showing great ASEAN sisterhood there. I wouldn’t have guessed that it was a borrowed gown as Jehza carried that body-hugging piece well and that deep emerald color suited her skin tone.

    It’s curious that Andre Sleigh is in Poland rather than in Sanya this time around. This means he’s supporting Belinde Schreuder more than Thulisa.

    To Jehza, being thankful (others would have been a problematic mess) is a virtue that shows you are indeed a kind person worth emulating. Cheers!

  11. Kawawa naman si Jehza, pero mabuti naman may nagpahiram sa kanya ng damit. Honestly, bet ko ‘yong pinahiram ni Tu sa kanya na gress dress! Bagay kay Jehza ang cut.

  12. Things happen for a reason.
    It is not the end of the world.
    Glad all is working out well.
    I hope Jehza Huelar wins.

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